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A Day of Reflection

deepsixersuede on Apr 14 at 8:16

My highpoint was the first time Jrue took over a game, in the 3rd quarter I believe, and gave me hope that he can be more than just a defensive role player.

My lowpoints, in no particular order:
Our coaches initial excuse session," it is the players fault".

Spieghts and L.Will. getting hurt, though it wouldn!t of mattered with this coach. Than I didn!t mind Thad being out, keep him away from Ayers.

Elton!s first of many low rebounding performances.

The inconsistant effort, but I guess I can!t blame them.

High point:

When the team was 4-4. Speights and Lou showed signs that they were going to step up and play some good basketball for this team.

Low points:

The 12 game losing streak was brutal.

Allen Iverson stepping on the floor.

Low point- back to back wins against Milwaukee and Atlanta. A kick in the gut when we were already on the ground.

The closest thing I can come up with for a high point was last week, when everyone else won and the Sixers were 1.5 games off the 3rd worse record and a chance for a top pick.

Otherwise no high points at all this season. With a new coach/system sans PG I expected them to come out struggling and then turn it around... which they never did.

JohnEMagee on Apr 14 at 9:56

Low Point

The realization that those whispers are Speights work ethic and dedication to basketball (defense) were true.

High Point

The Day Eddie Jordan gets fired

High points in order from best: 1. Their win against boston.
2. Their win against Portland.
3. Sam Dalembert's reign of terror (against other teams, obviously).
4. A little while ago when it was basically confirmed EJ would be fired.
5. Iverson's first game back. It gave me that feeling of nostalgia I haven't felt in a while, even though they lost.

Low points in order from worst: 1. The twelve game losing streak.
2. Signing Iverson. Nothing against Iverson himself, but knowing that learning the princeton offense was futile at this point.
3. Similar to number 2, around the time when they should have learned the PO and gotten better, but didn't.
4. Watching opposing teams demolish them from the perimeter.
5. The loss against Minnesota - possibly one of the worst games I've ever seen.

High points: 1) Jrue having a respectable year as 19 year old playing the toughest position offers reason for optimism; 2) Dalembert having a solid year; 3) Meeks showing that he may have been worth this year's second round draft pick; 4) Green being used the way he should have been all along (combo guard off the bench) and performing pretty well in that role; 5) Brand's performance as a non-starter; 6) another good year from Iguodala.

Low points: well, much of what's left including injuries, the decline of the Sixers as a defensive team, the pauses in the progressions of Speights and Young, Kapono being a non-factor most of the year, and especially you-know-who.

OldSchoolFan on Apr 14 at 10:34

Watching AI9 & Jrue recently as a guard tandem

Sammy coming through as a solid player

A game in December when I realized i, who have never coached a game at any level, would not have made some of the errors that Jordan made.

Seeing Elton Brand was a horrible mistake

Seeing Thad take a major step backwards with a little help from Ayers

Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 10:56

My high was the December one-point win in Boston, when the Sixers still had a chance to at least make the playoffs. As we know, it didn't happen.

The worst moment may have been the brutal Dec. 22 loss in Washington (two games after beating Boston).

Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 10:58

Here's something quirky:

The Sixers close the season with a game in Orlando, 169 days since Philly opened the season on the road against the Magic. It's the first time since the 1965-66 season that the franchise has both opened and closed the season against the same opponent (and also the last time playing on the road against the same team in both the season opener and finale).

High points:
(1) The win in Boston on 12/18. I was at the game, and the Sixers snapped Boston's 11-game win streak.
(2) Jrue's defense on Mo Williams 12/16 (next year, I want to see him stop Bibby!)
(3) OT win vs. Bulls on 2/3. Brand and Iguodala both score 20 for the first time all year.

