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Do You Trust This Man?

Reverse Midas Touch.
He is not a piece of crap.
Wish him lots of luck.

Like I've said before...

My main issue with Stefanski is he has too much baggage. Being on the hot seat necessitates a win now approach. While the team needs anything but a quick fix.

They have worked to build a young core- which is great and all... but their quick fix moves like trading for Miller and signing Brand have undermined their chances at success.

"My main issue with Stefanski is he has too much baggage. Being on the hot seat necessitates a win now approach. While the team needs anything but a quick fix."


johnrosz on Apr 15 at 22:13

Does anyone know when the boardgame version of the Ed Stefanski Coaching Search is coming out? I'd like to be able to play at home.

I'd rather someone else run the team.

I give Ed somewhat of a pass for Brand as most people thought at the time it was a good move. I also agreed with getting rid of Miller (thought they should have traded him for something earlier). I didn't agree with not replacing Miller with a better vet PG to teach Holiday and provide some leadership for the team.

However, hiring Jordan was all on him and it was a horrible move and most people thought that was a bad hire right out of the gate. He's taking credit for Jrue, but in his own words before DiLeo runs the draft. So while he is DiLeo's boss it was DiLeo who made that decision.

On a positive note, Jrue really came on strong at the end of the year. I wonder how many people would pick Lawson, Maynor or Teague now. I was kind of disappointed you didn't hear that much about his very strong finish to the year more in the national press.


Stefanski's issue is the Jordan hire and what it represents. I would not normally advocate a GM losing his job based on his 1st coaching hire, but this is something emblematic of a bigger problem.

He ducked the question of being blinded by friendship, but many people were saying how this would likely play out in advance, in the broad strokes if not the precise details. So how could someone, who said he had worked quite closely with Jordan and did "extensive" research, swing and miss so badly without consequence?

He missed either because he lacks the vision and hoops IQ to see the horseshit Jordan was shoveling for what it was or he hired his boy as a favor and kept him even after the misfit was painfully obvious to everyone.

IMO, this failure is on Stefanski due to either cronyism or ineptness, with neither quality being what I would look for in a Prez/GM.

teddy green on Apr 16 at 0:17

i don't trust Stefanski. This guy at the helm makes me uncomfortable, because he could be jeopardize our 2011 offseason --when we will be movers and shakers with a nice core of players and cap space-- in order to save his job. What i find annoying is that the Sixers coaching job would be so more much appealing to coaching candidates if this were 2011. I know that’s would of, could of, should of; but if that were the case, the Sixers would be situated like the Clippers are right now. The Sixers would have a nice core of young players, incoming cap room, and a nice draft pick. With a possible lock out in 2011,--barring getting a superstar-- it is of upmost importance that we don't screw over our 2011 cap space. 2011 is really what I have most to look forward to as a Sixer fan.

If the Sixers insist on keeping this porker, i want the Sixers to play him like Billy King. Tell Ed that the plan is to acquire assets and young talent, and even possibly trade Iggy if could produce additional young pieces, picks,and cap space. Then I hope they give Ed the axe right before he makes any big free agent personnel decision. We seen what this guy does with cap space, and they’re not very desirable results.

Who is he going to hire? Who knows? Our lottery status is going to determine whether candidates want this job. We just got to wait as Porky does his alleged lengthy protocol of interviewing all possible candidates…

"Being on the hot seat necessitates a win now approach."

why? isn't it possible for an owner to tell a GM - "we want a championship, not a string of playoff appearances. use this approach when constructing the team and we'll give you time"?

But that probably means more losing seasons. I don't see Stefanski being given that much more rope.

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 1:03

Hell no I don't trust this guy. He's solely responsible for fucking up this franchise, all by himself. And the sad part is he's still holding on to this flawed, mired in mediocrity vision he had nearly two years ago.

Every move he has made has arguably backfired, starting with the undeserved back-stabbing firing of a family member in Mo Cheeks. Karma's a bitch ain't it? If you will, please laugh louder Mo.

I can only maintain my frustration at this point until this excuse for a GM is gone too. EJ will receive all the rah-rah he's gone and it's finally over joy, but the horror story has not yet reached its' ending.

EJ may have been good for tanking and the potential of a high pick, but he also has been not so good at stealing the spotlight away from the guy it rightfully should have been on; the main culprit and master fucker-upper - Ed Stefanski.

