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Iguodala's Injury

teddy green on Mar 24 at 3:57


It appears that both Young and Lou will sit out Tomorrow's game. i really would like to see Iggy shut it down because i really don't want him to seriously injure himself. Plus, his absence helps the ping pong balls chase. Unfortunately, during the Sixers/Orlando game, the broadcasters said that Iggy prides himself on playing all 82 games, and if that's the case than Iggy going to play.

Iggy must be playing for personal ego, because he sure isn’t suiting up for those fair weather Sixers fans who call in talk shows like Howard Eskin or Mike Missanelli and harp on his contract and his offensive deficiencies.

On a side note from Hoopsworld; the Timberwolves are apparently eyeing Iggy for a possible salary absorption trade. It’s the type of deal where they get Iggy but don’t give back equal salary. The city of Minnesota is not a very popular free agent destination, so I can see why the Timberwolves would consider this/


Perhaps it's going to take Iggy moving to another team and having a John Salmons type of breakout for these types of Sixers fans to fully appreciate Iggy.

Minny would seem like a possible trading partner for Iguodala. I'm sure they want to use their cap space on young talent, and Iguodala is probably the best they could get. They also have several #1 picks.

Could you imagine They got #1 and traded down for the Sixers pick + Iguodala? That would be an interesting move to say the least... Something like #1 overall + #16 Overall for Iguodala + #6 overall.

Now I do not think this could work under the cap rules. Minny is over the cap right now, but drops way under the cap this summer. But I do not believe they get the cap space until after the draft- so it would have to be one of those crazy deals that takes weeks to complete.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Mar 24 at 11:04

The sixers get the #1 pick overall - the chance for john wall - the wolves move out of it and help the sixers with one of their worse contracts and you think the wolves would also have to include the 16th pick..why's that again?:)

Maybe #1 and the draft rights to ricky rubio who probably will never come to the NBA but gets the conflict off of Kahn's bck.

THe wolves want to run a triangle variation with Kurt Rambis as coach - how woul iguodala and his questionable range fit into such a system?

Probably about as well as Kobe and his questionable range, or Jordan and his questionable range :)

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Mar 24 at 11:27

They finish better and draw more fouls than Iguodala (purely anecdotal) and get/got a star treatment Iguodala would never get :)

Just saying, I'm not sure where the T-Wolves stand on taking on a big contract when they have their own 'conflict' they supposedly have to solve this off season (jefferson/love), plus uncertainty about Ricky Rubio and the future of their offense.

If I'm the wolves, I draft wall and look to move Rubios rights cause they still don't have a point guard

Paul reply to JohnEMagee on Mar 24 at 14:59

I think you're undoubtedly right if they do manage to get the #1 pick and that may still be likely if they get the #2 pick (currently slated to be Evan Turner).

If they don't get those, trading their highest for someone like Ig might be possible. After the first two picks, the top of the draft is very power forward heavy and I'm not sure they really need one of those, but they don't have much in the way accomplished veterans.

Currently the Wolves have six draft picks. Keeping all of them would seem to be a waste (like the Sixers keeping all four of their 2007 picks). If they ended up with the third, fourth, or fifth pick, they might decide that they could do almost as well waiting until #16 or use that pick and something else to move up a bit, if necessary, to take local boy Cole Aldrich.

The Speights recovery time was absurd. Even though I have been discouraged with his commitment all year, we gotta see more from this guy. He's been freakin hurt all year. I remember that game when he came back, against Cleveland at home (BTW Remember that game? Jordan pulled Jrue with two minutes left after a defensive clinic against Mo Williams). There was almost like a "Why??" sentiment from all of us, and it was like three weeks after his injury. That's just not fair to him.

The Greek reply to Rich on Mar 24 at 11:04

Unlike gyllenhal in brokeback, "I can quit you" in regards to having any hope that this guy will develop into anything. He's a dog.

Mike P. on Mar 24 at 8:17

We all appreciate him, but Iggy is what he is, Diet LeBron with a shaky jumper.

He's a second piece. If we can move him in any scenario that can help rebuild the team in a positive way (draft picks and/or like Love and Ellington) you do that. If Minnie is really high on him because they want to run the triangle with Rambis we should get one or two of their late first rounders and Love or something.

paul reply to Mike P. on Mar 24 at 15:14

I live in Minnesota. That in itself, of course, doesn't give me any inside information, but I have a hard time thinking that the Wolves would give up Kevin Love. They gave up OJ Mayo for him after all and he has become, in a short time and at a young age, one of the best rebounders and among the most tough and rugged big men. He's also a fan favorite (although, maybe like Philly, the BB franchise currently ranks fourth among the pro teams in the fans' affections).

Mike P. reply to paul on Mar 24 at 15:45

Yes, his passing ability meshes well with Rambis' plan for hte offense. I really like him too. I wanted him in that draft, but the Sixers played themselves out of the lottery that year as usual.

Al Jefferson is the one Rambis doesn't like right? I know they are having PT issues right now.

But if Minnie offers love and a pick for Iggy and like Lou or something, you take that in a second.

paul reply to Mike P. on Mar 24 at 23:22

Oh boy, that's a tough one. Minnesota definitely needs scoring and veteran bodies, but Love is the player that I would least like to see traded. I'd rather see Big Al traded, but, as a Sixers fan first, I don't think I'd want Big Al for Ig since the Sixers are OK at power forward (assuming Speights gets his act together next year) and I think Ig is a better all around player. Personally, I think the Wolves could use Dalembert.

To be fair about Iggy, plenty of players play through plantar fasciitis. Noah seems like the outlier. In fact, his teammate Taj Gibson's playing with PF in both feet.

JohnEMagee on Mar 24 at 11:17

I see NO possible upside from Iguodala playing injured, this isn't a team fighting for playoff positioning, or getting in shape for a playoff run, this is a team headed nowhere this season with nothing real positive left to play for. The risk, no matter how slight, to further injury compared to the benefit of playing (none in my opinion) is silly...there's no good reason for him to play injured right now...period (aside of course from all that nonsense people will spew about playing through the pain, being 'a man' and all that idiotic shit)

Tom Moore on Mar 24 at 15:02

Asked Jordan yesterday about the possibility of shutting Iguodala down.

"I wouldn’t shut anybody down unless the doctors or my training staff tells me to do that. I want our best players on the floor so we can win games."

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to Tom Moore on Mar 24 at 15:33

lolo, is this joker serious ? does he think anyone is impressed by his ability to say the right thing?

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on Mar 24 at 15:59

So - what do the trainers / doctors have to say about Iguodalas injury? WHo has he consulted?

Tom Moore reply to JohnEMagee on Mar 24 at 16:00

Good question. I don't know the answer. He said he's changed shoes twice and that's helped somewhat. I can try to ask at Friday's game.

Was he wearing those Nike sneakers he endorsed this summer? Detroit banned them, said they were too light and players were getting hurt. Nike Hyperize I think was the name.

We just be Hyperizing
While ya'll be criticizing
We just gon' do our thing like ev-ery day - ay
You can't control the style
You get that were too wild
But were just having fun every time we play

Apparently you can't control the plantar fasciitis either.

They should just put the healthiest team out there regardless of who is playing. If there is any doubt, sit the player. If they need more bodies, give some 10 day contracts. I've seen enough of most of their regulars to last me until next season anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if most fans felt the same way.

In addition to helping with the draft position, maybe a team does need a thoroughly awful season like this once in awhile. The Sixers haven't had a season this bad since Iverson's rookie year and maybe they are simply due for one.

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