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Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors


Give me Caron Butler and his resonable contract over Iggy anyday...

Mike P. on Feb 8 at 8:44

If Ed S managed to get rid of Brand and Iggy AND cut ties with Ed J, won't you consider that a job saving decision?

I am still all for the Dallas deal. We get rid of our two biggest contracts when the NBA about to restructure everything and commit to rebuilding. Which is what the Sixers are still doing after AI left. (they were trying to do that while AI was still here, it's just they'll never full said "whelp, we suck, time to rebuild. Which is what always needs to happen when your team sucks.)

Dannie Evans is a sensitive PUNK on Feb 8 at 9:25


willie{The Unbenchable)/ Carney




That's what our lineup would look like without our top 2 guys if we make the Dallas deal. I didn't add Howard or Dampier because they don't have a future with us.

Statman on Feb 8 at 11:16

Tom (if you're reading this), what do you make of the continuing reports that the Suns are very interested in trading for Iguodala, even sending their VP of basketball operations to watch the Sixers last week? Not disbelieving your sources, just want to clarify what they mean by "old news."

Rich reply to Statman on Feb 8 at 12:23

Yeah, is it 'old news' in the sense that it's over or just old because it has been going on for awhile? I really don't like that deal at all to be honest even with Barbosa, mainly because Brand isn't involved.

Tom Moore reply to Statman on Feb 8 at 14:06

I don't doubt that the Suns like Iguodala. I'm just hearing the Sixers aren't doing a deal just for Stoudemire when he could become a free agent July 1.

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on Feb 8 at 14:18

They've still got 11 days before they get a bit closer to paying that 2011 luxury tax, let's see how they feel on the 17th ro 18th.

I still believe if they trade for Stoudemire they WANT him to become a free agent no matter how they try to spin it through various sources

For argument's sake, let's say I agree the team desperately wants to get under the luxury tax figure for next season (no one knows what it will be set at right now, btw).

I don't get the logic that they'd have to trade Iguodala by the trading deadline this season to do. I don't understand why there's any urgency at all to do it immediately. It just doesn't make sense. They have until the trading deadline next season to trim payroll, and they'll have three expiring contracts at that time to get it done. It just doesn't make any sense to make a desperate move simply to avoid paying the tax a year before the deadline to hit that number, whatever it winds up being.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 8 at 14:35

Next season you're up against the ending of the CBA and impending lockout, there's less teams with free cap space after this years bonanza.

And if you can't find takers at next trading deadline, you're screwed, cause then you're paying the cap.

Sam starts playing like Sam again and the small value bump he had vanishes back to nothing and then he's a contract (even an expiring one) with a trade kicker, and you're looking for teams with 'cap space' to absorb deal because to get under the cap you have to take less back then you send out...which is easier now as well.

Maybe they don't have to get it done now - but they should get it done before the end of free agency or they might be screwed.

If it's all about tax space, then they don't care about the talent they get back, no matter what is fed to us

I disagree. If it's all about tax space, there's absolutely no urgency to the next 10 days. If getting raped to save some money is all you're after, there will be plenty of opportunities between this june and next feb.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 8 at 14:59

I'm aware you disagree, you've made that clear that you disagree, but the sixers might not agree with you.

I'm not saying whether I agree or disagree with their motivations, I can just see how they would think.

I still think in the end the primary motivation if the 2011 luxury cap and to make a deal work in next season you'll need to find someone with a rather large trade exception to take on either Sam Iguodala or Brand

But even if the most dire predictions are true, they don't need to shed an entire contract to get under the lux tax. You can shave a couple million here, a couple million there with the 25% difference allowed. You can trade for partially guaranteed contracts. Like I said, if you're willing to bend over, plenty of teams will gladly stick it to you. Look at how New Orleans got under the lux tax this season. Or how the Nuggets did it last year.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 8 at 15:35

I know, I get the idea, and I"m not diagreeing with your suggestion, but it's not what I see the sixers doing, or caring about...i think tax or no they want to shed themselves of either Iguodala OR Brands contract...I don't know why - but they don't want both of them on the books any more.

What contracts do the sixers have that expire next year that they could move for 'minimal' cap space and get under the tax.

Willie Green?

Does Lou Williams Really have any trade value as a multi year sixth man who can score and do little else?

Kapono and Dalembert could both be moved. Ivey could be moved. Jason Smith could be moved. Thad, Speights, Jrue and Smith could all be moved if shaving $4-5M to get under the tax is the only goal.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 8 at 15:49

Sam's contract isn't 'small' he doesn't fit your new orleans item - he's 11 million dollars (or so) next year with his grade kicker....its' why i purposely left him out.

Kapono - I just forgot when his contract expired :)

Thad, Speights, Jrue and Smith could all be moved if shaving $4-5M to get under the tax is the only goal.

Two of those guys shouldn't be moved in this team has any hope of competing while Iguodala/Brand are still here...

