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These Losses Absolutely Matter

JohnEMagee on Mar 14 at 14:46

Right now, the Sixers are 9th from the bottom, but they're only 2 games away from 4th. Two games away from increasing their odds at the #1 pick tenfold.

Actually, 7 fold, exactly, your friendly neighborhood math geek

any chance this game might turn into another dunk fest between AI9 and DWade?

With the tenth overall pick the Sixers select...

Ugh. The Clippers are sure doing their best aren't they?

I think too much is being made from this losing/winning mentality. When a team has a good system and right players for the system (or the other way round :D) they are going to win games. And as a result they will have a winning mentality, no matter what their record in previous seasons was.
What needs to be done is simple:
1. Limit the minutes of the "senior" players
2. Give as much minutes as possible to the youngsters. At the end of the day, the thing young players mostly lack is experience and confidence. Playing and even learning through the mistakes is the fastest way to improvement.
3. Do not tank the games intentionally. Let it happen as a result of playing the young guys

In the end, we desperately need a superstar. And statistically superstars usually get drafted in the top 5 picks. That's where we need to land...

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 18:07

They sure do matter. Because we are soooo close to being able to maybe, emphasis on maybe, snare a game changer, however small of one. Loving the headline.

Alrighty, I've got the Philly feed on League Pass, Zum and Pinckney couldn't be bigger company men.

Not sure why they aren't showing it in HD, since nothing is on LP HD, but whatever.

Same starters for the Sixers.

The draft has been "John Wall tier one, Evan Turner tier 2, everyone else after that". I'm moving Favors into that tier with Evan Turner. The Sixers getting John Wall is just unrealistic. Nobody's going to take the risk of giving him up, even if they're not a true believer. The Sixers need to do everything they can to get one of Favors or Turner. They're the two who can really be game-changers on both ends of the court.

I haven't seen a big man who projects to be dominant on both ends of the court like Favors has since Dwight. The difference between him and Cousins is night and day. I'd take Favors over Cousins without a second thought. I hope someone gets enamored with Cousins and Favors falls to 4, and we do whatever we can to trade up and get him. Tank to lose, package something with our pick, whatever.

I caught a little of GT's game today, then switched over to Kentucky. Any concern over Favors' hands?

IMO his hands are generally good. Wouldn't worry too much about them from this game.

Yeah, I haven't seen him play at all, just about the first five minutes of today's game and he batted a couple entry passes in the time I was watching.

His defense/rebounding would be ahead of his offense coming into the league, right?

Yes. He's an Al Horford type defender, IMO. Pick and roll, post, weakside defense, defensive rebounding. Great overall.

Sounds good to me. Four is the lowest he could possibly drop, right?

Yes. Personally, I think if he goes past 3 it's a huge mistake, but I can see it being made.

Sammy w/ the leg sleeve. He actually lost the tip, that doesn't happen often.

Is Iguodala on Wade and Jrue on Q?

There's that damned commercial again. Jordan teaching little kids the weave and heave.

JRUE 4 3.

Jrue is on Wade now, they're trying to go at him in the post and on isos. Two times this possession Jrue got his hand on the ball.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 18:25

Brand slacking on D.

Which play?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 18:28

The one right before that where MIA kicked out for that cross court jumper i think

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 18:29

and that weak display of giving Wade the uncontested layup right there putting his hands straight up. he could have fouled

Earlier in the season, that's a hard foul.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 18:35

It sure was.... All part of the tank :)

Pick and roll is killing them.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Mar 14 at 18:30

yeah, that play above about Brand, i believe that started with him casually rolling with his man down the lane and his guy received the pass and then kicked it out.

Alright, Meeks and Smith first two off the bench.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 18:31

Jrue on fire. Just value the ball kid.

I like this a ton. Keeps the ball in Jrue's hands too, they don't want Meeks handling.

Pretty bounce pass in the break after stealing to start it by Jrue. Finish by AI9.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 18:34

whew, what a long-strided bounce pass by Jrue to Iggy there.

What's wrong w/ the Bease?

Bruised thigh.

Meeks airball. Whoops.

There's just nothing you can do about the last two hoops Wade hit. Absolutely nothing.

8-0 run by Miami to close the quarter. 31-21 Heat after 1.

Carnage with a pair of threes to open the second. Still no minutes for Willie.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 19:01

Somebody remind Ed he still needs to get rid of Lou this offseason please.

Pretty find of Thad by Jrue there. Arroyo is getting wherever he wants with the basketball.

Bad pass by Jrue for a turnover, ugh.

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 19:02

Not even a half played yet and funny how different of a feel this game has comparing to what they put on the floor the other night vs Cle. heh


In and out for JK, Jrue hits another three. Wow.

Jrue 4 3 x 4.

Is it just me, or is Jrue's release getting a little bit longer, and a little bit more behind his head? Beginning to look a little like McKie's (although not as long).

Much better balance and extension than he had earlier in the season.

7/13 from three in the first half, still down by 10.

Alright, down by 8 at the half. EFJ has the tank, err I mean play the young guys, rotations set. Feeling good about this one.

