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I think it's closer to rock bottom, although on the bright side I'm sure we can find some gallows humor in watching what transpires the rest of the way.

For the next coach I would say unless a hall of famer is available, I would look for a no-name who excels at leadership and motivation and is a little unconventional (since I think you have to be unconventional if you don't have a superstar). Although I guess you could call the P.O unconventional - oh well. While I'm at it, let's hire Simmons for GM too.

lets huff some glue and move on

Duracorr on Feb 19 at 7:10

I hope they don't even win 10 and end up magically with a top 3 draft pick,draft a potential star at SG, fire the coach immediately after he has delivered the losses and move onward and upwards.

Blech. Hard to do anything but hope for losses at this point, if for no other reason than to ensure Jordan's exit. But even the full-on tank wouldn't help much talent wise, as everyone says this is a weak draft.

The most depressing thing:
Even if they tank the rest of the season and finish with a top five pick, Jrue averages five minutes and Iverson and Lou high-five each other everytime they allow an opponent to blow right by them, Jordan can still say he didn't have the opportunity to implement his offense (injuries, Iverson).

If the owners of this team behave accordingly, there will be no search for a new coach/GM this off-season.

I hope they prove all of us wrong.

deepsixersuede on Feb 19 at 8:12

I hope the losses come early and it forces our G.M. to tell our coach to play " Elton and the young guys ", a bad lounge act? the rest of the way.

The fact that Eddie Jordan is a terrible coach is now a given, but I wonder just how many wins a coach can really produce (or negate). There's no doubt in my mind that the Sixers would have a better record than they do now with pretty much any other coach, but at the same time, do I see them being a contender in the East with a different guy at the helm? No. Like some people have been observing, it seems like there's individual talent on this team but not really a cohesiveness between the players to translate that into success. It makes me wonder how much better they'd be this year if they'd kept Andre Miller. Seems like he might be the glue that could bring the players together to form a team. Also, Jrue could be learning from him instead of the collection of combo guards that currently make up the roster. With Brand healthy and playing relatively well this season, it makes me wonder what it would be like with the other Andre around.

Dei Interviewed Iguodala about not being traded:

(Look in the Sixers video tab)

Take away points:
He feels under appreciated.
He feels his teammates are talented but have a low BB IQ and lack dedication to improve or learn the game.

None of this is news, but its interesting to watch. he seems as down on the team as we are. My guess is he wanted a trade. Reminds me a lot of Pierce's statements a couple of years before the KG trade turned around the franchise.

Statman reply to tk76 on Feb 19 at 10:51

Fascinating interview, and the first time I've seen anyone ask him if he preferred to stay or not. He didn't answer directly, but I think he wouldn't have been disappointed at all to go to Phoenix (or Dallas, or Cleveland).

I don't know how the "low IQ" comment is going to go over with his teammates, but I don't think any of us would disagree. The thing is, he's always had good chemistry on-court with the younger players (Thad, Lou, Speights to a lesser extent), but it hasn't really translated to their being able to play the same way.

One comment I would agree with 100%: "A lot of people don't understand the game of basketball." Probably aimed at the 90% of Sixer "fans" who only pay attention to the almighty PPG ...

eddies' heady's reply to Statman on Feb 19 at 11:32

But you know what really bothers me with that video the most as tk already pointed out: it's the comment where he said 'we don't study as much as we should'.

We all pile on the coach in certain instances, and probably rightfully so sometimes, but if these spoiled damn-near-rich lads don't have the desire to put the time in on the back end (film, playbook, scheme study) nor the front end (workouts, drills, repetitions on the court not at actual practice time) then it doesn't matter who's hired to coach them. They will continually be perpetual losers throughout their career unless they luck up and get on the right team where they're overshadowed by their other teammates.