There aren't a lot of options on guys to trade AND then improve the team - if you're trading small pieces just ot get under the tax you still have the problem of being unable to strengthen your roster, so you've taken players away and added none.

Jeff Foster will probably not be traded this year - back surgery

Tom Moore on Feb 8 at 14:07

Barbosa's role has diminished and he's another undersized guard. Perhaps if a third team became involved it could be more realistic for the Sixers.

Tray reply to Tom Moore on Feb 8 at 14:18

But he's a lot better than any of our undersized guards.

JohnEMagee reply to Tray on Feb 8 at 14:19

That's not really a ringing endorsement (and technically Iverson is an under sized guard right now and for the price he's better than barbosa

That's a really nice thought. Completely inaccurate, but a nice thought.

Perhaps if you're only talking about one year and are making the argument that Barbosa can never regain his previous levels of productivity.

I don't even want Barbosa, but I think you need more than this years 29 game sample size to take a statement like "Barbosa is better than our combo guards" and call it completely inaccurate.

See my comment directly below this one.

Fair. I had not seen that.

To be fair, he was better than Lou and Willie in the past. He's just been dreadful this season.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 8 at 16:18

Not only has he been better than Lou and Willie in the past, not only will he presumably be better than them again in the future, Iverson isn't really a part of the conversation. If we brought in Barbosa it's for what he'd do next year, not for fueling us to an 8th seed this year. And we won't have Iverson next year. So yeah, I think historically he's a better player than Lou and obviously there's no comparison to Willie.

It would be awesome to have $12.1M next season and $12.7M the following season tied up in two instant-offense, no defense, shoot-first guards who really should be nothing more than spurt players off the bench. That makes a ton of sense.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 11:39

No, not at all. As you know, I'd rather get nothing but expiring contracts and cheap young players. But is he more talented than any combo guard we have? Yes.

JohnEMagee reply to Tray on Feb 9 at 11:41

Is he more grossly over paid than any of the combo guards on the sixers.

Yes, yes he is

Are we talking about replacing any of the combo guards we have on the roster in this deal, or are we talking about adding another one, at a higher price?

And as far as talent is concerned, how will he perform in a slower system without Steve Nash? How have other guys who have left Phoenix performed elsewhere? Joe Johnson is the only guy I can think of who even came close to what he did in Phoenix.

johnrosz on Feb 9 at 0:30

That Gordon rumor is unreal. The fact that they A) don't want to trade speights and B) would be taking on a contract that I'd say is far worse than Iggy's...It just doesn't make much sense. Hopefully its a baseless rumor,Ed can't be that clueless.

Alvin reply to johnrosz on Feb 9 at 1:14

"Ed can't be that clueless."

I would have said that last year, but he did sign EJ. And for me that undid all the hard work he's done since coming here.

That is exactly the type of move I can see Stefanski making. Getting Gordon is crazy, but the idea of leveraging Amare for a big name long term guy is what Ed could try to do to justify he made a "basketball decision"- what BS.

Stefanski has said he will not dump contracts. Probably because dumping his big signings (Iguodala/Brand/Lou) is either stupid or proves he made the wrong signings in the first place. But by bringing back a "name player" like Gordon he can say they have made a "basketball decision" to help the franchise.

Granted, it would further set the franchise back, but it would buy ES more time to mess things up.... I mean prove his worth.

This illustrates why I’ve been calling for Stefanski to be fired. Its not necessarily for past mistakes. He needs to be fired because he is to compromised by his current baggage to make the right moves going forward.

The Sixers need to undue some mistakes. They need to fire EJ and get out of the cap nightmare caused by the 180M signings of Brand/Iguodala/Lou (that does not mean dump all of them, but they can’t keep the status quo.) But Stefanski is not free to make the right decisive moves, because it would show how badly his previous moves turned out.

So Stefanski will be more motivated to swap "mistakes" with another GM (basically Iguodala for Gordon + cap savings.) That way both team's GM's can tout the value they got for their players, instead of owning up to their bad signings in the first place.

Even worse, Iguodala was not even the bad signing- Brand was. But Ed can't address that as easily while saving face, so he'll give up our best player for a bucket of poo instead and then call it caviar.

Yep, this is my biggest fear at this point without a doubt.

Not sure if this has brought up, didn't read every comment, but I read earlier today that the Suns are willing to include Richardson instead of Barbosa if we threw in a 1st rounder because they don't have one.

I think I would do this deal if we could keep from sending the pick.


JohnEMagee reply to Ryan F on Feb 9 at 12:37

You don't throw in a frist rounder in a deal like this, not really sure why richardson ups it to being worth a first rounder - but unless the damn thing is top 20 protected, don't go giving up picks for mediocre players

Ryan F reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 9 at 12:46


I really have a tough time reading these things without getting angry.