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 1:25

This morning, Stefanski said: "I believe a head coach has to be a manager, a teacher, a motivater. Those are three qualities I would say I’d look for right away.

Huh? Ever heard of Mo Cheeks? He managed, he taught, he motivated. Most important, he had the respect of the players and they played hard for him.

What was that, Ed? Oh I see....he couldn't be a fit-a-square-peg-in-a-round-hole coach huh? So you fired him. After TWO extensions and only 24 games into that season.

So then you turn around and expect a round hole (the roster) to accept a square peg (EJ and his system)?

Fire this damn nincompoop! NOW! You've successfully turned this Sixers franchise into the mortgage equivalent of CoreStates and Countrywide Financial wrapped into one.

Hey Brian, i liked your goat with braces spoof picture of Eddie Jordan, but why not spoof Ed Stefanski with some sort of porky pig type of picture?

A bad coach like Ed
Is the worst that I have seen
Please make this team good.

I don't think Stefanski is stupid. I think his ideas seemed good at the time, they just didn't play out as envisioned. You can say the same about most businessmen and their decisions. As far as trusting him, well, if he's the kind of guy who can learn from his mistakes, then I think he can be trusted to find someone more competent.

I'll give Stefanski this last chance. But he screwed up just as many things as he did well, to be honest. And I was a fan of him.

Also, he has proved to draft well (same as King, to be honest, so it's clearly not the GM but the staff) so I hope Sixers continue with this trend and, in case, change management AFTER the draft

ouh, and thx for the mention brian. The radio show is always fun, when I have a chance. Great job as always guys

deepsixersuede on Apr 16 at 7:46

He will gain my trust by going through an extensive interview process dfor our next coach and getting it right; no preconcieved choice already in his head.

JohnEMagee on Apr 16 at 10:34

Damn the man
Save the empire

He sorta reminds me of my father. One time in college I got a job during the summer. I worked at an engineering firm and was given the responsibility of putting together a bid package and designing a model so that my company could get the deal for the project. I was payed solely on commission, the more money my firm made on the project the more money I made. I told my father that if we sell our product I could make anywhere from 3k-15k on this project. I told him the 15k was unlikely and that the 3k was what I was most likely going to get paid. However my father had it in his mind that he would get 15K and made plans to spend that money. After it was all said and done I got paid 3,500 and my father was furious.

Stefanski is the same way. He took big risks and expected them to work and expected too much from certain players

Elton Brand: Elto was coming of an Achilles injury and Stefanski signed him to an 80 mill contract at the age of 30. Stefanski expected him to recover from his injury and become a 20/10 guy. It was a huge risk and there was no turning back if it didnt pan out.

Andre Igoudala: I know you say Igoudala isnt overpaid, but he is, but not by much. He should be getting paid in the 10-12 million range. Stefanski envisioned him as the future SG and expected Igoudala to get better with his FG%. Igoudala's FG% never improved and he didn't work out well with Brand.

Lou Williams: Stefanski signed this guy to a 32 mill contract and expected him to be the future PG despite the fact that Lou had spent 5 years in the league and showed no ability to be a pg.

Eddie Jordan: And when this offense fails he signs an inept coach who couldn't care less about defense. He buys in to the princeton offense and this team losses more games since 1996.

He also counted on the cap to grow forever to cover increases in salary.

Sort of ironic that Stefanski leaves the mortgage business only to get burned by the same type of failed assumption that prices/cap will always go up.

To that point, the cap had never dropped, correct? I don't think he's the only GM to operate under that assumption, actually, he's one of 30.

Personally, I think he's done enough to get fired at this point, but blaming everything under the sun on the guy isn't fair. The only stupid move he made was hiring Jordan, IMO. Unfortunately, that was enough.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 12:49

But but but he could have signed Josh Smith instead of useless Elton Brand who everyone in the world but stefanski knew was done

"the tyranny of short term thinking" by CSTH

I wanted to bring this up on the radio show last night, but here is the plan that Lukko and Snider to abide by if we are going to get out of this trap.

It all centers around EB's contract. Basically, while he is on the roster the best we can hope for is maybe two rounds of playoff basketball. Assuming the "tyranny of short term thinking" prevails and Snider hires his boy LB. Larry Brown will get the Sixers back into the playoffs. Larry Brown will trade Speights for Raja Bell, Lou for Derek Fisher, Thad for Kurt Thomas, etc. etc., you get the picture. He will fill the roster with enough professional basketball players that we will get in the playoffs, get rolled by the #1 or #2 seed and then after 2-3 years of this, he will move on to coach the Lakers. We again will be stuck rebuilding from scratch and the 10 year cycle of futility continues.