What's most maddening for me is to come to the realization that these guys are nothing but raw athletes (btw, which I don't define as talent) with no dedication to sharpen the mind as well as their skill-sets. But on the flip side, I guess that's not so hard to do, as I've said before, when you are going home at the end of the day with millions in the account. They probably feel they have arrived and there is no motivation when they are already 'paid'.

I just wish I could see the 'talent' that quite a few on here claim is there. I just don't see it with the exception of a few players. Raw athleticism has never translated to 'talent' for me. Just being athletic with no semblance of an IQ for the game, as Dre mentioned, is far from talented in my eyes. So I don't see where that 'talent' is that theoretically can lead us to these 45-50 win seasons so many speak of, even with a new head coach.

Wow. Yeah, that was a great interview. Not much to disagree with either. I'm curious as to who/what he's talking about when he talks about preparation, etc. Is that an organizational thing, or laziness on the part of some of the players?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 11:35

Sounded like to me he was as gingerly as he could calling out the players. Although he wasn't being ginger when he said that bit about the lack of IQ. lol

I'm not sure the study thing necessarily falls only on the players, especially not in today's NBA. For the most part, we're talking about kids with 0-2 years of college experience before they get to the NBA. Coaching staffs at the NBA level need to focus a lot more on preparation now than they did twenty years ago, players don't come in with as strong of a background in game prep/study, practice habits, because they simply don't get as much of it at the college level (unless they play for one of the better coaches/programs. Iguodala at AZ, Jrue at UCLA).

Long story short, I don't think it's all on the players if there's an atmosphere of poor preparation surrounding the Sixers. The staff, and mostly the head coach, needs to demand proper preparation, and teach these guys what's expected of them.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 11:55

I think there's enough 'blame' to go all around.

What I think is that a coach creates an atmosphere of what is expected. If no one is studying or learning or whatever and isn't being penalized, some of that falls on the atmosphere created by the coaching staff and it's unsurprising that Joran would create such an atmosphere

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 12:40

I'm with you on it's different than it was twenty years ago, but the NBA regular season has never allowed for much preparation/practice time. The games come at you too frequently as a staff, where you are trying to review tape of past games while at the same time trying to prep and scout for the next or upcoming opponents. All this, when then trying to go over sets and schemes and situations etc.

Therefore, that's where the onus has to eventually fall on the player himself. There isn't much time for fundamental/skills/conditioning type work within the framework of the season. Said player(s) has to have the will to want to get better within himself.

I've seen some programs and articles this year where Kevin Durant was training the whole offseason with reckless abandon, and it seems to show within his game this year.

That's sort of what I mean with our guys. Practice and preparation don't end when official team practice is dismissed and Tom Moore and the like come down for interviews.

Our staff may or may not be telling or teaching these players what's expected of them, but if they are and the hardheads don't take to it and do it, there's nothing much you can do when in their mind they know they are still getting paid at the end of the day. These guys don't care if you snatch minutes away from them or bench them altogether, because that check is still coming the end of the week - it's guaranteed. That is, if money is the motivation because winning sure doesn't seem to be.

JohnEMagee reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 19 at 12:43

I'm with you on it's different than it was twenty years ago, but the NBA regular season has never allowed for much preparation/practice time.

Which is why it's the coaches job in pre-season to tell players what he expects from them and how the offense (and in most coaches minds, defense as well) should be run, but it seems the current sixers coach was massaging psyches in preseason rather than teaching his offense

By "massaging" you mean trying to destroy, right?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 12:53

I was being sarcastic :)

To your point below about working and coaching

Didn't Thaddeus Young say something about how Ayers 'helped' his shooting this year? I mean - isn't his shooting atrocious compared to the previous two years.

Speights of course is the biggest disappointment to me this year - I hoped all the 'whispers' about work ethic were false - but so far - not so much

He actually ripped Ayers in a passive-aggressive way. Basically, he said, Ayers changed his shot, and he probably shouldn't have listened to him.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 12:57

Yeah that.

