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Narrowing Possibilities

Statman on Apr 13 at 8:58

If I understand correctly, we're rooting for a Lakers win tonight vs. the Kings, because that would give the Magic something to play for on Wednesday. The Lakers would own the tiebreaker with the Magic (and homecourt in the finals) if they wound up tied. Of course, one could argue that the Magic scrubs (Gortat, Redick) might blow out the Sixers anyway.

My takeaway from this game (other than what Brian already mentioned) is that Jrue is not able to defend Wade nearly as well as Iguodala right now. Iguodala played some of his best defense of the season when matched against Wade. Jrue is a little better at stopping the penetration of quick point guards (e.g., Stuckey), but Iguodala handles the stronger, taller, slightly slower guard (Wade, Joe Johnson) as well as anyone. If tanking was the strategy, credit Coach Jordan for shifting Iguodala to PF (and then sitting him) for a long stretch while putting Meeks on Wade.

One other note: if this game meant anything, then there would be a lot of angst over Sam's coming to help on the last Heat possession. It looked to me like Iguodala had Wade under control on the penetration, and Wade was going to have to take a difficult shot (though make-able for him). It was shades of last year's Ray Allen 3 when Thad overhelped.

As for as lottery standing goes, at this point it's not worth worrying about the final standing. If the Sixers happen to "fall" into a tie with the Clippers and the Clippers get a top 3 pick in the lottery, there's no way of knowing whether the combination that got them there would have been theirs anyway (among the 28 that would have been theirs as the 8th team) or was one of the (7 or 8) additional ones the Clippers got for "jumping" into a tie for 7th. Psychologically, that outcome (Clippers get into the top 3 with a combination that would have been the Sixers', after tying the Sixers for 7th worst)) might be upsetting, but the probabilities are against it (7 or 8 out of a 1000, less than 1%) and there's no way of knowing whether it actually occurred.

(p.s. Brian, the rotation at 8:02 of the 4th must be wrong -- lists Lou Williams twice.)

deepsixersuede on Apr 13 at 9:47

We have Willies replacement for 1/5 the price; a starting p.g. on a rookie deal; and hopefully, worst case, a starting 4 or 5 from this years draft on a rookie deal also. If this team won!t pay the luxury tax at least we are improving our roster the best way.

JohnEMagee reply to deepsixersuede on Apr 13 at 10:28

The team is most likely paying the luxury tax already next season, so somone has to go.

Not really sure why a 'willie replacement' at any price is necessary...

deepsixersuede reply to JohnEMagee on Apr 13 at 10:54

If you replace a player that gets 20 minutes a night with a younger, possibly better player that makes 1/5 the salary it is a small step in the right direction. In a season of few silver linings every little bit helps.

JohnEMagee reply to deepsixersuede on Apr 13 at 10:57

If you replace a player who deserves 20 minutes a night with a guy who costs 1/5 - maybe that's good - but Willie Green isn't a player who deserves 20 minutes a night, not on a team that plans on winning anything significant.

Not when Louis Williams basically does the same thing but draws more fouls

HE'S BACK!!!! (maybe)

Rumor going around that Larry Brown is coming back to the Sixers.


JohnEMagee reply to paul on Apr 13 at 10:48

Yes, this same rumor has been floating for weeks

Much like the rumor that he reached out to the clippers for the coach and GM job and was roundly rebuked

All while he's still supposed coaching the bobcats

If Larry Brown comes back i hope his ego goes 0-82

Brian: totally agree with you about the Jodie Meeks 'continue to impress' vibe. Kid is a chucker in the class of Willie Green. For now I can still blame it on his lack of PT and wanting to impress. that aside, he cant even drive to the rim, lacks handles and a so-so defender. i hope his big body and some coaching will help him improve. if this range he's showing is legit, then MAYBE we didnt just waste a 2nd rd draft pick.

paul reply to jkay on Apr 13 at 16:51

I think you should go back and look at the second rounds of the last 10 drafts and count the number of second round picks who have fared as well, or better than, Willie Green. Green is an above average second round pick and a player picked in his position should be expected to do what he has done this year: come of the bench for 15 minutes a night a provide some significant contribution and be able to spot start in case of injuries. You don't pick players in the middle of the second round with the expectation that they will be stars or even regular starters. It's not Willie's fault that he has played more than he should have in his career.