I'd assume Richardson would be the better acquisition, simply because his contract expires a year earlier than Barbosa's, but who knows what the hell the Sixers value at this point.

Same. I really would only truly want a move that brought back nothing but financial relief for Iguodala AND Brand. I like both of those players but I think we're at best a 2 rnd playoff team as constructed with a solid defensive minded coach in place. I wish we could trade or coach for cap wiggle too

At least Hollinger doesn't think Iguodala is going anywhere:

RCFwhatsup (Philly) - Where is Andre Iguodala playing on Feb. 19th?

John Hollinger - Philadelphia. I'm highly skeptical of the Phoenix rumor because both teams are looking to cut money so they don't make natural trade partners. I think the Sixers are exploring every option, but that's different from saying they're actively trying to move the guy.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 9 at 15:31

I suppose, except for the cavs, rockets, mavs rumors he didn't address :)

Tom Moore on Feb 9 at 15:55

Iverson will miss final two games prior to all-star break.

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on Feb 9 at 15:59

So will he play in the all star game?

Tom Moore reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 9 at 16:09

It's unclear. We'll see.

Mike P. on Feb 9 at 16:04

If they make that Gordon trade I will be officially done as a Sixers fan.

To the Thunder bandwagon I will go. I will miss my Depressed Fan pals, but will tread off on a heady adventure at DailyThunder.

I am still rooting for the Dallas deal.

JohnEMagee reply to Mike P. on Feb 9 at 16:17

Much like those folks in the movies, as much as I try and as bad as it gets, I can't ever quit the sixers, phillies, or eagles, I've tried.

Mike P. reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 9 at 17:30


You are so right. I'll just have fun rooting for Gordon to shoot 30 threes a game. Just like how I used to root for Rodney Rogers not playing defense and just standing at the top of the arc.

One time at a Bulls game with my friend, we saw Rodney lose his shoe, just stop and put it back on, walk back to the arc after not even crossing half court, and then get a pass and swish a wide open three.

If Ben Gordon can bring that type of hilariousness to the team I will welcome him happily.

Amare, not so much, he is just a big baby.

From Chad Ford's column...


ESPN.com's Trade Machine breaks down the proposed deal here.

5. Clippers-76ers

Los Angeles gets: Andre Iguodala, Samuel Dalembert

Philadelphia gets: Marcus Camby, Al Thornton, DeAndre Jordan, Rasual Butler, Mardy Collins, Ricky Davis

Would Los Angeles do it?
The Clippers could just let Camby walk, get under the salary cap, and then attempt to clear more cap space to get a max free agent. Furthermore, as Bill Simmons, J.A. Adande and I have said, the Clippers, on paper, would be a great fit for LeBron James. But that appears to be the furthest thing from LeBron's mind, and the team seems to know it, as general manager Mike Dunleavy continues to talk about making a trade now rather than waiting to see what happens in free agency.

Given that, adding Iguodala and Dalembert might be about as good as it gets for the Clips. Iguodala, in particular, would be a perfect fit as an athletic, multifaceted wing player who can handle the ball or thrive without it while defending at least two positions. Dalembert would be a nice one-year replacement for Camby as an athletic shot-blocker and rebounder to back up Chris Kaman.

The Clippers could become quite a factor in the West in 2010-11, with Iguodala running alongside Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, Kaman and presumably a healthy Blake Griffin.

Would Philadelphia do it?
While the 76ers are looking to move their big contracts, they also want assets in return. In this case, they would get both cap relief and talent.

Thornton and Jordan could step in and help, now and down the road, and this trade would also knock an enormous amount of money off the payroll this summer when the contracts of Camby, Butler, Davis and Collins expire.

To make this deal work, the Sixers would have to waive three players from their current roster to accommodate the extra four players that are coming in the trade, but that's not impossible. They have a number of players with small, one-year deals they could waive.

Sixers would have to include minimum contract guys like Primo and Carney in the trade. Waive Ricky, but i want to keep Collins and Butler because they're hometown guys...



How about Brian, we draft a SG and prepare for free agency in 2011...

The more it looks like nothing is happening, the more likely Ed is on his last legs.

Apparently Dallas is on the verge of getting Butler and Haywood from Washington, so I guess that deal is off the table.

If nothing happens, I will enter "I don't care" mode with the team.

rchap13 on Feb 13 at 0:25

Sixers trade Andre Iguodala and Rodney Carney to the New Jersey Nets for Devin Harris, Chris Douglas-Roberts, and Terrence Williams.

That rumor is from Bleacher Report. I would pull the trigger on this deal(after EJ gets fired)!!! What do you guys think?

JohnEMagee reply to rchap13 on Feb 13 at 0:38

I think bleacher report has as much reliability as I do :)

Ever time I read one of the twitters from Chris Douglas Roberts I want someone to slap him upside the head and tell him to STFU...no interest in him on the sixers whatsoever.