I'm glad that Joran saw fit to bring back the worst post Brown coach the sixers had (before Joran) to help out

Ayers is his defensive guru. I think O'Koren's title is lead assistant, harmony.

It's tough to say what's going on. I know Iguodala and Brand worked out like maniacs all summer, and I've read Iguodala is the first to practice, last to leave every day. Thad and Lou took it upon themselves to go to that shooting academy, and they were in the gym most of the summer in Philly w/ Willie and Jason Smith.

If anyone on the team is lazy, or at least if there's anyone who I never heard about working out, it was Speights.

As for game prep, I've never, ever heard Iguodala talk about anything but basketball. I believe he's 100% dedicated to it, watches film in his spare time, works out more than anyone, and generally prepares on an elite level. I don't get the same feeling about some of the other guys on the team, who honestly seem distracted at times. Lou bothers me because he's constantly talking about how basketball isn't the most important thing, and how it's only a small part of his life, etc.

The players need to be willing participants, but I don't think the attitude you're talking about comes into play much. No one on the team strikes me as a "hey, I'm getting paid either way," problem. If anything, I think it's just immaturity, and never being held accountable.

Obviously, I'm guessing as much as you are on this matter, though.

Matt reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 11:48

Man, he is right on, both in his assessment of himself and the team. Iguodala's game will never be appreciated until the team starts winning. (And when, pray tell, will that happen?)

But in one respect, he needs to look in the mirror. Leaders, by definition, influence others. I know AI9 wants his teammates to follow his lead, but he doesn't seem to be able to compel them to do so. You could blame EJ for part of that, but it seems like this goes back before him.

MG77 reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 14:26

That comment was geared more toward the players I bet. If I recall correctly, this organization did ask Dalembert to stick around in the offseason to work on some things and has usually split town almost immediately after the season.

Williams karps about his playing time but has he made one noticeable improvement on the defesne-end or does he hustle more often than not? Same with Spreights. He is probably the poster case of a guy who has some experienced some success (can definitely score) and thinks that entitles him to start/play major minutes despite his major deficiencies in other areas.

JohnEMagee reply to MG77 on Feb 19 at 14:27

When your coach makes public comments basically indicating that he doesn't care about defense, why should players on his roster?

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Feb 19 at 14:34

Am i the only one that's getting a little bit tired of Iguodala trying to validate himself? You've got your money dude, for better or worse, you ARE the franchise player, what the hell else do you want? Don't tell me how under appreciated you are, you've never been out of the first round of the playoffs, if you're a great leader like everyone anoints you to be, then take that blame on your own shoulders instead of passing the buck...

JohnEMagee reply to johnrosz on Feb 19 at 14:47

Or ask that the fans learn to understand basketball a little bit more...you know, stop expecting him to be what he isn't - learn that basketball involves 5 players, and a bench, and a coach who isn't a moron, not just one, and realize how very untalented this roster actually is come playoff time.

But yeah - he should deal with all the booing, name calling, and people who don't comprehend how good he really is because he doesn't average 20 ppg and not let it bother him.

The fact that people continually expect professional atheltes to be better people than anyone else is astounding - they're human beings.

johnrosz reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 19 at 15:17

He's the one that says he's one of the top players in the league though. Isn't he just asking for criticism when he makes these kinds of statements?

JohnEMagee reply to johnrosz on Feb 19 at 15:42

You're right - Colangelo invites mediocre players to try out for USA basketball as well.

He gets no respect from the franchise he works for
He gets no respect from the fan base

Where would you like him to get it if not from himself?

This is Tony Dileo's fault. He should've taken the coaching job after last year. Maybe, once the College/High School tournaments end they will put EJ out to pasture, bring Tony in and pursue a coach for next year.
Next year the players on the last year of their contract will only increase in value(Sammy, Kapono & Willie?). Combined that's good Money. Some team out there will be looking to do salary dump next year.

