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With DiLeo on board I think they will get a good player. This will be the first time they have a top 10 pick since drafting Iguodala. I'm not sure how many franchise saving players are in their grasp- but at very least they will add a talented piece.

Honestly, the team might have top 10 picks for another 2-3 years. Hopefully they can strike gold in that stretch. But losing these next 2 weeks might be their best shot at winning the lottery.

Honestly, the team might have top 10 picks for another 2-3 years.

Unless they keep Jordan, hire someone just a futile, hold a fire sale or the damage Jordan has done really is long-term, I don't see that happening. They just aren't this bad. Every player on the roster has taken a significant step backward this season (outside of Lou, Sam I guess, and Jrue). They may be mediocre, but they aren't pitiful. There's too much talent on the team to be in the top ten for the foreseeable future, unless they do something to get worse.

I think they will have a fire sale. I think Iguodala is gone and they will not be in a "win now" mode.

I also think they have handed the keys to Jrue. That is a good thing long term, but it will cost them a lot of games for the next 2 years.

In what way do you think it'll cost them a lot of games? Too many turnovers?

Yes, its more than just numbers. More specifically he will take a few years to learn to run a team like a good NBA PG. Like how Miller knew when to try and take over and when to defer. I see running a team as being somewhat of an art.- very few players can walk right in and maximize a team's potential.

Jrue has the tools, and could develop quickly on a good team like Deron and Rondo did. But the Sixers are a messier soup, and the PG will have to hold things together. It will take Jrue a few years to show he can do this.

Definitely fair concerns. A couple things hearten me. #1, he's shown the ability to take over game for stretches scoring the ball, which a PG sometimes needs to be able to do. #2, I do believe he's well-suited to running a traditional offense where he's actually handling the ball, rather than these silly dribble-handoffs. The pick-and-roll, 1-4 sets, two-man games, feeding the post. I think that's where his true strength as a PG lies. The offense we've been running is almost counter to his strengths, but obviously I'm talking about a limited sample size from this season, considering how infrequently he's gotten into favorable situations. I'm hoping the learning curve won't be too steep once Jordan is gone, but that's probably more wishful thinking than anything.

Agree the tools are there. Still not sure what level of player he ends up as. because some players outgrow rookie mistakes at PG, other don't. But I'm at least as high on Jrue as their future at PG as I was when Iguodala, Thad and Speights were rookies :)

Sorry to interrupt. I just want to agree with both of you. I don't think Jrue would look much worse than Collison now do in NOH, in that such a system which build around PG so much.

I'm very torn on Ed Davis. You can see untapped offensive potential, but I'm beginning to wonder if it ever gets tapped. And while he's a heckuva defender, he's still on the small'ish side. His injury hurts, and I'd really like to see him play another year before having to make a franchise altering decision on him.

Of that trio, I take Wesley Johnson.

Nice to see movement. We really need some life out of Detroit/Washington.

Davis sounds like the type of player that would be a great value pick later in the first round. But not the guy you want with a lottery pick.

Unfortunately, that seems to be the case for all of the non WTF players (Wall/Turner/Favors.)

Is there any chance teams get scared off by Turner's back problems when it comes down to investing a #2 pick in him?

I'd be stunned.

But it's not the first time I've been stunned, so I guess it's possible.

Tom Moore on Mar 16 at 12:01

I'd be intrigued by Monroe if I were the Sixers ...

I asked Jordan pregame yesterday about playing Meeks. His response: "We'll take a peak at him. I just want him to get more comfortable. It's going to be hard for him to get a real comfort level and we're trying to win a game. When we're up 30, he'll play a lot more."

Not 100% convinced his defense translates, both man-man post defense and pick and roll. He was also dreadful on the defensive glass last year. It's quite possible he's simply improved and this is his true self going forward, but I still have minor concerns.

The ballhandling and passing are incredibly intriguing though, especially if the Sixers stay at 8-9 or so.

Tray reply to Tom Moore on Mar 16 at 12:14

When we're up 30? I don't think we'll be up 30 this season once. Certainly not against the Nets. Maybe if we see Cleveland in the last week of the season or something like that, when they're benching everyone.

Tom Moore reply to Tray on Mar 16 at 12:26

Perhaps he should've said, "When we're down 30."

LOL... yeah, that would have made more sense... and been more honest.

It seems that Ed Davis will stay in college for one more year. So...
Next. Why we need Johnson for if we already have Iggy and Thad? I think he is similar type of player. Same for Aminu.
If I would decide I'd take Monroe over Aldrich w/out any doubts. I think Cole is gonna be nice role player, but Greg will be something more. Greg can score. And he can pass. May be a had lack of athleticism and rebounding but I believe he will improve it. I'm just tired to see at C the guy who can't score and pass. Wanna see another type of big guy. But it's just my opinion.

I haven't gotten any indication that's true. Last time I talked to Jonathan he felt it was still better than 50/50.

"Next. Why we need Johnson for if we already have Iggy and Thad? I think he is similar type of player. Same for Aminu"

Johnson's not anything like either Thad or Iggy (or Aminu, for that matter). His shot is infinitely more pure, quicker, and frankly more effective than either Iggy's or Thad's is right now.

