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The Final Dozen

JohnEMagee on Mar 22 at 12:27

I have faith in the tankability of this team combined with the natural ability of 'Coach' Eie Joran - they can lose all 12

I voted for 12 because I hope for 12.

That game against Detroit is going to be a big one. We need Kapono and Smith starting that one.

I voted for 27 wins, though 28 is a reasonable number as well.

vs. DET
@ Orlando
vs. Toronto/@ Memphis are the wins i think...

The vs. Milwaukee game will be key. That's the wild card...

AaronMcKie4MVP on Mar 22 at 15:14

i voted for 4. 4-8 is a pretty bad record. and since im rooting for them to lose every game, they will go on a nice run and win 4

I love the fact that someone has them finishing 12-0 :)

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