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Big, Big Loss

deepsixersuede on Mar 20 at 7:59

I am happy for the loss but it amazes me that a coach who runs the P.O. can!t give his players ways to pick apart a zone. Joran actually accepted blame, first time?, after this one. Agree about the p.g.!s, a rivalry would be nice; Douglas is what L.Will. could be if he decided to defend.

Tom Moore on Mar 20 at 9:30

Jordan: "I could've done a better job substituting down the stretch. That was on me. I probably could've had us more prepared against the zone."

Tom Moore on Mar 20 at 9:55

Iguodala has taken the 33rd-most 3-point attempts in the league and has the lowest 3-point percentage of anybody in the top 35 (28.5% -- Kobe is next at 31.4).

There are only four players with 200-plus 3-point attempts shooting below 30.0%:

Baron Davis 28.2

Rasheed 28.4

Iguodala 28.5

D-Wade 29.7

He's also shooting 1-of-26 from downtown in the last seven games.

Last night was the second game of the season I didn't watch in its entirety. The Sixers are just having a hard time holding my interest while the tournament is on. I caught maybe 10 minutes of it, mostly at the beginning.

Did Elton Brand really only grab 3 rebounds in 33+ minutes? We held them to 36.8% shooting, only comitted 11 turnovers, and lost to the David Lee'less Knicks.

Sacramento may have blown an 8 point lead late and lost Tyreke Evans, but I still like our chances.

A positive from last night was that I'd rather see Jrue make mistakes down the stretch in meaningless games and keep his confidence then hide him from the spotlight. Hopefully he learns from this and grows into being a good closer.

As for The Race, it seems like the worst of both worlds if we continue to lose and yet end up somewhere around the 8th pick. But I guess there is still reason to hope for a top 3 pick... I'm just not able to get that invested in losses.

If they win, fine. Worrying about these last 2 weeks is sort of like blaming a game's loss on the last 2 minutes, when many of the crucial plays happened earlier int the game. The team could have made critical rebuilding decisions much earlier in the season (like getting rid of Ed's.) Instead we have to hope for major luck to get a top 3 pick.

The only positives that can come out of this season:

1. Possibility of franchise altering talent if they win the lottery.

2. Possibility of franchise shaping GM if the get a guy like Pritchard or maybe Penn.

3. Learned a few things about the roster. Jrue should be the future at PG, Lou is not. Brand is a mediocre NBA player. The team does not have nearly the talent level (realized or potential) that they thought. EJ cannot coach this team.

100% agree.

Jordan is an absolute incompentent coach. He obviously thinks he knows how to coach with his rotations. What an complete idiot. Sorry, but I had to say this and I hope Ed S. fires him today. He is just destroying these guys.

Rich reply to tk76 on Mar 20 at 15:38

I've heard Pritchard may be on the outs in Portland. Would anyone be interested in him if he came here? I personally think he's a little overrated, but he's an interesting name no doubt. Definitely better than what we have now.

He builds a team correctly.

He dumps guys with bad contracts (Zach Randolph.)
He acquires as many draft picks as possible, inclusing several high lottery picks.

Sure he does not make correct decisions 100% of the time, but he keeps his options open and only gives big long term deals to young players (Miller was signed to only 2 guaranteed years.) That way if he makes a mistake he can change course quickly.

Like with Aldride... sure some people hate him, but it would be easy to deal him away. Not like over signing a vet like Brand.

Disagree on Aldridge, that was a bad signing in my opinion. Also think Pritchard is too smart for his own good. Over thinking things to the point where he's too hesitant to make deals. It'd also be nice if he listened to an injury warning at least once in the draft as well.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Mar 20 at 19:00

One of Pritchards 'tricks' is to take talented guys who are high injury risks that other teams pass on and hope those risks don't follow through (you know, like oden and roy who have been healthy most of their nba careers)

CT reply to tk76 on Mar 20 at 16:43

Agree with all except Brand. He's not great, but he's above mediocre... and he's definitely not one of main reasons we're losing 2 out of 3 games this season. We have a lousy, lousy, lousy head coach (as you mentioned) and only four guys on the ENTIRE TEAM who play any defense at all. Brand is obviously one of them, so I take my hat off to him. Jrue, Iggy, and (gasp) Sammy as well. God, look at every single other player... just awful, non-existent, matador style defense from every one of them.

Brand is old and he can't move particularly well anymore, but he still finds a way to be fairly productive on the court. Honestly, we need to trade Lou, Thad, and Marreese, assuming they still have value, so we can replace them with players who play both ends of the stinkin' court. Add a decent coach and we might actually have something here.

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