Honestly I didn't see enough of that guys, so I rely on your opinion. But they won't solve our problem at 2, will they? So at least if we won't get some luck to draft Turner for that matter we better take big guy if we'll have a chance. This is my main point.

ryano reply to Alex`D on Mar 16 at 12:38

I like Johnson...I think he is a step up over Thad. Get rid of Lou, play Iguodala at 2, and Johnson at 3. Johnson has the sweet jumper and Jrue has shown he has a solid stroke. Thad off the bench as our 6th man sounds nice to me.

Yeah, if Johnson's the best guy available, you take him and figure the rest out later.

IF Iguodala does want out and the Sixers do hold a fire sale...does Iggy and our pick (5 or 6) land us the number 2 from the T-Wolves? Does Lou and our pick move us up to 3 or 4?

I LOVE Evan Turner. I've been watching as much OSU basketball as possible the last month and he is special. I'd like to make a play for him.

They may be able to move Iguodala on draft day, but it would most likely require taking back an equal amount of salary for next season. Teams with cap space this coming summer won't be able to use that cap space to trade until after July 1st when they can renounce their free agents.

You can also agree to the terms of the deal, then complete it in July, but that's rare.

If you're talking specifically about Minnesota, they could do something like Iguodala for Gomes, Sessions, Kevin Love and their #1 pick. The salaries match up in that case.

If the Knicks pick winds up being good, they could trade Iguodala and Willie for AK47 and the Knicks #1 pick to Utah.

It would have to be some kind of deal like that if it happened on draft night. I don't believe any teams have enough cap space right now to trade their first rounder for Iguodala straight up.

ryano reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 12:50

Right. I certainly didn't think we'd be able to do it straight up...just didn't look up what might work. If we got Kevin Love and Minny's number 1, I'd take back just about any salary garbage along with it.

I'd almost rather go our pick and Iguodala for Monta Ellis and Golden State's number 1, if the picks stay as they are today. Pick up Johnson and Ellis- and maybe we could get them to throw in A. Randolf?

I don't like Ellis at all. He's just such a gunner.

ryano reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 14:15

I can't disagree that he's a gunner. How about switching in Morrow for Ellis? The salaries wouldn't match up...

I like Morrow. I think if you're talking about GSW, they're going to want to get out from under either Ellis, Biedrins or Maggette's deals. It's an interesting proposal, Iguodala for one of them and their #1 pick. Not sure if they'd bite.

ryano reply to Brian on Mar 16 at 14:54

If we were really looking to blow things wide open, what are the chances of us making a trade like that without giving up our number 1? Or is that what you were thinking in your last post to this thread?

Iggy and Lou, or Iggy and Thad, or Iggy and Speights for their number 1 and Ellis/Biedrins? (I really wouldn't want Maggette).

I don't know, I value Iguodala a lot more than Ellis, so I'd insist on making that deal AI9 for ME and their #1, that's probably too steep of a price for them, though. If it's Biedrins, depends on how they view him. When he's healthy, he's a strong player. Rarely healthy, though, and I've heard some rumblings that they're really regretting that contract. If it's Maggette, they'd have to give up their #1 without getting another in return, and they'd probably have to give up something else as well (Morrow or Randolph, probably)

Took me two clicks and the sixers landed the number 1.

The Sixers should send you as their representative. I may shoot myself if EFJ is in the room when they're announcing the lottery results.

Took me about 7. I'm not closing this tab and keeping it open until the draft.

(or at least the rest of the day).

Classic EJ thinking on display:

""We just couldn't make a shot coming down the stretch," said Sixers coach Eddie Jordan. "We had open looks and just too much pressure on us, on our defense. We just can't get the juice off our offensive possessions. You get open shots and open shots and just can't make it; that was the story of the game to me.""

...Sure, its all about making shots.

Tom Moore on Mar 16 at 15:53

Young fractured his right thumb. He's out for tomorrow’s game vs. New Jersey. He'll be placed in a removable cast and no timetable has been set for his return.

Also, Speights is out for tomorrow’s game vs. New Jersey.

Williams (low back spain) is a game-time decision.

Tom Moore on Mar 16 at 16:12

Jordan on Young's thumb after Monday's game: "It was a distraction to him all game. From the beginning, the tape bothered him, the blood bothered him, the pain bothered him. (Trainers) tried two different ways to tape it and wrap it and it bothered him."

Funny that a broken finger would bother him :)

They have XR's at the arena. Why was he in the game at all?

Tom Moore on Mar 16 at 17:22

We were told in the second quarter he wasn't having an X-ray. Not sure if that means the re-injury in the second half caused the fracture.

The base of your nail is connected to the bone. If he cracked the nail at the base they should do an XR. Honestly, if he cracked it from blunt trauma (as opposed to the nail being pulled away) then they should get an XR.

smh19980 on Mar 16 at 19:10

I think that out of all the guys coming out this year besides John Wall the Sixers should go after Derrick Favors. He has such a huge upside. Cousins looks slow to me and he will only look slower in the NBA. He will never fit the style of play our team needs to win. Favors can run like Thadeus Young but is a true power forward. Even if Evan Turner is available I think Favors needs to be our pick. Thoughts???

