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Feelings On Jodie

deepsixersuede on Apr 20 at 7:14

I didn!t like giving up the pick either, but am intrigued by what he might become. I will trust Deleo on this one after hearing they liked him at last years workouts. They must of knew a lot of guys would declare this year.

I like his attitude....he's the kinda kid who doesn't take to losing....can he play.....well...um.....?

I think we've seen too little of Meeks to be able to realistically evaluate him. And the minutes that he actually got were essentially meaningless and trying to impress the wrong coach.

That being said i have a gut feeling that Meeks can be a solid rotational player, possibly even worthy of the high second round pick that we gave up for him. By rotational of course i mean he can be a guy that can come of the bench and play 15 to 20 min providing very good 3pt shooting and decent defense in the time he spends on the court.

His biggest problem is probably his handle, because he is relatively undersized for an SG, however if he accepts the role being given by the team the right way he can be very useful.

He has an NBA season under his belt which is good. Hopefully, he's good enough to replace WG or Lou Will in the rotation this coming year. Trying to be optimistic.

Little alligator had a nice run there to finish the season.

One positive? This past season from Meeks, at age 22, was on par with Willie Green's best season ever, at 28, this past year. (at least at first glance using win shares on basketball-reference)

I'd say he tops out as an Eddie House type. I don't think he gets there, though.

You make a good point about the large number of players declaring for the draft and how that might create a pretty good spillover into the earlier portion of the second round. Normally, a second rounder only has about a 50/50 chance of even making the team, so I thought Meeks showed at the end of this season that he was worth an average second round pick. But, maybe they could have gotten something better this year within the first 6 picks of the second round. Still, he looks like he can stay around awhile, so you know what they say about a bird in the hand.

Do you think Stepanski didn't figure that the Sixers would finish so low when he made that deal?

Actually, we gave up the 37th pick. Detroit wins the second round tiebreaker.

Yeah, actually realized that on my bike this morning. I really need to find different things to think about.

Also, keep in mind this year the deadline for underclassman to withdraw from the draft has been moved up to May 8th, whereas in years past it was over a month later. Normally, this would cause more players to return (as they're unsure of their draft stock), but with the bargaining agreement issues, who knows what effect that has.

I'd like to see what Meeks can do with a little more playing time. I checked his Draft Experss profile, the guy had very good junior year with Kentucky, DraftExpress goes so far as to call him one of the top shooters in the NCAA for that year. I think his small frame pushed him back quite a bit in the draft, and we might have a potentially solid outside scoring threat that's hopefully young enough to learn how to round out his game at this point. We shall see, I don't think we saw enough of Meeks this season to make the call yet, hopefully it turns out to be a smart move. I can see him being a 10 ppg a night guy off the bench, going off some nights, bricking others. He does seem to have potential to be a better scorer than Willie Green, maybe team with Lou off the bench for a high scoring backcourt that gets punished on D?

I agree, Meeks will most likely end up as an 8th/9th man and nothing more.

Do you think he would have started at Kentucky this year had he stayed? My guess is he probably would have in a 3-guard lineup with Wall and Bledsoe but his numbers would have taken a serious hit from his junior year and he probably would have gone from the 1st option on a NIT team to 3rd or 4th on this years team.

eddies' heady's on Apr 20 at 9:18

Jodie? Eh, he's a dime a dozen type of player in this league. Nothing special at all. With the roster space we had available Ed could have given Morris Almond several 10 day contracts to get a look but he had to make what he only would consider a 'splash'.

That 2nd round pick possessed more value to me, not just from who we could have drafted but from the value of using it to package to move up or for players. Just a last gasp deadline day move by Stefanski that will amount to nothing. Just like the rest of his tenure here.

I'm just patiently waiting for the day when I can finally say ... "weba-da-weba-da-webaaaa that's all folks!"

The only thing i like about Jodie is that he stands behind the three point line and the Sixers do not have enough of those guys. So if he is your second guard off the bench and he can hit a three or two per game, then he was worth it. He is a legit three point shooter, we saw it. When he got a little confidence he looked pretty good, as a shooter. Now, do i ever want him playing more than 15 minutes a night, no, but atleast when he is on the floor, he stretches it.

JohnEMagee reply to CSTH on Apr 20 at 10:31

In a small sample size jodie meeks is a 31.8% 3 pt shooter...I truly hope that's not considered 'legit' (I believe Holiday was better this year)...I don't care where a guy stands, I care about a guy who can play basketball and meeks does pretty much nothing that lou williams or willie green can't do.

