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SixersBeat Radio Show Tonight

Tyreke Evans to miss at least 3 games, the Kings are simply a more experienced tanking team.

Here is a scary question:

Have you noticed any drop-off in overall defense or rebounding when the team has Kapono at SF as opposed to Thad? In the last few games I thought on both ends Holiday/Iguodala/Kapono looks as good or better than Holiday/Iguodala/Thad. You lose on the break but gain better offensive balance.

This more points to how much farter Thad has to go than any praise of Kapono.

And how much FARTHER :)

Hmmn. Interesting question. On the defensive glass, maybe Thad's activity has a negative impact. His activity serves to block his own guys out of positions where they could actually grab the rebound. Iguodala and especially Thad can crash more freely because Kapono just stays out of the way.

not sure if I buy it, but it's a theory.

I can maybe buy Thad's "I don't grab many boards but help teammates by blocking out" argument. But your "he boxes out his own teammates" argument is pushing the limits of credibility.

Either way, there should be huge drop-off defensively when kapono plays SF in place of Thad... and I just don't see it. Maybe it is because Holiday and Iguodala can guard the best offensive player and are great rebounders at their positions, allowing Kapono to hide.

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Mar 25 at 18:33

That is why Montiejunis intrigues me a bit, he may allow Thad and Iggy to work because Iggy and Jrue should help with his weakness, rebounding. I picture a stronger, shotblocking taller T.Kukoc. If we don!t get a top 7 pick.

This one is kind of random. I watched Speights play hard (believe he took 2 charges) last night and he showed flashes. First off, is it fair to evaluate the season or no because he has been hurt and rushed back? Also, where do you see him on a good team? Is he a starter or a bench guy, like a super 3rd big? Is he going to need to be with a defensive specialist on the floor at all times, and could he play the de facto 5 with a Varejao type guy?

JohnEMagee reply to Rich on Mar 25 at 18:11

The problem with Speights is that 3 independent sources (including the GM) have confirmed the work ethic rumors and concerns about him when he was drafted...I've heard about this 'great defensive' game last night - but the majority of Mo's play this year - pre and post injury showed a love of offense (shooting) and little interest in else

Rich reply to JohnEMagee on Mar 25 at 18:28

That's why it's hard to evaluate him, the dreaded 'flashes' he shows. He consistently is worried about (his) offense, but little else. We also have to take into account it's only his 2nd year and he was rushed back from injury at least 2 weeks too early. That being said, his work ethic looks like it sucks. That's a huge problem, and he's probably a big part of what the SI scout was talking about.

JohnEMagee reply to Rich on Mar 25 at 18:35

I think it's not 'hard' to evaluate him - the knock on him coming in was - he's got a good shot but lousy work ethic, defense, passing....and so far he's shown that

it's been confirmed by two folks who worked with him at IMG and the GM of the sixers...

I think that's pretty strong evaluation right now - he's 1/3 of a very good basketball player

I actually don't think Varejao is the type of guy you want to pair him with, I think you want to get Speights to play the same type of defense Varejao does, because anyone is capable of that. He doesn't go for blocked shots, he goes for charges. He doesn't make the spectacular play, he just tries to sort of get in the way and make things more difficult. Speights can do that. He gets into trouble because he doesn't worry about body positioning, he tries to do things the easy way, and then rely on his athleticism to outjump someone for a board, or block a shot from behind after he's beaten to the hole.

I doubt Speights will ever be a defensive force, and I think you need a legit shotblocker/rebounder next to him in the front court whenever possible.

First big off the bench on a good team, maybe. If he puts it all together, becomes passable on the defensive end and loses 30 pounds, he could probably start next to a guy like Camby.

deepsixersuede reply to Brian on Mar 25 at 18:47

Now that they are officially out of the playoffs, the Sam/ Spieghts duo should get 20 minutes together a night, who knows, maybe they click.

Teddy Green on Mar 25 at 19:13

Mareese Speights

Best case scenario: Speights taps into his offensive potential and become a scoring savant ala Zach Randolph.

Worst case scenario: He doesn't get better and taps out as a taller Craig Smith.

I'm still trying to find a middle ground. Perhaps he could become a better scoring, but worst rebounding Drew Gooden.

The Greek on Mar 25 at 19:37

Speights reminds me of John Wallace the knicks first round draft pick out of Syracuse in 96.

Count count on the dude.

I just posted this at reclinerGM. It is the basic framework of what IMO must be done moving forward. For the show, what would you say your 2 or 3 core guiding principles would be moving forward rebuilding this team back to a consistent winner like they were from '75-'85:


I don’t see the team as a puzzle where we try and find the right pieces to plug into this roster. I see it as a shambles. There may or may not be pieces worth keeping (like Holiday) but that is besides the point.

In my minimalist view the only things that matter are:

1. bringing in proper management that understands that you build around Superstar(s) and not through maximizing middling talent (like the Bucks this year or the Sixers the previous 2 seasons.)

2. The Sixers NEED a superstar. They have some good players amd variable young prospects. But you make those pieces fit AFTER you get your superstar.

Best case scenario they replace the sh!t-Ed’s and win the lottery. Then go up from there. But even if they end up picking 7th they need to focus on stockpiling assets (ideally #1 picks) to work towards getting a superstar to lead the team.

