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Three Losses To A Higher Probability of Glory

G-Funk All Stars on Apr 10 at 18:16

I'd rather Sacramento win than Golden State - we'd move into a three-way tie along with Detroit with 26 wins. Also, a Clippers win wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, as they'd move to 28 wins and pretty much lock us into no worse than the 7th most pingpong balls.

JohnEMagee reply to G-Funk All Stars on Apr 10 at 18:21

If GSW wins the sixers have a better chance of catching them - presuming the sixers lose the next 3 games - i'm going to go with GSW as well just because they are currently 'higher' in the lottery than the kings

The GSW/LAC game can really go either way. If the Sixers win vs. Memphis tonight, we have to root hard for LAC. If the Sixers lose, GSW is still within reach.

Charlie V. for three!!!

Alright, same starting lineup.

Pistons down 7 at the half, Wizards down 2.

Iguodala looks tired to me.

Carney and Jason Smith both make their triumphant returns tonight. Awesome.

Fan appreciation night for the Sixers should really involve some sort of public humiliation of EFJ.

Kapono is guarding Mayo, Iguodala has Gay, at least early on.

God, Thabeet is horrible. I don't think he can jump. Sam is going to eat him alive on the glass.

That's just stupid. They've gone to Gay with Iguodala on him about 3x as often as Mayo with Kapono on him.

Sweet wrap-around groundball pass from Jrue to Kapono for the transition three.

Kapono with a pair of threes. Energy level looks pretty high and OJ Mayo was just clutching his ankle on the floor before the timeout. Not a good start. Sixers up 12-10 early.

Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 20:24

say it aint so! OJ Mayo hits the deck and twists his ankle.

That's alright, Sam Young will just take Kapono on the blocks.

Small lineup early. Smith at the five, this should be interesting.

Carney's guarding their power forward

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 20:33

too bad gasol isn't playing. would have been funny to watch Carney guard either of them.

Wizards up by 6 in the third quarter, Detroit down 3.

Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 20:35

lou with a nice pass to iguodala in stride, followed by a Jason Smith weakside swat.

Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 20:35

annnnd for the millionth time, jason smith chases after a rebound and doesn't get it.

Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 20:38

lol, this basketball is comical/horrible to watch.

Mayo banks in a three to end the first quarter. Sixers trailing by five after 12 minutes, 21-26.

Smith took about 7 steps on that dunk. No whistle. Bastards.

Sick defense being played by this unit, huh?

Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 20:48

haha, love how sixers announcers are saying how jason smith is always around the ball. problem is he can never get control of it.

Pinckney just said Jason Smith has the ability to "play smaller than his size." I didn't realize that was a desirable thing for a PF/C.

Court_visioN reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 20:51

it is in EJ's system.

Alright, double digit deficit. Keep it there, fellas.

Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 20:53

Sixers back within 5. Pinckney raving about Jodie Meeks, haha.

Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 20:55

yup. Brand got the tanking memo. thank god.

Jrue 4 3.

Willie at the three, sick.

Shit, tie game. F Willie.

Sixers lead. 8 made threes so far. F me.

Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 21:05

the sixers can't possibly shoot this well the entire game can they?

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 21:05


God, I hope not.

Eddie Jordan with the T. Free point.

Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 21:07

eddie jordan helping out the tanking, picks up a T. free point!

Mike Conley is my hero. Banked three at the buzzer to give the Griz a 58-51 lead at the half.

Court_visioN on Apr 10 at 21:10

HAHAH mike conley banks it in from half court.

Fuck me. Detroit just blew it. Had about 10 shots to take the lead in the last minute, missed all 10. That's not even an exaggeration.

Who's worse, Thabeet or Jason Smith?

Another f'ing three. Ugh.

6-0 run to start the third. Memphis continues to try to go after Iguodala on the defensive end.

Fuck me. Sixers up by 5 now. EFJ just went small, I'm hoping that will slow them down, but they can't keep hitting threes like this.

Kapono is 5/6 from three with zero rebounds, zero assists, zero steals, zero blocks and 1 turnover in 15 minutes.

Alvin reply to Brian on Apr 10 at 23:49

The perfect player for Eddie Jordan.

They don't call him a "specialist" for nothing.

teddy green on Apr 10 at 21:45

Hey Brian,
What do you think of Rudy Gay as a player? Do you think he's worth $65 million he'll get from the Heat or Clippers this off-season?

No, I don't. Doesn't defend, doesn't make plays for others, below-average three-point shooter.

12/19 from three, you've got to be kidding me.

That's four fouls on Iguodala, sit him down for the next 12 minutes, please.

God damnit. Sixers up 9. Memphis just looks terrible.

Sixers win the third quarter 35-20. Up by 8 points heading into the fourth. Need to cough this lead up quickly before Zach Randolph calls it a night.

eddies' heady's on Apr 10 at 22:29

60+ points from the bench. Season high of three's made.

Why? Why? Only the friggin' Sixers man. Son of a ..............!

Let's go Clippers.


Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible.

It would be one thing if Iguodala and Jrue simply outmatched the Grizzlies. To have the franchise's future set back by Jason Kapono, Jodie Meeks, and Speights is a kick in the nuts.

Really is anyone shocked that they won? This is a way of life for the Sixers franchise. This is just how it is, I have been a Sixer fan since the early 80s. I'm not shocked by anything this franchise does, watching the team move Moses and Brad Daugherty in 1986 does that to a person.

Perhaps you discussed this already but yahoo says Rutgers may want Eddie.

Great, the Sixers won by playing like the GS Warriors.

lol, @ lowest point of season for me being the sixers winning a game.


The Clippers beating GS is sort of good news. But had the Sixers lost I would have wanted the reverse result.

Holding out hope for 6th...

6th all alone is a long shot. Tie for sixth is a possibility. I'm more worried about holding onto lone possession of 7th.

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