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Zero Effort, Less Harmony

Mike P. on Apr 7 at 17:31


Go Jrue, he needs a special section of fans dressed up as Santa, the easter bunny, a pumpkin, a turkey, and a leprechaun.

Big games elsewhere on the schedule tonight:

Knicks vs. Pacers (a Knicks win would probably put 9th-worst record out of reach)

Wiz @ Orlando

Pistons vs. Atlanta

Warriors @ Timberwolves (could move to within 2 games of 3rd-worst record in the league with a loss/GSW win)

Clippers vs. Blazers (really need the clips to pick up a win or two)

I'll be honest, I'll have the Phillies game going on the big tv, and the Sixers on the little tv at my desk, and while I may glance over from time to time, I have infinitely more interest in the Phils. Maybe, if I'm bored later tonight I'll re-watch the dvr. In reality, the only reason left to watch is Jrue, and I can just go through the tape tomorrow and watch all of his fga's+assists and save myself a buttload of time.

It's just a bizarre feeling that if you win it does the franchise bad, I hope we never have to go through this shit again although I get the feeling that next season might be more of the same.

I was actually at the Phils opener in DC. Halladay vs. NL teams just isn't fair, against the Nats is just ridiculous. I don't think he even broke a sweat.

JohnEMagee on Apr 7 at 18:27

re playing the second night of a back-to-back (Miami hasn't played since Saturday),

I really hate the NBA schedulers - i mean a back to back compared to a couple days rest is bad enough BUT the sixers have to travel to miami as well.

that's just silly

phillies > sixers

i'll check out the game every commercial, but honestly even the phillies vs the NATIONALS is much more exciting than watching the sixers play.

So Miami is kind of playing small from the jump w/ Beasley at the four. If I wanted the Sixers to win, I'd say Brand can abuse him on the blocks.

JohnEMagee on Apr 7 at 19:43

Kinicks down 20 with 8 to go in the second

And we're off, same starting lineup. They go right to Brand, defensive three seconds call.

BS foul on Jrue. I really hate superstar calls, those guys don't need freebies.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 19:47

I really can't wait for wade to break down faster than the others, and have miami stuck with his big fat contract

Jrue is so fucking good on the pick-and-roll, and that's with Dalembert doing the rolling. Imagine if he had a guy like Amare to work with.

Damnit, two quick ones on Jrue thanks to that BS call. Extra minutes for Lou tonight, I guess.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 19:57

That's good for the losing

Ugh, Sixers look energized. Up by 5 early.

Knicks coming back. Wiz hanging in there Detroit down early.

Thank god Kapono has the yips.

Shit, Dalembert is dominating. Up by 9 now.

JohnEMagee on Apr 7 at 20:00

Manu just signed a 3 year extension

Knicks are going to have to settle for Joe Johnson and Rudy Gay now.

8 points, 6 boards and 3 blocks for Sammy so far. He'd have a couple assists too if Kapono didn't blow.

Phew, Jordan got Willie into the game just in time.

2 fouls in 40 seconds for Jason Smith. Yeah, that guy's an NBA player.

I am done watching the 76ers play when Willie Green is on the court if the Phillies are on. I hate, repeat, hate EJ for ruining my favorite team.

Hopefully only 4 more games after this one of the misery, then things have to look up.

Turnover by Jason Smith.

And to cap the quarter Udonis Haslem goes by Jason Smith like he isn't even there for an uncontested layup. Quite a showing in only 2 minutes of work for tall alligator.

Sixers down 2 after the first quarter.

Meeks scored 19 yesterday, Willie gets his minutes today. The beauty of EFJ.

Maybe Tom can ask genius to explain his reasoning? That is what made me just watch the Phils. Amazing, flipped for a second, and since Willie has been in, Miami has overcome their big deficit.

Smith blows a point-blank bunny.

When Speights catches the ball the only question is whether he'll shoot right away or take one dribble, then shoot.

johnrosz on Apr 7 at 20:39

I think I'd rather have Jermaine O'neal than Elton Brand

Wait, so just to be clear, you're not an Elton Brand fan?

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 20:43

haha, I feel that its my obligation to be the designated Elton Brand hater. You guys dole out the fair share of Jordan criticism, I'm just picking up the slack on the EB front.

Me too because his contract expires after the season.

Sixers went on an empty run there at the end of the half, cut the deficit to 6.

53-47 at the half, Miami.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 20:49

do you think Jodie Meeks will be in the nba in 5 years?

Only if the Sixers give him a Willie Green contract, which wouldn't shock me.

Were losing and Youkilis got hit in the head, so far so good.

Don't tell me about the Yanks game, it's on DVR watching it after this mess.

