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The Seventh Ten

The Greek on Mar 5 at 9:18

I agree with you on the 3 wins, I think the Pacers might get a win on us. I am banking on sweeping the knicks and beating the nets. Although it would be great for our draft purposes if the knicks sweep us.

JohnEMagee on Mar 5 at 9:45

They can lose to the Nets, the celtics did.

For the Raptors, last reports were Bosh would be back tonight

The Greek reply to JohnEMagee on Mar 5 at 13:34

I saw this happen in person twice last season. First with Harris's miracle last second half court shot and then when the sixers came to jersey and laid a 67 point stinker. Good luck to the nets.

I voted with optimism, 2-8. If EJ gets fired, however, all bets are off.

The Sixers have another run in them. Don't know if it is this week or next, but they get to 30+ wins. And then get your boots out, because the BS is going to be laid on thick about reasons for hope next year.

The Ed's are in job preservation mode. Their motives and the team's (and fans') are not aligned.

So I'll go with 3-7, but then a strong closing run.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Mar 5 at 11:57

The coach may be in preservation mode but it's been demonstrated that he's pretty feckless...I don't think him being in preservation mode affects his inability to coach.

I think what affects wins losses the most going forward is the health or lack thereof of Elton Brand.

Brand gives the sixers a better chance of winning

3-7 puts them at 25-45 with 12 games left to play, so a 5-7 finish would get them to 30 wins.

Looking at their remaining schedule, if a run is going to happen, it's going to have to start in these 10 games. After the Chicago game, they have three back-to-backs in their final 12 games. Only Detroit has a worse record than they do on their schedule. Orlando (x2), Milwaukee (x2), Charlotte, Miami (x2), Atlanta and OKC all have something to play for. Memphis and Detroit are the only two teams they play who are definitely out of the playoff race.

I just don't see it. Not with the way this team is looking right now, and the increasingly toxic atmosphere Jordan is creating. Maybe we see a bump if Jordan gets fired, otherwise, I don't think they get to 30 wins. 8-14 doesn't seem likely with this remaining schedule.

The Greek on Mar 5 at 13:42

Yeah, I'm not a fan of Gonzo, but I did read that.

Duracorr on Mar 5 at 16:58

I say 2-8. The team is in tank mode no matter what the coach says or does.

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