No offense to Devin Harris - but that trade sucks, the nets are in the same division, and the sixers got royally rogered in that trade

JohnEMagee reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 13 at 0:42

And this is why I dislike the word rumor :)


Not a rumor - just one of five trades bleacher report thinks the sixers should make.

I don't know why - but Colin Cowherd was disgusted with them this week (it's a short drive to work, the LA ESPN afternoon guys aren't bad when I drive home) - didn't listen long enough to know why...

rchap13 on Feb 13 at 0:42

me personally i would throw in courtney lee and the nets 1st round pick and bobby simmons for brand if the nets wanted 2 make that trade l0l

JohnEMagee reply to rchap13 on Feb 13 at 0:44

And why would the Nets want to make that trade.

I believe that any major trade for the Nets would have to wait until the new owner takes control...with his deep deep DEEP pockets

The Greek on Feb 13 at 11:55

The cavs are hot after Amare, and the Mavs are on the verge of trading with Washington. That takes away 2 teams that we were talking to. I hope Amare goes somewhere else because I don't want him. I am starting to get the feeling that Stefanski will take a vacation once again during the trade deadline.

JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Feb 13 at 12:21

Rumors persist that the Cavs don't have enough on their own to get Amare and that there needs to be a third team...most believe right now that third team is the sixers.

The rumors also persist about Jamison and Troy Murphy

I gotta think that Philly said no because Iguodala/Dalembert is better than Butler/Haywood

This is the trade I want to happen http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=yhja4cq + a few 1st round picks. We'd have absolutely 0 salary committed to the 2012 season (2011 if no lockout. I also doubt celts decline (they get ton of talent) and bulls get Cap space to make run at Lebron/wade/bosh.

JohnEMagee reply to Jason on Feb 13 at 13:31

Well aside from the fact that the celtics probably would say no and so would the bulls

What 3 players are the sixers cutting (or 2) because somehow I think they'll be over the 15 player limit.

heh, fine, i'll make one that is more likely to get accepted. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=yky8t5p

The 76ers, several sources say, have all but pulled Iguodala off the market after aggressively exploring interest in him over the last 10 days.

Complete writeup @1:50 pm All Star Game:

Amare to Cavs heating up
PM ETAmare Stoudemire | Suns Top Email The Plain Dealer reported Friday that trade talk had advanced between the Cavs and Suns about Amare Stoudemire. The Cavs want to upgrade at power forward and have been linked with Antawn Jamison and Troy Murphy.

Asked by The Arizona Republic whether a third consecutive year of trade rumors was a slap in the face, Stoudemire said: "Somewhat, it is. I don't understand why. It's not being explained to me why every year there's always trade talk with me being involved. It's a little difficult to deal with. ... They never really explain why the trade talk is coming, why they want to trade me. I've done a lot of work in the community. I've been trouble-free forever, so I just don't understand."

Stoudemire's wish is to land on a title contender.

"That's my goal," he added. "The Phoenix Suns' goal may be a little bit different. I'm not sure. I don't know if they see me in their future plans. I don't know what they don't see within me."

Ric Bucher at the All-Star Game
With attempts to land a 'stretch 4' proving fruitless, Cavs turn to Amare

"The beauty of reporting that Cleveland and Phoenix are in talks about anything is that on any given day it is sure to be true because Cavs GM Danny Ferry and Suns GM Steve Kerr practically call each other almost every day, sources say. The tricky part is that more often than not the topic of conversation between the two friends and former teammates is only occasionally about the fortunes of their two teams. When the Suns made the rather public decision several weeks ago to explore what they might be able to get for Amare Stoudemire, Cleveland and Ferry weren't willing to pony up what the Suns want in return -- a young talent on his rookie contract and future first-round pick or an established star that could fit in their up-tempo system. For Cleveland, that would mean giving up J.J. Hickson, which they've been reluctant to do. The Cavs' commitment to defense and having seen the Stoudemire-Shaquille O'Neal combination bomb in Phoenix last season killed the conversation almost from the start. That's why, if Cleveland is re-visiting the idea of acquiring Stoudemire, it can only be for one of several reasons. One, FA-to-be LeBron James wants to play with Amare, because Cleveland has demonstrated they'll do whatever is necessary to keep LeBron happy, at least until he re-signs this summer. Two, their attempts to find another stretch 4 have gone by the wayside. Phoenix also would have had reason to circle back to Cleveland since their attempts to deal Amare to Philadelphia for Andre Iguodala have gone cold. The 76ers, several sources say, have all but pulled Iguodala off the market after aggressively exploring interest in him over the last 10 days. So sources say Cleveland and Phoenix have talked this weekend, and that Stoudemire's name has come up. It's safe to say they have, and it has. Because it's always relatively safe to say, when it comes to Cleveland and Phoenix."

bebopdeluxe on Feb 13 at 15:09

Thank God.

