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Self-fulfilling Prophecy

I gotta say, a big reason this is so torturous to watch right now is not the losing. At least for a little while, they were playing hard and finding ways to blow leads. My big problem with watching this right now is lack of effort on the floor. The selfishness of our offense was an embarrassment tonight, and I can't really even come to grips with the defense. Jrue was the only person I was remotely happy with, looking up and trying to find people. From a vet, that attitude might be infectious but not yet with the rookie.

They still played hard earlier in the season with Jordans asinine defensive rotations. It would be like, "Great Thad, way to overhelp with this stupid system, running around like a chicken with your head cut off." At least that chicken had effort though and was hustling like a madman. Now it's not even there. Even more disappointing is that, like Brian pointed out, we've been spoiled by the effort we saw the last two years. The other team was going to have to bring it to win a game at home or on the road. The NBA is a tough place to be when your team doesn't care, and we are there right now.

Pretty much my thoughts exactly. If this isn't "losing a team" I don't know what is.

It's time to make a change to at least get a proper message through to the players for the remainder of the season. It won't be easy to convince them another mistake won't be made regarding the next coach especially if ES is still the GM but hopefully they regain some trust in the organization. I see no positive's except the draft positioning if they finish with this coach. Gotta remove the main cause of this pathetic effort. Let's emphasize defense and effort for the remaining games and see who buys in.

bebopdeluxe on Mar 11 at 7:57
johnrosz reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 11 at 13:03

Remember when CSN did an in game interview with him during the Detroit series? He said he was really impressed with our veteran point guard "Reggie Miller" Said it 2 or 3 times...guy doesn't really strike me as a big basketball fan,it shows.

deepsixersuede on Mar 11 at 8:00

I want E.S. brought down to coach this group and told by management they have to show something or he and the players are gone. I want Jrue/Iggy/Thad/Elton and Sam starting the rest of the year, and Meeks getting 20 minutes a game, in place of Willie. I want Jason getting 20 minutes a game and maybe, maybe I!ll continue watching. We have a p.g. that is stretching the floor so maybe Thad and Iggy will work. And come draft night, if a big and a s.g. of equal value are sitting there, they may be able to go big, because it is a tougher position to fill.

They finally got that Dalembert, Brand, Thad, Iguodala, Jrue lineup in the game. Unforunately, though, it is listed in red in the rotation chart. I know the effort wasn't there last night, but seeing that lineup as the one in red definitely feels like getting kicked while I'm already down.

Jeff reply to scott on Mar 11 at 9:11

calculate how many minutes that rotation has played together in the last few months and you might understand why they couldn't excel together.
Random rotations thrown together is something we've grown accustomed to this season. It's at the point where even the right rotations don't work.

Like 15 games ago, I predicted a run from our sixers to take us to the bottom of the lottery. Boy was I wrong, Eddie the Tank exceeded my expectations 10fold.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Mar 11 at 10:19

Can anyone name a worse coaching job in any sport? Can Eddie Jordan's job with 09-10 Sixers possibly be the worst coaching job ever? im not a historian on coaching but 2 disasters come to mind....

1) Gerard Kemkers: the Dutch speed skating coach who cost his skater a 2010 gold medal by telling him to switch lanes. the guy was ahead by like 20 seconds in the end of the race.

2) Bill Callahan: Raiders coach that somehow caused a mutiny in the locker room in 2003. Tim Brown and charles woodson didnt show up for the last game of the season.

You say it very well, Brian. However, I do not agree that this will affect the team in the future IF we make the right moves soon. Professionals bounce back quickly if put in the right position.

I have NEVER left a game in the 3rd quarter before last night. But I could not stay and watch Willie Green play anymore on this team with MEEKS sitting on the bench in a blowout. I cannot and will not from now on.

Eddie Jordan is the worst coach I have EVER seen in any level in my life. I personally think Ed S needs to coach this "team" this year so he can see himself what mess Jordan has made of this playoff team.

Tom Moore on Mar 11 at 15:38
teddy green on Mar 11 at 16:05

If Larry Brown is so concerned with Allen Iverson, then why doesn't he find him a roster spot on the Bobcats or possibly the Clippers, or possibly the Sixers or where ever team the gyspy coaches next.

Larry seems like the father of a troubled child who wants to unload his kid on someone else's door step. Does Larry feel gulity because he gave Iverson to much leniency and now his bad habits have festered into potential self destruction?

Jordan had this really great line in the paper today:

Jordan cited Sunday afternoon's win over the Toronto Raptors, who are holding a playoff spot. "You guys push that aside like it's nothing?" Jordan said. "We split a road trip. I know we lost to an Indiana team that's probably not going to be in the playoffs. Our team is working hard, they're good-character guys in there. Like all teams, once in a while, they just need a kick in the pants and motivation and positive thoughts."

johnrosz reply to Tray on Mar 11 at 18:47

EJ's ability to contradict himself is like nothing I've ever seen. Almost everything he says is the antithesis of his previous statement. A kick in the pants and positive thoughts go together like peanut butter and jelly apparently...

AaronMcKie4MVP on Mar 11 at 19:07

I watched the Kansas/Texas Tech game today to get a look at Cole Aldrich and Xavier Henry. Havent weatched much college bball this season so this is my only data point on these guys

Aldrich: In the first 5 minutes, it was obvious the guy was the best player on the floor. dominates the glass, blocks shots, plays D. Its not often you get a dominating defender with offensive skill. This guy has some serious offensive moves. I would love to see Aldrich playing in Philly next season. not sure why he is projected to go 5-6. I see him as top 3. Depending on specific team need, i would consider taking him 1 .

Henry: on the positive, he looks like a good on-ball defender, and hit a few open shots in the second half. Terrible first half . saw 2 bad plays that i really didnt like early on. I think he is a passive player.

1) There was a loose ball about 20 feet up court from where he was guarding his man. Henry was too slow in reacting when it was clear TT gained posession of the ball. it was as if his mind was still playing offense. led to an easy upcourt pass and TT bucket. Could have EASILY been prevented.

2) Assumed a teammate was going to grab the ball instead of reaching out himself... Kansas lost possession

he also missed a chance for a sweet putback dunk. he fumbled the ball coming off the rim - looked like he had 2 left hands. the two drives (from decent pump fakes) i saw were terrible. 1 led to a charge, the other was bailed out with a foul. the guy kind of just floats around the 3 point line all game waiting for a pass. he didnt seem to be a key part of the offense. his teamates werent going out of their way to get him the ball either.

I really wanted to like this guy. Looks like the top rated SG that will be on the board when Philly picks. This guy is not going to be a very good NBA player, at least not what you hope from a lottery pick.

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