I haven't seen enough of either to give too much of a qualified opinion, so all I can talk about is the prototypes. Like, if each guy reached his full potential, which one is more valuable.

To me, it would usually be Favors, mainly because I value defense and rebounding so much. But if Turner becomes an elite wing scorer who can defend, play three positions and rebound at a high level, that's just really rare, and almost impossible to pass up. The only thing that makes it a debate for me is Turner's range, or lack thereof. I know he could push his range out to the pro three, but I've heard that could so many times. He'd be a no-brainer in this argument if he came in with deep range.

ryano reply to smh19980 on Mar 16 at 20:08

It's gotta be Turner. Have you seen Turner's shooting the past two weeks? He's been knocking them down. He is 6 for 8 from deep his last three games. Granted, he doesn't shoot a ton of them, but I think he has the range. Part of the reason I don't think he takes a lot of 3's is because that isn't his place in the offense. He is surrounded by shooters and he facilitates them very well. Turner plays the way LeBron should- lots of work inside the 3 point line- hitting the three's only when he needs to. And that's what is most important- his shot selection. As much as he's asked to do, he's extremely smart with when he takes over and when he gets his teammates involved.

smh19980 reply to ryano on Mar 16 at 20:56

I know Turner is a good leader and decent defender. He is shooting better lately. He does all the little things that a team needs. I see him as a similar player as Iggy but - Turner will be a better scorer/weaker defender than Iggy. The sixers have enough wing players. Yes, Turner can play the point (Holiday is there) and the Small forward (Iggy/Thad). Is he a dominant shooting guard? I don't think so. Favors would benefit from receiving passes from Iggy and Holiday setting him up down low. This is something he hasn't had at his 1 year at GT. He is more of a project but is a true freshman while Turner is a junior. Also, keep in mind that Dwight Howard is still young and Favors is the closest thing out there that could one day match Howard inside if we are thinking about playoff matchups 2/3 years from now. Favors really fits the sixers type of basketball and a strong need. I think they both will be great players at the next level.

CT reply to smh19980 on Mar 17 at 9:44

Disagree that we already have enough wing players. If you're talking SGs and SFs, we have Iggy, Thad, Lou, Willie, and Carney. Iggy's a quality starter, but none of the other guys are, with the possible exception of Thad if he's playing along side a fantastic SG and a brute of a PF. That ain't the Sixers. We don't have any SGs who can shoot and we don't have a beast of a PF.

We really need both Turner and Favors, but of the two, we need Turner much more.

Iggy (at SF where he belongs)

That's a nice lineup.

Pacers up 9 at halftime vs charlotte. Hopefully they can hold on. Also detroit is up 2 vs Cle so hopefully they can somehow win that.

LoL, Elton Brand is in a new movie with Queen Latifah. I don't think he has a major role but I think he hires her as his physical therapist

eddies' heady's on Mar 16 at 22:17

Even though he may not come out because of his injury, if we draft Ed Davis anywhere within the lottery then DiLeo should be fired with hopefully an already fired Stefanski. He's nothing but another Brandan Wright waiting to happen. The guy can't shoot from 8 ft out. Kids coming out early like him are what is wrong with the NBA today. No skills, just a lot of raw height and some athleticism.

Davis is a better defender than Wright was, and by a fair amount IMO. But, overall, I agree. I haven't seen enough from Davis to consider him much more than a late lottery pick.

Pacers Win!!!!

1 game out of the 4 spot.

Detroit had a chance until the final minutes.

Washington currently tied with Denver in the 3rd.

Sac already down double digits to lakers.

Sorry, but we are peaking too early :)

Unfortunately, I see a big "uptown" move coming soon.

The winning won't bother me nearly as much as any spin we hear from any of the sh!t-Eds. I enjoy watching them win, even if i know its wrong. But I can't stand to hear BS from some lame duck Ed trying to rationalize why they should still be employed by the Sixers.

sh!t-Eds. I like it.

Duracorr on Mar 16 at 22:46

What did you think of Phil Jasner's article today about who the next coach should be?

Would have like to se Elston Turner or Thibbedeau get a mention.

bebopdeluxe on Mar 16 at 22:49

Brutal non-call on a LeBron goaltend late didn't help our cause...

And I'd prefer McKie over Snow.

Duracorr reply to tk76 on Mar 16 at 23:15

I don't have a preference, but it must be someone new as a head coach. The only "retread" that works for me is Byron Scott.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Mar 16 at 23:59

Sorry, bro...I'll take the ex-football player...an LB point guard...a guy who Kobe once called his toughest defensive opponent...

I would be fine with Laimbeer as well.

sacto only dowm 1 at the half

johnrosz on Mar 16 at 23:26

How bad does that "10 game playoff series" before the All Star Break look now? I believe they rattled off a 5 game winning streak around that time...We'd be sitting pretty if not for that little run.

Sean reply to johnrosz on Mar 16 at 23:42

I forgot about that win streak. So annoying. But after this week the Sixers will be underdogs in every game. Not a big shock I realize. They could lose out after this week with the way they have been playing.

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