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Kate Fagan Goes For the Jugular

My take: While Jordan may very well seal his fate, I'm not convinced they'll actually fire him during the season. If they were going to do it, it probably would've happened by now. When the team completely falls out of contention, which isn't really much of a fall at this point, I think it's probably more likely Ed Stefanski will further castrate Jordan, dictate playing time and rotations to him, they'll let him flounder through the rest of the season, then he'll be let go at a time when everyone is distracted. Probably during the NBA finals or something, with as little fanfare as possible.

My reasoning is that what possible difference could it make if Jordan finishes the season out at that point. It's not like they're going to bring in his long-term replacement for 20 games or so. It would be an interim guy. The only way I see them firing him is if they believe keeping him here would further damage the players, and then only if that damage would be more detrimental to the organization than the egg they'd undoubtedly have on their faces for firing their hand-chosen head coach before even a full season was done.

Jesus, check out this quote from another article written by Kate Fagan:

Before last night's game against Chicago, the 76ers' second in as many nights, coach Eddie Jordan said Holiday's execution of the defensive game plan was key.

"And the fact that he started early, he looked at the basket, he was aggressive early, got some scores and kept his confidence up," Jordan continued. "We just liked his defense throughout the game."

Even when he's talking about defense all he can talk about is offense.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Feb 21 at 8:58


IMO, i think they will fire Jordan before years' end. I I think ES has been more focused on the roster than the coach. Now, with the roster set, i think they are focused on Jordan. i think he gets another 10 games or so to try to turn it around.

The idea that Jordan will serve as a 'lame duck' with ES having any influence on the decisions - I don't buy it. the minute your boss comes to you and reduces your responsibilities, you are essentailly fired. Jordan isn't going to be happy about 'pretending' to be the head coach. And, I doubt the Sixers would make him stand around like a schmuck when all the fans, reporters, and players know the deal. its really unprofessional for an emplyer to do that.

Duracorr reply to AaronMcKie4MVP on Feb 21 at 9:12

But he can't quit, or he doesn't get his other two years' pay. Plus EJ has to know he'll never get another head coaching job. I think EJ is ES's way of quietly tanking w/o decimating the roster. They have a shot at the 4th or 5th worst record. With a real coach, they'd be in the 10-12th worst record area. A swing of 5 wins either way could be huge.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to Duracorr on Feb 21 at 11:41

i know he cant quit. im just saying that putting Eddie Jordan in a position where he is a coach by title alone, with no real ability to do his job, is unprofessional at best. It takes a real dirtbag boss to do that. i dont think the organization will do that. the minute they decide he has no future as coach, they will let him go gracefully. this isnt just sports, its any business when you deal with leadership positions

Post Sixers.
He will continue his career as an offensive guru. Moving from team to team in the NBA. We will be seeing him as a reminder of this great season and Ed St's great coaching decision. What a shame. If we had a legitimate coach, Ed St would have had a better feel for the necessary moves last week. Instead we had EJ's inferior coaching an underachieving squad. We'll be in better position next year to unload money(Sammy, Willie & Kapono) for players. Unfortunately, not sure teams will be as motivated to position themselves for free agents as they were this year.

Tom Moore on Feb 21 at 10:05

I'm honestly at the point where I just can't complain about the same things over and over anymore. I still enjoy watching the games (for some odd reason), but talking about them afterwards is getting tedious.

The Greek reply to Derek Bodner on Feb 21 at 10:54

I'm with you Derek, same shit every day gets tiring. being a fan of this team which doesn't give a shit about winning is a curse.

Nice work Tom!

BTW, that end of the first half run was one of the first times I've seen the "dear in headlights" looks from Jrue. He looked befuddled (as did the rest of the team) on how to stop the run.

Random factoid:
The Speights/Young PF/C combination has only outscored its opponent in 2 of the last 22 rotations it's been used in.

Its not just a fact... its common sense. Either due to effort or ability, neither guy is a legit inside defender. Neither grabs D-boards consistently.

