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Worst Matchup of the Year?

"Come see the Sixers try to sweep season series vs. the Nets."

Seriously, If you are in the Sixers marketing department what else are you supposed to say?

You can get center court seats, 7 rows up, for $28

Why am I not living in Philly?...

deepsixersuede reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 17 at 17:51

Derek, did you do the worst case scenerio on Aminu!s player profile on Draftxpress? As a sixer fan it is very depressing. I read somewhere recently J.Anderson may just be a role player, do you see him as more than that ? Thanks.

I did not.

I don't see James Anderson as being anything better than a mediocre defender in the NBA, and as such I wouldn't have interest in him in the lottery.

suede: you've been drawing attention to that for a while so I looked it up....very depressing. partly because its probably objective truth from an unbiased view, and partly because its a reflection of the perceived value of our roster.

marklapinski reply to Derek Bodner on Mar 17 at 19:57

Unless you get 4 tickets for $28 with all you can eat and drink along with Sixers Dancers Calendar, VIP Valet parking, replica jerseys, and Andre Iguodala Action Figures, I'm not interested.

Per Kate Fagan via Twitter, Lou will play tonight, but will not start.

Garbage Time

Speights and Thad are both out. Tip in about 17 minutes, can't wait.

Tom Moore on Mar 17 at 18:55

Thad expected to be out a week.

That's it? With a broken thumb?

Tom Moore reply to Brian on Mar 17 at 20:30

Depends on how he handles pain and can catch/dribble. Should be 10 days at most.

Nets on second night of a back-to-back, ugh.

This is from Dei Lynam's piece, Lou Williams speaking:

“I come here every day and play for my teammates, those guys in the locker room. Those are the guys I owe my loyalty to, those are the ones I play for. I just try to play as hard as I can.”
If anyone was looking for the first player to fall out of line and not stay with the group in terms of playing for Eddie Jordan, a man who has been given no confidence (at least publicly) from his superiors that he will remain this team’s coach beyond this season, then Williams appears to be the man.
Williams made it clear who he shows up for, and by omitting his coach completely, it is evident the two are not on the same page.

Didn't think Williams would be the first to sort of attack Jordan, considering he's the only one who's actually played better under him.

Here we go. Not sure what EFJ finds so funny.

Jesus, Willie. WTF was that?

Nice little jumper by Jrue off the p&r sort of.

Jrue w/ the d-board and long kick to AI9 for the dunk. Pretty play.

"I'm not sure Eddie Jordan could survive a loss in this game tonight"

That is exactly why I'm praying for a loss. There is no way he isn't fired tomorrow if we lose tonight. I have to believe that anyway

Ha! Look how empty that place is!

I love it when our entire offense is Willie Green 20-footers.

Sixers shooting 67% from the floor so far. Only up by 2 against the Nets. That's spectacular.

Took 12 minutes of game action for me to fall asleep.

OK, I'm all caught up. There's a jumper off the dribble for Jrue w/ a foot on the line. Pure.

Wow. Jrue w/ a three off the dribble with a man in his face. Kid is 5/5 for 11 points.

Wow, Jrue with a sick pass to Sammy for the dunk.

Jrue misses a three at the buzzer. Sixers up by 11 at the half.

JH - 11 points, 2 boards, 5 dimes, 1 steal, 1 turnover
AI9 - 16 points, 2 boards, 5 dimes, 1 steal, 0 turnovers

On the bright side, if you're rooting for a loss, Philly shot 61% from the floor in the first half, no way they match that after the break. Plus, Eddie Jordan's halftime speeches seem to inspire the Sixers to suck in the second half.

2nd half collapse please.

why in christ's name would magic johnson go to this game? i was asleep the first quarter and a half so not sure if i missed anything about that but this must be awful for him

marklapinski reply to Tyler on Mar 17 at 20:20

He gave a talk to the Wharton School on urban business. I wonder if anyone was given a million dollars a year for 25 years on a "personal services" contract that Magic was given by Jerry Buss could they parlay it into a successful business. I would say you would have a pretty good chance.

marklapinski on Mar 17 at 20:17

If the 700 level was just sold to Comcast is Liberty Ballers next?

