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Red, White and You?

Well. Loved Hal Greer's jump shot at the foul line. Don't think that would motivate me to renew season tickets(if I had them). If anyone wants to watch our draft pick(Monroe) and the proper way to run the Princeton Offense check out Georgetown vs WV on ESPN.

Rich reply to sfw on Mar 13 at 22:20

WV is doing a good job handling Monroe, they are a great and physical defensive team. I still love Monroe though, and will be rooting (and hoping) for him to rebound in the 2nd Half.

I finally caught two Georgetown games in the past two days. There are things I love about Monroe's game, but I also have some serious questions. I love his handle and passing ability, but to be honest with you, those two things are so far down on the list for me out of a 4/5. It's like a point guard with a post-up game, something you like to see, but it's meaningless if he can't run the point.

I'm not saying I don't want him, but I need to see a couple of things first:

1) How's he going to rebound at the next level.
2) Can he play with his back to the basket? I didn't really see it in either game, and he had size advantages in both. He looked a little goofy in the post, actually.
3) How is his footwork going to be on the defensive end.

Having a 4/5 who you can run offense through at the high post is a really nice thing to have, but not at the expense of poor rebounding/defense and limited interior scoring. Having a 4/5 who can hit jumpers out to 20 feet is nice to have too, but that doesn't mean Speights is necessarily a plus when he's on the floor.

Anyway, just some concerns I have with Monroe, I'm definitely going to try to catch their tourney game(s).

deepsixersuede on Mar 13 at 23:41

I love the way a Huggins team, and his former assistant [F.Martin] team plays, physical and solid defense. Let!s put our current roster in a dark room with Bob and see who comes out.


When I looked at the pamphlet again because I was so pissed when I got it I didn't mention that on the first page it is actaully, Doc, Moses, Billy C.and Darryl Dawkins. Which kind of makes you wonder if they were going old school why Hal Greer is not on there. Probably good marketing on their part rather then try to market this losing team and organization. However they won't get my commitment for the 1st time in 8 years. As I said I will evaluate the team going into camp and the way they sell tix or lack there of you can get them sometimes for half price on different sites. I sold my tix for Clev game and only got half price. Right now it seems like a frivoulous expense with how bad this team is.

Sorry can't get off this topic but look at the secondary Market for these tickets. 4.69 -15.00 tickets almost center court !!! And they want you to commit to a full season !


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