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PR Nightmare

johnrosz on Feb 22 at 15:12

This really helps my argument that Ed Snider is turning into Al Davis.

Mike P. reply to johnrosz on Feb 22 at 15:36

Just with the Sixers.

The Flyers are still good and everyone loves the crap out of them.

das411 reply to Mike P. on Feb 25 at 19:38

^ for the record, this guy must not be a Flyers fan!

Is it true that if they cut him, they eat his salary for the rest of the year? I know Jordan has more money owed to him but damn, this is cold. Money's obviously not an object if they would do this to Iverson, which begs the question, "Why the hell would you sign him in the first place?" If you are going to jerk him around, save us all the time. That decision absolutely baffles me now.

This is actually gross human behavior. I'm on AI's side here, it's not his fault that they decided to sign him. He has given them way too good of an effort considering his body is breaking down by the second. He deserves better than this because he was the biggest part in making this franchise relevant again, if only for a short while.

Wasn't this move supposed to be about good PR? Well, I guess that blew up in their face.

Yeah, his contract's guaranteed, so he's owed maybe $300K which they have to pay even if he's cut. Maybe the Eds believe there's no such thing as bad press. Either that or maybe Jordan leaked it to get people to stop writing about firing him.

There is only what, 20 games left in the season? Eddie Jordan is in a constant search for scapegoats as to why things have been so badly. We're not struggling now because Iverson came back from a hiatus. We have been bad with and without Iverson this season. If he hasn't been a problem in the locker room, just let the guy finish out the season, and maybe his career, as a Sixer.

Tom Moore on Feb 22 at 16:19

Sounds like this could be the end for Iverson if he's out for any length of time this late in the season.

Was told Sixers didn't send Iverson home, contrary to what some have reported.


This is unbelievable.We're about to become the most antipatic team on NBA.

You bring back a player who was your franchise player (and someone who brought many fans to Philly including me) for 10 years after treating him like crap,and than you fire him for being with his sick daughter.This is just rude.

Keep your head up,AI.I'm sure anyone with some feelings are with you right now.

Just another blow in a year that's already been full of huge letdowns at for fans. Can't see any way to dress this up, and what could be more damning for an already flailing franchise than word getting out that you're firing the most popular NBA athlete the town's had for years, for tending to what seems like a very serious health issue with his daughter?

A sad way for a great player to, most likely, end his career. Or rather, appalingly have his career ended from the 76ers end. His departure IS probably best for both sides at this point, and his impact on the remaining games is pretty negligible with or without him (player development aside), but it's gonna be a mighty PR sting if this rumor's true.

It's a shame that AI couldn't have slid into a solid, purely offensive bench role...I liked the change in his game this year, but he would have been so much more effective off the bench. We all know the insanity that's at fault for that, because it did actually seem for a while there that Iverson was willing to put his notorious ego away and just enjoy the game. Roster wise just not suited for this team, though I'd wager he's still the most talented guard on the roster (not including Iguodala, obviously), excepting Holiday's lockdown defense and budding playmaking skills.

Would have been nice to see what he could have done with a contending team as a sharpshooter/playmaker off the bench in a veteran role. Maybe someday, can't really write the guy off.

I do not believe the 76ers are trying to cut him. I think that AI wanted to leave team and trying to decide if they are going to push him/want him to come back after his daughter gets better, hopefully.

After thinking about it, I am very confident I am correct.

Yeah, didn't see that update before I posted. Good news.

marklapinski on Feb 22 at 21:45

Adrian on Yahoo is a Yahoo! who just likes to stir stuff up, sometime he says something factual.

"At this time, we feel that it is in the best interest of the Sixers, Allen and his family that he be allowed to deal with a very serious issue that is far greater than the game of basketball," said President and General Manager Ed Stefanski.

johnrosz on Feb 22 at 23:22

Iguodala's twitter:

# Its a cold game... about 5 hours ago via web

Saw that, kind of backs up the Woj story I think.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 1:14


The way Dei tries to spin it as though Iverson is to blame for the teams inconsistencies...even if this IS a mutual decision, using AI as a scapegoat for the coaches scatterbrained rotations is a disgrace.

Check out the post I just wrote, hadn't seen this, but I figured this was the road we were heading down.

JohnEMagee reply to johnrosz on Feb 23 at 9:49

Dei Lyanm is employed by Comcast
Who also owns the team

SHe's a spin doctor

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