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Positional Strengths and Weaknesses

Old School SixerFan on Apr 17 at 10:08

Why do you hold no hope for Thad? At the end ofthe season last year we all had high hopes for Thad. He was even in the running for USA Basketball. After a year with a coach who caused him to regress, given his reported excellent work habits he could still be our shooting/scoring/defending SF.

I argee with all your other assessments.

It's not that I don't hold any hope for him, but I don't see him as a number one scorer/stretch the defense impact player. I think he could be a really solid sixth man, if he can back on track, but I think we need a different kind of skill set from the wing we put next to Iguodala, and I definitely don't see Thad affecting the game in as many areas as Iguodala does, even if he reaches his full potential, so if it's an either or in the starting lineup, I'm not moving Iguodala to make room for Thad.

Tom Moore on Apr 17 at 10:20

This is a huge summer for Young. He needs to upgrade his passing, ball-handling and shooting. Not sure what he can do about rebounding.

Statman reply to Tom Moore on Apr 17 at 11:33

Perimeter defense is a big issue too for Thad, especially if he continues to play small forward. It seems anyone with a decent handle can get by him on penetration.

How things have changed for Thad. Just a year ago, he won Game 3 for the Sixers and battled Rashard Lewis almost evenly for the first four games, a big factor in the Sixers' initial success in that series. Then the famous Turkoglu quote about the end of Game 4, "We decided whichever one of us Thaddeus Young guarded would take the shot," followed by Lewis' annihilation of Thad in Games 5-6 (53-17 points) ... and Thad has never gotten back to the point he was at in the middle of the playoff series, stature-wise and confidence-wise.

Like others, I hope that Thad can get it back together next year, with good coaching. When the team is defending and running, he and Iguodala have excellent chemistry together, dating all the way back to Thad's rookie season.

some guy on Apr 17 at 11:26

I know this isn't exactly a trade that fills any of your needs listed, but figured I throw it out see what people think. not exactly a franchise altering move but...
the pistons desperately want to get out of some contracts and need a low post presence. So what if we swap bad contracts? Do you think they would do brand for hamilton (4 years left, terrable contract) and villanueva? It gets rid of the pistons log jam on the outside and gives them someone who can play inside (old man moves) and the sixers get a stretch the floor 4 and a shooting guard that can shoot.
It doesn't really help or hurt either teams salary wise. Sixers take on a little more short term, pistons take a little more on long term.
So while this move doesn't scream championship, it gets rid of brands contract and gives you a starting shooting guard at least, and someone who can kind of shoot the ball at the 4.
so just throwing it out there. swap of bad contracts for two bad teams? its the kind of move that happens in the nba all the time, could help the sixers slightly, and just gets brand the hell out of town without having to give up young talent.

I doubt either team would be motivated to make that move. Talentwise, Detroit would come out on the short end, while the Sixers would be pushed further over the tax.

Old School SixerFan reply to some guy on Apr 17 at 11:41

The trade doesn't do much for the Sixers. Hamilton does not shoot well from distance (34% career, 30% this year; he is 32 years old. Villanueva shoots OK for a big, but doesn't rebound very well. Both have four years left on their contracts, so we don't clear cap space any sooner.

The on-floor impact is debatable, but this is a no go for me simply because Charlie V's contract goes an extra season. I don't want that $8M+ on the books for the extra season. Hamilton's deal is only partially guaranteed for the last season, but the partial guarantee is $9M, so you're only saving $1M over Brand's contract that season if you cut bait.

Brian, I agree with much of your breakdown. But I do think Lou is a very capable back-up PG assuming Jrue gives you 35 min/nt. In fact, I see that as an area of strength. Lou is not a starter, but the role of a back-up is different, and you can go with a scoring guy at the point for 10-15 min a game against second unit defenses.