I think the coaching staff has worked on Jrue's defense the same way the worked on Thad with his shot.

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Mar 14 at 19:25

It's always been overstated. Hasn't the excuse for him always been he's only 19?

There's never been an excuse for his defense. It doesn't require one.

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 14 at 19:32

Way overstated again.

He's a very good defender who, when we get bigs who can defend the pick and roll and he gains experience, will be great. I don't think that's overstating it. We'll just have to disagree.

On my list of people to complain about defensively on this team, he's on the bottom two or three.

BTW, that's not saying Jrue never makes a bad defensive play. There's nobody in this league who never makes a mistake and never gets burned, particularly by a player as good or Wade. It just means that, overall, I don't need to make an excuse for Holiday because overall it's good.

Glad Wade's slowed down since we put Iguodala on him. 9 points in first 6 minutes of 3rd.

He was only on him for the corner three, of the 9 points, though. Kapono wound up on him for the jumper, the other 2 shots were cherry picking/transition.

One of the jumpers he was on him and got picked off.

Nevermind. That was a wide open 3 he missed.

Point being, not that Iguodala has played bad defensively, but that good offensive players do, on occasion, score on good defenders.

Jrue is currently 11th in the league in 3pt % (among guys with more than 100 attempts).

Kapono starting the second half? Is Lou hurt?

Kapono with the dribble drive? He just doubled his point output for the year in 3 minutes. (4)

You think Kapono is in there simply to get that first three of 2010?

0 for 2010!!!

Did O'Neill throw a punch? Nice fucking camera work.

That was a carry on Wade before AI9 stuffed him.


Damnit, 1 for 2010.

there it is god damnit kapono

Pretty finish by Lou on that & 1. Comeback city?

Ruh roh, Sixers only down by 5 after three.

We're so close to a 4-way tie at 23 wins too

eddies' heady's on Mar 14 at 20:05

Here comes tankman, thank goodness. Getting too close here.

Well, you can't say Eddie Jordan isn't trying to lose this one. Kapono in for Iguodala.

There we go. Kapono in for AI9 = 5-point Miami run. Back to double digits. EFJ is a tanking genius.

Iguodala, Holiday and Dalembert are off the floor. When that happens, mediocre offensive players become threats.

Smith was blocked 3 times on that possession. Awesome.

I really think EJ thought the team would be effective if Carney, Kapono, and J Smith were all in at the same time.

Yep...no lineup change after TO

There we go. Lead back up to 16. 23-43 it is. Let's go Sacto.

Slizeezyc on Mar 14 at 20:15

Stick around for the rest of the year Eddie, or at least for this next stretch of important games to lose -- Knicks, Nets, Knicks.

Greg Monroe is this team's target. Unrelated to the princeton offense.

That was Kapono's first FTA since 11/25. First made free throw since Halloween.

Fuck. Tank man can't miss. I already updated the record on the home page.

Jrue needs to go up strong on that drive.

Thad at the five. Love it.

Duracorr on Mar 14 at 20:33

Why would AI9 take that 3 pointer when everyone else on the floor shoots them better than he does?

johnrosz reply to Duracorr on Mar 14 at 20:36

Take that back, Andre Iguodala is a great shooter, just ask him...

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Mar 14 at 20:37

He's the sta!

Nice TO Eddie. Down 13 with 39 seconds. He's always teaching

Did you see how EVERYONE was just standing around while Jrue tried pass the ball in. NO MOVEMENT. What coaching!!!! Awesome!

johnrosz on Mar 14 at 20:35

We're still fouling down 12 with half a minute left. There's no quit in that Eddie Jordan!

Jrue kills his 3pt% w/ a meaningless shot to end the game. Rookie mistake.

love it. how many games in a row have we lost?

4 straight, 9 out of 10


Duracorr on Mar 14 at 20:41

This week will be tough with 2 against the Knicks plus one with the Nets. We'll probably win 2 of 3 even with Tankman coaching.

This will be the week they nail down the 9th spot. I dount they can keep up this rate of loosing- but maybe they can surprise us.

In fact 13 of the next 16 are theoretically "winnable."

Not saying they win even 6 of those 13, but it will be extremely hard not to win a few of them. Enough to keep their lottery odds in the slim to none range.

johnrosz on Mar 14 at 20:43

What's the spin gonna be next year from Elton? This year he said he was FINALLY healthy, so NOW he was gonna show us what he had. In the off-season I think it'll be something along the lines of "Well...i hadn't played a full schedule in 2 years, but NOW I FINALLY have a full season under my belt. THIS is the year I return to form..." Lost in this coaching disaster is how terribly underwhelming Elton Brand has been. I don't give a shit if hes a good guy. hes a fucking stiff now, an absolute stiff.

johnrosz on Mar 14 at 20:51

Reggie Miller vs. the Knicks documentary comes on in a couple minutes for anyone that wants to take their minds off the Sixers situation

AaronMcKie4MVP on Mar 15 at 0:13

big win by the Kings tonight! Sixers drop to 7 seed

I really hope we fall to #4 now. I'm still a big fan of DiLeo's drafting.

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