Also, Speights has looked like something has been physically wrong since returning from injury. Not sure it is the knee, or if he is carrying too much weight. He had major problems before his injury- but couple that with a new lack of athleticism and he looks even worse.

JohnEMagee on Feb 21 at 11:57

When do the sixers hand MO his last paycheck, until then I don't see the sixers firing Joran

Good point. I think he's being paid until the end of this season.

On the flip side, since Wash is paying the bulk of this years salary, Jordan has been essentially been coaching this years team for free. And they still have not gotten their money's worth.

Looking at the standing, I think the Sixers 5 game winning streak effectively killed their chances for a top 5 pick. Which would have been the only possible good that could have come out of the season.

I don't completely buy the line that this team is WAY more talented than its record... but getting a really high pick while still haveing some talent can jumpstart rebuilding. The last thing I want to see is this team climbing back to .500 next year, or having to taken 2-3 more years to finally bottom. This should be their bottoming out year- but I doubt a #8 pick is enough to turn things around.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Feb 21 at 12:17

I looked at who was there and think the sixers end up in the '10th' spot of the lottery, but maybe t-mac has something left and maybe the wiz can rid this 'youth' to a few more wins, but right now, in spite of Joran, I don't see them getting my 'better' than the 10th pick.

Certainly somewhere 7-10. For whatever reason, everyone from management all the way down wants to squeeze every possible win out of this season.

People talk about winning vs tanking as black and white, while its really shades of gray. The Ed's feel like winning is their only shot at staying employed. While all of the other teams around them will see value in a higher pick and player development.

Goes back to the same old point of why Stefanski should have been let go a while ago. His personal best interests do not align with the teams best interests.

Although they have the saving grace of Jordan. His attempts at winning sometimes backfire.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Feb 21 at 14:32

Yeah looking at it right now - the '7-10' pack is

knicks, wizards, clippers, sixers.

The clippers are worse since the deadline and dunleavy resignation, I think the wizards - though winning a few since the trade - are worse - they start a backcourt of Foye/Miller right now.

I think the knicks might 'want' to win with T-Mac to make it seem more inviting to the FA's - but T-mac with all his rest ran out of steam last night and couldn't get into OT - and this was his first game back.

7 is a 'chance' (and really, pistons, pacers, kings all suck just as bad as they did, don't see the sixers catching them) but I don't think it's a realistic chance when you have a coach and GM trying to keep their jobs.

BTW, here are a list of 10th picks. I tried to highlight the "average 10th pick" type players:

Paul Pierce
Joe Johnson
Horace Grant
Andrew Bynum
Brook Lopez
Jason Terry
Brandon Jennings
Caron Butler
Ed Pinckney
Eddie Jones
[b]Spencer Hawes
Kurt Thomas
Erick Dampier
Lyndsey Hunter
Johnny Dawkins
Willie Anderson[/b]
Pooh Richardson
Brian Williams
Danny Fortson
Jarvis Hayes
Adam Keefe
Rumeal Robinson
Keyon Dooling
Luke Jackson
Sare Sene
Leon Wood

paul reply to tk76 on Feb 21 at 13:37

Thanks for that list. Some really good picks at #10, some fair ones, and a few weak or even bad ones (most notably Sare Sene and Adam Keefe). This draft is strong on forwards which the Sixers don't really need. There are some OK center prospects which might be their best bet. There are a small number of decent shooting guard prospects that might be available when they pick. After John Wall, the point guard prospects look very thin.

All things considered the Sixers have drafted fairly well over the last seven or eight years considering their draft placement. Considering that they acquired decent bench players like Korver, Green, and Williams in the second round over that time period, I'm not convinced that Meeks was better than anything they could have drafted in the second.

