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JohnEMagee on Mar 1 at 18:50
At Wachovia: Elton testing right calf now. Game-time decision. Both Willie Green and Jason Smith available. Thad will start if Elton out.

Thad starting

deepsixersueder on Mar 1 at 18:56

Who has the more overpayed starting p.f. tonight? Lewis makes 19, 20.5, 22, and 24 mill. through this and the following 3 years.

$24M for a 34-year-old Rashard Lewis is going to be a tough pill to swallow. Maybe they'll be traded for each other.

Semi-national game, NBA TV in HD.

At least Lewis was the final piece to make the Magic a top tier team. Brand made the Sixers worse when they brought him in.

JohnEMagee reply to Mar on Mar 1 at 19:08

Brand made the Sixers worse when they brought him in.

He really didn't - the coach made the sixers worth

No EB, looks like Thad's starting. Haven't seen the lineup, but I think Lou is still at the two with Willie coming off the bench.

Is Willie worth anymore than the veterans minimum?

And we're off. Got Philly's broadcast on NBATV.

Attaboy Jrue.

OK, that's one on Howard. Let's get him his second.

Jrue with another jumper.

8 quick points for Jrue. Unfortunately, Nelson has 7.

10 for Jrue, nice drive and finish with the left against Howard.

12 for Jrue.

This is fun to watch, but they aren't going to keep scoring like this on Orlando. Need to start playing some D.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 19:23

D? Hahahaha..

Not gonna happen.

Wow, what a start on offense for Jrue.

JohnEMagee on Mar 1 at 19:23

Little concerned that Jrue Holiday is playing Eie Joran basketball and not Jrue Holiday basketball

when lou has 4 assists and jrue has zero i get concerned

Rich reply to JohnEMagee on Mar 1 at 19:27

Lou with 5 dimes already? April Fools is next month.

Lou's been running the point more than Jrue when they're on the floor together. It's stupid, but that's what EFJ is doing.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 22:06

I saw that in the lakers game - i wasn't aware it was a trend - it pissed me off in the lakers game - but didn't surprise me - i just watched the lakers game and tried to avoid commenting cause i never thought they were going to win and the lakers were just bored

Nice dish by Jrue to Sammy for the dunk.

Jrue to Sammy on the oop.

Damn Howard on the other end though.

Another nice pass from Jrue on the P&R. Sammy fouled.

God, the Sixers defense is just atrocious.

A little more of the Jrue Holiday we all have grown accustomed to on the last couple of possessions.

Are Orlando shooting 90%?


Jrue with 15 points in the first quarter.

Sixers up 1 after 1, 36-35.

btw, Jrue's defense has been so so, his minutes are directly tied to scoring production, nothing else. Fucking eddie jordan.

Can we all imagine when people can't sag off Jrue when the jumper becomes consistent? We're getting a taste of it tonight.

Kapono getting ready to come in and fix this horrible defense.

That cost Jrue a sick assist.

Worst possible defensive lineup Jordan could come up with on the floor right now?

Lou, Willie, Kapono, Thad, Speights.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 19:43

I think Willie's the best defender out there.

Alvin reply to Rich on Mar 1 at 19:51

And he fucked up big time in that 2-minute span.

Speights has great touch on those hooks.

Willie fouls Redick on back-to-back jumpers. Awesome.

Kapono fucking wide open corner three, can't even hit that. I hate this guy.

i love how he starts to suck at shooting as soon as we get him

JohnEMagee reply to Tyler on Mar 1 at 22:10

He started to suck at shooting when he was in Toronto - he's continued to suck at shooting here.

When he got to Toronto - either because of his contract or request by Toronot he tried to be something he wasn't - and he's been shot ever since.

However, he got Reggie Evans off this team, so I'm still fond of him

Jesus, that may have been the most blatant charge i've ever seen, Willie.

Lou is having a hell of a first half.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 19:54

By Lou's standards, yes.

Iggy has like two dozen games each season like this one and people say he's not a star.

Tom Moore on Mar 1 at 19:54

We were told Brand had a strained/sore right calf. Now it's right Achilles tendinitis. Not sure why the change. He said it's been bothering him for 10 days. Went to try it out 90 minutes before tip-off and it didn't react well.