Low points:
(1) From a frustration standpoint, it had to be blowing most of a 16-point lead vs. the Wizards on 1/5 in the last 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter, as Jordan brought Jason Smith (who hadn't played until that point) off the bench to (not) guard Jamison. That's when it fully hit me just how historically bad a coach Jordan is.
(2) Having to see Iguodala during several games in January stand around on the perimeter and watch Iverson "do his thing," as if it were 05-06 again.
(3) The quintessential Eddie Jordan quote, after giving up 16-for-31 3's in a 109-93 loss to the Magic on 3/22: "That's what they do. They do it to everybody. It's not like we had major breakdowns on our 3-point defense." [Can anyone find the "they just made shots" quote after opening night? Another good quote, but I couldn't find it.]

1. Team efforts in dismantling Dallas and San Antonio at home. The way we've seen them run better teams off the floor in recent years.
2. Jrue's play throughout the whole year. I think maybe defensively, I'll go with the Mo Williams game in Philly. As far as scoring and complete offense, the two recent Toronto games (one at home, one on the road) were good. He took over the game at the end and made big shots both times. His passing has been good all year. My word of advice for Jrue- Cut down the TOs a little and you'll take that next step. I'm sure he will.
3. The west coast swing in December where Iguodala played 2 lights out games in a row in W's over Sacramento and Portland.
4. Thad's scoring outburst in the 1st half against Golden State. Small on the big scale, but I enjoyed it.
5. EB and Sammy had a couple of real nice stretches. I went to the game against Washington where Sammy had 20 and 20. Jordan's minutes for Sammy is one of the most baffling things I've ever seen. I know he wasn't supposedly a good fit for the offense, but either are the other guys. Sam rebounded the ball very well this year.

1. Jordan. That's all I have to say.
2. Iggy's period in late March where he kept deciding to shoot three after three. Why?
3. EB's rebounding in the later half, he really didn't seem to give a shit.
4. Speights' injury and the team rushing him back. He had a very good start and then he blew up, literally. He also took forever to come back from that thing.
5. There's a lot more negatives that I just don't think are even worth highlighting.

Court_visioN on Apr 14 at 13:35

I think this entire season qualifies as a low. The fact that as a fanbase we really stopped cheering for the team was depressing.

As for high points, there were a few that I can pick out.

1. Like everyone else, the emergence of Jrue Holiday.
2. AI going toe to toe with Kobe Bryant in the loss to the Lakers in that 3rd quarter.
3. Brand saying F. U. to Eddie Jordan during the early/middle part of the season.

Court_visioN reply to Court_visioN on Apr 14 at 13:35

I mean Brand saying FU as in playing like a monster on the court, not actually saying it (although that would have topped my high points list)

Yeah, that first FU by Brand was what I was talking about as the high. Then he got hurt and his FU took on another form, playing he didn't give a shit.

Yes, rooting for losses was a low I do not want to repeat.

JohnEMagee on Apr 14 at 13:57

The picture just causes me to reflect on why everyone yells at hurley

Well... I was at the first home game vs Celts. With 3 plus minutes left, more than 1/2 of the remining fans(about 3000) were rooting for Scalabrine. That was a very low point from the gitgo.
Actually, thinking that Jordan learned his lesson when he started using Brand over 30 minutes a game....... No way.
Highest point was feeling great when they lost to miami the other night................ AND when the coach is fired. Hopefully, Thursday!

johnrosz on Apr 14 at 14:40

the highlight of the season for me was the game that AI came back. Also enjoyed when AI went toe to toe with Kobe at the Wach, even if it was only for one quarter.

Outside of the Allen Iverson reunion tour, it was bleak. Although, who can forget Eddie Jordan trying to sub 6 players onto the floor?

Completely forgot about that. What a tactician!

johnrosz on Apr 14 at 14:46

Watching the coaching staff in general was pretty maddening at times. O'Koren sits there like the punk kid in the back of the classroom, Randy Ayers looks like he's trying to figure out what city hes in.

ESPN is airing the Wizards/Pacers tonight. That's almost as sad as PHI/ORL.

So if we lose tonight we finish 2L from 3rd....

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