The same thing goes for Meeks. If he can come off the bench next year and give the Sixers 5 to 8 points a game, he will be a pretty fair pick for a second rounder and probably, on average, as good as the Sixers would have gotten with their second pick this year.

Do you remember the significant contributions the Sixers received from second round picks like Derrick Byars, Herbert Hill, Sam Clancy, Damon Brown, Alvin Jones, Mark Karcher, Casey Shaw, Marco Milic, Kebu Stewart, and James Collins? Neither do I.

Too many Philly fans just enjoy denigrating people whether they deserve it or not.

teddy green on Apr 13 at 14:44

Sources have confirmed a New York Post story that Michael Jordan will grant Larry Brown permission to look for a new head coaching job outside of Charlotte.

The Sixers and Clippers are both in the picture to hire Brown, who coached both teams in the past.

The decision, according to the report, will largely be based on his wife's preference.

Read more: http://www.realgm.com/src_wiretap_archives/65944/20100413/sixers_clippers_will_contend_for_brown/#ixzz0l0UtxMw3

So its Clippers east vs Clippers west in the battle to lure Leisure Larry.

JohnEMagee reply to teddy green on Apr 13 at 14:47

And again, reports, last week, indicate that Brown already reached out to the clippers and was soundly rebuked.

According to the wojo story at yahoo LB wants full control, which is why jordan (surprisingly) is probably letting him talk to teams.

I can't believe Peter Vescey is the only person calling out this worthless piece of flotsam, looking for jobs while you still have something to play for, yet again (he did it in detroit DURING the playoffs)...he's an utter horrible human being...

So many people here care about the 'character' of the players the sixers have or draft, why does no one care about the character of the rat running the team?

I love the over-reaction.

Ruben Patterson is a horrible human being.

Larry Brown is an employee you can't trust.

In all, I think we've all probably gone on interviews while still being employed. By and large, nobody passes judgement because they don't have a vested interest in the products their employers are making. Since we do care (and overemphasize) sports, he now becomes a horrible human being.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 13 at 15:31

I think actively seeking jobs while still managing the season is slightly different than you or I going on a job interview - it's not the same environ and people need to stop applying the same rules of business to it - it's unethical and ridiclulous to find it acceptable that a coach in the middle of a playoff run is looking for other jobs - let alone campaigning for jobs that aren't even open - which technically in Philadelphia they are not.

All I'm saying is that peter vescey seems to be the only one holding Brown to the standard that people seem to hold players too...players aren't allowed to negotiate contracts before the season is over (and their contract runs out) so why is it ok for coahes to do it - it's not being a DBA - and it's disingenuous to use the example

No two jobs are the same. I wasn't making the case that they were.

Over-reacting and acting like this is something more for him than a job, however, I believe to be equally disingenuous.

It drives me batty, but I don't think Larry Brown is a horrible human being for looking out for him. Just because he's asked Michael Jordan for permission to look at other jobs at seasons end doesn't mean he isn't actively coaching his team, and I'm not going to sit behind my computer screen and make it into a bigger deal than it is.

As I said, Ruben Patterson is a horrible human being. Larry Brown is a high maintenance employee who gets results. Vastly different things.

Even if it does affect his job (and, frankly, I see no evidence it is, as they're highly overachieving), how does that make him a horrible human being?

Earlier this year I got a job offer to be a systems analyst at one of the two major stock exchanges in the US, doing systems administration and monitoring of various aspects of the trading process. I turned it down, for various reasons I won't get into here, but let's take a hypothetical. Let's say I'm disgruntled with the job, and it could potential affect my performance. It might not be as visible as Larry Brown, but in terms of dollars, could be more impactful. Am I a horrible human being because I'm not 100% happy with my job? Am I a horrible human being if I'm only there two years and I don't finish what I started off to accomplish?

I have met plenty of people who get bored at an organization after a few years, and I would expect this to be particularly worse if those employees had to constantly travel and live away from their families. I don't hold this against them as horrible human beings. I recognize some (RE: everyone) has flaws.

