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Over Their Heads

duke's my team brian don't hate on them!!!!!
Dont turn this into a Ncaa basketball post.

Duke is a l w a y s overrated.

Gonna be interesting to see how Jrue can deal with Dwight Howard in the lane. I don't think he's going to challenge him as much, so maybe some more drive and kicks? Hopefully not to Iguodala.

As far as Iguodala goes, I think he could be the most effective dive cutter in the league. This is not to say he should abandon mid-range jumpers and 1 or 2 threes a game, but his quick explosiveness would be amazing if someone could find him off transition. He did this a little in his rookie year (1st plays of the game), then settled into the corner for his typical role with Iverson.

Ugh. Iguodala is playing hurt. Love the guy's toughness and dedication, but shut it down, man. SHUT IT DOWN.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 17:49

Plantar fascitis is so painful too. Honestly, why would anyone want him to keep playing? Are Jordan and Stefanski chasing 30 wins? Better yet, is Iguodala? This season was your mulligan Andre, stop freaking playing.

Mike P. reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 20:31

Maybe this season has made Igoudala insane? That is the only thing that can explain him playing right now when the only that the sixers are playing for is draft picks. This organization is bonkers.

Please Iggy sit down. Go grab some popcorn and watch what a real max player looks like. Super Man is in town.

Tom Moore on Mar 22 at 18:00

No Young or Williams tonight.

Sixers starting Kapono at the 3 and Iguodala at the 2. Jordan said didn't want to start Green, too, which would only give him Meeks as a backup G.

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on Mar 22 at 18:20

Why is Andre Iguodala playing with Faciitis - if he won't sit they should deactive him for his own good

If he's chasing the stupid minutes award - smack him

Kapono starting, wow. Just sit Iguodala if you really want to tank. Let the guy get some rest, he obviously isn't himself on the floor.

Duke may be overrated but I'd rather have K win than the scumbag Calipari, the douchebag Huggins, the whiny bitch Boeheim, or the team led by the player getting DWade treatment...

(Seriously, did anybody see those BS calls against GaTech big men just because they were big guys? I picked OSU in that game, but I had no idea the refs were going to hand it to them. I would have bet on it, had i known it would go down like that).

deepsixersueder reply to Joey on Mar 22 at 18:40

Huggins and his former ass. [F.Martin] are parked outside your house waiting for you, sleep out tonight. Iggy, sit out so they can start Jason, Jason and Jodie, the 3 J!s without a J.

JohnEMagee reply to Joey on Mar 22 at 18:46

Hmm....insecure much?

Joey reply to JohnEMagee on Mar 23 at 13:29

Been reading for quite a while and I always appreciate brians thorough job, and I have always disregarded your worthless comments.

But hey thanks for the valuable opinion. Glad you took time to reply to my "information druvrn" comment with a stupid joke.

Tom Moore on Mar 22 at 18:28

Jameer Nelson busting on Dwight Howard pregame: "He's a walking comic book with two feet."

kapono is starting...i love it

and we're off!

Jrue starts it with a steal and an assist.

Then Kapono loses Barnes for a corner three.

Iggy wincing after the dunk.

Iguodala is driving relentlessly. F me.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 19:15

Good to see, shouldn't be playing.

Second steal for Jrue.

Lewis can't handle Brand. Why does it seem like this is a shock to Eddie Jordan, offensive guru.

2 on Sammy! Let the wild rumpus begin!!!

He's leaving him in there to pick up his third. Nice. SVG is going right to Howard here.

Sammy's getting up to play against Dwight tonight.

I guess that's only one on Sammy. Didn't he foul Howard earlier?

Did anyone hear Barnes yell "What the Fuck!" after he missed the layup. Building is that quiet.

There goes the lead. 5 minutes. How long til they're down double digits?

Great early offense from Kapono to Brand, with a great steal. Ball didn't touch the floor.

Rich reply to Rich on Mar 22 at 19:22


Wow, EFJ looked pissed at that call. He took the ball and wouldn't give it back to the ref.

JRUE 4 3.

Yeah EB, sweet kick to Jrue.

Damn, Jrue missed the 3 but great ball movement starting with EB in the post.

I could go for a dollar dog right now.

These refs SUCk.

Nice steal and conversion for Jrue.

Good foul for Speights there. Fan of that.

Finally some great rotations out of the double team. Jrue got the steal, but Kapono and Willie executed the rotations perfect.

