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One They "Should" Win

JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 18:43

Go warriors
Go Pistons

Come on Knicks - pull that upset

JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 18:43

and start a 6'8" power forward from Creighton to give him some semblance of size in the lineup.

Doesn't that make nelson as happy as a pig in poo?

The funny thing is they list him as a center.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 18:54

Todays philosophical game time question/debate.

Who would you rather coach the sixers Don Nelson or our current coach

love the fact that this game starts at 10:30 tonight. i just remember that lakers game last year with iguodala's buzzer beater started at 10:30 and that was the best moment of the regular season last year. i won't be sad at all if we lose tonight, but i'm rooting for a win.

Any chance with AI3 out we go big?


Our best 2 defenders on their two best offensive players, Ellis and Curry.

JohnEMagee reply to Rick on Feb 23 at 19:17

In a world where Tony Kornheiser gets suspended for 2 weeks for commenting that hannah storm is dressed horrendously (while not even WORKING for espn at that time) - I suppose it's possible.

Seriously - Hannah Storm DOES dress horrendously

The Greek reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 19:42

So your an expert on woman's clothing as well? Tony Kornheiser is terrible at everything he does, he is the definition of a sports clown along with Chris Russo.

JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Feb 23 at 19:54

If you can be an expert at facial expressions, I suppose I can be an expert at woman's clothing.

It's an opinion, he's paid to have an opinion....would they have suspended him if he mocked craig sager for dressing like he's the belle of the ball? Or any number of bad hair pieces worn by marv albert?

Jesse reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 20:11

Not to get into behind-the-scenes gossip, but apparently the real reason Kornheiser got suspended was his comments about Chris Berman's weight. Being obviously well connected at ESPN, Berman pushed for the suspension, using the Hannah Storm comments as a convenience.

JohnEMagee reply to Jesse on Feb 23 at 20:55

Is Chris Berman unaware that he's fat?

The Greek on Feb 23 at 20:15

Wow I don't know who sucks more Tony K or Bermen?

Sixers are 1 point underdogs tonight.

eddies' heady's on Feb 23 at 20:35

We didn't go after this guy in the offseason as I hoped, so why didn't Ed sign Von Wafer to a 10 day contract if he is available, rather than trading a pick for Jodie Meeks?

I mean, Wafer was kind of established by having played in the league already. Anyone have a non-comical explanation for this? Or should I just go with my feelings on him as this just being typical Ed?

JohnEMagee reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 23 at 20:56

Cause why the hell would Von Wafer want to sign with the sixers when better teams with better options are available.

It's not like Meeks is burning up the minutes.

Or that they're the same player.

I'd go with - WTF cares?

eddies' heady's reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 22:08

Yeah, I forgot you would know all about them, considering you hadn't even heard of Meeks just last week at this time. So, sure they're the same player.

Wafer has plenty of incentive to sign with us when taking into account he couldn't get a likeable deal and had to go overseas.

And I care, because I want us to get some badly needed shooters and his 40% from three pt land last year with the Rockets sure would be welcome here.

And if you ask WTF cares, I guess you do since you responded.

The Greek reply to eddies' heady's on Feb 23 at 22:20

Is that true, did he really not know who Meeks was?

Wafer played really well for the Rockets last year and would have been a really good addition to our bench.

JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Feb 23 at 23:00

Yeah I didn't know who meeks was - nor did I care that much - I don't know every player on every roster

The Greek reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 23:03

For a guy that didn't know who he was your sure as shit had a strong opinion on him.

Nellie vs. Jordan? A grumpy, curmudgeon burnout who couldn't be a worse fit for largely a younger team against a 'offensive coach' whose team is offensively and defensively challenged.

I don't expect to see much defense in this one and it will be interesting to see how many points the Sixers can put on the board tonight. I am saying 106.

Alright, looks like I'm getting the GSW broadcast in HD, so good for me.

Jordan says he's going w/ Lou and Jrue in the back court to start. Lou should be on Morrow, IMO.

The Greek reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 22:43

I don't understand, I have the league pass and I'm not getting it in HD tonight. I'm from North Jersey, you can't be located that far from me.