No two jobs may be the same, but using the excuse that "it's different, can't even talk about it" is an excuse to hold an absurd viewpoint and hold people to higher standards than you hold myself.

Charles Mansion is a terrible human being. Larry Brown's a high maintenance worker who you have to make the decision on whether you want to accept the positives with the negatives. Making it out to be more than that is extremely disingenuous.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 13 at 15:58

Like I said, comparing sports business to 'normal' business isn't realistic - no offense - but you're easy to replace at your current job - sports business has a different economics model and scale due to the uniqueness of the ability - plus there's the whole guaranteed contract thing - i'm betting your old job would have stopped paying you the moment you left, and if they fired you the wouldn't be obligated to 'pay out your contract'.

It's apples and oranges, and it's a ridiculous train of thought when people try to apply 'real world economics' to sports - sports is an entirely different animal than whatever business you work in - competitors don't need other companies to survive - they don't want to share the market - they won't to own it - in sports you don't see teams driving the others out of business because they need each other to survive...

Larry Brown is a carpetbagging fuck tard of a human being who is given a pass by most of the media - but to me he's no better than any of the 'jailblazers' (then again, his skin tone is MUCH lighter)

If you say so.

I disagree with pretty much your entire post (outside of the guaranteed contract thing, which is true, but if he signs elsewhere they're no longer on the hook for the full amount anyway), but neither of us are going to change each other's opinion, so we're really just pissing in the wind at this point.

How do you think things would have turned out for the Sixers had LB stayed on another 4 years? BK made some terrible desperation moves.

I wonder what LB would have done (probably trade away AI 2 years earlier.)

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to JohnEMagee on Apr 13 at 19:31

we dont really know the details of these 'conversations'. the league is a pretty small place and LB probably knows everyone. im sure larry regularly talks to plenty of people around the league. if he speaks to someone and a job comes up, i dont really see it as a big deal. if he actually took a day off and went in person to meet with management in another city, thats a different story. i agree that these guys shouldnt be out actively knocking on doors.

Also this team never player better defense then when that so called "fuktard" ran the show. He might have some dooshce like tendencies but the man gets his team to play defense and play hard and at this point I would gladly take that for these sixers.

I'm just anxiously awaiting the exit of our current coach/GM. That's step one. Then the rumors will fly, again! Let's get it right this time.

I'd happily welcome Larry just because he could be the best coaching candidate we'd be able to land outside of a giving a new hot assistant a chance. I'd really like to get Tom Thibodeau but the Sixers seem intent on not hiring him for some reason.

Look on the Bright side, Jrue will get immensely better his second season if Larry is coaching him. And he really wasn't that bad of a GM. He built that 01 almost title team around a player who is basically unbuildaroundable.

So yeah, lets get Larry back, that would mean no more Ed and Ed fucking everything up.

bebopdeluxe reply to Mike P. on Apr 13 at 16:44

Word, Mike.

Snider ain't springing for JVG or any other big-bux coach...but he'll write the check for LB. For me, only two things matter - that DiLeo handles the draft (and given his RIDICULOUS success on that front, I can't imagine that LB would screw with that), and that the #1 assistant chair is occupied by someone who I am comfortable with taking over the reins once LB rides into the Main Line sunset to coach EA's boys' BB team (I would prefer ESnow, but I could get comfortable with McKie, perhaps).

Sign me up.

Mike P. reply to bebopdeluxe on Apr 13 at 18:47

As much as I was harping on DiLeo's drafting, seeing where's he's been picking for the last decade he really has done a good job.

If we can't get Thibodeau, might as well get Larry Brown to get everyone to remember how to play defense for a couple of years.

Thanks, Brian, for the consistently great posts. I read the blog religiously, but post sparingly.

Anyway, these LB rumors seem more solid than I realized. While I do think it's kinda crappy to be publicly fishing for a new job while your team is about to start a playoff run (I didn't like it when he did this to us with Detroit), I would be more than happy to have him here, in basically any capacity. The Brown era seems like a golden age compared to what we have now, and I liked the D-first style of play.