I don't want ANYBODY of value traded while "Dumb and Dumber Part 2" are still around.

New trade i want. http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=yjqf67f It's really 2 trades (3 team Chi-boston-sixers) then another trade with the kings to get rid of dalembert, but combined them for ease. Sixers would only have 24 million commited to next season and could take run @ 2 top Free agents.

Duracorr reply to Jason on Feb 13 at 23:46

With the roster the Sixers would have after this trade, what makes you think any top level free agents would be interested in coming to Philadelphia?

Jason reply to Duracorr on Feb 13 at 23:56

We have enough money to bring in 2 top notch FA's, we would have a couple first round picks, we'd still have Jrue. There's 0 chance we win a championship w/ this current roster in near futur. What's there to lose lol? Also we could start to rebuild from here even if we can't bring in top notch FA's and try and pull a Oklahoma or portland in terms of being smart with our money.

Can someone tell me how much $$ we need to shed to get under next seasons LT?

I am certain the Sixers don't want to be over the LT. I also don't buy, in any way shape or form, that we can trade Willie or Kapono for an expiring. Jason Smith, sure. Does a team like Jason Smith enough to take Willie?

No one knows for sure how far over we're going to be, or even if we're going to be over at all. It all depends on where the cap is going to be, if the most pessimistic guess is right, could be as much as $8-9M over the LT. If the cap doesn't drop at all, they're fine. My guess is right in the middle somewhere, $3M-$4M over, but it's just a guess.

If they need to cut that money, they don't have to do it by trading Willie/Kapono for an expiring contract next season. They can cut some by simply buying players out, they can cut some by making a larger trade in which they take back less than they pay out. There are several ways to do it.

Not as easy as you think.

1. Players still count against the cap after you buy them out.

2. After this deadline the only ways to reduce their tax number is to sell their #1 pick (as many teams have done) or trade a player (likely an expiring like Kapono + someone like Jrue) to a team under the cap like this : http://nba.fanhouse.com/2009/12/22/jazz-save-14-million-by-trading-harpring-maynor-to-thunder/

Yes, they still count against the cap, but not their full salary, at the buyout level. You probably aren't going to shave much, but you could shave some money off the books w/ buyouts.

And that Maynor deal wasn't nearly as bad for Utah or as smart for OKC as everyone is making it out to be. OKC essentially paid $6.5M for the #20 pick in the draft. Utah used the #20 pick to save $13M when you factor in the luxury tax.

Just saying that teams give away mid 1st rounders to clear money. Jrue and Speights are both mid first rounders.

I think it's more likely we wind up doing what New Orleans did. Trading away three players for nothing, none of whom were very good at all. Butler's contract was pretty much the same as Willie's.

A guy like Kapono's going to be harder to move.

Honestly, I think it's going to depend on what the team is doing maybe around the new year next season. If they've gotten their shit together, Kapono, Green and Dalembert have much more value as a package to bring back talent from a team who's up against it salary wise. Willie + Kapono may land you a Ben Gordon, something like that.

Interesting about the buy-outs. Who do you see them buying out?

Kapono is most likely, especially if he's buried at the end of the bench. Maybe they shave $1M off the tax number by buying him out and he can recoup the money when another team signs him for the rest of the season for the minimum. Something like that.

Who has been in charge of the drafts the last few years? it feels like they've been doing a pretty decent job at our given draft positions ( speights 16th, Thad young 12th , Jrue 17th, Lou will isn't bad considering he was a 2nd rounder and is still relevant.)


If we are going to be 3-4 million over the LT line, Its going to be hard to get under it if we don't make a trade before the deadline. A buyout of a guy like Kapono would only net about 1 million. Trading one player for another within 25 percent isn't going to yield that much either.

How much money can we send with a player? Could we trade Willie/Smith for an expiring, and send the team 3 million or so? I bet Stefanski is shopping Willie/Kapono/Williams/Dalembert for expiring contracts.

We have until the trade deadline next season, one year from now, to get under the lux tax line. It's been assumed a priority is to get under the lux tax for next season, but there's really no reason to believe it's an immediate priority. They have time.

JohnEMagee on Feb 14 at 14:35

From Brians least favorite 'source'

so the deal with us and the 3 way is..we want in...will take back jrich,danny green,wally or z, andmaybe delonte west but want hickson too and phoenix wants to keep hickson...so unless we find something suitable to replace hickson in the deal......we may not be involved.
JohnEMagee on Feb 14 at 15:51

Posted about 15 minutes by Chris Broussard


Says that The Suns first choice is Andre Iguodala

JohnEMagee on Feb 14 at 15:55

According to public statements the sixers want more than expiring for Iguodala

According to reported issues, the sixers don't want AMare cause he might not opt out (expire)

I find those incongruous arguments.

They may want more than expiring, but less than increasing their payroll (and luxury tax bill) for next season, so the statements may not be at odds.

