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Something To Root For - Jrue 4 3!

That is what the rest of this season is about.

Losing every game and seeing Jrue become great.

If we can get a good coach (please don't get Collins) we all might have something to look forward too again. Iggy and Jrue are something to build around. Everyone else can be used to get more pieces to build a defensive running based team around them.

Yeah, I'm kind of pissed the 0-for-2010 storyline is dead. Kapono pisses me off.

Mike P. reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 15:19

Maybe he will start a dunk streak tonight?

True we can root for Kapono's first dunk in a game for his career.

Can we improve our P&R defense? Can we stop pentration, time and time again? Can we do a better job coming out to the 3 point line and hawking shooters? Can we do a better job following curls?

That's up to the players as much as it is up to the future coach. EB could be a small hole and part of a bigger problem with respect to developing team D identity. EB, thad, speights, even dalembert at times, and whoever our joke at SG is. Our defense is destined to drop off from the peak of last few seasons.

The peak of our team defense was actually under Cheeks when Brand was here, before cheeks got fired.

Shawn reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 14:51

And he got hurt and played 27 games last year

shawn reply to Shawn on Mar 15 at 14:56

plus his block rate and rebounding is down this year as opposed to two years ago when he was fully health

Point being, this group of players was able to defend efficiently, and defend the three efficiently. I need to see what they can do with some defensive coaching before I consider them a poor defensive group.

I'll play devil's advocate for a minute Brian. There's one flaw I see in Jrue's shot, it's a little slow. I think this does two things, one good and one bad. The good thing is that he rarely ever takes a bad shot because he has to be wide open to get it off. Still, he HAS to be wide open to get it off. I'd like to see some work off the dribble and shoot a little more. To the naked eye he has been very good shooting off the catch, but not as much with the dribble.

If he could be able to work of the screen and become a terror, and I think Billups is the best in the game at that, then it would free up options. Right now, I think Jrue's wide-open shooting is a great start, but he needs to prove he can do it as a ball-handler off the dribble. We're obviously not going to run him off screens. It's nitpicking, and I fully expect him to master the art of shooting off the dribble, but that's what I'd like to see.

"To the naked eye he has been very good shooting off the catch, but not as much with the dribble."

Catch and shoot: 44.9% raw, 63.8% adjusted
off the dribble: 36.9% raw, 39.3% off the dribble.

37% off the dribble is actually slightly above league average. His catch and shoot is just ungodly efficient right now, better than 94% of the league.

Hmmm, thanks for the stats, I guess the kid has been that good in all areas then. I just feel that he's shooting off the dribble more when someone kind of lay off of him or on a broken play. I want him shooting the ball off the pick and roll late in games as a major threat to the defense. I haven't seen that yet, but it's coming. At the end of games, he'll give other teams that sinking feeling that other big-time PG's give me now.

I can't think of a ton of jumpers off the dribble. The ones I do remember have come when he's caught the ball behind the three point line, pump-faked to clear a defender closing out on him, one dribble inside the line and then a jumper. Really good rhythm on the shot (even though I hate long two-point jumpers with a passion). I really can't remember many jumpers off the P&R.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 15:18

I think that would prove why his stats are above average in that area. He doesn't shoot off the dribble as much as drive, and his off the dribble stuff leads into a jumper that's easy to get set for. They are obviously great shots, but he will need to do be able to do more off the dribble if he is the primary ball handler and the guy who stretches the defense at the same time. That would basically mean he has the total package, but finding a way to make yourself a good shot (and the threat of it) puts great pressure on the defense.

Seems to me that Elton needs to work on some agility drills. He loses balance and doesn't have the foot work down on those pick and rolls. Could also be that this hasn't been a point of emphasis during practices this year.

Sadly, I think it's equal parts laziness and complete lack of a plan on the coaching staff's part. Systematically, the Sixers don't set screens properly (Jason Smith set one nice pick last night) and they have no idea how to handle the pick-and-roll on the defensive end. The bigs don't show, or show very poorly creating a pointless double, or they just stay glued to their men.

Another thing that's lacking is fighting through screens.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 15:21

Honestly, there's not even a plan on the pick and roll. It's embarrassing, and the players do something different every time. Except when guys like Lou or Willie get hung up on screens, that happens every time. They might be the two easiest guys to screen in the NBA.

If they're numbers one and two, Thad is number three. That guy sticks to screens like a fly on flypaper. Check it out tonight.

raro reply to Rich on Mar 15 at 15:33

I always thought Dalembert did a good job of showing. He actually has the quickness to get back to his man tho, which is not exactly Brand's greatest strength.

Rich reply to raro on Mar 15 at 15:36

Sometimes when Sammy shows it's a pointless double that really has no trap involved at all. He also doesn't get back to his man very quickly. This could be solved with coaching unfortunately Ayers has mangled the P and R almost as much as Thad's jumper.

