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Only Three States Matter

Jordan is completely clueless. A leader says it is my fault and I will fix it. Jordan has blamed everyone for the bad season except himself and Hip Hop (or did I miss that one?).

And to act like he still deserves a job shows EVERYONE how incompentent he really is. Atleast Ed S. says everyone is accountable including himself. Which is another whole story.

JohnEMagee reply to DeanH on Apr 14 at 18:29

Well he hasn't blamed the GM - cause he knwos his only hope of keeping his job is the GM - no comments about making the food and buying the groceries.

Speaking of idiots, Jerry Jones folks

stan reply to JohnEMagee on Apr 14 at 18:33

lol at the Jerry Jones video. Eddie has blamed the GM by saying this team's roster isn't good enough.

"Eddie is a helluva coach. Eddie can really coach,'' Van Gundy said. "That whole thing there sounds absolutely crazy to me. His offense is complex, one of the most complex in the league, so it takes time. And now after one year, just as people are getting comfortable with it, they are going to make a change? It doesn't make any sense.''

Larry Hughes', Gilbert Arenas', Caron Butler's, and Antwan Jamison's career was based on their ability to make jump shots.

Andre Igoudala's, Elton Brand's, Sam Dalembert's, Thaddeus Young's, and Jrue Holliday's aren't. Also Eddie Jordan is very overrated. His biggest accomplishment in the NBA was that one season his team was 4 games over .500.

And what other coach in the NBA uses the excuse that his team needs a full year to learn an offense?

johnrosz on Apr 14 at 19:00

Eddie Jordan wouldn't get so much league wide praise if he weren't so damned handsome. (Figured one below the belt insult was in order to commemorate EJ's final game)

Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 19:38

Luukko called Tuesday's meeting with Stefanski -- and Ed Snider -- was "good."

Old School SixerFan reply to Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 19:48

How much credence do you put in the rumors about Larry Brown coming back to Philadelphia? I think LB could have won a lot more games with this roster - maybe 45-50- because he would have had them playing defense first.

JohnEMagee reply to Old School SixerFan on Apr 14 at 19:52

That's a nice optimistic viewpoint but to play 'defense first' you need guys who are good at defense, and most of the sixers bench couldn't defend a guy with one arm missing 3 fingers...

Brown is a carpetbagger, if the sixers offer him more money (and control) he'll come back - he'll build the team in his image - maybe eek out a playoff round win and then leave the team right at the precipice of the long descent into crapitude

JohnEMagee on Apr 14 at 19:40

Coaches protect coaches
players protect players

it's the code

48 min until no more moron. I actually blame Stefanski far more than I blame Jordan. It wasn't like Stefanski didn't know the guy. When you hire your "nephew", knowing his various warts, and your nephew screws up, guess who deserves the blame?

Hiring him was stupid, not firing him back in December or January was criminal.

Absolutely Agreed.

Here we go, final tip of the EFJ era!

Orlando's starters are out there. Vince Carter looks like he doesn't care, which doesn't tell me anything about whether Orlando is taking this game seriously.

Pretty move by Jrue on the blocks.

I forgot Orlando's announcers were complete pricks.

I may have to mute this, because their dickhead comments are going to make me root for a Sixers win.

Jrue needs to hit his next two three-point attempts to get to 40%.

The Magic's sideline reporter chick has a unibrow.

T-Wolves up two on the Pistons early.

T-Wolves up by 7 on the Pistons.

37-20, Magic after the first.

The Pistons apparently aren't playing Stuckey, Gordon or Charlie V. Not sure if Rip is hurt, he might be. They're down 2 in the second quarter to the T-Wolves.

these announcers are indeed pricks. they have only hateful things to say, which is a nice complement to zumoff and pickney's all-positive drivel.

Shit, they just mentioned me but not by name. Asshole.

Matt Goukas is apparently a fan of the rotation charts.

It would have been nice if Guokas at least give you some credit.

I missed it, what exactly did they say?

There are a couple of good blogs in Philadelphia, they track all the substitutions the sixers make.

