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SixersBeat Radio Show Tonight

The Greek on Mar 11 at 18:54

Brian and Derek, since it is obvious to anyone who watches the sixers play what we need next season can you guys talk about all the Shooting guards and Centers that will be in the draft this season?

Just got done talking with my friend about ALrich and I would be happy with him on our team. He is a great rebounder and shotblocker and unlike that piece of shit Sammy D, he doesn't jack up a jumper every time he gets the ball.

We can talk briefly about the draft. I was kinda holding off on that until the season was officially over, when I was going to have Jonathan Givony on the show once or twice, but it's getting hard to talk about the nitty-gritty with this team. We may have to bump that up.

The Greek reply to The Greek on Mar 11 at 19:00

sorry mistyped the big galoots name, Aldrich!!!

Also if you can please talk about what you think that we will do or should do with the expiring contracts next season. Being that we won't be making any moves this off season besides firing the buffoons, those expiring contracts at the trade deadline next season will be the next time we might be changing up our rosters.

That is unless they make an off season trade>>>> what's that you ask? Yeah we never make any offseason trades anymore, Stefanki enjoys his holidays too much that prick!

Tray reply to The Greek on Mar 11 at 19:11

I would rather have someone with massive potential who may not pan out than a sure thing role player. Being that I think we're a long way away talent-wise. If you like our core, Aldrich's a nice pick.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to Tray on Mar 11 at 20:31

i think aldrich is much better than a role player in the nba. i just posted a long rant about he and Xavier Henry under Brian's last topic. whenever i post a lot, a brand new toipic always goes up ! maybe i will paste it ovewr here.

Please, make recommendations on topics to discuss. Everything I can think of is downright depressing.

If you could swap rosters with any team in the league, who might that be?

How many and which teams have it worse than the sixers?

We sort of covered this, but limited it to the atlantic division. My feeling was that with the Celts, Knicks and Nets you at least have some hope either in change or maybe in a rekindled spirit for a final run (celts), so they're probably in better shape. I wouldn't trade the Sixers problems for Toronto's, Derek would probably take Toronto if they keep Bosh.

sdg reply to Brian on Mar 11 at 22:34

I would rather be the Knicks. The Celts are not going to win a championship with their roster, and they don't have the cap space to add any big free agents. The Knicks on the other hand have 39 million to spend. When they are finished spending that money they can resign Lee and Harrington

That's not how it works. They don't have that cap space unless they renounce Lee, Harrington and McGrady. Meaning they can re-sign them, but they can't go over the cap to do so. Basically, they have enough cap space to sign two players to healthy deals, if they bring back Lee, he's one of them.

stanley reply to Brian on Mar 12 at 0:39

I didnt know that. I thought that in the NBA you were allowed to re-sign your own players even if you were over the cap. I believe that's what the Sixers did with Iguodala after they signed Brand.

Yes, you can re-sign your own players if you're over the cap, you have their bird rights, which allow you to go over and offer them more money. The big thing here is that those players count against your cap, and they count against it in a big way. They have cap hold numbers, I believe its about $11M for Lee. So technically, the Knicks don't have any cap space at all heading into the offseason because they have cap holds for all their free agents. To create the cap space, they have to rescind their bird rights to all of those players first, to remove their cap holds. At that point, Lee becomes just like any other free agent, and they have to be able to afford him under the cap.

It's late, and I'm not sure how clear that was. Check here for a better explanation.

How about you discuss what would be the record if this team was coached by:
1) Avery Johnson
2) Byron Scott
3) JVG
4) Greg Popovich (or any other great coach, Brown etc)

remember, same roster, different coach

Sorry, didn't see this before the show. I'd say probably around .500 with the first two, better with the last two.

The hottest ticket in New York is for a losing franchise. In just a couple of weeks, the New York Knicks have taken deposits on 1,800 new season tickets. For those keeping score at home, that's the fastest the team has sold this many new season tickets in its storied history. Considering the team is heading for another losing season and hasn't won a playoff series in a decade, it can be assumed that all this excitement has to do with the anticipation of the free agents the team is going to sign for next season

I hope the Knicks fuck up the ofseason

deepsixersuede on Mar 11 at 23:51

A. McKie, I don!t think Aldrich gets past Detroit or Wash. , so we have to get in the top 6 to get him probably. Henry is in a situation that doesn!t allow him to show his skills but every 3rd or 4th time down the floor because of all the talent around him. J. Anderson, on the other hand, is his teams focal point and if I picked out of those 2 off of what I have seen this year, it would be a no brainer, Anderson; but Henry has shown flashes of things and, like Derek has said, if he improves his handle he could be something.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to deepsixersuede on Mar 12 at 14:09

I have 3 huge problems with Henry. 1) he looked extremely weak driving. he gets defenders off the ground with a nice head fake but he looks really awkward making a move afterward. 2) the scouting reports i read describe him as 'average athleticism'. i think this is being kind. 3) passive aggressive style. the guy doesnt have an nose for the ball.

I have just 1 data point - the TT game. but nonetheless this is my impression . i will follow him more closely from here on out. i really look forward to following Anderson.

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