Statman reply to tk76 on Apr 17 at 11:48

But I do think Lou is a very capable back-up PG

Agree, and his defensive deficiencies are not as acute against other teams' backups. In the previous two years (07-08 and 08-09), one of Lou's biggest positives was the ability to draw fouls at the beginning of the 4th quarter (usually playing against a backup point guard), helping the Sixers to put the other team in the penalty for later in the 4th. Of course, that positive was maximized because the starter (Miller) also had the ability to score and/or draw fouls in crunchtime.

Yeah, I just don't like the ball in Lou's hands exclusively. Too much dribbling on the perimeter. I don't thin he has the instincts to be a PG. I think there's a role for him on this team as an instant offense SG, though.

IMO, the only way Lou works as a backup PG is if you are running a quasi-DDM type of system(sort of like what JOB runs while he was here) that features his breakdown skills as a major part of the 2nd unit offense and allows him to play what I call Binary Basketball.

What I mean by binary is that everything is kept to an either/or scenario(i.e. Pass to the wing or finish at the rim etc).

The problem with that is when Jrue is rendered unavailable, Lou is incapable of running a complex offense, which means Dala is the defacto backup

Looking at the roster after this year, I see the center position as being the biggest gaping hole. You can always get by with fill in players at SG or SF between Jrue and Iguodala. But without Sam this team is left wit sub-par rebounders and defenders across the frontcourt. That is a weakness that is near impossible to mask.

I think Dileo and Stefanski share this concern. I have a hunch that they will really target COUSINS in the draft. He is the guy I believe they will trade up to get, or even trade down if they win a top 3 pick.

Not saying I agree, but looking at Dileo and Stefanski's draft history of taking high upside bigs of questionable character (Sean Williams, Speights, even K-Mart... and Dileo's recent quotes about not wanting to miss out on a special frontcourt player- makes me think Cousins is their man.

And I guess I can see the reasoning behind it. Cousins/Brand or Cousins/Speights gives you a solid high low combination that is and upgrade from Sam. Cousins has the beef to cover for less than stellar defense and rebounding at PF. And Jrue/Iguodala/(?Thad)/Brand/Cousins with Lou/Speights off the bench gives you a chance to be a playoff team. Long term Jrue/Cousins could be seen as the future franchise anchors (like Stockton/Malone or Parker/Duncan in Stefanski's dreams.)

Again, can't say I buy this completely... just its what I think Stefanski/Dileo will try and do given their mindset and current situation.

"But without Sam this team is left wit sub-par rebounders and defenders across the frontcourt. That is a weakness that is near impossible to mask."

don't you think that makes Favors a more likely target ?

No. I think Favors is seen as a guy who will come in as a solid defender/energy guy and then grow into a force over several years. If you are Stefanski you do not have the rope to wait for your big name draft pick to polish his offensive game. Stefanski won't be picking the guy who will be the best player in 3-4 years. he does not have that luxury.

Personally, I see Favors as a guy who is more likely to reach his upside. But I think Cousins is the kind of guy who can make a splash right away but maybe disappoints down the road. And Stefanski depirately needs the instant contribution that Cousins brings.

If you are Stefanski you have 2 goals:

1. Build the Sixers into a winner.
2. Keep your job.

That puts him in a tight spot. A guy like Wall of Cousins makes an impact right away, buying Stefanski some more time. Alternatively, a Brand trade or maybe even an Iguodala trade would buy him some time. But a big name draft pick who does not wow the fans right away will be his undoing.

Might Cousins make the bigger immediate splash? Yes, particularly offensively. But I think Favors is going to be a better defender and rebounder than Cousins from the jump.

Old School SixerFan reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 17 at 13:02

But if you pick #3 wouldn't the "safe" pick be Favors because he is the higher rated player?

And if you pick 6th and one of the top 5 players is available you take the one available.

I think this is a no-brainer draft for the Sixers.

I think the assumption you're making here is that DiLeo is under this same sort of "win now" pressure, and/or Stefanski is the one making the decisions on the draft. I'm not sure I buy either of those assumptions.