And 'unbuildaroundable' is a great description.

JohnEMagee reply to FDK215 on Apr 13 at 16:05

The Brown era seems like a golden age compared to what we have now, and I liked the D-first style of play.

Then say good bye to

And say hello to long term extension to Sam Dalembert

FKD215 reply to JohnEMagee on Apr 13 at 16:13

That all seems OK with me, though Sammy's deal should be for significantly less money than he's making now. MLE, maybe.

Mike P reply to FKD215 on Apr 13 at 16:53

Me too.

Speights, Lou, and Thad can all go. They barely looked like they cared. At least Jrue and Iggy showed some anger at losing constantly.

I'd happily accept a Sammie extension if it was reasonable. Something like Lou's contract would be perfect for his value.

Everyone but Jrue and !I9 can leave and I'd be completely okay with that.

I was trying to think of what current boring, hard nosed vets he might swap them for...

Lou->> Lowry (no brainer)

Young->> Al Thornton (more physical and karmically interesting)

Speights->> Jason Maxiell

Smith ->> Joel Anthony

Green->> Meeks

Iguodala ->> Ben Gordon

Carney stays.
Jrue Stays and become boring :)

There's no way Brown would move Iguodala for Gordon. He'd love Iguodala.

He needs a scorer. And I know he'd love Iguodala, but I also think he would blow things up and Iguodala would have to be traded to allow him to make other moves.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Apr 13 at 16:50

You sure he wouldn't just start an Iguodala Williams back court

I mean Iguodala could be eric snow and williams could be iverson light :)

deepsixersuede reply to JohnEMagee on Apr 13 at 16:55

Actually a Jrue/ L.Will. court would work. What if he rebuilds staying young? Is it out of the question?

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Apr 13 at 16:50

He likes the outcast type scorer [A.I., S.Jackson], he probably goes after J.R.Smith.


Monte Ellis?

How long does it take to ride a scooter cross country?

Mike P. reply to deepsixersuede on Apr 13 at 16:57

I'd love to get JR Smith. 20 threes a game!

deepsixersuede reply to tk76 on Apr 13 at 16:32

Spieghts for Afflalo? L.Will. for Maxiel? Two moves he may attempt; tk, he isn!t getting any younger, what if he guarenteed Snider his protege would be on his staff and he is out in 3 years?

JohnEMagee reply to deepsixersuede on Apr 13 at 16:34

Billy King was his protege
Mo Cheeks learned under brown

why is browns 'protege' an incentive?

Chris reply to JohnEMagee on Apr 13 at 16:58


I think Thad on that list is salvageable if Brown comes back. He does give effort on the defensive end most of the time he just makes (a lot of) mistakes. He has the athletic ability to be a good defender if he works on the fundamentals (LB always preaches he loves teaching most). Thad wasn't that bad before this year started. A lot of people thought he'd have a breakout year. Jordan and Ayers really screwed him up (especially Ayers as his shooting was considerably improved until Ayers 'improved' again on what Mark Price already taught him).

If LB (or other new coach) can / does salvage him, it'd mean if we still wanted to move him he'd be worth something decent. This year really screwed up his value.

deepsixersuede reply to Chris on Apr 13 at 17:05

He probably gets 45 to 50 wins out of this starting five; Sam/Elton/Thad/Iggy and Jrue.

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 17:31

I emailed Comcast-Spectacor COO Peter Luukko about the Brown report in the New York Post. His response: "There's nothing going on with Larry."

Rich reply to Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 17:41

Especially not until the playoffs are over for Comcast's team :)

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 17:47

What kind of fine would the COO of a company owning an NBA team commenting on poaching a coach from an nba playoff team face from commissioner NBA Stern?

Tom Moore reply to JohnEMagee on Apr 13 at 18:06

I think Luukko could be in trouble if he said something is going on. I don't believe what he said is considered tampering.

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 18:18

Well that's what i was implying that even if something is going on - if he confirmed it - there could be tampering charges

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 17:59

There’s no indication Stefanski is on his way out. Luukko said Tuesday there’s “nothing new” one month after teling me Stefanski would be evaluated after the season.

Tom Moore on Apr 13 at 18:10

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