As for this year, I think we should all just give up hope for the season, let Jordan go through the motions, and just look for a few bright spots wherever we can find them.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to tk76 on Feb 21 at 14:18

wow, there are some real stiffs on that list! Adam Keefe! lol

Overall its a pretty decent group for #10, but the list should give Sixers fans some appreciation for what they've drafted in the past 8 years or so. Despite drafting lower than that except for Iguodala, they never drafted an Adam Keefe or a Sare Sene. Seattle drafted Sene a year after drafting the awful Robert Swift out of high school on the first round! They seem to have done much better in recent years. Maybe they just needed really high picks (Durant, Westbrook, Jeff Green, James Harden) to prevent bad choices.

eddies' heady's on Feb 21 at 13:07

I would like to personally thank all the Sixers players for helping to uphold my season long argument that THEY are the freaking problem. No, season long would be selling them short - it's been multiple seasons long.

When are these writers going to stop being blinded by coaching inadequacies and fire plentiful shots across the bow at some of these sad-sack players?

Kate says in this article that:

"The Sixers consistently defeat quality opponents and consistently lose to inferior ones.

For this, the immediate blame lies either with the roster or with the coaching."

Well, us diehards know this didn't just start occuring this year under this coach, so the majority of the blame does in fact lie with the players.

To keep changing coaches is like breaking your legs and ankles but going to the medicine cabinet to grab a band-aid to put across your wrist. Your focus is misdirected and your aim is misguided. *Sigh*

JohnEMagee reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 21 at 13:09

When will you stop being blinded by your irrational hatred of the players and notice that the sixers have had mediocre coaches since the rat left town.

Part of why the team is so inconsistent is that many of their core players are young. That is why the loss of Miller's steadying veteran influence unmasked their weaknesses.

paul reply to tk76 on Feb 21 at 14:22

"Part of why the team is so inconsistent is that many of their core players are young. That is why the loss of Miller's steadying veteran influence unmasked their weaknesses."

Here, here! I don't think they are too young to know any better (other than maybe Speights and Holiday) but Miller's presence was very important to the quality of team play, at least on the offensive end. Williams doesn't look like he will ever be able to fill his shoes and Holiday, if he ever will, won't approach him for at least two or three more years.

OK, so you hate the players, they all suck, none of them have any heart. That's understood. Set that aside for a second, and tell us what you think about the job Jordan has done. You constantly rip on the roster, blaming every single thing on the players, but what do you think of the job Eddie Jordan has done. Do you think he's done a fine job and he just has nothing to work with? Do you think he should be fired for basically taking the same roster as last season and coaching them to a record that's 12 games worse, at the moment, and probably dropping?

And forget about the roster and the record for a second. Do you think a coach who loathes defense and has the interpersonal skills of a rattlesnake should be a coach in the NBA, for any team?

mike reply to Brian on Feb 21 at 20:01

you know he won't ever respond to that question

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 21 at 23:55

Well first, let's tone down the hyperbole. I don't hate the players and they don't all suck. I do dislike players that don't give consistent effort, that don't play the right way, or play in a selfish way. I dislike players that don't display the heart or pride for the competitive nature and respect of the game. Call me a purist or throwback in this sense, but not a hater.

Now on to your questions.

"Do you think he's done a fine job and he just has nothing to work with?"

The job he's done doesn't tilt anymore toward good than bad on the scale, to me. 1) He had a preferred system that these players didn't even come close to delving into or mastering. Their lack of IQ contributed to this. The offense had already been scaled back and nearly scrapped before Iverson even came back. It really wasn't given a fair chance with the refusal by some to study it and execute it and with the early season losing streak ensuing. 2) The new defensive systems implemented by Ayers didn't recieve the desired effort or execution (no matter how insane they may thought to be). 3) The guy had a half-bare cupboard. Look back at my posts from this summer riding Stefanski for hiring a coach implementing a system predicated on perimeter shooting, but he gave him no perimeter shooters. No worthy backup big man was signed to replace Theo. And no matter the public comments to the contrary, he didn't have a semblance of a floor general or point guard. 4) This was a new staff along with new players so there was going to be a feeling out process. Bumps were to be expected along the way. 5) And this one is the kicker for me - the spotty, fickle, fluctuating effort he has gotten on a night to night basis from every single player on this roster. Iguodala is the most consistent guy when it comes to effort, but even he has coasted through a handful of games this year.