DiLeo's draft track record skews in the opposite direction, toward long-term productivity over short term (Holiday over Lawson last year being the prime example).

Just like the Wall/Turner debate, I hope we have plenty of time to go over this, because if we do it means we're in the top three after May 18th. For the time being, I have faith in DiLeo. Being burned by Speights may also push them away from Cousins.

Chris reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 13:46

I think DiLeo made the right pick on Speights talent wise. I haven't heard anyone picked lower than him doing any better and on the offensive side he is easily one of the very top players. He just doesn't seem to want to work on the defense side of his game. Which is a shame as once again he has the athletic ability to be decent. Seriously, if Speights worked as hard as George Lynch he'd be the top player in his draft class. It reminds me of a scene from the movie, Prefontaine. "Nobody can coach desire, Pre". If Speights just wanted it a little more he could really be something. Doubt a better coach could help with that but I hope I'm wrong.

Looking at DraftExpress, I'm wondering what happens if we get Evan Turner or Wesley Johnson. What I mean is Turner seems like an Iggy clone with maybe slightly more all-around skills but less athleticism. His outside shooting (3fg%) isn't that good. Johnson seems like somewhat of a Thad clone with less athletic ability. He shot almost exactly the same 3FG% as Thad in college and other than rebounding his numbers weren't that much better (though he is a Jr. and Thad a frosh). They list as his weaknesses as "getting to the free throw line", "go to scoring mentality", "ability to create his own shot" and "ball handling ability". So how would he be an upgrade?

I'm beginning to hope if we can't get Wall, perhaps we can get Favors.

My list goes Wall then Favors, but I like Wes Johnson. To me, he looks like a much better shooter (shot 41% from three this past season), much better rebounder than Thad as well. Ballhandling and playmaking don't really concern me all that much if he's in the back court with Iguodala and Jrue, they're going to be the ones making the plays.

Agree on Wall and Favors but i am a little bit concerned about Wes Johnson. He just doesn't strike me as high upside guy. He is going to be good, possibly even very good, but he doesn't look like he has that star potential that we sorely lack.

Having that in mind, what do you think Brian, is it better to draft a guy like Favors (ridiculous upside + youth), or a guy like Wes Johnson who i think will fit in great beside Jrue and Iggy, but still won't give us the potential star that we need...

IMO we need to go the upside route and possibly stay away from guys like Wes johnson and Aldrich. And i think DiLeo has shown that he's comfortable going down that route (Young, Holiday). Will Stefanski let him? Will Luuko or Snyder interfere with Stefanski's decision regarding the draft? That's assumming Stefanski is still our GM come draft time, which i think he will...

"He just doesn't strike me as high upside guy. He is going to be good, possibly even very good, but he doesn't look like he has that star potential that we sorely lack."

I think there are only 4 people in this draft who have star potential (that I think have any real likelihood of reaching it. Aminu and Whiteside may, but i'm not confident in them reaching it). Unfortunately, we're talking about 6. If we're at 6, I think Johnson is about the best you can realistically hope for.

In that case isn't it better if we traded the pick? Either up to get one of the top 4 picks, or down for a pick + payroll relief (i'm thinking Brand here, primarily).

I get the feeling that at 6 unless someone drops, we are stuck in no mans land. We won't get that much better now nor in the future...

Disagree. I think Johnson's an impact pro. Not a superstar, not a franchise player, but a very good piece, particularly a very good piece to put around Iguodala and Jrue. I don't have the same confidence later in the draft.

Thad shot > 40% IIRC. Johnson's jump shot is much more pure, though. Better elevation, quicker release. His midrange game is significantly better as well.

I'd prefer Iguodala not to be primary playmaker in the half court, but Johnson wouldn't change that. he would open things up, though.

I'm also not sure I see Johnson's rebounding carrying over. Better than Thad? Sure, but not the + rebounder he was in college.

if we get the 6th pick, what's the most you would trade away to get to number 3 or 4 to get favors?