FYI: Kapono still doesn't have a made 3-pointer in 2010.

He tore the left Achilles, correct? This injury is the other one.

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 20:13

Correct. Still, he seemed a little concerned about it after Sunday's practice.

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on Mar 1 at 22:13

At this point maybe the best thing for the sixers financially would be for him to have some sort of injury induced retirement

Once they get in the bonus the Sixers should just send Kapono down to intentionally foul Howard whenever he touches the ball in the post.

Ron Jeremy is going to lose it at the half.

Really nice break run by Thad there.

why does vince carter wear those gay undershirts under his jersey now?

(not really ecpecting anyone to know just pointing out that he looks like a douche)

Heh. Strip by Jrue, then the kick to Thad for the jam.

This has probably been Jrue's worst defensive game. Nelson is having no problems getting in the lane.

not sure why when jrue's offense goes up his d goes down..i feel like those two things shouldn't even eachother out

Alvin reply to Tyler on Mar 1 at 20:11

I agree. It seems to work the same for Thad too sometimes.

This is the first game I've noticed it in Jrue. His defense has been pretty consistent all year.

Bad end to the second quarter, down 68-61 after a pair of quarters.

No way they win this game with the defense they're playing. Not a chance in hell.

Alvin reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 20:10

True Brian, but we shouldn't really be expecting any wins from the Sixers. Yeah it would be nice, but I'm tired of getting my hopes up only to be sickened each time.

They could be a good team, but not with the guy that's coaching.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 22:14

I predicted an 0-4 week, and a strong move 'up' in lottery positioning.

Alright. Sammy looks focused.

Van Gundy finally remembered what Shard did to Thad in the playoffs last year.

Carter looks like such an old man out there.

4 fouls on Jrue. He's out after 1:42 in the third. Damnit.

That did not look like a foul from my angle

Man, I fell asleep for a couple of minutes there.

Sixers have a run in them to make this respectable.

That was actually a question.

At least Kapono hit rim on that one. Nice job stopping the extra shooting work, Kapono.

I wish they were up earlier.............Want to see some garbage time from Jodie Meeks.

Pretty loud boos, and I think a "Fire Eddie" chant might've broken out.

If you want to look on the bright side, at least Kapono and Willie are getting extra burn while Jrue and Meeks rot on the bench. Have to build for the future, right?

Wow, Kapono grabbed a board.

Stellar game for Willie, btw.

Tom Moore on Mar 1 at 21:00

Some fans started the "Fire Eddie" chant in the third quarter.

Career high for Jrue, and most of them came when this was actually a game.

Nelson outsmarted Jrue. Hopefully Jrue will learn from this.

New nickname: "Tits on a bull" Kapono

20 for Jrue.

season high in points for orlando, probably going to shoot over 60%...nice!

The Sixers loved what they saw in Jodie Meeks so much he can't even get into this disgrace of a game.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Mar 1 at 22:16

He hasn't had time to learn the offense.

I read somewhere that that was Jorans excuse for not playing him much

23 for Jrue. 5/6 from three.

Sammy blew a bunny, cost Jrue his 7th assist.

hey, at least they didn't lose by 30

So with offseason nearing.......There should be two options this franchise should be considering....
A)A defensive identity....new coach and pretty much stay put or trade youth for veterens
B)The youth movement......trade Iguodala for a young SG and bench Brand/start Speights.

I would go with B and a new coach.

JohnEMagee reply to Anon on Mar 1 at 22:19

And what has speights done to dserve a start.

When healthy, Brand has been good, but sadly he just can't stay healthy. Healthy, Speights still only has half a game and committment to half the game

haha eddie jordan sounded like he was going to cry during his press conference.

Jrue finally listening to his coach. Shoot lots of jumpers and stop worrying so much about defense.

To be fair, Jrue tried on defense, just got burned (and did not get the benefit of some calls.) He was +3 while on the floor, which is interesting in a 21 point loss.

EJ calling out the team for having "no leaders."

Well I know their coach is not a leader, but its never his fault.

