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SixersBeat Party Tonight!

Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 18:44

Willie Green: "Our record was definitely disappointing, especially with all the excitement around our team after making the playoffs two years in a row. Someway, somehow, throughout this season, we weren’t able to be a consistent basketball team. Here we are again at the end of the season starting over. It’s almost taking another step backwards before we can take a step forward again."

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 18:51

Don't worry willie hopefully by the end of this off season you'll be some other teams problem

Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 19:03

Green on the absence of Andre Miller: "No disrespect to anybody on our team – we have some real good players – but Andre Miller was special to us as a basketball player. This is just how I feel. On the floor, as the point guard, he was just the general. When things broke down, he could recognize it. He put us in positions to be successful. He took over games sometimes. He had that knack when we needed him to score or someone needed the ball or we needed a stop, he was that guy for us. I think it hurt us not having him. No disrespect to anybody on our team. I definitely think it hurt us this year. He was a valuable guy for us and I loved playing with him. I also thought Jrue Holiday really got an opportunity to develop this season. Lou Williams had pretty good numbers as well. I can see now what Stefanski was trying to do. However, if you want to win immediately, you’ve got to have somebody like Andre Miller."

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on Apr 15 at 19:05

Does anyone else just want to punch Willie Green in the face?

SEriously - Jrue Holiday should punch him in the face

Willie, umm...

So you could not figure out what Stefanski was looking for before now? Why else would you think that he would start the year with a roster where the only player who has ever started a game at the point was you.


I caught the last 8 minutes. you cut off abruptly at 9PM EST.

You can listen to the overflow on the replay.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 21:09

link? I can't find it yet.

It takes a little while to process. You should be able to listen to it in the player above when it's available.

BTR doesn't do that very gracefully. I usually try to end the show and mention about the overflow, but just got caught up in the conversation.

Good show. Chock full of guests- including even CSTH. How bad is it that I recognize him but Brian asks him whether he ever posts? I clearly spend to much time on the blog.

One thing about the coaching search- the Sixers become a much more desirable landing spot if they win the lottery. they probably should probably hold off on a decision until the lottery.

I recognized him, kind of awkward way to say hi, I guess.

And keep looking for me on the bike, I cross the Manhattan bridge at like 9:15 and 6:15 every night.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 15 at 23:28

Overall a really good show. You guys have gotten a lot more polished.

disagree. Int'l fans should be blocked, also :-)

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