Thad Young or Speights + the 6th pick. Possibly even both if we got another nice piece (shooter with decent defence maybe?)

Hey Derek & Brian,

Quick "what-if" scenario that crossed my mind recently, if the Sixers got the #2 pick, would you consider drafting Turner & moving Iguodala to the Clippers for their pick so that you could draft a big(Aldrich or Udoh possibly)?

That would leave you with a lineup next year of Jrue, Turner, Thad, Brand/Speights & (Aldrich/Udoh)/Sam), not including who else you might get from the Clips to make the deal work(DeAndre Jordan, maybe?)

I'm not confident enough in anyone at 8+ to give up Iguodala. I know if we draft Turner, people would feel compelled to move Iguodala but I don't agree that the two of them wouldn't coexist, so I'm not looking to trade him for below market value, which I feel that pick would be.

My look for trading Iguodala would still be roughly the same as it was at the deadline, and that would be to move Brand. Otherwise, I'd love to build around Jrue/Turner/Iguodala.

Okay, makes sense.

My primary concern is just the fact that Jrue/Turner/Iguodala are all ball-dominant players, and Dala & Turner are not knockdown shooters from deep(though Turner could become that). Although, in the halfcourt, Dala would become third on the pecking order in terms of touches(but not necessarily shots). But defensively, they would be really great together from the jump.

Combining that with the fact that Aldrich especially I believe would be a solid Sam replacement, which is why I would consider the move.

That being said, after drafting Turner, you might be able to turn Speights/Lou &/or Thad into a serviceable defensive big that can finish(like a Gortat type or Robin Lopez) somehow.

I don't have a concern over all being ball dominant. If you take the ball out of Iguodala's hands more in the half court he can concentrate on playing to his strengths. What I do have a concern over is not having enough catch and shoot players. Jrue's improvement helps that somewhat, but it's neither Iguodala's or Turner's forte. Iguodala would need to improve (maybe with an improvement in shot selection he can be capable).

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 17 at 15:43

Wouldn't it be easier to ask the 'newer dog' to learn a new trick or do you feel Turner has less chance of improving catch and shoot than Iguodala?

I would want Turner to be the primary facilitator in the half-court set. Therefore I think it's more critical that Iguodala develop the skillset (although obviously beneficial for all of them to)

Catch and Shoot percentages:
Iguodala: 54.6% adjusted, 1.092 pps, > 77% of nba
Holiday: 62.1% adjusted, 1.24 pps, > 93% of nba
Turner: 56.5% adjusted, 1.13 pps, > 74% of ncaa

Perhaps there's hope in that trio, and Iguodala goes back to that 35% 3pt shooter he was in his second season when not asked to be the primarily option in the half court and limits his pull-up j's.

Dala does seem to do better with his feet set. Perhaps getting Turner would free him to become a slasher/spot-up shooter, especially in those corners and wings that he likes so much. Not so much with the pull-up jumper, in smaller doses.

One of the little ticks he had that bugged me was that he would sometimes shuffle his feet when at the free throw line after coming set. He always seemed to miss when he did that.

Also I see Iguodala and the whole team getting progressively more comfortable letting Jrue run the show. This alone should shift Iguodala's shot attempts away from low percentage fade aways. I'm hoping he can get his FG% numbers up next year.

In fact I was flat out amazed to here Lou say he sees Jrue running the show, and possibly allowing him to return to more of his "natural combo guard role."

IMO that was good to here in terms of both team unity and Lou playing towards his strengths. The guy is not a PG, but can be an asset if he is used in the right role. he's a decent passer for a scoring guard, but has a horrible sense of the floor for a PG.

Where did you see that quote?

His ability to accept his place going forward would be big, especially if they bring in a defensive taskmaster who will makes demands on the whole team.

I'm not sure. It was either Philly.com or CSNPhilly- but it was in print.