So it was a scorching post game presser, huh?

"There's only so much a coach can do."

At least we did not hear him say "they were just making their shots."

Nelson swished a pull-up 3-pointer with 1:02 left to give the Magic 102 points through three quarters. Fans started fleeing for the exits and the few that remained chanted "Fire Eddie!"

They had their pick of Eds: 76ers coach Eddie Jordan or team president Ed Stefanski. Both are responsible for this debacle of a season.

In turn, Jordan picked his target, taking a not-so-vieled swipe at Andre Iguodala for not stepping up as a team leader as the season disintegrates.

"We lost the passion to compete," Jordan said. "We saw some poor body language and there were a couple of timeouts where we addressed it. I wasn't going to have it. I addressed it a couple of times, I addressed just now [postgame].

"It's leadership, or lack thereof. It's contagious where one guy's miserable and it's contagious throughout the team. Someone has to stand up and try and rally the troops, your teammates."

Jordan added there is no "internal leadership."

There's also no regular rotation, set offense or 3-point shooting.

Iguodala refused to fire back at his beleaguered coach.

"You start to play the blame game and it really leads to a dead end, it really doesn't go anywhere," he said. "I'll just go out there and keep doing what I've been doing my whole career, which is playing basketball the right way."

No one counted on the Sixers making a run at an NBA title this year. But after making the playoffs two straight years, more was expected than waiting around for the draft lottery.

"It's kind of a few things," Iguodala said. "Losing Andre Miller was definitely one of those things. Bringing in a new system could be one of those things. Changing the style up could be another. I don't think we need to have excuses every night why we're losing."

The Greek reply to mike on Mar 2 at 0:16

As much as Jordan is a buffoon who deserves to be fired I do happen to agree with his assessment of Iggy poor leadership qualities. Even Iggy's biggest supporters know that the 2 biggest knocks on him are his jump shooting and his mediocre leading skills.

We have different definitions of leaders, and I'm not saying you're right and I'm wrong, just that there's different kinds of leadership.

You've got vocal leaders who pick their teammates up, encourage them, maybe kick them in the ass when they need it. Those guys are important. But I think it's just as important that your best players are also your hardest working. Iguodala puts in more time than anyone else on the team, first guy to practice, last guy to leave. He plays through injuries, he plays as many minutes as possible. He never, never gets in trouble off the court, he never makes a spectacle of himself. To me, those are all leadership qualities. Honestly, I think the example he sets is probably more important than the things Iverson did on the court when he was in his prime.

If you think about the message Iverson's actions sent to young players, basically throughout his career, it was that you can party as much as you want, practice doesn't matter, all that matters is that you play like your life depends on it when you're on the floor. That's only half the message, if you ask me.

Anyway, if I'm a coach, I'd gladly have Iguodala as my leader. The rah-rah bullshit is my job. Making sure the players are up for the games is my job. The thousands of hours of work over the summers. The dedication to put in the extra work, to be a professional, to stay out of trouble, to do the film work, the things that go above and beyond what's asked, and delve into what's needed. Young guys need to see that from someone who's already, "made it."

Tweet: mfranknba Jordan blames Iguodala (without naming him) for lack of leadership. Iguodala's response: "No sense playing the blame game."

This coach has to be fired soon before he destroys someone else. This guy is unbelievable.

Definitely Jrue's worst defensive game of the year (with the possible exception of getting torched by kidd. don't think it was effort related, but he just didn't keep Nelton out of the lane.

Also thought it was one of Iguodala's worst of the year. He's got to work harder to fight over top of the screens than he did tonight.

Then again, you could probably say it was a lot of guys' worst defensive games of the year.

Love the blame game by Jordan.

Not playing Meeks in this debacle of a game, a guy your GM traded a 2nd rounder to get, was a GIANT FU from EJ to ES.
EJ is a goner. Hallelujah!!!

sfw reply to Rick on Mar 2 at 6:15

Agree but I'm starting to enjoy his buffoonery. Unfortunately, it won't help this team's growth.

i know this is irrelevant, but iverson's official departure from the sixers should come in the next 48 hours according to Kate Fagan.

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