The less wins the better this year. Won't be watching too many full games for the remainder of the season(don't enjoy rooting for losses) BUT I sure will be reading these BLOGS.

JohnEMagee reply to sfw on Feb 19 at 9:39

No it's not DiLeo's fault, and I didn't want him to take the head coaching job.

There were a lot of head coaching candidates - those we have heard of and those we haven't - some who actually care about defense like Stefanski claims to - Stefanski hired 'his guy' from his New Jersey days. He knew him and more importantly comcast wouldn't have to pay him as much as a new coach usually because the wiz owe him money too.

I went into how I feel about the future of this team in detail already on another place.

However, I think the 10th pick in the draft is the 'best' they can do barring a lottery miracle

Shawn reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 19 at 9:44


If DiLeo was the coach EJ would not be the coach. We'd have at least 7 more wins and the players would be given proper direction. That would be a dramtic improvement over today. That's the point.

JohnEMagee reply to sfw on Feb 19 at 12:21

But it's a weak point...

A. Joran wasn't the only answer, Stefanski had numerous options
B. Dileo being better than Joran is like people wanting Chris Ford back...Joran sucks
C. Making DiLeo head coach weakens the one consistent strength the sixers have had in the draft department.

Mo Cheeks would be a better coach than Joran - so if the sixers hadn't fired Mo - they'd be better off too

In fact, pretty much every coach since the rat except Randy Ayers would be a better option than Eie Joran

That's not DiLeos fault - Stefanski made the hire - he made the bad decision.

I thik DiLeo would have been a bad decision as a long term head coach as well

I'm not sure I'm ready to answer that question quite yet. Last few years, 76ers went on a bit of a tear post ASB. so please just give me a week before any and all hope is lost on this truly craptacular "team", and I fully accept how truly awful they have become.

I down on the team having seen what the Wizards and the Knicks managed to do. Moreso, I'm down on a team because it is without direction.

The former can't be resolved, but the latter can. If Eddie Jordan can't take a hint from his boss, I'd like to see him get the boot. Stefanski should get the boot too, for hiring Jordan and then trying to shop around his best player... for what?

This is worse than the Billy King years. Sure, he handed out tons of money for marginal players, but at least there was direction (build around Iverson, then the aborted three year rebuilding plan). I can't believe I'm longingly looking back on the BK years, but here we are.

Because neither the GM nor the coach want to lose their jobs, we're playing for neither the playoffs (because of the coach's ineptitude) or a high draft pick (because of the coach AND the GM).

This season is lost, as is the next - unless someone comes in right away and starts evaluating talent in a sane manner.

I agree with you, Brian. Last year I was beating the drum that they were an up and coming franchise and personally believed they were 2 players (guards) away from being a "contender" (not top 4 but up there). When they got Jrue, initially disappointed (until did research), I thought we were still going upwards. Now, I am ready to give up on my tickets (would have except for RobSTC, thank you for the free parking tip!) and probably will if Jordan is not fired soon.

I still believe this team WOULD turn it around tommorrow IF EJ got fired today. Looking at IA9, I think he feels about the same way we feel today. I sent a tweet to AI9 telling him we are happy he is still here and and had hoped EJ was traded.

Joe reply to DeanH on Feb 19 at 10:34

What is the free parking tip?

As for the team, I still enjoy watching certain lineups. When Sammy and Iguodala are playing while Iverson, Willie, and Kapono are on the bench I am normally happy.

JohnEMagee reply to DeanH on Feb 19 at 10:35

If you don't see your roster at some point maturing into a top 4 team in the east - what's the point of keeping that roster together?

I am not an expert like many of ya'll here so don't beat up on me if I am wrong.

C - Sammy with back up M16 - average but ok
F - Brand - average +
F - IA9 - above average ++ backup Thad
SG - need one...... backup Lou/Meeks?
PG - Jrue backup ?????