Look, I have qualms about some of his in-game moves and motivational methods as we all do with any coach. This inconsistent effort from the players is not immune to just him. It surfaced with DiLeo and Cheeks.

"Do you think he should be fired for basically taking the same roster as last season and coaching them to a record that's 12 games worse, at the moment, and probably dropping?"

But see, this is the problem (and I've been saying since the beginning of the season), this isn't 'basically the same roster'. You lost your off-the-court leaders and locker room veterans in Ratliff, Donyell, and Miller. You lost the head of the snake and the engineer of the train in Andre Miller. A point guard is more or less an extension of the coach on the floor. When you have no floor leader and organizer, choas will ensue. Hence the choas we have seen in multiple games this season.

Should he be fired? Maybe, maybe not. Again, it doesn't matter until the personnel changes. You may think that the 12 games worse is a direct result of the coach. Well I can give you 12 games where the guys sleepwalked through most or half of the game (and I listed some on a post game thread last week I think). Just because this team had a .500 record last year is not much of an accomplishment in a weak and watered down conference. With all the bad teams throughout this league, and this conference in particular, it really isn't much of a tall task to win just half your games. Just half now.

We all hold tight to our hopes and outlooks on players on our favorite teams. But overvaluing can only go so far. There is the much talked about 'talent' that is on this team. In my opinion, I see very little 'talent' on this roster. It's more a collection of athletes to me. Athletes does not a complete and talented basketball player make. Running, jumping, and high-flying can only get you so far. If you don't possess the finer nuances and intricacies that the game requires to be successful, you're really no more valuable than the guy at the local Y.

So call it defending Jordan or whatever you want. I'm of the realization you and the masses don't have much of a liking for the guy. But to continue to gloss over these players' seasonal faults and excuse their night-in night-out lackluster efforts is short-sighted and narrow-minded all rolled into one.

You used a lot of words to do it, but basically you said none of this is Jordan's fault, the roster is crap, the players have no heart. The reasons they were .500 the past couple of seasons were (a) Andre Miller, (b) a weak eastern conference (I suppose you think the EC is strong this season, by comparison). And you abstained from answering whether Jordan's "systems" could work in the NBA under any circumstances.

As for the roster, and the athletes vs. basketball players argument. Carney, Thad, Speights, Lou all fall into that category. None of the starters do, IMO. Dalembert may not be bright in the least, but he's more than a raw athlete on the defensive end and the glass.

There's a massive hole in your argument, by the way. You love to point to other nebulous changes to the Sixers besides Jordan as the cause of the poor performance, but there's another parallel to draw. Eddie Jordan has coached other teams. Every single one of them was a pitiful defensive squad, bar none. As a basketball purist, doesn't that offend you in the least?

Take a good defensive team. Upgrade the roster defensively (EB is a better defensive 4 than anyone on the team last year, Jrue is a better defensive PG than anyone on the team last year, Carney is a better defensive wing than anyone off the bench last year), add a coach with a history of horrible defensive performance by his team. The result is a team that doesn't defend, and you blame the roster. Doesn't make sense to me.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 22 at 1:33

Well, we could go on for days. But the best way I can sum this up for you is, the coach can't get out there and play, the coach can't box out, the coach can't rotate timely and properly, the coach can't pursue angles in an attempt to stay in front of his man etc.

If it's so ingrained in you that this is all on the coach, then be my guest to explain how you play spirited and passionately with above par effort vs. DAL, vs. San Antonio, @ POR, @ HOU etc. and look like crap and carefree with piss-poor effort @ MIL, vs. TOR, vs. MIA, and @ CHI. Keep in mind the players are the ones playing the game now. The coach can't play and has a limited supply of choices from which to choose when looking down his bench after getting this wavering effort nightly. I eagerly await the hypothesis on this.

And yes, I do believe Miller and the less than daunting conference had worlds to do with a less than impressive, mediocre .500 record.