Dalembert shows more than Brand, but then he gets completely lost. Sometimes I like watching the Hawks just to see how Horford does it. KG in his prime was probably the best.

Showing means you just need to slow him down, make sure he doesn't turn the corner and go right to the hole, or pull up right away for a jumper. You're basically slowing him down until his man can catch up, then you recover to your own man, quickly with your arms up to cut off the pass.

Doubling is a different animal altogether, and something you need to do with intense aggression to suffocate the guard so he can't hit the man who's open, because someone is.

Dalembert gets stuck between the two, usually. Which is really a bad place to be.

shawn reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 15:39

It really was a thing of beauty to watch old KG put his arms up when retreating. what a defensive force.

Tom Moore on Mar 15 at 15:27

I realize Willie Green isn't the fans' favorite, but he's a pro and a quality guy. Why couldn't Jordan have come to him before Sunday's game and said that Green might not play because the coach was going to take a look at Jodie Meeks and Jason Kapono? Green had played in every other game this season in which he was healthy. Is that asking too much?

Did you talk to Willie? Was he shocked by the DNPCD?

WG is a class act (at least publicly.):

"Guard Willie Green didn't see any time as Jordan decided to go with Jason Kapono and Jodie Meeks as his guard subs. "I didn't know anything," he said, "but I was happy to see my teammates get some good playing time""


Court_visioN on Mar 15 at 16:12

david beckham tore his achilles. he wants to return to playing soccer but judging by how elton brand has been doing since he injured his achilles, i would think beckham would be wiser just to call it quits and hang his boots up.

I'm glad to see Jrue hitting all of those 3's. As you said, it allows him to work better next to Iguodala.

But I don't see Jrue becoming a high volume 3pt shooter. His shots is probably best as a deterrent instead of a weapon, and his numbers will likely go down a ton if he really starts looking to shoot 3's.

In some ways it reminds me of Iguodala. His 1st 2 seasons he shot his career best percentage from 3pts by having good shot selection created by Iverson's drives (and wide open looks.) Then he started looking to create his own 3's and his numbers came crashing down:


Rookie: .331 on 142 attempts
2nd year: .354 on 158 attempts.

So given Jrue is off to a better start, I see him more in the 34-35% range unless he stays very selective.

Jrue Holliday: The next Darrel Armstrong

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to mohan on Mar 15 at 16:37

Jrue Holiday, the next Gary Payton. you heard it here first.

Is it just me or Jrue starts to remind me a lot to a young Deron Williams. I've actually compared their numbers from their rookie seasons a while ago and they correlated extremely well. I think Deron Williams is probably his ceiling. As for worst case scenario i'd say jarrett jack...


Hope you're right. Deron, as a 21 y/o rookie, put up nice numbers on a .500 Utah team, and really hit his stride by age 23.

But when you are talking rookie numbers you can probably find a ton of PG's with comparable stats.

Kevin Ollie on Mar 15 at 17:22

Do you envision Iguodala as our SG or our SF for the future? As a SF I see Iguodala as the 5th best SF in the league

1. Lebron James
2. Carmelo Anthony
3. Kevin Durant
4. Gerald Wallace
5. Andre Igoudala
6. Paul Peirce
7. Rudy Gay

As a SG he would be 5th

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Dwane Wade
3. Joe Johnson
4. Brandon Roy
5. Andre Iguodala
6. Tyreke Evans
7. Monta Ellis

The question who is the better SF? Young or Iguodala?
And if Iguodala is the better SF, is Igoudala's salary worth the talent difference between him and Young?
One of them has to be traded this off season.

Thad's nowhere near that list for SFs, so whether Iguodala or Thad is a better SF isn't really a question at all. Iguodala clearly is, by a large margin. The question is if you play Iguodala at the 3, can you get more out of the SG position than you can get out of Thad at the 3 if Iguodala is your SG. If that makes sense.

Like this:

AI9 (SF) + replacement SG vs. AI9 (SG) + Thad (SF)

If you're talking about having to trade one of them, then you're talking about having to trade Iguodala. If you think Thad is the answer at the three, and Iguodala is not the answer at the two, then you do need to trade Iguodala. If your choice is to stick with Iguodala at the three and find someone else to play the two, then there's absolutely no urgency in trading Thad. He's cheap and he's fine coming off the bench for the next season (or two if you pick up his qualifying offer).

In that second scenario, Thad becomes expendable, but you don't need to trade him, because he's still on his rookie contract and not hurting your cap number.

Make sense?

kevin ollie reply to Brian on Mar 15 at 18:11

It makes sense, but its good to trade Thad while his value is still high

Is his value really all that high right now? I'd think it'd be higher after a decent season under a decent coach. He's regressed this year under Jordan.

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