Dalembert scrambling for a ball on the floor. Jesus, the players really don't want the embarrassment of losing to the Nets, huh?

come on nets we need this loss. i feel like they played us harder in the earlier games this seaswon

Tom Moore on Mar 17 at 20:31

Williams pregame: "I expected to (start Wednesday). I didn’t see a reason to … We’ve been changing up the lineup a little bit. I guess this is another episode of us doing that. We’ve had some changes (this season). Like I said, whatever (Jordan is) doing for us to try to win games, hopefully it’ll work out."

jkay reply to Tom Moore on Mar 18 at 2:03

wow. at least try to hide it.

Kapono just missed getting his 9th offensive rebound of the season.

Nope, they gave it to him. Good work, Kapono.

1 offensive rebound per 67 minutes. Sweet ratio.

Jason Smith is extremely uncoordinated

CDR is a taller version of Willie Green, I'm convinced.

nice 3 at the buzzer hopefully they keep it up and we stick with kapono and willie.

Up by 13 heading into the fourth. I think Nets pull to within maybe 5, but get no closer than that. They're just horrible.

Kapono's second offensive board of the game. The miracles will never cease.

Jrue's been on the bench for too long, and Meeks should be in this game right now.

Agree the ONLY reason I an staying at this "game"

Jrue player of the game at the Wac 2 games in a row.

He's been really impressive.

2:45 to go and he can't get Meeks in? Come on.

Smith is so bad.

Sixers win! Yay.

Final is 109-97.

My wrap will be up later tonight. Thanks for hanging in.

Magic's daughter plays for Jrue's mom - heard on the radio earlier. Probably why he was at the game.

Magic's daughter plays for Jrue's mom - heard on the radio earlier. Probably why he was at the game.

Tom Moore on Mar 17 at 22:11

JORDAN: "This is a package this week. We said there was a 12-game package before the break if we can come out of this with seven wins or more, it’d be great. We started off with a loss in that package and we ended up winning seven. This is a four-game package and we started off with a loss against New York. Hopefully, we can finish 3-1 this week. That’s our goal."

johnrosz reply to Tom Moore on Mar 17 at 22:33

12 game package? Thats hysterical, he won't even say the word "playoff" anymore. Astonishing how this guy turned a team that had consecutive "package-off" appearances in 07 and 08 into an embarrassment.

Tom Moore on Mar 17 at 22:15

JORDAN: "It’s sort of lost in all the expectations – this is not last year’s team. This is a different, young team. You gauge a team by what this team does, not what last year’s team does."

Tom Moore on Mar 17 at 22:47

Holiday is shooting 60-for-99 (60.6 percent) in 10 games during March.

“He’s smart and makes great decisions,” Brand said. “He’s really stepping up on offense. For a guy that wasn’t even playing much at the beginning of the season, he’s got to be one of the top young guards in the league right now.”

johnrosz on Mar 17 at 22:49

Tom, does it seem as thogh Jordan is just going through the motions at this point?

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Mar 17 at 23:02

If EJ isn't, then I sure as hell am.

Tom Moore reply to johnrosz on Mar 18 at 0:40

If he were, I think Meeks would be playing more.

Tom Moore on Mar 18 at 0:40

Blog on Holiday's terrific offensive March.


Tom Moore on Mar 18 at 0:53

Iguodala drove the ball and scored 14 of his 20 in the first quarter. He only took one 3-pointer after going 0-for-7 from downtown Monday.

Igudala: "I just tried to set the tone early and get the guys off to a good start — get that pace we wanted and carry it over for the rest of the game."

Jordan: "He needs to stay aggressive. It’s a new role for him."

Tom Moore on Mar 18 at 0:58

Iguodala: "This game’s over. That’s it. We’re on to the next one (Friday) to play a New York team that beat us the other night."

haven't gotten to the DVR on this one yet but...did we at least get to see Maggio wearing one of those green hats?

Jrue Holiday 19pts 8/11 fg, 7 boards 7 assist....

what up! encouraging line from him, but then again this is against the Nets...

He seems much more confident in his offensive game now.

Hey Brian, I have a suggestion. Do you think that you could give us a preview of the couple players that the Sixers would draft anywhere in the lottery? Could you give us a scouting report on them, and tell us ow they would be implemented into our lineup? Don't want to be demanding, but thought that would give us something to hope for. Just a way to make an already great blog even better!


When we get closer to the draft I'll definitely take a look at the guys who may be available when we pick. We're also going to spend more time on the draft on SixersBeat, so tune in on Thursday nights, or you can download and listen any time.

Thanks Brian,

I will definatley tune into SixersBeat.

Keep up the great blogging!

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