Yet another redundant fungible player but hey he's not paid much so the sixers don't have to sign, you know, a real player

He shot 38% when he was on the Sixers, and better than that when he was getting regular minutes. He looks like a streaky three-point shooter to me, but if he can hit at better than league average from three, he does something Lou and Willie cannot.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 10:41

A small sample size near the end of the season - I don't tend to get all that excited about those things that much...it's like getting excited that your crap baseball team wins 9 of the last 10 when the games are irrelevant to most teams.

We'll see what happens next season...he's not an NBA starter, he's an 8/9 man like willie, he's redundant...maybe he's just here so they can trade willie and still feel better about hving that gunner off the bench.

It was a stupid trade in that it didn't fill any kind of need

I don't disagree, I'm just saying if he can shoot league average from three, he's a more valuable version of Willie. Which is still an end of the rotation guy, at best.

As an undersized shooting guard who is more of a scorer than a shooter Meeks fits a huge, enormous, gaping hole on the roster. The Sixers really needed a player like that, as I can't remember them ever having a player who can fill that role.

Seriously though, Meeks is like a lot of guards in that his value will depend on how good of a 3pt threat he becomes. If he is streaky he will not amount to much. But if he is a 40% from 3 guy he will be an asset. Maybe they see him as Agent 0 without out the attitude (O.K., that is a reach, but they entered the league with the same rap as undersized scorers who are not PG's.)

The big issue with the pick is that they need some sort of 7 foot project to groom to be a defensive center (either starter or bench.) I'm not sure if that player would have been there at #37, but in the past they have been unable to move to get guys who slip into the second round because they have no 2nd round pick to trade and move up.

Alabi is projected at #22 right now. If he somehow slides like DeAndre Jordan did a few years ago I really hope they can somehow make a trade to get him at the end of the 1st round- where picks are often sold.

But I seriously doubt the Sixers are they type of organization that makes that move. That 3 year tiny gauranteed contract scares the life out of them for some reason... and I never understood that. Is it so horrible to pay a project 1-2M per year for 3 seasons on the chance he develops into your starting center?

It's the 3 million that they will have to pay to buy the pick that scare them. Not the year by year salaries... It's not a cap issue rather than a money one...

It's probably both. $3M hurts, but that $1M+ in guaranteed salary is twice as much as the minimum in some cases.

JohnEMagee reply to Xsago on Apr 20 at 10:54

Why can't it be both...it's 3 million dollars max actually - one can buy them for less - and usually only 50K for a second round pick if it comes to that.

But like Brian says, guaranteed contract, pushing them closer to the luxury tax...so costs short and long term.

PS - is the green/korver draft the last time the sixers 'bought' a pick of any sort?

I believe so. I think the only time I can remember them trading "up" was the Daequon Cook/Jason Smith deal. They traded down to get Carney (instead of Thefolosha), they gave away a pick to Portland in the Thad year, and used their two second rounders on Herbert Hill and Derrick Byars. They could've had Marc Gasol with the pick they gave to Portland, I believe. Ugh.

They made a bunch of trades in that draft. And they sold their late #1 pick for cash.

You never get much when you trade away a disgruntled star- but in the case of the AI trade it was IMO a disaster.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 11:12

It was a small disaster at first exacerbated by a bigger disaster of NOT moving andre miller EVER when he had trade value.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 11:14

Good thing Iguodala isn't a star, and less gruntled than Iverson so obviously when they trade him they'll do better

Snider likes his second level stars. That way he does not have to deal with any loss of control over the franchise. He treats the Flyers the same way.

The one aspect of Meeks' game that I liked the most (everything taken with a grain of salt, of course) was his ability to put the ball on the floor and finish drives to the basket. He has a faster first step than Willie and maybe more leaping ability too. Then again, I've always thought Willie was at his best when driving in the lane and using his stocky frame to bump defenders away and clear shots for himself (Willie did this a lot his first two seasons, but we've only seen it occasionally since his knee injury in '05).

I guess the question, as others have noted, is whether Meeks is going to aspire to surpass Willie Green. Somehow I think he needs to set the bar higher ;-)

FYI, synergy sports now has a public version available to fans. If you've read around here, you know how much I praise synergy. This isn't the full version that teams and selected members of the media use (*wink*), but it's still incredibly. It's got the entire 2009-2010 NBA Season + Playoffs available, statistically and with video feeds, for $30. Unfortunately there's no prior seasons (or high school, ncaa, or euroleague), but if you're into basketball, and into situational statistics, it's the best $30 you'll ever spend.

Trying to get a login to it so I can compare/contrast with the full version and not mislead anyone.


JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 20 at 11:39

"Runs entirely in Microsoft Silverlight"

Well that's never encouraging

Yeah. Thank god the full version doesn't. they tried to snazzy up the interface. If the full version ran in Silverlight I might have a reason for keeping a Windows machine running at my desk.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 20 at 11:48

Or, you know, getting a mac :)

I'm bummed they don't have a 'demo' version or at least some samples, that's just poor marketing...they don't really show what is available, though for 29.95 i'm not expecting much :)

I'd get windows before I'd get a mac. Mac's business practices are just as bad, if not worse. Their CEO's just more charismatic.

When I get a login for the fan version I'll let you know if it's worth it, but from the features I'm told it has (and what I know from the full version), it looks like it definitely is. I'd be shocked if it's $30 next year.

I saw a couple reports last night, looks like it's pretty full featured. If anyone knows how to get silverlight 4.0 on a windows 7 machine, drop me an email. brian@blogsbyfans.com

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 20 at 11:58

I don't worry so much about their business practices, my experience with macs in general are less crashing easier to use and set up - heck Macs are basically unix machines these days anyway.

Besides, preinstalled with python, perl, php, mysql, apache, and as far as I'm concered a better GUI operating system than windows. I mean I use em both all day long - damn cubicle is hot...can't open a window...no A/C, but it's mostly personal preference, I've been using apples since 1982/83

I just am not a fan of their business model. I appreciate how they can execute slick and stable designs, but they monetize every little thing. I just hate being nickel and dimed over everything.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 12:07

Would I prefer a subscription based model - sure - but maybe my cable bill would be cheaper if i didn't have to pay for tons of channels I didn't watch as part of a 'tier'. I don't watch the stupid regional fox sports cable channels, but I pay for them...

Hey, when I buy a new computer at work and get microsoft 7 'home', big surprise that I didn't know - it can't network with the rest of my office unless I had bought windows 'professional'...

I find open office more stable on the mac as well

I'd rather mac monetize everything than 'improve' something that didn't need improvement, create a new file saving system and expect people to over pay for their large piece of crap (yeah you microsoft, your new office SUXXORZ)

paying an extra $80 for professional over home is a tiny dent compared to the hundreds you're losing due to hardware lock-in.

but i feel that I've completely derailed both the point of this article and my post about synergy.

Its a discussion board.

Not to belabor things, but it botehrs me when Aple intentionally blocks basic features sothat they can charge for work arounds.

for example can I tether by buggy Windows cellphone tpo an Ipad, but not an IPhone? They punsih you for sticking with Apple. It goes back to the original Ipods, where you had to buy music from Itunes. You should not have to behave like a hacker to use basic features that are available for years.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 12:25

Then you should have purchased a zune :)

The last Apple I purchased was my Mac in 1990 with its kickin B&W monitor and 20MB HDD. That was a great machine- even the games like Civ were great.

I did buy my wife an Ipod 4 years ago when she asked... and it has never been used.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 12:32

Hey, I admit some of them are just great toys, I only have an iphone because work bought me one as an 'anniversary' present once, and while i crave an ipad, i know i have very little use for one and can not afford one (but i can see uses for them out there)

My first 'mac' was using an apple 2E at school (the benefits of a school district with money) - then an apple 2GS the day they were released, then a mac, and a mixture since then...I prefer mac laptops personally because i've always found them lighter (but more expensive) compared to PC's.

I actually have like 4 ipods - the shuffle is a great work out item.

Intellivison and C=64

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 12:46

Had a commodore 64 (learned at a very early age about how saving as you go along is UBER important...even if you're using a tape) of my own - used a trs 80 a lot...never had the intellivision - atari 2600 and then moved over to nintendo

commodore 64

atari 2600

then that original sega console, then sega genesis. never had a nintendo and proud of it. then playstation, never xbox. Haven't played a console game in years, though.

Yeah, haven't either. But was a master at NHL '90-'93 back in college. I never really got hooked to the whole FPS thing, and sports games never got better, just better graphics.

Occasionally play Baseball Mogul and other simulation games. In fact I think I like my Stratego Football as much or better than new games.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 13:01

I have an xbox 360 (when my birthday comes around sometimes it's hard to decide what to ask the sisters for) I don't think i've turned it on in about 6 months - i only have 'single' player games - and when i play i'll play for like 12 straight hours - periodic bursts of addiction :)

There are just some things that are best not discussed on a message board, because arguments tend to get heated and fanatical. religion is the best example, but operating systems may be a close second.

Yeah, I occasional red the comments at Engadget. Never really understood that level of passion over a brand or OS.. but then again its not part of my job.