I never understood the desire to replace EJ and get back to being .500. Jordan is a disaster… but so is this roster and its long term cap.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Mar 25 at 20:41

The desire to replace the idiot coach has to do with developing young players - he's set them all a year back in my opinion - even Jrue could have progressed at a more 'appropraite' pace possibly under a better coach.

I don't give a crap about getting back to 500 i give a crap about having a coach with a fucking clue

Of course we should get rid of EJ. I just think getting rid of one of the three heads is running in place.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Mar 25 at 21:11

Getting rid of none of them is worse than getting rid of one of them.

Snider and Comcast aren't going anywhere any time soon

I disagree. If having EJ this year gets us Wall then I'd rather have had EJ than a good coach.

And if they keep ES they might as well keep EJ to maximize the losses. That way we at least upgrade the talent that's left when EJ/ES are eventually fired. Since its when as opposed to if.

jkay reply to tk76 on Mar 25 at 21:30

and whatever young talent you have while EJ is coaching your way to superstar-draftdom will be "Joranised".

deepsixersueder reply to tk76 on Mar 25 at 21:49

What is easier to do, and takes less years; build a winning team through picks and coaching stability and luring a big free agent or trading 3 talented players for said star or losing and waiting for the right star through the draft and than building around him?

If you are already a bottom 7 team I say going through the draft.

If you are a middling team you could probably chose either way depending on how young your team is.

deepsixersueder reply to tk76 on Mar 25 at 22:07

Do you feel this team is bottom 7?

JohnEMagee reply to deepsixersueder on Mar 25 at 22:25

This team is a 500 team at best with a major player (brand) about to start the wrong side of his career, a terrible bench, missing a key piece with no cap room to sign him and dalembert probably won't be back after next season and they don't have another center.

So i'd say they're headed towards bottom 7

deepsixersueder reply to JohnEMagee on Mar 25 at 22:51

It will be a study in how to build a team; starting this summer Wade , if he stays will have a clean slate and a possible stud sidekick. We will be building through the draft and adding a new coach. They have their star and we don!t.Lets see who challenges for a title first.

Them, unless the Sixers win a lottery pick.

What I can't believe is how good Jrue got, so quickly. He's just not that timid. Amazing.

JohnEMagee reply to Shawn on Mar 26 at 10:31

He didn't 'get this good' - he was this good - he just had a coach messing with his belief in himself, he had a fan base obsessed with ty lawson, and he had a crap year at UCLA because Darren Collison didn't come out and teams concerned about his shoulder injury.

It seems (so far) the sixers got a steal, but then again it 'seemed' that they got steals in Young and Speights so I'm not completely sold on anything yet

He was not this good of a shooter. No way. Not his form, not his results.

He's giving the credit to McKie. Apparently, they're really spending a ton of time working on the pick & roll and shooting form.

Just keep him away from Ayers.

By the way, I think mcKei and DiLeo get to stay. Everyone else should leave when they clean house... and I mean everyone (including Dei's dad.)

I don't really care one way or the other about Lynam. He wasn't a Jordan guy. O'Koren and Ayers absolutely must go. So should the trainer for OK'ing all these guys to come back too early. Maybe the team doctor as well.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Mar 26 at 11:45

The training staff isn't new though is it - i mean they've been questionable for years but they're the same staff they've always been.

Why didn't thad young at some point go to aaron mckie and just say HELP?

They bring a guy back 2 weeks early and he stays banged up all year.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Mar 26 at 12:14

That doesn't really answer the question I asked now does it - they've been questioanble for years now - i'm not sure why now they'd be fired if it's the same folks

Shawn reply to JohnEMagee on Mar 26 at 12:07

Not this good of a shooter as he is now. You're also not taking into account that he is 19, and running an NBA team. Point guard is one of those positions where you evolve as a player based on personnel and years in the league. Holiday has shown an ability to run a team decently effectively, can rebound at a decent rate, and has shot (so far) lights out. These are things that take time for young PGs and he's done an excellent job. You can't give him enough credit in my opinion.

Does he make mistakes, sure, but he has shown that he has flashes where he can play effectively with or without the ball - something that is not an innate ability, but instead usually takes time to develop. As he gets older, he will be more consistent with these things, but I still say that he is way ahead of what sixers staff expected from him.

Partly this is because the rest of the team has imploded. It has given Jrue the chance to step up and be more assertive.

I think if this was a playoff team Jrue would be more passive and pass more around the edges. Instead, since everyone else has played poorly, Jrue feels confident taking more responsibility in the offense.

Jrue deserves credit, but his improved role has not occurred in a vacuum.

JohnEMagee reply to Shawn on Mar 26 at 12:15

Actually, I take into account that he's 19 and running an NBA team...I'm not really sure who you mean to be speaking to but i was neve on the 'we should have drafted colilson or lawson bandwagon' - it's the eqvuialent of you trying to convert sarah palin to the republican party - what's the point.

Jrues shot wasn't good but it was improving coming into the league...I had few doubts bout him this season, my irritations were with how the coach stupidly used him...his excuses and mismangement of his playing time until finally the GM had to publicly put his foot down.

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