When you have to count on running and fast breaking to win, you're a deeply flawed roster to begin with. I agree that is the way this roster has to play to win, but therein lies the problem, and a major one at that. Bring in Phil Jackson or Greg Popovich if you want, but they can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

When you have to count on running and fast breaking to win, you're a deeply flawed roster to begin with.

See you're completely missing the point just like Jordan has completely missed the point. Running and fast breaking isn't the key. The key is DEFENDING to get those transition opportunities, and that is a viable way to play the game of basketball, no matter how badly Jordan wants to deny it.

As for the conference being weak, again you're missing the point. We're talking relatively. Meaning, this team, in this conference was a .500 team last year. This year, they're in the same conference, the conference hasn't gotten any better (it's still .500 to get into the playoffs) and they're 12 games under. So whether you thought they were a bad team last season or not, they're much, much worse this season.

For the uneven effort, you're comparing the extreme games, and the extreme games probably have very little to do with coaching. If you throw those out, and really there are probably less than 10 of them, total good and bad, take a look at the over 45 games. Take a look at the players he puts on the floor, the situations that he uses them, the coaching decisions he makes (plays out of timeouts, when to take a timeout, when to switch to a zone, creating and exploiting mismatches). Game management in general. He's been horrible, absolutely putrid. People love to blame the lack of a superstar for losing close games, but that's just an easy excuse. If you look closer, you'll see the points this team leaks because of stupid decisions made by the coach.

The ironic thing about your complaints is that you take all the blame off the coach and put it on the players for having a low basketball IQ, when the lowest basketball IQ is owned by the coach himself.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 22 at 21:48

Come on man, you may rightly or wrongly accuse Jordan of missing the point, but when I made the statement of running and fast breaking, obviously I was referring to defending and getting stops to fuel the breaks. Sure, defending is a viable way to play, but when you only come close to competing with the upper echelon teams because you got bundles of transition points, you're flawed. And those flaws don't succeed in the playoffs.

"As for the conference being weak, again you're missing the point. We're talking relatively. Meaning, this team, in this conference was a .500 team last year. This year, they're in the same conference, the conference hasn't gotten any better (it's still .500 to get into the playoffs) and they're 12 games under. So whether you thought they were a bad team last season or not, they're much, much worse this season."

I missed the point? Looks like you conveniently left out and missed the main point of Andre Miller not being here. The conference being worse has no bearing here. Your best player is gone.

Extreme games? What the heck are they? The debacle at MIL when everyone appeared to have checked out is an extreme game? The Clippers game on the road is an extreme game after beating POR on the road? Seriously, how the hell do you define 'extreme games'?

You say throw those 10 games out with some being wins and some being losses. Well I'm talking about the 10 or so games where the guys just gave crappy effort, that in turn resulted in losses. You're harping on the fact that the team is 12 games worse now compared to last season. Well I'm countering these 10 games of half-ass effort puts the team right where you're saying they maybe should be and where they were last year. If they had just put forth the effort they did in the games vs. better teams, these games would in turn be wins irrespective of the coach.

While I am in total agreeance that defense has cost us some losses this season, I feel offense has cost us just as much. These scoring droughts and shooting lulls have been far too frequent this year. To me, offense and making open shots is every bit as much of a problem as leaky defense.

Your last paragraph is nothing but a bunch of hot air from the blowed-off-steam you have for the guy and is nothing but opinion with no factual basis.

Actually, if you want me to I can go back and give you a dozen situations where Jordan has displayed the basketball IQ of a complete moron. We can start with the offense for defense substitutions in close games and expand from there.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 22 at 22:30

And I said above I have qualms and dislikes about some of his in-game moves, as I do with most every coach. But that doesn't mask the 10 or so games where the guys just drifted through with very little intensity, effort, and pride. He may be at fault for some but the players are at fault for just as many, if not more. I mean, you have to take into account the fact that if a coach isn't getting the effort from certain guys, it has a domino effect on combinations and rotations.

There is no way you can blame the players for not performing for this coach. I believe Kate, along w/ Brian and others, have a number of times explained how horrible this coach is and the affect it is having on these players.