As you can tell by my inability to type.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 12:33

Never seen a heated debate on a sports message board about operating systems though :)

There are a few topics I avoid discussing at all times...serious religion and abortion are the primary issues I won't really discuss with anyone...because they're never discussions or debates...

I got professional because you had to get a clean install with my sony. guess it was a good call for another reason. haven't had any problems with windows 7 until this inability to upgrade silverlight. I may strangle someone if I can't get this to work, I've been dying for synergy access for a long time.

Really is a shame you don't get past seasons, college, and euroleague. Then again, you're paying $30, not tens of thousands.

JohnEMagee reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 20 at 12:28

Wouldn't be surprised if this is successful to see some 'a la carte' and or pricing options - add college for XX, add high school for YY, archives for ZZ.

You have to assume this is a teaser and the price will be much higher next season.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 12:45

Well partially - it's only a 'partial year' subscription (it expires before the start of next season) but I think they'll also use it as a test (if they're smart) see where the demand is, what the requests are...I mean how many truly geeky basketball stat freaks are there compared to the amount of money bill james must rake in, or baseball prospectus?

JohnEMagee on Apr 20 at 12:13

Sorry about that :)

Mostly i didn't know that there were various versions of windows that couldn't attach to the networks and it was irritating and not worth the hassel really of going through it - but it aggravated me to find out there were various levels of of 'windows'

BTW - if you don't run silverlight - how will you be able to test the Synergy interface? I'm really interested in your and brians opinions on the thing (and i checked APBR forum, no one seems to have mentioned it)

If there's any 'credit' people get for signing up - let us know

I have various Windows Virtual Machines at home. I'll try it in one of those. but it'll be tonight.

No credit. I just post the DX referral link because that's the link they give you when you login. That being said, they do track it, and having referred a lot of people helps DX's case as a partner (which we obviously want to continue to be :) )

JohnEMagee on Apr 20 at 12:15

Marcus Camby
Joel Pryzbilla
Greg Oden

are the blazers paying too much money to too many injury prone centers?

Possibly. By the way, Brandon Roy is officially a Robin :)

That's been an unofficial fact for a while.

Shawn reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 14:09

I miss him.

jkay reply to JohnEMagee on Apr 20 at 12:26

considering their body types an the kind of game each one of them plays; I'd think you'd just have to sum that up as bad luck.
Camby came in with a relatively healthy history if memory serves me right.
Pryzbilla confounds me. Not used to logging heavy minutes? but then again, he did that before the #1 pick crashed the scene.

Oden is the love child of Tracy McGrady and Chris Webber.

Maybe they'll get 82 games combined out of the three of them. So they'll be paying like $27M for a center. :)

Camby used to get hurt every year... then he had a few complete seasons. between ages 24-28 he had seasons whee he played:

46, 59, 63, 29, 29 games. he became reasonably durable after age 28.

We are spoiled with Sam's durability, but pay in other areas.

jkay reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 13:11

missed another one talking outta my ass.
funny I felt like referring to Sam too. He and Iguodala are workhorses in that Dept.
thats ONE positive thing at least.

I only remember because Camby was a nightmare in fantasy BB. He would be a stud for 1/2 a season and injured the other half.

And as for your other point- having a healthy Sam/Iguodala/Miller all of the time helped this team play .500 ball before this season. Because if you lose your C, PG or best player you are really stuck.

Very few teams have reliable players at so many positions.

JohnEMagee reply to jkay on Apr 20 at 13:15

You know, I hate Sam as much as anyone for the longest while, (trust me, go all the way back to realgm archives before he signed his extension) but I think 'economies of scale' and his health combined with accepting that he'll just never get some things have made me accept that while i don't think he's worth 10 million (let alone a trade kicker) - a strong defensive reboudning center with health like Sam Dalembert is a valuable asset and he's not that old...extending him this off season for a couple years to like 7-8 mil per year wouldnt' be a horrible idea.

Honestly, if they don't get Favors or Cousins, I would seriously consider giving Sam a 3/$25M extension, with a mutual option for the last year.

As you said, we know his warts but we also know what he brings to the table

JohnEMagee on Apr 20 at 13:16

Mac Users

Synergy Sports subscription requires snow leopard (OS 10.6) - unless you upgraded or bought a mac recently - you probably don't have snow leopard - but can get it for 29/49 dollars depending on what OS you have now.

JohnEMagee reply to JohnEMagee on Apr 20 at 13:20

Here’s another tweak on macs

Microsoft Silverlight only works on safari or firefox

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