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Can They Dig Deeper?

Back in 2006 I used to ask myself "Will someone please kill Joakim Noah?". 4 years later, I don't hate him as much as I used to. Isnt Noah their starting PF?
Anyway, I don't watch many Bulls games but would you trade Igoudala for Deng?

Duracorr reply to tyson on Feb 20 at 17:37


Ryan F reply to tyson on Feb 20 at 18:05

Absolutely No.

Negative. Iguodala's a far superior player.

Tray reply to tyson on Feb 20 at 18:15

Also absolutely no.

Court_visioN on Feb 20 at 19:12

i just hope eddie jordan doesn't use last night's performance post-dalembert's exit to run more Thad-Speights frontcourts

Wow, the game is on 2 regular league pass channels and HD.

Same starters as last night. Noah is in uniform, but not starting. It looks like Del Negro has trimmed his mullet, which is the most depressing news of the day. That thing was exquisite.

Nice steal by Jrue, then lost Rose backdoor the next time down the floor overplaying for denial up top.

Iguodala hit his first J to open the scoring, looked like he had a foot on the line.

AI9 2/2, nails a three. Jumper looks good, hope he uses that to get to the rim...like that.

Aaand, Iguodala airballs his third jumper. Tone it down.

AI9 looks pissed that Brand couldn't handle that pass for a dunk. It might've hit the rim.

Back-and-forth start.

Thad knocks down an 18-footer, he hit one late last night too, first two I can remember in a while. Good sign.

Lou in w/ 3:33 left in the first for Jrue.

Hmmn, I'd say Thad had some problems with Warrick on that possession.

noah studying at the thaddeus young school of wide open dunking

We have a Kapono sighting, in the first quarter if you can believe. JK for AI9. Not sure why no Carney.

Down by two after the first quarter, 23-25.

Looks like both teams are feeling each other out. Hopefully we'll see Jrue in to start the second quarter.

DANGEROUS lineup in for the Sixers.


That's four HUGE defensive liabilities on the floor together.

Hakim Warrick is having his way against us.

MylesKong on Feb 20 at 20:44

Kapono stinks.

Chuck Norris on Feb 20 at 20:46

Definately see some flashes in Thad.

feels like we should be losing by way more than 2 right now

Eie falling back into bad habits tonight, unsurprisingly.

thad is all we have on offense right now but it's been enough for the past few minutes

Surprised CHI isn't going right to Warrick every time down the floor.

Did I just hear them say that Kapono hasn't scored a point in 2010?

Sixers making a living at the line, and playing a crazy helter skelter defense on the other end, that hasn't been completely horrible, just bad.

Though they can't buy a defensive rebound.

Stop shooting threes now AI9.

Stop with the jumpers, please. CHI is fouling on every drive.

Lazy play by the starters. Brad Miller just beat the entire team down the floor, that should never happen.

10-0 run for the Bulls.

3 fouls on Sammy, can't believe I'm going to say this, but Jordan should really get Thad back in there, he was going well and you don't need Sammy to pick up his fourth in the first half.

Stop taking jumpers.

How do you foul Brad Miller on a three? Jesus, H, someone take the ball to the hoop.

19-0 run for Chicago. This is just pitiful.

mcgrady has 19 at the half for the knicks

He has 24 now. Looks like the Knicks are upping the pace again.

Jrue needs to get use to driving to the hoop (and hopefully the other players will be looking for the ball).

Bulls end the half on a 23-1 run. Shameful.

Down by 19 at the break.

Well, there's no way to blame that one on Jordan. Bad run started against the bench (barely), but it snowballed against the starters, and they just looked pitiful.

disagree. Every bad move, play, shot, decision is Eddie Jordan's fault!

marklapinski on Feb 20 at 21:24

I've finally found the most active game threads around....too bad we are all depressed fans...

marklapinski on Feb 20 at 21:27

Is Jason Smith in the witness protection program. Considering we only have one center on the roster who hasn't had hernia surgery this year and he has 3 fouls I imagine Smith is not in Chicago. That or Jordan is holding back on him and saving him as a "special weapon" once we make the playoffs. 20-8 baby...

