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I Hope You Aren't Superstitious

and we're the 7th worst team right now ! goodbye 9th spot !

deepsixersuede on Mar 15 at 7:52

#6 may get us W.Johnson or Aldrich, that would be as good a choice as we probably will get. Brian, a good coach would take advantage of Kapono, but coach Joran took a deadeye shooter and screwed him up bigtime, probably had Ayers work on his shot with him.

Jordan did not mess with Kapono in the least.

If anything, he actually tried to make Kapono into a useful player. The problem is that Kapono failed.

His 3PA per36 is at a career high, by a decent margin. The guy just sucks at basketball and only likes wide open shots.

I strongly disagree with you on Jordan not messing w/ Kapono. Even Ed S agreed that Jordan messed with him. Ed made the statement last Monday that shooters need minutes to get out of their slump. Kapono was the BEST 3 point shooter in the league. If he played regular minutes (could be 5 a game), he may have had his stroke still and we would have more wins. Thankfully, Jordan was not that smart to keep Kapono hot and/or use him in games he could have won. Thankfully!

JohnEMagee reply to DeanH on Mar 15 at 11:28

Kapono was 'messed with' before he got to Philadelphia, ever since he signed his long term deal with Toronto he wasn't the player he was in Miami. There are numerous explanations/theories why, but Kapono was broken before he got here which is why a team that couldn't give a rats ass about defense traded him for Reggie Evans

bebopdeluxe on Mar 15 at 10:56

Looking at history, since 1994 (when the current lottery format was instituted), the team with the 6th-worst record got a top-3 pick 25% of the time (above where the lottery percentages say it should turn out), and the team with the 5th-worst record got a top-3 pick 50% (!) of the time.

'Nuff said...

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to bebopdeluxe on Mar 15 at 11:16

the only statistics that matter are on the grid in Brian's previous post. what happened with 5 or 6 seed in the last 5 , 10, years means nothing.

the 5 seed has a 21.5% chance of getting in the top 3. the 6 seed has a 29% chance.

Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 11:44
Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 11:45

First graph should read:

Eddie Jordan doesn't get it.

I'd like to thank EJ for 1 thing. With all the $ I saved on not going to games this year I was able to purchase a Yamaha 7.2 receiver & Paradigm speakers.

Kapono is what he is, a one-dimensional pure shooter who might get hot every once in a while. For shooters, the difference between a scrub and a star is consistency. If Kapono happens to be hot (and let's face it, 3-for-8 from 3 isn't setting the world on fire, but it's scorching compared to his 2010 to date), he can be an asset if the rest of the lineup covers for his weaknesses. I saw him in person put about 20 in a half on Ray Allen, his one shining moment of the year. For the most part, though, he's Tankman.

A couple other comments:

- It seems to me that Brand and Dalembert aren't even bothering to cover their teammates on the pick-and-roll now. Add this to the "ways to play a pick-and-roll": the Sieve Option, allow the perimeter defender to get picked, don't come over to help, then allow the dribbler to get all the way to the basket for an easy lay-in or dunk. This is Exhibit A that the Sixers have packed it in for the year (I do think that Brand and Dalembert are trying in other aspects of the game), and the primary reason they haven't been able to get stops recently.

- I like Iguodala's aggressive mindset the last couple games. Not the taking of more shots, but the attempt to drive more. He needed to have this mentality all season, because it plays to his strengths.

- There was one play in the first half that was a perfect microcosm of Thad as a defender. He gave great help on a pick-and-roll, stopping the dribbler. He hustled back to his man. Then, when the ball went back to the perimeter, he started watching the ball, lost sight of his man, and gave up a 3.

- Poor Jason Smith. He might be the only 7-footer who jumps and is still below the rim.

You know what's been missing for 10-15 games from Iguodala, is the defensive rebound, instant fast break. He just hasn't been doing it. Maybe he's tired, maybe he just isn't motivated to kill himself. Whatever the problem is, that's a huge part of his game and the team's overall transition offense. We'll probably have to wait until next season to see it again, though.

Does Jason Smith have alligator arms?

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 13:53

iguodala did do the one man fastbreak a couple times in the cleveland game. then again, everyone actually got up for that contest. I think he, like everyone else on this roster, is just waiting for this season to end. "just trying to have some fun" in his own words.

Jason reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 15:35

Iguodala has played all but 6 games in the last 6 seasons. I really wish we'd give him a rest, especially considering we aren't playing to win. I won't be shocked if at 30 or 31 his games falls off because of it.

At the very least, cut him down to 30 minutes/game and let Thad play some three. That serves a couple of purposes.

"Tank, tank, tank"

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