In other words, this coach has taken the heart out of this team!

eddies' heady's reply to DeanH on Feb 22 at 23:04

You can't take heart from something if there was never any to begin with.

Do they possess resiliency? Yes (though not nearly as much this year to last...well, really not at all when you think about it, so maybe no). Heart? Very, very questionable. Pretty much nil.

The 10 games I mentioned were a composite of the really good games and the really bad games. There haven't been 10 games of just atrocious effort, more like 5. Is it Eddie Jordan's fault alone they're 12 games under? No, looking back on it some of the blame has to fall on the players. By the same token, though, would a better coach have a much better record with this team? Yes, I believe he would.

The distinction here is that the players deserve some of the blame for how they have performed, maybe for their energy level as well. You can't simply give them a free pass. But with a better coach who has a solid gameplan and doesn't toy with the players' heads for the heck of it, I don't believe we'd be this far down the road. I think the effort level would've been consistently higher, like it was for the past two seasons.

So if you want to pick out a handful of games and say those are on the players, fine, I won't argue with you. But when you're assigning blame for the state of the team - w/l, development, cohesiveness - that blame falls on the coach's shoulders in my eyes. We would be in a better position short and long term with a halfway decent coach. We'd be in much better position short and long term with a good coach. Eddie Jordan is simply a bad coach.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 9:45

Very well put and said.

Even if he was bad or not and the players realized it themselves, I just don't like how they appeared to have tuned he and the staff out so early.

Duracorr reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 21 at 14:39

I think Larry Brown could have won 50 games with this roster. We have the players to play a defense first brad of basketball with some scoring capability.

eddies' heady's reply to Duracorr on Feb 22 at 0:07

If LB is such an answer and defensive-minded coach and you are of agreeance that we really don't have anymore better individual or team defenders than the Bobcats possess, then why has the great Larry Brown only won 6 more games, six, through a total of 54 than the much maligned head coach of the Sixers? Why isn't he close to leading them to the much talked about 50 wins? It's not like they have more 'talent' is it?

The Greek on Feb 21 at 14:32

I have given up on Speights, he is nothing but a shiny turd. We need to trade him in the offseason for either a SG or a Center.

BTW, Eddie Jordon will never be a head coach again in the NBA after this gig. There isn't another Stefanski out there to save his dumb ass.

I think Derek has expressed my thoughts till we are post Jordan (which I hope is soon). I am going to enjoy watching the games but not worry about the poor coaching as it is just repetitive. Hopefully it will not take to the summer to replace this clown, ie, coach.

I have to say, I had more fun watching T-Mac's comeback last night than I have watching any Sixers game this year. Who knew a cap move could make a team such fun to watch?

It was actually a combination of all the cap moves. D'Antoni had to speed up the pace again. Wondering how they'll finish, hopefully McGrady will dominate, they'll win a handful more games than they would've, then someone will overpay for McGrady in free agency, that would be the ideal.

tenny reply to Brian on Feb 21 at 19:59

Hopefully the Knicks lose a lot of games but not more than the sixers and give a high draft pick to houston.

Hopefully Wade and Lebron stay in Miami and Cleveland causing the Kinicks to overpay Chris Bosh.

Hopefully Knicks will still suck after acquiring the big names and end up giving a high draft pick to Houston in 2012. The Eddy Curry trade revisited.

I hope this is what they get for trying to build a team without a drop of dignity.

mike reply to tenny on Feb 21 at 20:08

i thought their pick went to utah

JohnEMagee reply to mike on Feb 21 at 20:56

It does

the swap is 2011

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 21 at 20:59

It wasn't really the pace (I wouldn't even say I enjoy a fast pace), it was just the shock factor of McGrady coming back and playing great basketball. He only took two bad shots, actually finished around the rim 5 times, was passing beautifully. Can't play defense or actually get by anyone anymore, of course. But I think he does bring something to a team, in much the same way that Pippen did in the last years of his career (passing from a big point forward, veteran savvy, the ability to hit a big shot). He's definitely worth more than the minimum.

stan reply to Tray on Feb 21 at 21:10

He and Ginobili will make a good peice to any team that signs a huge free agent next year. I can see NY signing two big free agents and then signing McGrady to a 5-7 mill deal. Ginobili would be a nice addition to the sixers as a MLE too bad the sixers cant afford it.