Then he talked about how the lineup the Sixers had on the floor was one of the worst possible defensive lineups in the league.

fuck eddie jordan i am so happy this will be the last game i ever have watch that is coached by him.

The fucking Pistons are down by 12.

Speights cuts it to 18. I believe he's taken 30 shots in his 5 minutes of action.

Old School SixerFan on Apr 14 at 20:55

I want them to lose this, but I was hoping for an entertaining game for three quarters.

5-point game in Minny, and I'm not sure what more the Pistons can do to tank the game, other than calling Eddie Jordan for a couple coaching tips.

i hate stan van gundy soooo much

T-Wolves back up by 10. F you, Joe Dumars.

Nice hustle by Meeks there for that rebound. How often do you see Willie do something like that?

bdownbear reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 21:11

Brian, would you consider Meeks an upgrade over Green?

Too early to tell. He seems to actually look for things other than shots, like rebounds and steals and assists, but being an upgrade over Willie isn't really an accomplishment.

Speights and Meeks lead the team in FGA/36 min. Then Thad, Brand, and Iverson.

Kinda random. I for some reason just can't get over that.

Seems about right to me. I think they told Meeks to shoot as much as possible, and Speights hasn't passed up a shot all year.

Brand sure looks energized, just in time for golf season.

I would wish something terrible on the city of Detroit for tanking this game so blatantly, but I'm not sure what I could wish on it that doesn't happen regularly anyway.

Kap..oh, no.

28-foot three in transition, nothing but net.

Flagrant one on Brand. Nice.

Willie with the air ball. Nice.

Fucking Pistons. Down 14 now.

12 more minutes, folks. Sixers down by 23 heading into the final quarter of the EFJ era (error?).

The Polish Hammer would be an MVP candidate if he could play against Speights 30 minutes/night.

Of course, that goes for most centers with a pulse.

6-point game in Detroit. Do I put it on?

End of an Error. I like that.

Pistons within 3 with 9+ left.

I wish the Sixers would get this game over quickly so I can watch the end of the Pistons game.

Does anything that happens in this game really matter?

Pistons game much more meaningful.

Charlie V!!!!!!! Pistons up!

For the last time, I HATE EDDIE JORDAN as a coach. HE IS A COMPLETE, INCOMPENTENT, DUMB, COACH. WHY is Willie Green playing and Not JRUE right now???????? WHY, can someone explain please.

I hope I never meet Eddie Jordan as I will end up doing stuff I will regret.

I was just about to write "I'm sure glad EFJ is getting important developmental minutes for Willie Green here."

What an asshole he is.

Sorry, I took away your chance. I cannot even watch the game. I am watching the Flyers postgame (win 2-1) and Phillies murder DC. When 33 is off the floor, I will "enjoy" the last few minutes.

Court_visioN on Apr 14 at 22:03

darko saying F.U. to Detroit. 15 pts 6 boards 2 asts 2 stls in 18 minutes??

I'm watching the Sixers/Magic game, the Det/Minn game & the Phillies game at the same time.

This has been surreal

Pistons pull ahead!

Minnesota is a really bad team...also Water is wet

Damnit Speights, stop fouling.

DET up 4!

Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 22:13

Said earlier this year that if these two teams played 100 times this season, the Sixers would maybe win once. It's the definition of a bad matchup.

As bad as they get with this coach, these systems and these players playing these systems.

David Aldridge on Twitter:

"Sixers down 24 in fourth. They won't let Eddie Jordan twist in the wind tomorrow: "it will be quick," says a source."

Thank you, I NEEDED to read hear that right now.

Hopefully not painless though.

He's already getting millions, I hope somebody rips him a new one then rips his new one a newer one.

DET Up 6 with the ball

you guys are so weird

Thx, I think...

eddies' heady's on Apr 14 at 22:18

The fat lady is warming up her pipes....

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 14 at 22:20

that's not a lady, its mo speights

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Apr 14 at 22:21

So he can do another besides shoot - sing?

eddies' heady's on Apr 14 at 22:20

Lou holding true to form, laughing and joking with the Magic bench. He really does give a shit, doesn't he?

