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One Year Ago

Let's get wasted to this video and for the irish

Thorpe on Jrue (insider):

Jrue Holiday, 76ers | Rookie card An NBA executive recently messaged me this: "Evans is going to be the best guard in this draft, but Holiday is going to be the best point guard." Curry, Lawson, Collison and Jennings all will have something to say about that, but Holiday is certainly proving to be worth the No. 17 pick despite his average college credentials.
The biggest knock on Holiday coming out of UCLA was that he didn't shoot well. That is no longer in question, thanks to his shooting better than 41 percent from 3 this season. March has been his best shooting month -- he's hit 19 of 34 3s and 48 of 96 shots in total -- and scoring month (13.9 ppg).
His recent performance in a win over Toronto (21 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists) was his best game overall. But remember, offensive numbers alone will never tell the full story with Holiday. Unlike many of the other rookie point guards in the league, Holiday is an outstanding defender. And he's still younger than many of the freshmen playing in the NCAA tournament this week.

Thanks for Insider-info. I don't have an opportunity to read it. So it would be great to see some more interesting stuff from there in this blog.

Heh. I find the timing interesting.

Of the Thorpe Article

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 17 at 14:14

The 'best point guard' in the draft comments aren't recent to thorpe - at least not on espn.com - i think he mentioned it ni his chat last week

the best point guard in the draft comment also wasn't thorpe's.

I was just talking to Givony Monday night, and I brought up Holiday's insane shooting from distance of late, and he said he was just about to talk to Thorpe in a few minutes and he'd ask what he thought.

Just funny because Brian and I were just talking about it yesterday.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 17 at 14:42

Ah, i get it, spent the previous two days doing a lot of obnoxious driving for a 6 hour facility inspection...just SUCKED

1. The loss of Andre Miller
2. Addition of Elton Brand
3. 1+2 = Not a running team anymore
4. Eddie Jordan
5. Willie Green

btw St. Patricks day is one of the dumbest holidays in America

They aren't a running team anymore because they don't get defensive stops. They can run with Brand, but not off made hoops by the opponent. It would also help if Brand could grab an occasional defensive board.

JohnEMagee reply to stan on Mar 17 at 14:15

btw St. Patricks day is one of the dumbest holidays in America

It's no dumber than christmas, easter or any other holiday celebrated by the majority of americans.

try being jewish in america and dealing with a nation that as a whole doesn't even know what your holidays mean or are for or when they are

stab reply to JohnEMagee on Mar 17 at 14:25

I doubt the majority of American know what St. Patty's day or Easter is about.

JohnEMagee reply to stab on Mar 17 at 14:42

I'll bet you more people know what easter is about than know what purim or pesach are about - or that the 10 commandments and passover kind of go together.

(Or that know the last supper was actually a jewish tradition :)

I'm not a fan of holidays in general, but I'm lucky enough to have family obligations that double the number at which my presence is required. The good news is that now that I have kids, I rarely have to sit at the kids table anymore.

John's right, though. No one knows what jewish holidays are about. Most of them are kind of a downer IMO. I prefer my holidays like thanksgiving. Football, food and sleep.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 15:14

Jewish holidays have a few things in common
Drinking for instance, the reason why may change, but drinking is usually important
and food - LOTS of food :)

We have 'non downer' holidays but they're more obscure, lag b'omar, purim, tu b'sh vaht (we have a lot of 'celebrate the harvest' holidays most would only ascribe to wiccans in this country)

I prefer the holidays that i don't hav eto go work - really that's all icare about

That's why I support all religions getting national holidays.

If the goal was to be fair, it would be much easier just to remove the christian-centric national holidays, but that doesn't accomplish my goal.

My significant other's jewish, so I get a lot of it. But then again she's about as Jewish as I am christian, meaning we mainly go to celebrate family.

Neil D reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 17 at 15:29

Around Rosh Hashunah a couple years ago, someone once asked me why the Jewish calender was in the 5700's and if the calender began with the Holocaust.....

I remember that moment very well. It was about 1 AM in the east, my wife was asleep, and I yelled YES!!!! along with Mark, waking up my not so happy wife.

I woke up the wife and two babies. It was completely worth it too.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 17:19

I was in class..and only heard the replay on LA radio :)

This post depressed me so much...

I just finished my Shamrock Shake... and I feel a bit ill.

Perfect way to prepare oneself for the Sickers-Nots classic on tap for tonight.

Over-Under for Meeks minutes?

o/u for meeks = 8.5 minutes.

I'm taking under.

o/u for kapono is 30.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 15:31


shawn reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 16:51

under, under

johnrosz on Mar 17 at 16:43

I'm not a huge St. Patty's Day guy, but we all might have to get really drunk to watch this game...

I can't watch and don't think I'm even going to leave this one on the DVR. Maybe just to see Jrue vs. Devin Harris, but that might not even be enough.

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