CSTH and other depressed die hards must demand, once and for all, a 3-5 year plan from this organization. We must demand the end of the "tyranny of short term thinking". What diLeo and Stefanski have been saying lately makes me want to vomit. It literally makes me sick to my stomach that these guys are saying we can turn this around quickly. Yes, you can get back to the playoffs in East, but you will not compete for anything. Doesn't anyone have the balls to layout a three year plan and stick to it? The components of the plan:

1. Optimize around EB's expiring deal in 3 years. We have to be the team with the most cap room in the league the summer after Brand's deal expires. That is the mission of the new GM
2. The next two seasons are complete rebuilding years, our new coach implements a system that prioritizes defense, we build on a foundation of defense, if you don't D up, you are moved for a contract that aligns with the primary mission. the kids play and they play alot
3. We lose alot over the next 2 years
4. We get 2 more high lottery picks, 2 more chances at a franchise player in addition to this year's chance
3. Year 3 of the plan, we move EB's expiring contract for one of the missing pieces
4. That summer, we are also the team with the most cap room, we use that cap room for another piece and add that to the foundation of 3 lottery picks and Jrue who have learned to D up for the past 3 years
5. we are good for 10 years after that

Now, i need you guys to help flesh this out, but together we can come up with a pretty comprehensive set of demands and publicize it. Send it to Tom, send it to Kate, send it to all of those guys. The diehards have spoken. There is not short term fix. We want the next Scott Brooks and we want an unwavering committment to a 3 year strategy. The "tyranny of the short term" must be broken or we will just have to accept that really this is not about basketball, this is not about winning, this is not about a standard of excellence that is developed over a period of time. We will have to accept that my favorite team is more intersted in "dollar dogs", "ladies nights" and all of that other crap. That basketball in Philadelphia is dead and i should take my son only to the Palestra and teach him young that the NBA is crap and he shouldn't have wasted as much time on it as hist father.


I agree with everything except sucking for the next 2-3 years. I don't think that's necessarily a part of building for 3 years down the road and I think to do that, you'd have to get rid of the viable pieces you have and get nothing in return.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 13:07

Assuming that outside of Jrue Andre Iguodala and Sam Dalembert you have viable pieces...which to me is a rather large and false assumptions...you have very flawed pieces that might carry some trade value, but not much, and an ownership group more worried about the luxury tax and hiring cheap coaches, and a GM desperate to save your job.

That's a recipe for smart solid moves I think

CSTH reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 13:23

I agree. I think if we become a defensive team we can actually be decent and certainly enjoyable to watch.

My question is, how do we bubble this up? How do we demand accountability? We are the base. This website is ground zero for Sixers diehards online. We should have some clout. We should have a voice. How do we get heard? Can we put together a manifesto? A list of demands? If we do this, 10 things we, the die-hards, demand, then we can spam the Sixers beat community. And demand a response from Sixers management or we are going on strike, or something.

We have to have a say.

How do we get there? We should not limit this to this site.
This site is the best, but it is just us going back and forth, we need to turn all of this passion loose. We've had our compelling event, right now there is an opportunity for us to impact the future of the Sixers.

Let's do it!

JohnEMagee reply to CSTH on Apr 16 at 13:54

Die hard fans are not the base - die hard fans / dedicated web posting fans are not where comcast makes the money - comcast makes the money on the dabbler, the average non committed fan that shows up when the team wins, when they have an iverson, when there's a good reason to spend extra money in a town that has 3 teeams that consistently seem to make the playoffs recently and are competetive and one that is not so much.

The fact that people are still passionate and posting about the sixers when they are so freaking terrible on this site means that this is a 'solid' base that comcast really doesn't seem to have to worry about losing.

And larry brown basketball is NOT entertaining to watch

I wish I had an answer for you, but the only voice fans have is their wallets. The problem is ownership has to interpret what the fans are saying when they don't go to games, and how to address those issues.

Could be they think Larry Brown would bring fans back. Could be they think trading for a big named veteran would do it. Unfortunately, I don't know if they realize the only way to sustain ticket sales is to build a perennial contender, and neither Brown nor a 30-year-old vet is going to accomplish that.

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