I definitely had a double take. Clearly in the post-season meetings they made it clear what his and Jrue's roles were moving forward. In fact I think Donyell's talk about next year "it being Jrue's team" will turn out to be the case. And that can be a positive for a number of players who have questionable judgement on the floor.

A smart PG and good coach can make guys look good out there. And we certainly saw this year how the converse is true :)

Yeah, I practically broke my neck with whiplash reading that sentence.

If Jrue becomes the "floor captain" and everybody defers to him there, then that will allow both him and the team to progress rapidly, imo. Especially by adding a guy like Turner, my worries about the ball dominance issue aside. As an aside, I think my concerns mainly come from the BRoy comparisons, who is a player whose game really suffers when he can't massage the rock all day.

But if Lou can step back and become the 6th man/combo guard again, with Thad reemerging, then this team can really start to progress under Jrue, imo.

Very true about the PG making his team better or worse, with years of the Ping Pong Killer vs this year's high lottery outcome as Exhibit A. lol

Mike P. reply to rswknight on Apr 17 at 20:32

It will be great to see how the team works with Jrue being given the keys from the beginning of the season. Especially with a coach that knows what defense is and him having a year of experience under his belt.

Lets just hope the team realizes it's not in a position to contend right now and takes it's time to build an actual team.

JohnEMagee reply to rswknight on Apr 17 at 15:37

Why would speights and his work ethic or lou and his one dimensional play and long contract net anything of worth?

I believe people are writing 'combinations' off before you even obtain the players. If the sixers are lucky enough to pop into the top 3 it would be short sighted (and kind of silly) to say guys can't work together until you see if, you know, they actually can. You don't have to decide before actually seeing it in action be it turner/iguodala or wall/holiday....a couple months experimentation shouldn't decrease the trade value of any player...not really. And if you over react and try to move guys right away then teams salivate as you are an anxious seller

That is certainly true. Which is why I listed it as a concern, not a foregone conclusion. It would be an issue that I would keep an eye out for, if we went that route.

That being said, I do think Jrue/Turner/Dala could eventually play well together. You just rarely see teams with 3 ball dominant players like that.

Speights/Lou could possibly get you an additional 1st rounder(likely non-lottery). They both have ability to score, which many teams love, and they are young, which leads to teams to thinking they can be useful going forward

JohnEMagee reply to rswknight on Apr 17 at 16:02

I don't perceive Iguodala as a ball dominant player per se - it's probably just me - but I believe he's been 'asked' to be a ball dominant player...I think the maturity and growth of Jrue and arrival of a guy like Evan Turner would make Iguodala a better all around player even if his shots (and points) took a hit...I think he is ball dominant now because he's asked to be - but I don't think he is that if he has quality help.

That is one way to see it. It helps that Dala and Turner already have a bit of a relationship(both from Chicago and have worked out together at ATTACK). You could almost argue that it might end up being something of a Duncan/Robinson dynamic, as awkward an analogy as that might be.

I'm not sure if it has been posted yet but Monroe from Georgetown just entered the draft. He's regarded as a top 10 pick but not a top 5. Hopefully all these big me entering the draft will have one of the top 5 drop in case we sit at the 6th pick. Should be interesting.

deepsixersuede on Apr 17 at 18:27

I agree and disagree with tk; I agree L.Will. for 10 to 15 minutes a night off the bench is fine at the p.g., especially considering Meeks has a better handle than I expected but I disagree on Cousins and Marreese working together. I think the league is really changing [Horford at the 5] and to me Marreese is our future center; his laziness and bad fundamentals, to me, are better hidden keeping him in the lane area on defense. An active defensive guy at the 4 [ Davis, Whiteside, Favors, Vesely] would be my objective if we stay at 6 and Johnson is off the board.

