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Stefanski Speaks to the Season Ticket Holders

Wish I could have gone. Despite living in the city, I work 45 miles out, and my car broke down over the weekend.

Wow. Good news back to back days without the ugly mug today. Thanks Dean H!

You always get the best pictures. Can I request a picture of Eddie Jordan looking really mad?

Great information, Dean.

Great blog, Brian. I try to check up at least 2 times a day.

As for the idea of building, block by block, from yesterday's post. I think with the way free agency works, it's really challenging because of market value of "pieces" and length of guaranteed contracts. We were at a similar point a few years back when we were a run and gun, defensive team.

We had a hole, we signed Brand. Let's say he didnt get hurt, and they play well, can't beat Orlando, but might have had a shot against the Hawks. Fine. The problem is you don't have any more space to fill in spots.

In effect, you've capped your potential with iguodala's contract and brand's contract because complimentary players cost so much, 5,7,9 $million.

That's why it'll always come down to the young rookie rookie deals, mixed with a few big money guys. It's that type of inflexibility that comes with the current cap situation that makes getting young, "lucky" talent, a more plausible option for building contenders because you dont get into albatross contracts. It's like this every 5 years: you have an evolving star, iverson, iguodala, now jrue, and we build around them with re-treads like brand, webber, glen robinson, coleman. and then you lose peak years on those stars. In my humble opinion, I like to lose years on their early part of their career so they get hungrier and more focused on winning; see paul pierce.

We can't do this yet, but when it comes time for the Brand deal to be expiring, or Dalembert leaving the team, I don't want them to be replaced by an old Pau Gasol or an old Brandon Bass or Marcin Gortat.

JohnEMagee on Mar 9 at 10:04

I think actions speak louder than words, and spinning that Van Gundy and Johnson had 'other committments' that couldn't let them coach the sixers this year is spin...saying luxury tax isn't an issue but only offering andre miller a one year deal seems contradictory...

One thing Ed Stefanski seems to excel at is spin, show me, show the fans that care that you aren't just placating folk so they'll commit to spend a few thousand dollars before you go cheap in the head coaching job and spend nothing in the off season that would lead to a luxury tax payment

I do not believe Ed S was spinning last night. Obviously there is no reason to pay luxury tax IF they are not going to compete. Yes, the proof will be in the pudding IF they hire a top notch coach at a high price. If they go the cheap end again, then all he said is garbage.

I personally felt that Ed S knows something has to happen to get the fans back. The coach is the first step.

Another issue, Ed S said we needed a "nasty" player on the team. All the guys are real nice guys. But, he needs to play, not be like Reggie was with 12 minutes a game.

Lastly, A Miller issue did come up, Ed said that they were not willing to go 3 years and did not see that fitting into their plans. I agree. He said the money was not the issue????? All we can do is take him at his word. Speculation is just gossip which I am not interested in considering. I will believe Ed till he is proved wrong.

JohnEMagee reply to DeanH on Mar 9 at 15:26

Another issue, Ed S said we needed a "nasty" player on the team.

Feh, that's complete and total spin because it's part of the 'philadlephia fan make up' - they loved reggie cause he was 'nasty' even though he sucked.

That to me is ENTIRELY spin

You can believe him, if you want, but it all sounds like spin to me.

Ok - don't want to do miller for 3 years - did they offer 2 years with an team option/buyout for a 3rd?

John, your opinions are opinions.

Ed stated words that we need someone that will challenge the guys to play better, not the way you took it.

He also stated that Kapono needs to play steady as a shooter. Another swipe at Jordan. I agree with that in that if Kapono had played even 6 minutes EVERY game, he would be more consistent. He has lost his mojo, obviously.

Statman reply to DeanH on Mar 9 at 15:33

Dean, thanks for the inside scoop! I'm curious what contributed to your impression that Stefanski was critical of Jordan? Did he say anything directly about Jordan?

Did Stefanski talk about Lou Williams at all? I wonder if he thinks Lou is part of the core of the team that he hopes to keep together.

And as a season ticket holder, would you support the team next year if they fired the coach, kept the same core, and added a draft pick in the #9-#11 range?

Stefanski gave no defense throughout the complete night of Jordan. Did not say 1 positive thing about Jordan all night. Agreed with some comments that the rotations did not make sense.

Sadly, I got the impression that Stefanski still thinks Lou is part of the core. However, he also made it clear he would trade anyone if it made sense.

As long as they get rid of Jordan, I will renew. Personally, I think the team is going the right way and do like Ed's leadership. I guess I am a diehard fan.

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