Lou doesn't get it. He might not ever get it. That's why the next coach needs to crack the whip and the GM(whoever) needs to add a couple of vocal vets

johnrosz on Apr 14 at 22:21

this is like counting down on New Years. 5...4...3...2...1...

thank christ this season is over

48 seconds in Minnesota for 3.25% better chance at a top-three pick. Come on Pistons, close this shit out.

eddies' heady's on Apr 14 at 22:23

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The friggin' misery is OVER!

Someone, anyone please don't ever, ever let it return.

Corey Brewer air ball! I love it.

T-Wolves are fouling to extend the game.

The Pistons are really bad. After spending all that money last year on free agents. Wow. Come on Pistons, make these FT.

what would be our chance at a top 3 pick if we lost to memphis?

5-point game with 15.7 seconds left. Come on Daye, just hit them and end this miserable season.

johnrosz on Apr 14 at 22:28

I'm eager to see whether Jim Lynam survives yet another coaching regime. Guy always manages to keep his job, must be those sharp suits hes had since 1982

Ikeepnotmakinganaccount on Apr 14 at 22:29


The Pistons Win and the Sixers Lose.

So does it matter if the Clippers lose? i would rather they get the 8th pick than the Utah Jazz. The Clippers need it more...

i'm so so sad that we had to root against the 76ers at the end of the season. that right there is just f****d up. it seriously screwed with my psyche, and continues to do so. not one day in my life did i ever root AGAINST the 76ers. then this season...then this blog.

right when i started to hate myself for it, i told Brian that I was gonna start rooting for The Bucks. but, it didn't take. i can't root for the Bucks or any other team. i am incapable of that.

I root for the 76ers. And to root against them is just bad and stupid and ugly.

i hope they draft well and i hope the gm is good and i hope the coach is good and i hope we win a championship next year.

i just know i'm never ever gonna try to root against the 76ers ever again.

Cotton reply to joeykey on Apr 14 at 23:14

I agree with you, Key.

I hate rooting against my team, no matter how bad they are. Instead, I let myself root for the Pistons, an equally ugly position.

that said, we've got better odds for the draft and a better likelihood of improving this young team. If nothing else, the age and talent level of the core of this team should have us looking on the bright side (and happy this season is over).

johnrosz on Apr 14 at 22:41

Watching the post game press conf, I don't know if I feel bad for Eddie Jordan or not. I never want to see someone lose their job, but he IS losing his job to the tune of 6 million dollars.

Jason reply to johnrosz on Apr 14 at 22:42

Aye, can't feel bad for him lol. 6 mill = more than what like 99.5% of ppl make in a lifetime and he gets it for doing nothing lol.

johnrosz reply to Jason on Apr 14 at 22:45

It is uncomfortable watching the guy squirm right now, he doesn't want to be there answering these questions but hes doing it respectfully.

Of course he is, this is his 1st interview for his next job

johnrosz on Apr 14 at 23:11


Apparently LB inquired about the Clippers vacancy, not the other way around...say hello to your new GM/coach Sixer fans

teddy green on Apr 14 at 23:38
johnrosz reply to teddy green on Apr 14 at 23:54

my god he is an awful writer. He just drummed up a rumor about Doc Rivers with zero credibility...And this is the 2nd or 3rd time he's tried to paint Brand as a disagreeable prick. I'm not a Brand fan at all, but there should be no quesitons about his character. "The fact of the matter" is that Stephen A is a joke.

Rich reply to teddy green on Apr 15 at 0:32

The Modesto Bee? Where did that come from?

Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 23:40


Tom Moore on Apr 14 at 23:42

That's Jordan's NBA coaching record.

teddy green on Apr 14 at 23:43

My ears are going to be glued to wip and the fanatic tomorrow.

So Screaming A Smith basically wants the Sixers to hire Doc Rivers.

teddy green on Apr 14 at 23:57

Oh, how could i forget about the Sixers Beat. Briam, will you guys have a show tomorrow?

Maybe change their name from the 76ers to the 67ers.

They lost 67% of their games this season.

-tk67 out.

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