The Greek on Feb 21 at 20:07

Knick fans are great, not matter how much they suck that place is always sold out. There is no better sports city then New York and it's not even close.

johnrosz on Feb 21 at 20:25

I really hope Kates comments aren't just pure speculation. Would love to find out if she actually heard from someone close to the organization. Brian, any chance she'd be willing to come on the radio show and you could ask her about that?

JohnEMagee on Feb 21 at 20:56

Such utter and complete bollox

The Greek on Feb 21 at 21:30

Has anyone realized that Darren Collison has been playing lights out?

Yeah, he's been great. Those years at UCLA really have him prepared.

why did new orleans take a pg though? chris paul is the best one in the league and is still extremely young.

What number did they take him, 21st? Not really a whole lot to choose from there, and you need a backup PG. If you can get a good one on a rookie contract for four years, that's a win.

Don't know there, but I watched the game on Int'l LP broadband with Bulls' announcers (Stacey King + another guy), and even they were saying: "Philly should be a better defensive team that it is... surprising that they aren't".
Another gem you guys might enjoy, I checked and Jason Kapono is 0/11 in 2010 (7 games played, 56 minutes), his last FG was on Dec 31st at LAC...

It was still a good trade

I never said it wasn't a good trade, I was happy to get Kapono. It's simply that he's playing really bad

marklapinski reply to Ricky - Sixers4guidos on Feb 21 at 23:02

Neil Funk is the other Chicago announcer. He was a Sixer announcer some time in the late 80's, early 90's I believe. Sort of like how Hubie Brown was a Sixer's color man before going to TNT.

thx ! did u guys watch the game with their (= Bulls') announcers as well?

Anonymous on Feb 21 at 22:41

Read that. Doesn't really shock me. There are a ton of guys playing in this league who know even less about basketball than the fans do. 5 of them said Iguodala was over rated, the same number that said LeBron was over rated.

Good article by Kate, but it is repetitive to talk about Jordan's incompetence. In the beginning it was like an "Oh my God, can you believe what he's doing/I've never seen anyone else do that before" type of thing. The thing is that I'm not surprised by his act anymore though, which is really sad, but I'm almost apathetic. I only get a rise out of him playing Thad at the 5 when he needs a critical top. Well EJ, you are setting the bar higher and higher.

I think the Knicks will pass the Sixers if the Sixers don't play well. They played pretty well last night and have no reason to tank because they don't have a 1st Round pick. I really liked the way T-Mac played, he was smooth. Maybe it was a 1st game type of thing with the adrenaline, but he looked much better than Iverson did when he came back. He had been playing for awhile though.

At this point it's worthwhile to note when he doesn't do something stupid, you just shake your head most of the time.

smh1980 on Feb 22 at 1:53


I was wondering if you were considering doing a piece on the Rookies around the league while focusing on Jrue Development to this point?

The later we get in the season you see a lot more contributions from the young guys; tyreke has been a beast for sometime now, Curry is playing lights out lately and just lit up the Hawks for 32 and is averaging 23 ppg in the last 5 games, Collinson is playing great too).

Jrue is the youngest guy in the league and I'm happy with what we have seen from him to this point. I am just wondering if he will ever become a real force in the league on offense. I don't think I've ever seen him with more than 4 or 5 assists even with exteneded minutes and some of the other young bucks have hit 15+ assists at times this year.

I know you are real high on Jrue so it would be great to see where you see him fitting next year and what kind of player we should draft to help Jrue. I think we need to build around him now and for the future. Your thoughts?



Rich reply to smh1980 on Feb 22 at 2:03

Sounds like a monster post to me at some point.

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