14, 13 and 4 for Sammy.

Shit, 8-0 run to start the third, Sixers in the lead. Wade looks like shit out there.

Nice drive by Jrue, he needs to take advantage of small PGs trying to guard him like that.

If the Sixers want to lose this game they need to get Iguodala off Wade on the defensive end. He's 2/10 so far, and really killing Miami.

Putting Jason Smith in for Sammy wouldn't hurt either.

AI9 was way too tentative on that play, begging Wade to block it. He shouldn't have slowed down, just elevated for the dunk.

I would not worry. I am sure Willie Green and Lou will get their minutes.

Jesus, the Sixers are pulling away.

19 points, 15 boards, 4 blocks for Sammy.

4 fouls on Wade. This doesn't look good.

Smith comes in and fouls immediately. Good work.

Good, maybe that hard foul by Kapono will light a fire under Wade. Nice work, Kapono.

Nice, Jordan brought the bums in just in time.

Man, that was a bullshit call. No one even breathed on Wade on that drive.

Tie ball game.

and Heat lead. Jason Smith with a sick turnover.

12 minutes to glory.

Game tied 77-77 after three.


Not that EJ makes watching 76er basketball tough, but the refs are just making it impossible. I am amazed at your dedication tonight.

Jordan just took Jrue out for Meeks. If that doesn't get the job done, he's going to have to put Willie in for Iguodala.

Will Kapono due?

Yup. I think Speights was hurt, so he had to put Brand back in. Dalembert's having the game of his life, rotting on the pine.

Both alligator arm guys just fought each other for a rebound, and knocked it out of bounds. Awesome.

Kapono in for Iguodala. You can't convince me Eddie Jordan isn't trying to lose this game, you just can't.

fuk that 3 by kapono hurts

Do you realize that the 76ers would be losing big time if Lou and Green did not play good minutes. I am not convinced Jordan is trying to lose, this is the way genius coaches.

Lou at the point makes it an obvious attempt at tanking, although I don't know what Ej gets out of it.

5 kentucky players declared for the draft


I agree it looks like tanking but I disagree, Jordan has been coaching like this all year. Just amazing.

We need the alligators in this game, stst.

He actually put Smith in for defense, and left Kapono on the floor. Fucking awesome. Wade blowing those FTs hurts.

Come on Heat, you cannot lose to this lousy coached team. Go HEAT!!!

Perfect time to break out the weave and heave, huh?

that would be cool if the heat could make a free throw...

why does ig have to be such a clutch shooter?


Phew, almost had a heart attack when Kapono launched that three. Don't blow these freebies, Wade.

Brian if the sixers are down by one with 6 seconds to go and the rock is in Iggys hands are you rooting for him to make or miss? A make helps with the lottery, a miss gets are rise out of all the Iggy haters. Which way Brian?

Miss. I could care less about the AI9 haters.

Joe reply to The Greek on Apr 7 at 21:57

I think everyone wants a miss.

Detroit is about to win? Golden State too?

Detroit up 3 with 18 seconds left. Come on, we fucking need this.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 21:59

Detroit up 5!!!

That's a bullshit fucking call, but thank God for horrible refs.

Need a hoop from Miami here, or AI9 is going to win it with a three.

Correct. Jrue is getting calls always against him.


BASKET INTEREFERENCE by Sammy D!!!!! I love it

That makes up (partly) for this 19 and 16 game Sammy decided to have.

Pistons win!

Come on, close this shit out Miami.

Thats my man.... low Basketball IQ Sammy!!!! sweeet

Pull within 1 game of Detroit, 2 of Golden State.

Those Hawks/Bucks wins could be franchise altering. Could take years to recover from those two meaningless wins.

Arroyo sucks ass, but I'm glad he hit those freebies.

Thank you Carlos.


That was huge, HUGE.

The third-worst record is even in play now.

Iguodala is so selfish.

I can't begin to tell you how important that loss was.

what a great night i honestly didn't think detroit was going to win another game

Does anyone know definitively how they break ties at the bottom for lottery placement? I think it's a coin flip, not based on record.

Lottery balls are split evenly amongst tied teams. Assuming neither team lands in the top 3, a coin flip is used to determine who picks first.

Joe reply to Brian on Apr 7 at 22:08

I was wondering the same. Not a clue.

Let's go Clippers.

smh1980 on Apr 8 at 0:15

Detroit still has Minesota as there last game so that could be win 26.

If Golden State and Sacremento beat the Clippers on back to back games that would give them each 25 wins.

We are almost there!!!

Hahahaha i love sammy coming in and dunking that, i think he did that on purpose just to keep our chances up!

Wtf was with wade fixing EFJ's tie?

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