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They Got One Thing Right

Eddie Jordan has 328 between relatives & agents?
Now that's impressive

The Greek on Feb 13 at 12:46

I am shocked at how popular Low Williams is with the fans.

Johnmagee from the last post, where did you hear about the sixers being the 3rd team that facilitates the Amare to cleveland deal?

JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Feb 13 at 13:37

From that unreliable source over at realgm.com sixerfan1976 - like i said just rumored that they are involved in the discussions (Amare ends up in Cleveland)

I looked at some of the polls, fans like Lou Williams too much, but the 60% that think Iverson should be kept is just indicative

Way too many (percentage) think Iguodala is part of the problem.

If Tom Moore is around, can we get an update on if Stefanski was able to get to Dallas? I mean if Steve Nash can get from Dallas, to Vancouver for a surprise torch lighting ceremony and back in time for the game, Stefanski should be able to get there.

Jesse reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 14 at 14:29

Loyalty and nostalgia for Iverson I can see. Fans of Lou? I don't get it.

JohnEMagee reply to Jesse on Feb 14 at 14:33

Loyalty and nostalgia for Iverson I can see. F

Two things that get sports franchises in Trouble, loyalty and nostalgia

If 90.9% of Philly.com readers think Jordan should be fired, a legit survey would be 99.9%.

The Mavs traded for Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and DeShawn Stevenson, which you'd think would cross them off the Sixers list of potential trade partners, but Dallas held on to Dampier's expiring contract, so they could still wind up in a deal, though the odds are obviously less now.

Reports are that Stephanski has taken Iguodala off the table... FWIW.

Raffaele on Feb 14 at 8:43

"Why did Jordan have to make himself the key element - conjuring a halftime decision that went against what had made the team successful - instead of trusting his players to either win or lose the game?

It's a question that Sixers fans have been asking since the end of October"

Great question by Kate Fagan

Funniest things about this poll:

Is that they even asked a question about whether or not Primo Belzec could be kept or traded. Sadly, 74.4% of the 2720 votes cast so far thing he should be traded. Guess the fans think Jason Smith already has the role of "big white guy who is a stiff" locked up and their is no need for a redundant guy in the same role.

JohnEMagee reply to MG on Feb 14 at 14:17

Well, that's not really that funny, who cares wasn't an option.

Things that perplex about the results so far:

- Williams has 60% who say keep me
- J. Smith has 78% who say keep me
- Anyone voted for Belzec
- Somehow Green has gotten 834 votes.

zig reply to MG on Feb 14 at 16:55

hey, you don't have to actually watch the games to know what you want from your team right? at least the philly.com people don't have to.

Hahha, Eddie Jordan can kiss my ass is one of the tags.

Oh tags.

Go Sixers. Yay.

Tom Moore on Feb 14 at 20:37
JohnEMagee on Feb 14 at 21:13

Regardless of the trade moves - Coach Joran should be fired already

i want to draft pat patterson this year w/ our pick this year. He is an nba ready player. If we trade our players then we can hopefully get a draft pick then let dileo do his thing

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