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SixersBeat Radio Show Tonight

Tom Moore on Feb 11 at 18:16

Sixers just confirmed that Iverson (personal reasons) isn't going to the all-star game. He'll be replaced by David Lee.

johnrosz on Feb 11 at 18:52


Interesting interview, seems to be a lot of speculation but could be something to talk about...

JohnEMagee on Feb 11 at 21:00

That whole cutting off at EXACTLY 6 pm is irritating :)


When listened to after the fact it includes the whole thing, though.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Feb 11 at 21:23

Yeah, I know, I usually get home late, listen to a portion that's still live and then the full podcast first thing in the morning at the work.

Was that Mr Moore again? Is he a regular now?

You guys gotta get Kate, I'd love to hear what she had to say

yeah, Tom was on for a good half hour. He seems very willing to come on, which is great.

Tried to get Kate. She was on a flight tonight. I think it'll happen, but not sure when.

Have sent multiple emails to Mike Preston (Sixers head of PR), and he initially responded saying he'd see what he could do, but I have a feeling he listened to one of our shows of 60 minute of Eddie Jordan bashing and decided it probably wouldn't be worth it. His job right now is to keep players/management away from guys like us. Since we don't have access anyway, we have nothing to lose by asking the tough, biting questions.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Feb 11 at 21:42

Sure, but they'll let Mike Misanelli make his asinine trade suggestions to Ed Stefanski

That seems balanced :)

A little off topic, but is anyone watching the Cavs-Magic game? Hickson was a monster early. I think the Cavs are going to hold onto him, he's been great lately. He's also very efficient and seems to be playing well with LeBron. I'm not saying that he will or should be a deal breaker in an Iguodala trade, but I've been impressed and could see them holding onto him.

I'm a big hickson fan. His defense has improved considerably since his NC State days. He'd be ahead of Speights in my "pieces of the future" depth chart.

Yeah, Speights has more skill, but I love Hickson's game. He's unflashy, yet looks to tear the rim down any time he catches it close to the rim. He rebounds very well considering a. He plays with guys like LeBron, Varejao, Z, and Shaq (only so many boards to go around) and b. He only plays around 20 minutes a game.

Who knows, it very well could be the product of being in a better situation. Regardless, he seems to get "it," while Speights isn't quite there yet

Rich reply to Rich on Feb 11 at 22:21

Looks like a goodie headed into the 4th if anyone wants to be reminded of good NBA action.

Rich reply to Rich on Feb 11 at 22:49

A late 16-2 run by the Cavs gave them a comfortable win. Wow, LeBron is so special. His last two minutes of the game should be required viewing.

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