I think we could break the top 4 IF Sammy stays ok and M16 is coached up, Brand keeps getting better (Smith?), and we get a good shooter or the scouts are right w/ Meeks?

I do not believe we need a superstar to win it all BUT WE NEED A SUPERSTAR COACH (not an idiot (sorry wifey) like Jordan). I think our future is more on the coach than the players right now. Ok, let's hear it from ya'll experts!!!!!

Shawn reply to DeanH on Feb 19 at 13:13

ahhhhhh....if only winning basketball was about adding the +'s.

theres also the, creating a shot in crunch time

being able to play good help defense to slow penetration to the lane

showing on the pick and roll

moving the ball so that each player touches

removing iso as our #1 play

hitting open 3's

It's about matching skillsets and having players be able to do these things consistently. That is why the superstar model works so well because it requires all of the things I mention, but the superstar is able to do the hard stuff, creating scoring opportunities out of nothing, playing lockdown 1on1 defense, hitting makeable shots.

Joe reply to DeanH on Feb 19 at 13:44

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the problem isn't widespread or anything. It is a few bad apples ruining this bunch. Those apples are:

Jason Smith
Jason Kapono
Thaddeus Young

All terrible NBA players. All killing this team.

Why are the Sixers winning more recently? I think a notable part of it is Kapono not playing and Sammy actually playing. Thad is also playing less. And Smith I don't feel like checking.

In games Kapono played 5 minutes+:8-22
other: 12-11

The Sixers are also 4-12 when Sammy plays 30+, so who really knows I guess?

All I know is Kapono is one of the worst players I have ever seen, Thad is terrible, and Smith is also terrible.

Replace their minutes with average NBA players, through magic, and this is a team headed for a .500 or better record. That is my 2 cents.

JohnEMagee reply to Joe on Feb 19 at 13:48

Lou Williams/Willie Gren/Allen Iverson - combined - don't play good enough defense to have a winning basketball team that contends for a title.

Speights is a nice shooter from mid range - but does little else to help

There's no reliable 3 point shooter

There's no useful big man for defense off the bench

And right now the sixers have NO back up point guard

Plus you're depending on the maturation of a guy like Jrue and Speights VERY quickly that either is untenable (Jrue) or unlikely (Speights)

Plus Brand will soon be on the wrong side of his career arc - so his usefulness starts to lessen on a contending team probably around the ASB next year.

That's how i see it

By the way - if the UPSIDE of this roster is a 500 record, blow it the F up - cause it's not about 500 record - it's about believing you can contend for an ECF title shot - which a 500 record doesn't do. a 500 record gets you a first round playoff loss thesee days....bfd

Speights scores efficiently and shoots a lot... that helps a team a pretty damn good amount. Granted his defficiencies make his overall impact not that good, but he is by no means a poor player.

The whole "playing for title" talk is so boring, too. If you trade Iguodala and then take a guy at #3 or whatever chances are they won't be as productive as Iguodala was and you are going to be behind where you were before. And if he is as good as Iguodala, you are going to be back right where you were.

Keep the productive players you have... Iguodala, Dalembert primarily and start ditching the complete trash like Thad, Kapono, and Smith. If they draft smartly or stumble into a decent trade you have your trio of productive players to build around. From there, you try to just improve your supporting cast from year to year best you can. It is something half the "contenders" did to get where they are... Dallas, Boston, Utah, Lakers.

Blowing it up makes you the Bucks or Clippers more likely than the Magic. You are going for a title just as much if you choose to steadily improve your team over time rather than hope for some ping pong balls to go your way and then get lucky on a 19 year old panning out.

JohnEMagee reply to Joe on Feb 19 at 16:39

Speights does one thing - and one thing only - and seems uninterested in improving what he doesn't do - that's not a useful player - not really - that's a specialist who earns spot minutes when you need points down low - and nothing else.

