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Sixers Fire Their Coach!

Brian: what kinda sick joke is that?

jeez i thought i was the first one to break on the post, was thinking of ways to embed a youtube video with hallelujah chorus on it. FRAG!!

It felt good for a second, though. Right?

Sorry, Google did it to me, I had to pass it along.

smh1980 on Feb 22 at 2:57

I was so excited for about 10 seconds. haaaah.

Brian did you get to read my post I left on the Kate Fannigan article? I just submitted it early this morning after 1 am. Just wondering your thoughts on the Rookies while focusing on Jrue.


Hey, just saw that. I ran a quick statistical comparison of the 10 rookie PGs who have played decent minutes (300+), then ranked them 1-10 in each category. Jrue's average mark was a 5, so middle of the road. He was weak in scoring numbers, strong in the other areas of the game. I'll do a post on it eventually, but I want more than 1,000 minutes of game play, if at all possible. (the numbers were per 36 minutes, btw).

I can only wonder what the post will look like if the Sixers fire Jordan. Specifically the picture. Maybe something that says "There is a God!" There are endless possibilities.

The braceface picture wouldn't have been enough IMHO.

Rich reply to Rich on Feb 22 at 3:16

Kinda scary reading this post and thread now-

I vote for "Eddie Jordan It Isn't" when he's fired.

Oh man, that was cruel Brian. I got SO excited and then BOOM.

Good one Brian, I admit I totally fell for it :-)

it could have been a glorious day if it was true :)

the picture was glorious, where did you find it?

I saw this tweeted while driving down the turnpike at 4 am. didn't have time to read the article (driving, and all). I was very excited for about 30 minutes :(

Just reread my comments on the hire:

I was out of town for my daughter's wedding. At first, I was disappointed with EJ (I wanted TT). But, after thinking of it, I am actually excited about it. Why, now ES has NO EXCUSES. He needs to put a winner on the court. If they don't, I think it will be curtains for Ed and Ed. So, lets go sixers!

So, based on what I said, it is time for both Ed's to hit the road.

And, this headline was really mean, Brian. Do you know how many fans you have disappointed?

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