Willie abandoned the double when Howard picked up his dribble, which is kind of odd, but it was effective, because no one was left wide open.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 19:42

I think that it was good. Why would Willie still double Howard when he's not a threat to score? Once he picks up his dribble, the double did its job.

Makes sense, usually you don't see that, though. Usually teams try to suffocate the guy once he picks up his dribble.

40+ minutes for Kapono, fingers crossed.

Look at Brand running the floor. Wow.

He's on tonight.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 19:46

Inspired performance so far on the offensive end. How many boards though?

3 boards, only 1 defensive.

Smart sub by Van Gundy, took away the mismatch for Brand by putting Gortat in. Need to pull him away from the hoop w/ 15-footers.

Brand on the floor for an o-board.

They need to run offense through someone else, Gortat won't have any problem w/ Brand.

In comes the taller alligator arms.

Beautiful drive and dish by JH to SD for the dunk.

hahaha jason smith is just flailing around trying to get rebounds

Second really pretty drive and dish for Jrue after chasing down a defensive board.

4 turnovers. Only 4 offensive boards for ORL. Down by 9 at the half.

And 14 early in the third.

Iguodala hit a three, but I think his foot was on the line and his form was terrible (even for him). On foot about a yard in front of the other.

BS, that was a clear goaltend.

Yup. Padding his block numbers.

Iguodala taking over, started with that awkward three, then a series of drives. 10 straight points. Sixers still down 8.

Love him attacking, shouldn't be playing.

12 straight.

Accidental defensive board for Brand.

You can hear SVG's voice calling out the plays when the Sixers are on offense. His voice is brutal, but his commitment is refreshing.

It's refreshing to see a head coach who turns his head to look that way when his team is on defense.

4 on Dwight.

That's another terrible call. Dwight Howard often is credited for taking a beating and not getting calls. Not tonight, he sticks his shoulder into Sammy, and he gets a call.

eddies' heady's on Mar 22 at 20:43

I guess Iguodala reads the Inquirer. He must've read Fagan's piece and came to some realizations.

Vince Carter face, haha.

eddies' heady's on Mar 22 at 20:48

Kapono seems to be pump faking about as much as Lou tonight.

He only shoots if there's no one w/in 10 feet of him.

Iggy's looking to distribute now, too bad it's to Jason Smith a bunch of times.

Alrighty, down 10 heading into the fourth.

They've put up a pretty good effort so far, nothing to really complain about.

Actually, I guess you complain about the 0/10 Speights + Smith have put up in 19 minutes. They do have 3 defensive boards between the two of them, though.

Speights isn't in good enough shape to catch that lob on the break BTW. He almost broke the backboard trying though.

teddy green on Mar 22 at 20:54

i really like how this team looks when Lou doesn't play...

I thought Willie was hurt on that one.

Man Redick hasn't played at all, huh?

Nice find by Jrue, tall alligator slams it home.

Jrue so under control working against White Chocolate.

Gortat's mere presence is a personal foul. "Coveted" free agent my ass.

He's a solid center in this league. Minutes are tough to come by in ORL.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:02

5 years, 34 mil good though?

If you're going to give him 30+ minutes per night, I think so. Not if you're going to play him 13, though. ORL shouldn't have matched, if you ask me.

I believe they're back to doubling AI9. How about using Jrue to run a pick for him, then slipping for a three?

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:08

SOunds good, but simple basketball is not EFJ's forte. Basketball in general isn't either BTW.

The bench has been brutal tonight, the starters' +/- is about even.

Iguodala has been excellent in the 2nd Half in every facet. Still shouldn't be playing.

That's good D, I'll take Dwight shooting that running hook all day. He had some ugly bricks on it in the playoffs last year.

Ugh. The double works, Redick sneaks in, grabs the loose ball, then Howard screens both Sixers and Redick drains the three. That's a killer. Oh wait, mean alright! Magic by 14.

Let's go Kings?

timberwolves only down 1 at the half to toronto

Tom Moore on Mar 22 at 21:09

Still say Magic would beat Sixers 98 times out of 100 if they played that many times this season.

Asked Magic assistant Patrick Ewing pregame if he'd be interested in being head coach of the Sixers.

"I’d be interested in any job. When you’re a new guy, you don’t have the luxury of waiting for a perfect job."

As for the Sixers, he said, "I think they’re a team in flux. They’re a team wanting to run and playing scrappy defense. They have to be able to do both to be successful."