If we get Johnson at 6 I would look to get a 10 to 15 pick using an expiring contract and Thad or Lou if possible. To me a longer player that replaces Thad could be acquired in that area. Udoh, Montiejunis, Vesely all would be ideal because if we have Iggy and Johnson than Thad, who I do like, becomes a luxury of sorts.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on Apr 17 at 20:59

"I think the league is really changing [Horford at the 5] and to me Marreese is our future center; his laziness and bad fundamentals, to me, are better hidden keeping him in the lane area on defense"

Marreese can't be hid by letting him play the five and keeping him in the lane. Come on. You and I, know a paint protector is a must. We'll never progress with him playing starters minutes. His laziness is better hidden keeping him on the bench, if not gone.

Lou for 10-15 off the bench is preposterous also. He's the biggest definition of a loser. He should go before anyone. This franchise has to jettison some, if not most, of these players. Age or not, he is infected the most by that, during his coming up, AAU mindset. He'll never get it.

I know it's fun to come up with hopes and theories of who can do this and who can be that, but this collection currently has too many bad branches so the trunk is decaying, and has been for a while. Just holding out hope is gonna cause the roots to die, if they ever existed with this group.

deepsixersuede reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 21:12

Until these young players get a real coach, their first since turning professional, I won!t write them completely off.

eddies' heady's reply to deepsixersuede on Apr 17 at 21:52

I appreciably admire the extension of hope, but real coach does not a well-rounded player make.

DiLeo may have been interim, but slouch he wasn't. And Mo too for that matter, although Marreese didn't really play under him.

Basically, a zebra doesn't change its' stripes.

If we had the 3rd pick and passed on Favors/Turner to take Cousins I would be very very sad.

If we get Turner our backcourt is set for the next decade, if we get Favors we get a young bluechipper to get tons of reps with Jrue.

If we are at 5/6 then we take Cousins or Johnson. But at 2/3 we gots to go with Favors or Turner.

Mike and Suede- I agree with you. I would pass on Cousins at 3 and take Favors. Although Cousins is an intriguing player with his physical tools and good hands.

My point was I see Stefanski as targeting Cousins because he fills a pressing need and can make an immediate impact. This fills Stefanski's dual goals of building and job preservation. Some of the other top prospects would either take several years to become polished offensive weapons (favors) or require other roster shuffling (Emsnu, Turner and even Wall.) And Stefanski has got to figure another rough year will cost him his job.

Not saying Stefanski passes on Wall... but I could definitely see him trade up or down to get Cousins. I guess we will see how things turn out. Maybe my hunch will prove to be wrong.

Mike P. reply to tk76 on Apr 17 at 20:12

4 down I would be fine on taking Cousins. Although I feel that Johnson could fit very nicely beside JrueDala.

Cousins is like bizarro Jrue. Great basketball skills that are obvious, but intense brain insanity potential.

Of course this is all based on us getting a top 3 pick. That has to happen first obviously.

deepsixersuede reply to Mike P. on Apr 17 at 20:34

Davis, though 2 years away at least, could turn out to be the perfect compliment to Marreese; his offensive game is more in the lane and centerlike, while defensively I have heard he may become Horfordlike. Marreese, even with his jumper, could turn out to be a great lowpost player though.

Cousins does have the bigger personality along with that flashy immediate impact type. However, if you draft Cousins, you better be ready to move Speights and resign Sam.

Mike P. reply to rswknight on Apr 17 at 20:35

I'd happily resign Sam for a reasonable contract based on his ability to not catch a basketball. He does a good job as long as he doesn't have to play any offense.

Plus I'm not big on Speights anyway. I'd be fine with him, lou, Thad, and Willie being moved about in the offseason.

Old School SixerFan reply to Mike P. on Apr 17 at 21:54

I'd take Favors ahead of Cousins because Cousins has much higher bust potential and a front court of Favors & Speights could be great if Speights can become mediocre on defense.