I HATE ANY ONE NAMED ED on Feb 14 at 15:58

i don't want Amare unless he's coming with a playmaker like Steve Nash. If we trade our best play maker in Iggy, who going to create opportunties for Amare?

Jrue Holiday

Ed Burns wants to know why you hate him

Does anyone know what Phoenix's draft pick situation is over the next couple years? I wonder if they will use that to sweeten the pot.

It kinda saddens me that our only options are to stand pat and be a .500 team or blow it all up and just start over.

What saddens me more is that our team seems to be waffling right now. Washington just decided to tear it all down, Caps style. I'll laugh if they get John Wall. Then be sad.


JohnEMagee on Feb 14 at 19:42


Says Suns would Do amare/barbosa for Sam/Andre

Also says sixers currently aren't willing

The exact quote is:

"Suns waiting on Philly to tell them whether Andre Igoudala will be included with Sam Dalembert for Stoudemire-Barbosa package, sources say."

Does that mean we could trade away Sam for Amare and not include Iguodala? That is hard to Fathom.

Never mind, he followed up with this clarification:

"To be clear, there's no deal for Suns with Philly unless Iguodala is involved. So far, Philly hasn't been willing to include him."

And goes on to twitter:

"As @PDcavsinsider says, Suns can save $10 million with Cavs deal --after Z buyout. As one source says, "They like Hickson well enough too.""

Now that sounds like the Suns I knoww... save money first priority.

Mike P. reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 20:24

Phx just wants Iggy, REALLY bad.

I'd much rather have Iggy than Amare. Amare plays zero D and is handcuffed to Steve Nash's great play.

Ideally I'd like to get rid of Brand and Sammie before Iggy. But we can't get rid of either without giving up Iggy.

This is sucky. I will miss Diet Lebron if he just given away for peanuts. Even with me being Mr "Oh blow up the team already blah blah blah"

I'm really down on the Sixers organizations. I'm not confident at all in their motives right now.

I think they just want to clear whatever salary the can since no one shows up to the games. But they have no long term plan to really improve the team. i can even imagine they might look to sell the team soon- which would not be a bad thing.

Mike P. reply to tk76 on Feb 14 at 21:18

Agreed. No one cares and the team has zero identity or game plan.

If the Sixers got moved, I don't even know how I'd take that. Confused indifference maybe? We as fans are in no one purgatory here.

I mean there isn't even a player who I'd get a Jersey of right now. That is never ever good.

lol, not sayign this is a possibility at all, but i http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=ykemvuf?

I would.

JohnEMagee on Feb 15 at 1:45

Thanks for the link, I put a post up about this one.

JohnEMagee on Feb 15 at 11:12

I had a dream...

Sam Dalembert is going to OKC for Etan Thomas and one other player whose name I don't remember.

Book it :)

JohnEMagee on Feb 15 at 20:29

ANother one to raise Brians ire :)

here is a conversation that took place earlier today...3 way... phoenix gets hickson,dalembert, danny green philly gets zydrunas cleveland gets amare yes we are that cheap
johnrosz on Feb 15 at 23:55

Stein reporting that one executive called the Sixers "the wild card" in the whole Amare sweepstakes. Maybe Ed actually knows what he is doing, positioning our involvement as the glue that makes a deal work between Miami and Phoenix. In a dream world Ed convinces Iggy is worth the price of taking on EB...

Time for Stefanski to show off what he learned at Wharton...

JohnEMagee on Feb 16 at 0:07

Stein now reporting that the Heat are pushing 'hard' for Amare - whatever that means

And The cavs reportedly talking about maggette?

The sixers entire situation reminds me of Aaron Sorkin

You said — No! You said, let’s dangle our feet in the water of whatever the hell it is we dangle our feet in, when we want to make it look like we’re trying without pissing too many people off!

That's kind of what it feels like to me - but instead of 'pissing too many people off' - it's 'let's make it seem like we're trying to make the team better but not do a damn thing and make it someone elses fault'

I'm not sure I follow. Is there a rumor that you've seen that actually makes us better? I mean, the only one that I've seen that you can even make the case frees up serious money is the Dallas rumor, right?

Are you saying you're down on Stefanski because he hasn't pulled the trigger on any of these deals, or you think he never intended to make a deal?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 10:34

I think he never intended to make a deal, I think he intended to make it look like he intended to make a deal but was just hoping someone was dumber than him and would make an over the top offer.

This team is going to have to get worse before it gets better, and anyone who thinks this roster can contend for a title is fooling themslves.

So you'd prefer he make one of these deals rather stand pat?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 10:49

I prefer that I see something that indicates they care about making this team better even if it's firing the coach.

I understand that no trade would be acceptable to you because you somehow think the sixers have a strong bargaining position, but they don't.

