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Speights and Dalembert together? No way, that makes too much sense.

What we will see instead:
1. Dalembert and Thad
2. Speights and Thad with reduced minutes to Sam for no reason.
3. Speights and possibly Iguodala, Carney or even Kapono at the four spot.

If Jordan is coaching to keep his job, the chances are the team is in an even worse position to win. I would be shocked to see anything different.

hope they sit him out long and hard. so he can come back refreshed. i miss the Brand of old that was throwing elbows in a desperate attempt to emancipate himself from Joran's bench.

there's a career fair at wachovia before the game tonight. i'm going to fill out an application for GM. with no background in anything related to the NBA, i figure i am probably as qualified as ES.

Do you have a background in the mortgage business like Stefanski? Because that is generally seen as a prerequisite to making sound financial decisions (sarc.)

Hey Jason Smith, you're feeling better... go guard Dwight.

BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! Man...that's hilarious.

Brand really was poor on the road trip. A lot of people say things like "We have to admit he's washed up." I just think that he's almost like a running back and he has taken a large beating through injuries and sheer physical contact. Unlike a RB, he didn't hit a complete wall (Shaun Alexander comes to mind), but he has to pick and choose his spots. He can still be excellent in those spots though. Brand is one of the most physical players in the league, and he doesn't have a problem still exerting his will on the offensive end, where I think he is virtually the same player, maybe even more physical to combat his athleticism. His defense and rebounding are what take hits at times (and in the overall state to be honest), but we have all seen him be a force on that end. Anyone remember the Bulls game we won in OT where he and Sammy dominated OT?

I think Brand is going to be inconsistent for awhile, looking really great some days and bad other ones. No, it's not the consistent 20/10 we all thought we were getting. EB's trying to pick his spots right now, while he needs to be more consistent. He can still be a very good player, albeit with a bad contract.

I see Brand as similar to CWebb. Their bodies broke down after about 600 games (and almost identical minutes.) After that they had a few good stretches, but overall were inconsistent and mediocre.

Less minutes for Brand means more minutes for Willie Green. One day Thad will get playing time at the 5, I just know it. I don't want Eddie Jordan fired, maybe he can get EB frustrated to the point that he accepts a $30 million buyout. If we give him a 30 mill buyout will his salary count as 30 mill to the cap this year and 0 next year, 10 mill next year, or 15 mill next year?

stan reply to stan on Mar 1 at 13:23

Ok I found the answer:

The agreed-upon buy-out amount (see question number 61) is included in the team salary instead of the salary called for in the contract. If the player had more than one season left on his contract, then the buy-out money is distributed among those seasons in proportion to the original salary. For example, say a player had three seasons remaining on his contract, with salaries of $10 million, $11 million and $12 million. The player and team agree to a buyout of $15 million. The $15 million is therefore charged to the team salary over the three seasons. Since the original contract had $33 million left to be paid, and $10 million is 30.3% of $33 million, 30.3% of the $15 million buyout, or $4.545 million, is included in the team salary in the first season following the buyout. Likewise, 33.33% of $15 million, or $5 million, is included in the team salary in the second season, and 36.36% of $15 million, or $5.455 million, is included in the team salary in the third season.

The distribution of the buy-out money is a matter of individual negotiation. Changing the number of years in which the money is paid does not change the number of years in which the team's team salary is charged. In the above example in which the player's contract is bought out with three seasons remaining, the buyout amount is always charged to the team salary over three seasons. It does not matter if the player is actually paid in a lump sum or over 20 years (a spread provision).

So there wouldn't be any point in giving him a buyout because we would only save 5 mill next year. Also it doesn't make sense for Brand to give up 20 mill. He will never make that much with another team.

I doubt Brand is going anywhere. He is our Kirolenko.

Now we just need a rookie scale star like Deron to make up for Brand's contract.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Mar 1 at 14:37

I hold out hope for some sort of 'amnesty' once the 2011 CBA is renegotiated with the hard cap and non guaranteed contracts.

Ownership has another chip that they can make an issue of and then 'fold' on to make the union think they got soething because there's now a valid HGH test...

I think all contracts will adjust after the new CBA but I also think you'll get a one time 'get out of jail free' type thing where you can let a guy go - and have it have no lasting impact on the new cap or anything - you'll still have to pay him somehow.

Right now that's the only hope i can see.

The longer we have him, the more bad contracts are signed elsewhere, the better his deal looks in comparison. It's a waiting game at this point. Amnesty would be great (though last time amnesty only counted against the lux tax number, not the cap number).

Starting this summer, you'll definitely start seeing worse contracts than Brand's, and maybe you see a way to make a deal for one of them. Ben Gordon keeps coming to mind for me.

Brand clearly not listening to Brian's advise:

"Brand who was sidelined Sunday because of right calf soreness, an injury that has been bothering him for the past ten days, knows his production post all- star break is down having not reached double figure scoring in three of the six games. He admits to trying to play through his pain.

“I think it was the San Antonio game that I kind of felt funny but I kept just trying to work through it. I definitely don’t want to miss any games so I am going to play through it for sure,” he said."

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