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Lottery Odds Update

JohnEMagee on Apr 8 at 13:42

optimstically i think the best the sixers can do right now is 4th with no tie - which i'd take.

Gotta keep losing and hope don nelson thinks his 'total wins' record is relevant (personally i think career win percentage is more impressive and i'm pretty sure when lenny wiilkens was the winnigest coach in history he was barely above 500?)

I'm not so sure that's possible, actually. You'd be talking about 3 more wins for 2 of GSW, SAC or WAS in order for the Sixers to be in fourth alone. I think there are better odds they all win 2 than two of them win 3.

I hope Sacto beats the Clips tonight, and I really hope I don't regret saying that if the Clips wind up tying or passing us on their way down.

JohnEMagee on Apr 8 at 13:53

A lot of guys are getting 'shut down' aas the season comes to a close - season ending surgeries - etc....(chris bosh getting smakced in the face, just the nail in the coffin for the raptors keeping him) so I think a lot depends on what teams are 'done' for the season and the sixers NOT being 'done' even though they should be (just sit andre and elton and sam for the rest of the season already - hell sit jrue too - let the scrubs get some minutes)

Washington depends a lot on which andray blatche shows up day by day - i think flip is trying to prove he can work with this 'young' group and save his job.

Still, any of those teams finishing 3-1 is highly unlikely, two of them doing it?

God, the Sixers just need to completely mail in these four. Just don't even come close like you did last night. Take your lumps and then pray a couple of those teams do something silly.

paul reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 20:47

Too bad they traded Ivey and Primoz. They could really use both of them for these last four games. Could they persuade Calvin Booth and Michael Bradley to come out of retirement?

The most likely outcomes range from tied 6th to 8th. That means we have to get really lucky in the lottery or maybe end up with 6th and hope Wes slips. I'm not likening the players available in the 7th-8th range. Not liking them one bit.

5-deep for me, I believe. Maybe Ed Davis will wow some people at the workout and move up.

The thing to really keep an eye on, for me, is where Minny winds up. If they don't get in the top two, they may be willing to move down. Not really sure they can afford to draft another PG or PF, if they can't get Turner or Wall, they may be amenable to dropping down a little to get Wes Johnson, or maybe even further down if they target someone else.

paul reply to Brian on Apr 8 at 20:50

After Wall, there aren't many well regarded point guards to choose from anyway. The next highest rated is his freshman teammate Bledsoe.

I wonder if the Sixers will rush Jaime Maggio back from injury too.

Said I dig you Sixers but you gotta keep losing on…Keep losing on.

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