THey're capped out, they're taxed out (for next season) have very few actual valuable trade assets and ownership unwilling to pay the tax...they're fucked in six different ways, this team has to get worse before they're going to get better.

And right now theyy're just treading in mediocrity

You still haven't answered the question. We've heard maybe 6 rumored deals involving the Sixers. Would you prefer they make one of those?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 10:56

Yup...both mavs deals suggested are preferable to the status quo bull shit that the sixers are stuck in, and while others seem psyched about getting the 8 seed and another mediocre draft pick, sometimes you gotta get worse to get better.

But, like i've said repeatedly but you can't notice it - IT DOESN"T MATTER AS LONG AS THE SAME OWNERSHIP GM AND COACH ARE AROUND

Now that the Dallas ship has sailed, would you do any version of the Amare deal? Or would you trade for McGrady?

I understand what you're saying about ownership/coaching/management. Stefanski and Jordan can both be fired, and should be, not sure what you're expecting to happen with ownership. They probably aren't going anywhere.

I just don't get your argument anymore. On one hand, you're saying everything they do is for the bottom line. On the other hand, you say they should be making trades. But the only trades we've seen rumored have been for nothing but financial reasons, and they haven't pulled the trigger when other teams have. And to top it off, you're criticizing the team for NOT making a move for financial reasons, while you're bitching that everything they do is for financial reasons.

If they make the Amare trade, you're going to flip out because ownership is cheap. If they don't make a move, you're going to flip out because they didn't get worse.

I mean, I don't care if you think they should just make a trade to get worse and get some financial flexibility, I don't agree, but if that's your position fine. But if that's what you're calling for them to do, then I don't get why you're hellbent on painting the organization as being cheap. You want them to be cheap. The cheaper the better if you want the whole thing blown up.

I guess you take the Clippers off the list now, even though that was never really going to happen. They just traded Camby to Portland for Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw. Isn't Camby an expiring too? That is an absolute fleecing from a basketball standpoint. BTW, I got this quote from Stein's Heat/Amare piece:

"They're the wild card," one source said of the Sixers.

I hate being in this position.

They're all expiring. Was there a pick going from Portland to LAC? If not, Dunleavy just decided to help out the Blazers for the hell of it.

Maybe they are thinking about tanking to help their lottery position?

I would not have minded the Sixers giving away Sam for nothing.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 10:50

Or maybe they're just thinking about saving money.

Camby makes 9.5 million this year, blake and outlaw 7.6, and reports are that the blazers are sending cash along as well.

So maybe it's just about sterling (as usual) maximizing profits.

At least Sterling doesn't pretend to care about winning

When you have trades between badly run franchise and successful ones you quickly get into "why ask why" territory.

If the Sixers trade with someone you have to include them in the badly run camp.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Feb 16 at 11:26

I already think they are badly run, move or no move, they're a badly run franchise.

Have been for a while now...

Sorry, did not mean to imply otherwise. Just saying I expect them to come out on the short end of any deal.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Feb 16 at 11:44

In the short term - sure - but it's long term that i'm worried about

Maybe the question people should be asking is why is Portland tooling up for a run this season?

Right now they're the 8th seed, barely. They've lost Greg Oden, Joel Przybilla and Outlaw for the season. Brandon Roy has missed 27% of their games so far, and he's still hampered by injury.

Why are they making trades to get better in the short term when they could use this lost season as an opportunity to get a lottery pick? Are their fans all flipping out because they're trying to win and blowing a golden opportunity, or is this strictly a Philadelphia phenomenon?

If the Camby deal goes down, they've essentially paid maybe as much as $5M for the privilege of getting their asses kicked by the Lakers in the first round and dropping a minimum of 4 spots in the draft.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 11:32

But they get that valuable playoff experience that comes with a first round ass whooping, and as we're told by the sixers organization - that's important.

They clear more cap space after this season if they hadn't made the deal, not sure where they stand on that either way and maybe they didn't plan on re-signing these guys anyway...

Portland has won 57% of their games. You don't tank if you are a winner, and playoffs and the 16th pick is better than no playoffs and the 14th pick.

But if you are best case headed for 32-35 wins, then playoffs and the #15 pick is much worse than lottery and the 8th pick.

They'd actually have pick #19 if the season ended today, pick #14 if they finished 9th in the West, but they could conceivably drop down to #11, maybe lower if they tanked.

This time last year, there were more than a few Sixers fans going ballistic because the Sixers didn't trade Andre Miller, even though they were 3 games over .500 and I believe held the #5 or #6 seed in the playoffs. Same situation, only the Sixers actually had a better chance of finishing higher in the standings and possibly winning a round in the playoffs.

The deal looks like this, btw.

Blazers send Travis Outlaw, Steve Blake and $3 million to Clippers for Marcus Camby.