Yes contending for a title is boring - trying to win a title is boring - i'd much rather wade through years of rooting for mediocrity and first round playoff losses with no real hope of avancing - that sounds awesome

Blowing it up does not move you closer to contention in case you didn't get my point. Look at the contenders. Some blew it up. Some didn't. It is pretty much 50/50.

JohnEMagee reply to Joe on Feb 19 at 17:05

Yes - but what are the chances now that the sixers contend for a title with stefanskis 'pistons model' plan with no cap space, tax space, assets to trade and a bad coach.

I put it at roughly around 0

50:50 is better than zero

What the current plan is ISNT working - avoiding a change because it might not work is the dumbest thing in the world - not doing anything is not making an effort - if stefanski thinks this roster can contend for anything more than a first round playoff loss - in the best of outcomes - he's an idiot.

So basically - what you're saying is - you'd be happier with first round playoff losses than with the CHANCE of starting over and building a team that might actually matter in the playoffs?

The Greek reply to Joe on Feb 19 at 15:31

Joe after seeing your list of apples I have decided against reading the rest of your piece. Did you do a random drawing for those apples? Way off!

So you are syaing you disagree and cite no evidence or even reason.

Kapono is terrible. In order to be productive he has to shoot 50% from 3 pooint range. He did this in Miami and he was productive. That is what it takes.

Smith brings nothing. look at the per 36s and then come back to me. Smith is grabbing 6.6 reb/36. That is so bad for a PF/C. He shouldn't be in the league.

And Thad... where to begin with his mess. He plays a lot of PF where he is just killed on the boards.(that kills the team in case you don't know that) At SF he is outrebounded a notable amount as well. He does shoot a decent amount and is somewhat efficient scoring the ball. I'll give him that.... And where is the rest of his entire game? The gutter... can't pass, doesn't make jumpers reliably, can't handle the ball, and turns it over way too much.

The Greek reply to DeanH on Feb 19 at 15:29

Dean I also remember that you thought my idea of trading away Sammy for a 2nd rounder last was stupid, agreeing with some other nameless blogger. If Stefanski made that move it would have been his best and only good move.

JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Feb 19 at 15:41

No, it would be a stupid move - and it is also an impossible move because to get someone to absorb all of sams bad contract you'd need to give up a first rounder, not a second.

What your thought was was an impossibility n todays NBA...

I stand by my comment that trading away Sammy for a 2nd rounder, if possible, would not be good.

Also, Sammy has improved alot in the last year so we are talking apples and oranges now.

JohnEMagee reply to DeanH on Feb 19 at 16:55

A. I don't disagree it would be a bad thing - i don't agree that it would be even possible actually :)

Yes, sam has improved, for a short period of time, and thus in the 4th year of his 5 year deal people are again fooled into thinking he 'gets it' - he will revert back to form - as he has in the past - soon i'm sure

Joe reply to DeanH on Feb 19 at 16:57

Sammy isn't anymore productive today than he was a year ago or 2 or 3.

I expect .500 ball. They have been playing at .500 since the new year.

JohnEMagee on Feb 19 at 15:00

sex rehab = great place to meet chicks.

Cheap shot brian - cheap shot :)

JohnEMagee on Feb 19 at 15:54

Hey Derek

Spotlight Performer: James Anderson (Oklahoma State)
One of the best kept secrets in the country for a couple of years now has been just how good James Anderson of Oklahoma State is. The 6'6 guard possesses a silky smooth stroke and is a natural scorer with great size for an NBA shooting guard. He's poised and has been improving on his overall game. Along with his 22 points a night Anderson grabs nearly six rebounds and dishes out a couple of assists. He been an absolute scoring machine this year and just recently game up with two big games to help his Cowboy squad snap a three-game losing streak. Against Oklahoma he tied a season-high with 31 points and then backed it up with 20 points and eight boards against Iowa State. Anderson's stellar junior campaign has his stock firmly in the first round.

You know anything?

