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.333 at Last

Duracorr on Apr 8 at 7:15

I share your pain. It hurt to hope my team would fail in the end and lose the game, but it could be critical. While the basketball gods could shine on us and give us a top three pick, from any position, the lower the better. All I hope for is a competitive game that they lose in the end. Hopefully a decent coach can teach them to win those games next year.

Ryan F on Apr 8 at 8:31

"Why are you making me watch this if you are rooting for the other team?" - My Girlfriend.

"I have to make SURE they lose" - Me

I still got caught up in the competition and uttered out a couple cheers from the home team, then logic kicked in. I could of never of imagined myself doing this, but its what its become.

It’s really the first time it’s happened while I was watching and they were close.
You learn something new everyday.

The Greek reply to Terry on Apr 8 at 9:43

This started about 2-3 weeks ago for me, rooting for the other team especially late in the game. It's a bizarre feeling.

Brian, my thoughts exactly. I do not understand how the refs call a touch foul on Jrue and on the other end, he gets floored, and no foul!

Can someone explain to me the foul on the defender when the offensive player leans into the defensive player? I don't get it.

Are fans wearing brown bags yet or is that too harsh?

JohnEMagee reply to Shawn on Apr 8 at 10:53

In jersey that gets you lunch with the team president

Didn't he call the fan an asshole or something?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 11:20

He bad mouthed him in the press yes - but they did have a lunch together according to reports...

I think the nets are likely to become as much fun as the mavs in the next couple years - i mean i think 12 mil to Coach K was just made up nonsense - but still - David Stern probably had apoplexy

Did anyone see how Wade reacted to the charge he was called for on Smith?!?

There are a hand full of players in this league who get away with murder on the court. Unfortunately none of them are 76ers.

JohnEMagee reply to Ryan F on Apr 8 at 11:30

If you have espn insider read one of the most recent 'player x' posts for the nba guy - he specifically talks about refs and how tehy are biased - interesting point made that the LONGER they are in the league the more likely they are to make those kind of silly calls...and younger refs usually always defer if there's a conflict on the call

They didn't even call a charge, I don't think, they just didn't call the block. Ball went out of bounds.

I'm still pissed about that call on Jrue, that was a sick play and in no way a foul.

I am still fuming also. Upset also that the coach did not defend Jrue after the game (not that I am surprised). No way was that a charge. Either blocking or a flop.

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