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76ers Team of the Decade

i'm thinking bruce bowen should probably be in there instead of marshall. otherwise that seems right.

Mashburn makes the team (was on the payroll for 2 years.). As does Ratliff, Robinson, Kukoc and Bowen.

Iverson, Iguodala, Mashburn, CWebb, Mutumbo

Bench: Brand, Ratliff, Sam, Robinson, Kukoc, Bowen, Miller.

Sorry, as much as I am more a fan of McKie, Snow and Marshall, they don't make my roster unless I can carry 15. Otherwise I would have the typical Sixer issue with not enough shooters.

Funny thing. Looking at my roster I might decide to (in calssic Sixers style) go small, with Iverson/Iguodala/Kukoc/Mash/CWebb.

... Then I would have under LB as offensive asst.... Eddie Jordan, running the P.O. :)

On second thought, I'll stick with my original starters... and kick EJ to the curb.

Interestingly, I can't seem to find a GM.

I would go with a prime CWebb over a prime Brand as well. Brand was the better defender (although Cwebb, before all the injuries, wasn't a bad defender). He was a much better defensive rebounder, and their abilities to create were just on different levels. finally, I think paired with Dalembert Webber's skillsets fit much better, which win shares doesn't measure.

If Mashburn is eligible, he's probably more worth the starting spot than Miller. A Miller/AI backcourt wouldn't excite me, on either end of the court.

I agree w/ CWebb over Brand (as a player, even though Cwebb is a prick.) Look at the comp for each of their foirst 600 games (pre-injury.)

Interesting that both broke down after 600 games.


The Greek on Feb 28 at 10:25

We have officially hit rock bottom!

I would have to take Ratliff 00-01 over Dalembert. He may not have been the rebounder Dalembert is, but I think he was a better team and man defender. He was also a better offensive player, although it wasn't a big part of either's game.

Agreed. If you have a team with CWebb, Brand, and Mutombo to gobble up rebounds (with guys like Iguodala on the wings), Ratliff's weakside shot blocking would be huge.

I guess this begs the question of what Brian was getting at. Whether it was listing the top 12 guys, or the 12 guys who would form the best team.

Agree. Even if Ratliff had similar or lesser talent, he played more within himself. So less likely to make the boneheaded Sam plays and more consistent (at least that year.)

Brand over Webber wasn't really that hard of a call. By the time Webber approacehed Brand's scoring numbers (in Sacto) he was essentially a defensive liability.

Need to look up Mashburn's numbers, but Glenn Robinson was always an overrated stiff, and he couldn't even shoot the three. Marshall was really good in that season.

I suppose you could start both AI's in the back court and Marshall at the three, that would give you more shooting. I like the youg Miller out there, though. He was definitely a pass first guy at that point and his size would let him guard twos on the other team. Brand and Mutombo protecting the paint let's the perimeter guys gamble a little too.

Also, Ratliff wasn't just a poor rebounder compared to Sam, he was a poor rebounder in general. Really a one-trick pony, and Sam is pretty much as good at that trick as Ratliff was. I like the Webber/Sam combo on the second unit, I think Sam helps the running game a lot more than Theo as well.

Can we someone please explain to me why we traded for Jamal Mashburn? The sixers knew he wouldnt play for them and didnt even assign him a number. And the most puzzling part of this deal is that we gave up an expiring contract for him.

PG: Andre Miller
SG: Allen Iverson
SF: Jamal Mashburn
PF: Chris Webber
C: Dikembe Mutumbo


PG: Allen Iverson
SG: Andre Igoudala
SF: Toni Kukoc
PF: Elton Brand
C: Samuel Dalembert

Iverson ofcourse plays 48 minutes a game, so he is our backup PG.

I want to change backup PG to E. Snow

Tyrone Hill on Feb 28 at 12:50

Are you guys forgetting that I made the Allstar team?

Shawn reply to Tyrone Hill on Feb 28 at 13:19


I just took a look at Mashburn's numbers, he doesn't belong anywhere near this team even if he's eligible. Inefficient scorer who really did nothing else.

He didn't do anything else? Look at his ast%'s during some of his Hornets years. He evolved into the definition of a point forward.

high ast% and lower to% than Iguodala this year.


1.3 three's at 38.9%. 4.7 defensive boards per game.

When talking about efficiency, keep in mind rule changes have made wing players generally more effective. Back then league average fg% was 44.2% compared to 46% this year.

Sorry, didn't even get to the assist rate. Ws looking at the horrible ts% and insanely high usage rate throughout his career. Still, no place for him on my team. Iguodala is my starting 3 and I like donyell off the bench. These assist numbers were really late in his career, also and I don't remember him as much of a defender even when he was young.

Duracorr on Feb 28 at 13:42

I find it interesting that the 83 Sixers were better than the best from an entire decade of players

That's probably not that rare. More teams in the league now , etc. Showtime Lakers probably better than this decade of Lakers that won four title. Same for the celts.

stan reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 15:48

better than Shaq-Gasol-Kobe?

Well, actually if we use the same criteria for LA they can field a better unit.

Karl Malone

with Gasol coming off the bench with Artest.

Take Payton and Malone away and I'd take the showtime lakers, though.

Stan reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 20:30

Shaq and Kobe are the top 5 player of all time at their positions. I was born 5 years later so Im not much of a judge, but was Magic-Kareem > Shaq-Kobe? I guess what hinders the 00 Lakers is that they didnt have a decent number 3.

Yeah, I'd say Magic + Kareem is definitely above Kobe and Shaq.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Feb 28 at 22:34

Shaq and Kareem number wise compare pretty well (aside from Shaq's FT% which is embarassing) but I think the oldsters get the edge for when they played and how they changed teh game. I don't think Shaq ever refined his basketball game more than he just depended on his brute strength.

As individual weapons Kareem and Kobe are superior. But this is more than offset by Shaq and Magic impacting the entire complexion of a game more- so IMO are the better overall players.

Basically, Shaq in his prime owned the lane. Kareem was a great defender, but did not dominate the lane on defnse like Shaq in his prime.

Similarly, Magic was like a combination of Steve Nash and Lebron (without as much power.) Kobe is the perfect wing and the better lock-down defender, but Magic imposed his will on the entire game and was unbelievably versatile. Magic could do everthing, and give a team whatever it needed inside or outside.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Mar 1 at 0:03

On a tangential relationship, on this Saturday night, HBO will premiere a documentary about the Bird/Magic rivalry - I believe from the NCAA tourney and how it evolved through their post NBA careers (not sure how far it goes).

HBO does some pretty good stuff

In terms of actually building a team, Kyle Korver would make a solid 8th man on a championship squad. But if we're choosing on talent, I would go with Monster Mash. Having that extra guy who can take over a game off the bench would help. Now whether this team would win a title... they would beat the championship Miami team. Would they beat any of the threepeat Lakers, the Spurs teams? Harder to say. I guess I've never believed a team with Iverson could win.

right calf strain for brand

Glad to hear there is a physical reason for his recent decline.

Kevin Ollie, Willie Green, Alan Henderson, Zendon Hamilton, and Brian Skinner.

6th Man- Steven Hunter
Coach- Randy Ayers

I know it's a bit of a stretch, but I'd like to see what this big lineup could do.

You probably noticed this Brian but three of your top picks -- Iggy at SF, Brand at PF and Dalembert at C -- are on the current roster, as is an imaginary fourth (JRue at PG in a year or two). All we need is a stud SG with range and a GD real coach . . .

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