Brooklyn. I have Time Warner.

The Greek reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 22:46

Ok that makes sence, I have direct tv

Wow, just read the beginning of this thread. Lot of love around here today. Let's try to keep it civil.

Alright, we're off.

Son of a bitch. Lou on Monta, Jrue on Curry.

Nice look AI9 to Jrue cutting down the lane. Fouled on the play.

Iguodala's on Monta now, I guess they just switched off the ball on that one possession. This is good, Lou just can't lose track of Morrow like he did on that last play.

GS announcers salivating over Jrue's defense.

Nice finish by Jrue.

3 minutes in, Brand hasn't touched the ball yet and he has Tolliver on him.

The Greek on Feb 23 at 22:48

Great steal by Ellis on Iggy, also that Jrue fkiater was sweet!

Wow, Brand running the break, give-and-go with Iguodala for the +1. That was a sick feed by Iguodala.

2 fouls on Biedrins.


May want to stop the ball on the break. What a fucking slam by Jrue.

The Greek reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 22:51

Holy shittttt, I am about to rewind that about 5 times now.

The Greek on Feb 23 at 22:50

Fastbreak... Brand to Iggy back to Brand, that was awesome

Jrue is a little bit on fire, huh?

The Greek reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 22:53

The time has come to add him to my fantasy team.

The Greek on Feb 23 at 22:54

That throw down slam by Jrue was with his left hand, most impressive!

He prefers his left hand on drives.

bdownbear on Feb 23 at 22:55

I saw this on realgm
Sixers trade: Iguodala
Warriors trade: Ellis
Memphis trades: Mayo and Thabeet
Sixers recieve:Mayo and Thabeet
Warriors recieve; Iguodala
Memphis receives: Ellis
I would 100% do that trade.

The Greek reply to bdownbear on Feb 23 at 22:58

I don't mean to pull a Magee and piss on your parade, but with the trade deadline having passed any trade talk until the end of the season is just a waste of time. I do love Mayo though.

JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Feb 23 at 23:02

A. that trade sucks cause thabeet is stiffer than a 2 x 4 or a frat boy on Viagra

B. Mayo and Thabeet make that much money combined on rookie deals? That's just nuts

At least this time you spelled my name right you half literate

The Greek reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 23:06

Magoo, have you seen these guys play or are you pulling a meeks on us again?

JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Feb 23 at 23:09

I'm assuming you haven't seen Thabeet play - or you'd know he sucks and is a stiff.

The Greek reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 23:13

Watched him many times in college, he is as raw as you could get but he does have the potential to be a great rebounder and defender in a couple of seasons.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to The Greek on Feb 23 at 23:28

thabeet is a freaking stiff.

First of all, everyone cool it w/ the insults.

Second, Thabeet and Mayo will make a combined $9.2M on their rookie contracts, so this doesn't really save you any money. If you make the deal, you're essentially saying you think you're better off w/ Mayo and a backup center than you are with Iguodala. This doesn't free up cap space.

Jrue is picking this defense apart w/ his passing.

Really good start for Lou too. 8 pts, 3 dimes, 3 boards.

Was that two on Jrue?

The Greek reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 23:01

Yes it was

The Greek on Feb 23 at 23:00

Too bad the camera was focused on Ronny Turiaf running down the court instead of showing that awesome halfcourt ally hoop from Jrue to Iggy.

He went big w/ Iguodala at the two and Thad at the three for the first sub of the game. I'm assuming we'll see some of Carney tonight, we have to right?

Meeks could see some action too with Green and Iverson unavailable.

JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 23:04

Kobe Bryant

He's good

Anyone notice that defensive board Lou just got? Speights and Thad standing right there, neither one of them feels like leaving his feet to go after the ball, luckily it just lands in Lou's hands.

damn golden states's d is worse than ours.


The Greek reply to Tyler on Feb 23 at 23:10

And that is just amazing isn't it

Eddie Jordan must love playing the Warriors. 37 points in the first quarter. Could he ask for anything more?

Very good first quarter on both ends (except that last blow-by Lou allowed). Sixers up 37-26 heading into the second.

this is about how many points we had in the 3rd quarter of that heat game not too long ago

Jrue picks up right where he left off.