He's got a twisted ankle, I believe.

Ugh, 27-footer at the buzzer by Rose. Great start.

Followed by a Hinrich three. Down 25.

marklapinski on Feb 20 at 21:29

OK, I call timeout now and pull AI and Holiday for allowing those last two 3 pointers.

The first wasn't a defensive lapse, full step behind the line. The second was bad.

EB just doubled his point output on that free throw. Awesome. Tripled it.

am i right that so far this half the bulls have either gotten fouled or hit a 3?

Nah, they hit a long two and then that dunk as well. They haven't had an empty possession, though.

Chicago just can't miss.

...on every possession i meant

marklapinski on Feb 20 at 21:33

That was the best jumper I have seen Iguodala shoot all year. Meanwhile we still can't defend the 3.

I'm glad we have a championship level coach in Jordan who is letting this team work through their problems by themselves.

Sixers switch to a zone, which someone yields a wide-open jumper from the FT line for Hinrich and then a layup for Brad Miller. Sammy picked up his 5th on the latter.

chicago announcer:
"i think eddie jordan right now is just grasping at straws"

marklapinski reply to Nick on Feb 20 at 22:27

Been that way for a long time Neil.

Sammy playing with five fouls. I hope he at least earns the sixth. I'd hate to see a cheap one.

The problem with this game is at the beginning, AI, Brand, Jrue and Sammy could not make shots and kept shooting, then Lou, K and Carney continued the momentum. Jordan has done nothing to mix it up, just his normal, stupid rotations....... So, I still blame Jordan.

I would have, when he could not shoot, replace AI with Lou, then switch others till something works. Same idea w/ the 2nd team.

Iverson's heating up a little. I'd like to get close enough where the Bulls need to at least score a couple points in the fourth to seal the win.

6:46 52-75 Taj Gibson misses dunk
6:43 52-75 Luol Deng offensive rebound
6:41 52-75 Kirk Hinrich misses 26-foot three point jumper
6:39 52-75 Luol Deng offensive rebound
6:39 52-75 Samuel Dalembert blocks Luol Deng's layup
6:37 52-75 Derrick Rose offensive rebound
6:31 52-75 Derrick Rose misses 12-foot jumper
6:31 52-75 Chicago offensive rebound
6:22 Elton Brand shooting foul (Luol Deng draws the foul) 52-75
6:22 52-76 Luol Deng makes free throw 1 of 2
6:22 52-77 Luol Deng makes free throw 2 of 2

4 offensive rebounds on that possession. That's hilarious.

marklapinski reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 21:46

Just give them the layup. It takes less time and effort. I want an efficient defense out there.

Hakim with his second poster dunk. And to think that about 60 hours ago in was in Milwaukee.

marklapinski on Feb 20 at 21:42

Let's go Nova!

Let's go Nova!

Just getting ready for tomorrow.

Sixers have a shot at a five-point possession now.

Brand can't shoot for shit, but he is hustling out there and working hard. I guess that'll have to do.

iverson will be hitting that and-1 12 footer across the lane when he's 95 years old

Lou has definitely upped the pace here. Deficit down to 16.

yeah, brand busted his ass on that 4-on-2 that the bulls just blew, he's bouncing up quick on the boards and it led to that fast break for lou

aaaaand, back up to 20.

jesus, hakim warrick can finish

It's funny, we offered him more money, but he went to MIL because he thought he'd get more playing time there. He probably would've gotten a ton of minutes if he'd signed with us.

abysmal boxing out on that dunk by gibson, thad just stood next to him and watched

marklapinski on Feb 20 at 21:52

Taj Gibson looks like a taller Ron Harper.

Lou can't miss.

Good news: The third quarter was a tie.