Watched the first half vs Kansas. He lit them up. Seems like a combo player(PPierce type), not just a shooter. I thought he looked closer to 6'4" but wasn't sure. NBA game and body.

JohnEMagee reply to sfw on Feb 19 at 16:12

Currently projects low first / maybe slips to a high 2nd, the sixers could draft him if he's there around 40. Oh, wait, the sixers have jodie meeks

Now that's a cheap shot.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 16:20

Broke down and got ESPN Insider - i need draft readings and while DX is nice they don't have updated player information as current as I'd like to read....was just scanning down the ESPN 'draft blog' to see who they had been talking about...sent you another name.

They talked about your boy Monroe - who currently projects at #10 (where I think the sixers end up) - some question his motor they said...

I was looking at SG's - there's turner at 2 - and then ESPN's next best SG prospects is at 17 - xavier henry.

And Avery Bradley is too short to pair with Jrue Holiday

That's an interesting comment, too short to pair with Jrue, and I think it's kind of accurate. The thing that distinguishes Jrue from most other points with good size is that he's also going to be your best on-the-ball defender and penetration stopper.

What I mean is that technically you can pair him with an undersized two, because he has the size and ability to move off the ball and cover bigger twos, but you don't want him in that position. You don't want to move an undersized two onto the ball and weaken your defense at the point of attack.

Tehcnically, this doesn't have a whole lot to do with size, more to do with the defensive abilities of whoever's sharing the back court with Jrue, but undersized guys necessitate switching the matchups more freqeuntly.

Make sense?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 19 at 16:29

Makes sense to me - i just dont like the idea of both guys in the back court being 6'3 :) Bradley is being projected as a 'combo point' and not a 2 guard...

Just that he's the next highest 'projected' 2 guard type player in the draft.

It's a weak ass draft for the sixers biggest need...though, when i think about the 'group' of players the sixers have at PF/C - they might need some serious help there too :)

I guess they may have to buy one!
Have Watched Henry a bit. Seems he has the NBA ready body/skills but he doesn't have much offensive responsibility on that Kansas team. Kind of floats around on offense. Hopefully, his offensive responsibilities increase come tourney time.

JohnEMagee reply to sfw on Feb 19 at 16:32

They tried to last year - because they loved Meeks so much - no one was selling.

Yes, you can buy a 2nd round draft pick easily - usually for 50 grand - but someone has to be willing to selll - and sell early - the 50th pick isn't going to be as useful as the 40th pick - which the sixers could have kept and just not wasted time getting jodie meeks :)

Henry has a lot of hype - just saying - there's a LONG drop off between the top SG (Turner - who somehow the sixers must get) and Henry

The dropoff may be caused by Turner's higher experience level. Last year Turner was projected in the same range as Henry is now. In one year his play/value has skyrocketed. In "workouts" Henry may excel which could move him close to Turner in this draft.

JohnEMagee reply to sfw on Feb 19 at 17:08

Ah - that kind of makes sense - but that also obviously makes him a riskier drat pick as well :)

jaypiddler on Feb 19 at 18:39

Stefanski on Sixers pre-game live, was very frank IMHO:

- explains how getting expiring contracts does not equal enough cap space to sign significant players (for those that dont understand capology)
- Speights post-injury is not the same player; needs to step up on the defensive end; needs to play more to be evaluated
- traded Korver to get Thad minutes; he has been inconsistent this year; is a hard worker, so S is not worried about him; a piece going forward
- fans dont appreciate Ig complete game, defense, unselfishness; but needs to be selfish at times and take over games; needs to improve his 3 shot;

JohnEMagee reply to jaypiddler on Feb 19 at 19:28

- traded Korver to get Thad minutes; he has been inconsistent this year; is a hard worker, so S is not worried about him; a piece going forward

And here I thought he traded korver (step 1) to clear some cap space - followed up by giving away Carney to sign brand.

He traded korver 2 years ago.

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