So Portland has paid $4.55M to secure the #8 seed, maybe, and drop up to 8 spots in the draft.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 12:05

I was going ballistic when the sixers didn't trade miller 60 days after they obtained him :)

btw, this is one of the few moves Pritchard has made that I like, but I actually think making the playoffs is meaningful. I just wanted to see the reaction from people who think the playoffs are pointless and the only way to improve is to suck ass.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 12:10

Well if you believe in such things, the first time you make the playoffs I guess is a big deal - but getting your ass whooped 3 years running with 3 different coaches (the third of which should have been fired already) - how useful is that?

I don't really care if they make the playoffs or not this season, my only concern right now is getting rid of Jordan. If making the playoffs means we're going through the same thing next season, I pray to God we fail miserably.

I think the ship has sailed on John Wall, and we're probably going to be somewhere between #9-#16 in the draft, which doesn't really make much of a difference to me. Probably not going to get a franchise-changing talent at either of those spots.

If you think you have the core star(s) to eventually build a contender around then playoffs are great. I guess Portland fees Roy/Oden/Aldridge will be their core.

But if you have locked up a non-contending core for 5 years (Brand/Iguodala) then it is probably best to find a way to add a top level star. 39-31 wins every year makes that harder to do.

May wind up being just as bad to be locked into Roy/Aldridge for 6 years.

Could be. I think they were expecting Oden to be a Franchise center. Aldridge and Roy would work nicely next to player like Howard.

Mike P reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 15:35

Because Portland has a good team but has had horrible horrible luck.

The entire roster has been injured and yet they are still in contention for a playoff spot, IN THE WEST.

Plus why even tank when you are in the blazers position? They aren't going to get the first pick.

The difference is the Sixers could have put themselves in a very good position to get John Wall and start everything over after starting so horribly.

But no, EJ and ES go into win now mode, manage to start the right players and screw the team over even worse by getting us a pick in the teens as usual. They'll also probably save their jobs.

That is why no one is mad at Portland for trying. Nate McMillian isn't Eddie Jordan.

Face it, unless we move Brand this deadline, the team is going to be sucked into basketball limbo until his contract is up. Iggy will play out his prime totally miserable and the team might even move because no one cares anymore.


JohnEMagee reply to Mike P on Feb 16 at 15:46

Because Portland has a good team but has had horrible horrible luck.

Or Portland drafts guys who have injury concerns across the league (Roy) and then the injuries actually set in.

Are you saying it means more to get your ass kicked in the first round in the west than it does in the east? Because this uber-talented Portland squad got hammered in the first round last season by the Rockets, and POR had home court advantage. Seems like they were more than a piece away before the latest wave of injuries and all they added was a 33-year-old PG who could even start until the injuries happened.

Mike P. reply to Brian on Feb 16 at 16:51

I don't even know anymore.

Are the Blazers the West Coast Sixers?

Camby = Dalembert when he tries
Roy = Iggy with less D and more O
Batum = Thad
Aldrige = Brand without D and no post gamea

and of course we both shared the same herky jerky point guard.

I'm just tired of being mediocre. The Sixers haven't won 50 games for the last decade. Iggy's prime is being wasted. :*(

JohnEMagee reply to Mike P. on Feb 16 at 16:52

When healthy the blazers have a lot more depth at talent than the sixers
a better coach
and an owner with deep pockets

Mike P. reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 16 at 16:57

I meant right now.

When healthy obviously the Blazers are class above the Sixers.

Good young coach and an owner who actually cares and is beyond rich.

Now I am sad again. :*(

JohnEMagee reply to Mike P. on Feb 16 at 17:02

Camby also has more offensive game than Dalembert, even at his best Sam has no offensive game

JohnEMagee on Feb 16 at 11:04

And yes, when stefanski says 'it's not about finances' i believe it's complete and utter bollox as their off season 'moves' seemed focused more on maintaining avoidance of the luxury tax then building a better team.

How can we pass on the opportunity to trade Iguodala and Dalembert? We have three 'bad' contracts right now (Obviously, Andre’s is the least offensive). This gives us a reprieve. Firing Eddie Jordan doesn't make this team any better than what, a 7 seed? What exactly is this team’s ceiling, as currently constructed?

The Sixers hit rock bottom in the 90's before landing Iverson. The Cavs hit rock bottom before landing Lebron. Mediocrity may as well be purgatory in this league. If trading away Iguodala, who I consider a solid player, and Dalembert provides us with financial flexibility, how do we not pursue it?

Brian (who does great work with this site by the way) doesn't like any of the trade rumors. I guess I just don't see why not. Isn't the best case scenario for Stoudamire to opt out? Play the kids. Save some money. Get some good draft picks and build. Look at OKC. A few terrible years, a few good draft picks, some smart contracts, and now look.

As for which trade proposal I like? I would love a young talent like Beasley, but really, any trade that rids us of Iguodala and Dalembert’s contract, I’m strongly considering.

This is my first time posting. Just my two cents.

Thanks for your time.

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