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Trading Places

A rich Russian ownner seems a lot more appealing than the ownership we have now.
I'm also a fan of Brook Lopez, their potential for a #1 or #2 pick and the cap space they have. I'd say this season is a good sacrifice for what they could have in the future and a combination of these factors very well may attract the best FAs this summer.
I'd switch with the Nets.

Eddie Jordan would switch with the Raptors. Their lack of defense, coupled with his braces, make him salivate.

Teddy Green on Mar 12 at 6:13

Hey Brian,

No offence, but it’s going to take more than having the team with the rosiest future in arguably the worst division in the league to lift my spirts. Been there done that, and all it lead to was a first round exit. We really need to find that elusive superstar to offset the over paid contracts of Dalambert, Brand, and Iggy.

For example a Dwight Howard type of star who is so dominant that he makes us over look the bad contract of Rashard Lewis, or a Carmelo Anthony type of star who makes us overlook the over priced contract of Kenyon Martin, and a Steve Nash type of star who makes us overlook Jason Richardson's contract.

But baring a John Wall or Evan Turner lucky break; we’re just going to have live with the unhappiness-unless Eddie Jordan gets fired, then it a fiesta...

Shawn reply to Teddy Green on Mar 12 at 9:19


bebopdeluxe on Mar 12 at 8:25
Tom Moore on Mar 12 at 10:34

LeBron will play tonight after missing last two games with nagging injuries.

Speights (sprained right knee) is still out.

Detroit plays Washington tonight, which means one of them has to win :).

johnrosz on Mar 12 at 12:13

Cheeks got fired after losing to Cleveland. Go Cavs.

AaronMcKie4MVP on Mar 12 at 12:23

check this out... in may 08, listed under the category of 'decent coaches', 12th overall in the NBA.. lol

"12. Eddie Jordan, Washington - I'd love to see what he can do with a decent roster. Besides the big three, he has trash in Washington."


This waiting on the coaching decision is killing me. Just get rid of this guy and move on. Hopefully Cleveland wins big tonight and puts a fork in Coach Eddie.

OldSchoolFan on Mar 12 at 13:56

They won't fire him now if they also plan on firing Stefanski. they will want to let the new GM pick the coach.

Wanting a new GM to pick a new coach wouldn't preclude them from firing Jordan now. Stefanski isn't going to pick a new long term coach to finish out this season, he's going to promote from within someone to get them through the final 18 games.

i dont understand why they dont send jordan packing right now and elevate one of the assistants as an interim. maybe jim lynam.

the - when is he gonna be fired - drama is just going to hang over this team for the remainder of the season. might as well clear the air right now, relieve some of the tension that must be around the staff and players.

I agree, and I think we're quickly reaching that point. Unfortunately, I think a solid showing tonight could delay the inevitable. Another blowout may force their hand.

i wouldn't mind if the team waited until the end of the season to fire jordan. i mean if he stays, there is a very good chance we lose a lot more..like 5 more wins on this season would be a stretch. if we get a new interim coach, he will probably play smarter line ups than jordan and i really want a good high pick this year. i'm not saying i would be mad if he was fired before the end of the season, i will be ecstatic when he gets fired no matter the time, but since the season is already lost why not make sure we get a good pick? i do like the thought of the younger players getting more time, which is what would probably happen under and interim coach, but i also really like the thought of getting a high lottery pick.

deepsixersuede on Mar 12 at 18:07

I definitely switch with the Nets; Yi is the perfect strech the floor 4 for Lebron and a backcourt rotation of Wall, Harris, Lee and Douglas-Roberts supplies plenty of D and scoring; they will surpass the turnaround of the Spurs when Robinson was hurt and Duncan came aboard.

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