..and then he turns it over.

JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 23:13

Holiday back in with two fouls

Eie don't like Jodie?

They're making me play one rookie, no fucking way I'm playing two.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 23:15

Jrue plays defense
Meeks knows how to score

Thad with the drive to his right and the dish for the dunk. Awesome.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 23:19

Put sam back in please

Thad's right hand is much improved over where it was a year ago.

what a lineup eddie
speight at the 5
thad at the 4

damn Speights is playing defense. Speights IS PLAYING DEFENSE. WTF. he's hustling for loose balls too, blocking shots. where was this guy? keep him hungry.

God, this is just too easy on offense. Just run some kind of play, any kind of play and you're going to get a wide-open look.

JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 23:24

3 players with 2 fouls and Smith/Meeks still can't get in the game...coach shortening his 'rotation' to try and keep his job?

Smith is hurt, unavailable. The bench is really thin tonight. Too bad they traded Primoz :)

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 23:27

Elton Brand 2 fouls
SPeights 2 fouls

Sam 1

Joran knows he's allowed to play him in the second quarter right?

tolliver hitting a deep 3. LOL

Jordan's completely jealous right now, he sees GSW playing the way he wishes he could get his roster full of losers to play.

The Greek reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 23:30

Carney is getting hot, he better watch out because playing like this will get his ass glued to the bench in the 2nd half.

take carney out please

Sammy's been out for about 10 minutes now, and they've gone super small with AI9 at the four instead of bringing him back in.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 23:28

He did play the entire first court and picked up a foul can't allow him to get two

Nice pick by Brand on Jrue. Curry heating up a little.

jrue has steph in check huh?
4 pts on 2/6 shooting.

Steph scored 6 quick ones, and it was kind of weird.

First hoop, Jrue blocked his shot, it bounced back to SC, he hit an 18-footer.

Second play, Brand picked off Jrue, no idea how or why, SC hit a layup.

Third play, SC cycled through the lane at the foul line, Carney picked him up for a second, then just left him. He hit a shot from the elbow.

Don't want to let him get in a groove.

Nothing but jumpers.

i am excited for the "who can put out a crazier lineup" contest that jordan and nelson will have. i bet we see some jodie meeks at center tonight.

Jesse reply to person on Feb 23 at 23:34

Haha so true.

Iguodala heating up.

Monta has 4 fouls in the first half.

The Greek on Feb 23 at 23:37

Iggy is dealing right now

who fucked with thad's shot? it never used to be this bad was it ayers?

Yeah, according to Thad it was. It wasn't enough for Ayers to fuck up the defense, he had to fuck up Thad's jumper as well.

The Greek reply to Tyler on Feb 23 at 23:40

Yes sir it was

Lou with a pretty find of Thad under the hoop.

JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 23:40

I hate Mark McGwire, but i hate ESPN knobbing him even more

Jesse reply to JohnEMagee on Feb 23 at 23:44

Wait, you hate someone?

Sorry couldn't help it.

The Greek reply to Jesse on Feb 23 at 23:47

lol, what espn should be taling about is teh Kei Igawa bullpen era has begun. JK, what a waste of money.

OK, up by 18 at the half against a clearly inferior team. If you think this one's over, the Sixers have blown leads like this several times this season, once against an even worse Timberwolves team.

Anyway, strong first half, so let's try to focus on that.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 23:48

History indicates the sixers can't maintain a 54% FG% and that they'll fall in love with the 3 in after a 'strong' first half from the 3 (6-9) and think they can actually shoot them consistently.

The sixers were still pretty weak on the defensive glass, if GSW can figure out how to find the basket this game could get close...

tell you what; wanna feel good about yourself, just play the Warriors!


at least i got to see Speights in his best blue collar imitation.

Speights cracks me up. 7 minutes, 6 shots. He did grab 5 boards, though.

The Greek reply to Brian on Feb 23 at 23:50

Brian what do we do with this guy? Can we ever count on him to be a starter down the road? I say trade him for either a SG or Sammy's replacement at center.

I'd be fine with trading him, I just wish he wasn't being exposed this season and he could make to the offseason with value around the league.