Good answers from Ewing.

Mike P. reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 22:00

Coach Chewing would be hilarious. God I hope it happens and he becomes our Scottie Brooks/Nate McMillian

Did you see how hard Iggy slapped Jrue's hand in frustration after the bad pass? Jrue was like Damnnnn (at least with a smile).

Good effort tonight, and looks like a loss. I'll take that the rest of the season, especially against the good teams. Play well, and lose.

Yeah, I'd like to see Jrue get some better looks in the offense. He's a complete afterthought unless he's creating for himself off the dribble, and that usually turns into him creating for others. I really want to see him spotting up when Iguodala drives.

That lefty running hook by Brand was the quintessential old man move.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:13

He looked like George Mikan on that one. Wrong foot and all.

See, why no pick and roll off that reset. Brand went there, Jrue was ready, and they just went into their offense instead. That was a perfect spot for it, maybe you get an open three for Jrue, or something better for EB.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:18

Jrue running the pick and roll leads to a good shot at a ridiculous rate for a rookie. It's just simple basketball and he gets it. This stupid offense doesn't.

Iggy has been ridiculously aggressive on the P and R in the 2nd Half. He even boxed a defender out on the last one, it was great. Not giving up any ground.

Iguodala was trying to get a play run for Brand in the post there, no one else seemed interested.

You know, this is a double digit loss, but really a valiant effort by some key guys. I think Jrue's going to play 45 minutes, without a rest since early in the second quarter. AI9 has played every minute of the second half. Brand and Dalembert have played heavy minutes as well.

Jodie Meeks is eating a hot dog, I believe.

I hope we don't see this type of game against one of the mediocre teams left on the sched. It may turn into a win.

Rich reply to Brian on Mar 22 at 21:20

Totally agree, not a bad effort at all. 16-31 from three is on Ayers, O'Koren, and Jordan. They have no prayer defending this team.

carney just a tad hard with that layup attempt...

Carney could have killed someone with that shot.

Damint Jrue.

Jrue killing his three-point percentage with a silly shot. Come on kid.

Sixers lose by 16.

Tied for the 5th-worst record with Detroit, for the moment.

teddy green on Mar 22 at 21:36

Nice question by Tom. Patrick Ewing as a head coach for the Sixers never crossed my mind. Maybe its the big man bias, but i just expect all coaches to be former point guards.

i always assumed that Patrick Ewing would stay with Van Gundy in Orlando and maybe follow Mark Jackson if he got a coaching job. i read an article where the Clippers and Nets were interested in Jackson, and Ewing can really help either Brook Lopez or Blake Griffin.

Ewing has a great record of coaching bigs in Yao and Dwight. It would be interesting to see what he can do with Speights.

Brian, if Low returns to this team, we have nothing to worry about. They will suck royally...

teddy green on Mar 22 at 21:48

Hopefully Jrue develops a post up game and take these smaller point guards on the block. Holiday has that Andre Miller/Baron Davis size, and he could absouletley posterize smaller point guards like Nelson and Mo Williams

teddy green on Mar 22 at 21:58

Watching the Bucks play, and John Salmons is playing great. Does any one remember why Salmons didn't work here?

Tom Moore on Mar 22 at 22:31

Stop the presses -- Sixers eliminated from playoff contention with loss and wins by Bulls and Raptors.

Tom Moore on Mar 22 at 22:37

Jordan on Magic's 3-point shooting: "That’s what they do. They do it to everybody. It’s not like we had major breakdowns in our 3-point defense."

More Jordan: "We did a lot of good things tonight. The most important key was that we competed for 48 minutes, knowing the history of this team, We wanted to get over the stigma of hanging our heads and not having the spirit to play with this team. We accomplished that."

Jordan loves saying that, but that series last season wasn't only 1 game. They had a legitimate shot at going up 3-1 heading back to Orlando. That was a competitive series.

47 for 83 against the Sixers this year.

I doubt they shoot 57% from 3pt like that against "everyone." The Sixers and their defense are "special." The Sixers allow the highest 3pt% in the league by a huge margin.

Tom Moore on Mar 22 at 22:39

Brand: "We played well. I’m tired of playing well. I’d rather have a win."

Rich reply to Tom Moore on Mar 23 at 2:31

Sorry EB, as Rosie Perez said in White Men Can't Jump,

"Sometimes when you win, you really lose. And sometimes when you lose, you really win."

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