We need a big and a SG. I'm for trading Iggy to get one piece and drafting the other one. Sam, Green and Kapono come off the books in a year. Keep Carney for a year for depth if nothing better is available for the price. Pray Brand returns to form, and that Thad and Speights move in a positive direction. Get a coach in here that preaches D and let's them run. See what Meeks can do. This team will be back in the playoffs next year. Not that it's saying much in the East. If we miraculously land Turner, we're #5 or better.

Have to read the piece on Sammy in today's Inquirer. More truths about the interworkings of the Sixers coming out. No wonder Sam has no value around the league, He just doesn't put in the time. Ed S better scrutinize the personalities on this roster and weed out the negative influences. I agree with Heady. Also, seems like Iggy's personal coach(s) doesn't help team unity either. I like his game/effort but I believe to truly change this team Iggy must be traded. He believes he's a star but is really a 2nd wheel on a playoff team and a 3rd wheel on a championship contender.

deepsixersuede reply to sfw on Apr 18 at 8:53

Yea, Sammy can!t be here after next year though I disagree with Eddie!s headies because expecting one year college players to come into the pro!s without any warts is unrealistic. Four year college players needed to improve after getting drafted, though a better idea of who they could become was definitely there.It is not a perfect system but it is what it is, that is why a good teacher may prove to be our next coach.

eddies' heady's reply to sfw on Apr 18 at 10:53

Can I get an Amen! Not on the agreeing with the Heady's but on the interworkings, negative influences, and especially the bold truth about the one Andre Iguodala.

For Suede: In no way do I expect one year college players to come in without any warts. It's like I said on here back around February, holding a training grounds for these pups is a foolhardy method to attempt to build a contender.

That's why I've felt all year that Eddie Jordan was going to just be the wool over most folks' eyes. The wool hiding these spoiled non-dedicated players (not being able to pick up an intricate offense was very telling here) and the wool hiding this not-a-clue GM we possess.

EJ's gone now, so maybe Kate and whoever else can get off that season long soapbox and shine the light on these wacky players and incompetent boss, and rightfully so.

The concept that I thought was biggest in the article was the lack of pre-practice structure for the young players, which ties to Stefanski's whiny complaint about Speights "work ethic", like he had no control. If a guy isn't volunteering to work hard enough, then you, as his boss, should take away the "volunteer" part.

As far as Iguodala's "private" coach being an issue, given that numerous now ex-teammates(Miller, Evans, Korver) have stated that they saw Iguodala's work ethic as a model, I don't put much value in that "complaint." Especially given that every pre-game I've been to had Iguodala working hard with McKie, even during pre-season.

The team said they were going to hire a shooting coach for the last 2 years but didn't, so why would I begrudge Dala getting his own guy with his own money?

deepsixersuede on Apr 18 at 8:46

A trapping, defensive high octane unit that runs the floor; which 5 looks best going forward;


If you take Speights out of those lineups I can buy into that approach. Your previous comment about Speights in the middle doesn't hold weight. He's a sieve. Teams go right at him and all he does is take short cuts on 'D'. Hard fouls just to look tough. I'm done with him. He has offensive skills but doesn't make good decisions when he has the ball. Dump him for a late first rounder and cut your losses.

deepsixersuede on Apr 18 at 9:09

Amare has been a sieve his whole career; get a coach who holds him accountable and if he doesn!t get it by the end of his rookie deal than get rid of him. Would you do this deal? Iggy and #6 to Sac. for Nucioni, Udrih and #3; you get Favors and Elton,Nucioni and Udrih clear about the same time [2013?] and that is the target year to go for it all.

Any deal with Sac would have to include Greene,Caspi or the Big Jersey kid.

deepsixersuede reply to sfw on Apr 18 at 9:18

Would love to include J.Smith and get back one of the 3 you mentioned but not sure that is realistic. Favors and Jrue, a poor man!s Malone/Stockton?

Throw in Lou and come up with a combination. Udrih would be a nice backup for Jrue. He could also play with him, He would increase our IQ BUT decrease our defense. For 20-24 minutes a night might work. Any deal has to better our financial position long term.

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