JohnEMagee reply to The Greek on Feb 23 at 23:53

Can't count on anyone who doesn't commit to getting better, be it Speights, Sam or Thaddeus Young.

It's a roster full of mediocre at best - thank god Stefanski did nothing to even try to make long term improvements

Is it sad that I have more faith in our 6'3" pg to box our turiaf that two guys our coach regularly plays at PF (Young and Speights)?

Heck, I probably have more faith in Holiday boxing out Turiaf than Dalembert, although Dalembert may overcome that and still get the rebound.

Ah, Sammy's hands :)

That trip down the court was an adventure.

I'm kind of shocked this lead is still at 20, terrible hoops being played.

Jrue's defense is disgusting. And I mean that in a good way.

Every time Jrue makes a defensive play Eddie takes him out.

How else are you going to teach him that defense doesn't matter?

Pretty baseline drive by Jrue.

And another one!

Iguodala's having problems keeping Monta out of the lane.

Ellis just picked up his fifth foul.

jrue is killing it on d...good time to bench him

Anyone have a guess as to why Jrue got pulled there?

Letting Ellis play with 17 minutes left and 5 fouls?

Intentionally tanking?

Maybe. I wish he'd take him out, those shoes are distracting.

Lou has a legit shot at a triple double. 15, 7 and 7.

I don't know how Warriors fans (are there any left?) put up with Nellie.

Settling for jumpers here. Shouldn't happen against GS.

You know what, I like these Golden State announcers.

That was a miserable quarter for the Sixers, only lost 2 points off the lead, though.

90-73 heading into the fourth.

Lou should be back in the game for Carney at this point. Can't believe I just said that, but it's the truth.

i hope golden state comes back, i just want an exciting finish

I believe it's coming.

1/10 from the floor so far in the fourth. Now might be a good time to go to EB in the post.

Or just have Carney jack up another three.

Jrue is yelling at Lou that he doesn't need help with Curry. Lou left Morrow in the corner for a wide-open three.

Is that a guess or can you read his lips?

Can't read lips but it seemed pretty clear to me.

10 points.

Not sure what brace face is smiling about.


Someone please stick with Morrow. If Lou can't do it, switch the matchup.

yeeeaaahhhhh golden state!!!!


Big hoop from Iguodala there.

4 point game.

I'm honestly ecstatic.

Jrue had a hand right in Curry's face. Sometimes shot's actually do just go in (although not as often as EJ says). 3 point game.


Jrue was in Curry's jock when he hit that three.

Big drive by Lou. Back to 5.

call a fucking time out dumbshit wtf is wrong with jordan

3. Thad wound up on Curry there.

Big three by Lou.

Back to 6.

damn dude steph curry is a monster when he's on

He's a stud.

Wow, huge +1 for Lou.

Brand has missed every shot this quarter.

How did Jrue grade as an athlete in the predraft workouts? I thought he was supposed to be average, but he looks like a lot more than that on the floor. He skied for that board, just wish he grabbed it.

CB reply to Brian on Feb 24 at 0:52

I thought he was going to hammer it for a second.

Mediocre leaping, great agility, great length.

Keep in mind he has to jump significantly less than a guy like Louis Williams to get the same height.


Big jumper by Mr. Unclutch.

Lou has had a great Offensive game but he is almost blowing this game on defense.

even if we end up winning which is what it looks like is gonna happen, it's still absolutely pathetic we let this awful team come back within like 4 minutes. surprisingly this isn't even close to the first time i've said that before though

Thad at the five for defense.

3-point game.

haha maybe i spoke too soon these fuckers don't stop taking 3's

Morrow can fucking shoot.

Wow. What a fucking dagger by Lou.

Up six with 14.5 left.

damn lou has been good tonight

110-102 is your final. No question about player of the game tonight.

congrats guys you were up by 24 and had to outplay one of the worst teams in the league in the final minutes..you should all really be proud of yourselves. this was actually a fun game to watch though

Largely no defense but still a pretty entertaining game. Wish we had seen this Holiday/Williams back court from the get go. Iverson just was a distraction this season and took minutes from them and didn't have much of an impact on the court.

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