Bad news: Sixers are still down by 19 points.

marklapinski on Feb 20 at 21:55

Think back years ago. In the 60's and 70's a coach would admit to himself and team we are in garbage time and empty the bench. No reason not to do that now.

He's coaching for his job, can't give up the ghost, ever.

marklapinski on Feb 20 at 21:58

I'm starting to believe Warrick is better than Speights and Young. Anyone else has that suspicion?

Nice look by Lou for an AI9 slam.


marklapinski on Feb 20 at 22:03

In the last few minutes I have seen Hakim Warrick get to the line, get offensive and defensive rebounds, block shots, make backdoor behind the head passes and very quietly own us. Forgot the poster dunk.

marklapinski reply to marklapinski on Feb 20 at 22:04

...saw him selling some popcorn and passing beer cups down the aisle too.

Looks like the monster winning streak is going to end at one.

Make it 30.

I'm kind of mixed. It would be fun to see Kapono go the calendar year of 2010 without scoring a point, but I can't believe he suddenly forgot how to do the only thing he's even been good at.

I believe guys get in ruts and runs. He has not played any consistency, even if 2 minutes a game, to get his shots. But, on him, an usher at the Wach said he no longer is out earlier practicing his shooting like he did at the beginning of the year. Wonder why?

marklapinski reply to DeanH on Feb 20 at 22:19

For Who? For What?


Not really sure why Jrue isn't in the game right now, not that there's any development going on.

My thought. Jrue is not feel comfortable at all on the court. When the garbage time comes, he shoots much better. I do not think I need to explain why, IMO.


It's a shame Primoz got traded, he could've gotten some burn in this one.

marklapinski reply to Brian on Feb 20 at 22:25

He didn't when we lost by 26, why would Jordan change his substitutions?

HA! They could've let Kapono take the FT on that tech, just to get on the board in 2010, but they gave it to Meeks instead.

marklapinski on Feb 20 at 22:23

Jodie scored his first point as a Sixer. Heres hoping for 19,999 more.

JohnEMagee on Feb 20 at 22:25

Washington blew a golden chance to help the sixers tonight, allowing the boshless raptors go to on a 14-0 run and not have a 3 game wins treak since their trade.

T-Mac helping NY - maybe they can catch stay ahead of the sixers

32-point loss. Guess the Sixers weren't capable of digging deeper after all.

My wrap will be up some time tomorrow, most likely. Thanks for hanging in there, guys. I need to take a couple of hours away from hoops to clear my head.

"That was a classic butt-kicking. It is probably our first one all year. Every team is going to get one."
I don't know what butt-kicking means but i think it's illarious.

JohnEMagee reply to 6mauro4 on Feb 20 at 22:37

First one?


How bad did they get walloped by Miami in the second half?

marklapinski reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 20 at 22:46

Second in the last 3 games....some people aren't in touch with reality.

marklapinski reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 20 at 22:48

The two teams we must beat to get into the playoffs blow us right off the court by halftime.

marklapinski on Feb 20 at 22:39

Tonight History was made (I'm almost certain it was/will be)

This was the first time an NBA player started and lost a game by 30 points on the same night his older brother started a game in a NCAA div 1 game and won by 30 points. (Washington Huskies lead UCLA by 32 points as I type this)

Jrue and Justin Holiday.

that intensity and passion from last night really scontinued into this game too, huh.

This game was on the players plain and simple. Everyone stunk it out there before I turned it off in the 4th quarter.

There is only one stat you need to know about this game - Asset:Turnover Ratio (Sixers were 19:15 and Bulls were 26:3).

That's ridiculous.

marklapinski reply to MG77 on Feb 21 at 1:06

That 26-3 must be some kind of record.

As I stated after the spurs game....a stone cold lock that the sixers lose this game. From management down to players the Sixers are becoming LA Clippers East--which is ironic since Brand now plays here. The transformation will be complete once they trade their best player for nothing in return even remotely useable...ala Charles Barkley. (Remember all those playoff wins Jeff Hornacek and Tim Perry helped us with ? Nah....me either. )

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