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Fun With Synergy: Jrue's Post Defense

deepsixersuede on Apr 21 at 7:28

Good stuff, and Sammy can guard the 5 and long 4!s [Bosh?] and W.Johnson should be able to guard 3!s and stretch 4!s, oops, just hopin that last part !!!

bdownbear reply to deepsixersuede on Apr 21 at 9:22

Yeah I'm hoping that or a top 3 pick (Favors!!!) Imagine Favors and Dalembert together.... Would they be a force defensively? And the backcourt with Iguodala and Holiday....Man, this team is screaming Larry Brown!!!! I hope, but we'll see.

This further proves what was evident during the season that Jrue has terrific defensive fundamentals and that he has the strength and craftiness to guard bigger and stronger players.
It also shows that Holidays'effort and BB IQ are there (since they are key for playing defense IMO). And in todays NBA those prove essential for success.
What i would be interested too, Brian, is how offensively gifted Jrue really is. What do the numbers say? Where does he stand compared to other guys his age? Which areas is he good/great at, and which need serious improvement?

I am encouraged while reading this especially because it shows that Jrue is already great at something. Young players who become real stars usually are great in some area of the game early in their careers (be it athleticism, shooting...). Jrue has mastered the art of defense....

I don't think he's mastered defense, he's got a lot of work to do in certain areas, and we'll take a look at them over the summer. He's definitely way ahead of the curve on post defense, though. Solid fundamentals, strength and anticipation.

LaMarcus Aldridge Update: 2 playoff games. 68 minutes played. 2 defensive rebounds.

Do you have an idea of how Jrue compares to Andre Miller?

JohnEMagee reply to DeanH on Apr 21 at 10:48

Younger, faster, in better shape, and better from the 3 point line.

Do you mean how he compares to Miller in post defense? I can check tonight, but I don't think Miller's posted up very often.

Unfortunately, Jrue rarely operated out of the post on the offensive end, but he does have the ability from what I saw.

Yes, posting/defense or whatever. I just get tired of hearing about Miller all year. I really did not want Miller (not because I did not like him, but we need to go young) and would like to know how he compares in stats. No big deal or rush.

Jrue's post defense was better. Overall, Jrue allowed .73 points per play in post defense, Miller allowed .97. That's a pretty significant difference.

Overall, Miller was a more effective defender in isolation situations, by a large margin. Jrue was better in every other area (P&R, Spot-up, Off screen, Handoff)and overall as well.

But, again, largely dependent on WHO they're guarding. I'm guessing Jrue got matched up with more top-flight penetrators than Miller.

Yep, I'm planning on comparing Lou and Jrue in isolation plays, and who each was guarding over the weekend.

The guys Jrue really struggled with on the blocks were JJ and Wade. He acknowledged that for some players he will just have to "hit the weight room" if he hopes to compete.

JJ only posted him once, and he fouled him. Wade gave him problems, he had that baseline dunk and he also had on sick fake baseline and reverse pivot to the middle, but Sam blocked the shot from the weak side after Wade went middle.

holeplug on Apr 21 at 13:40

good stuff. synergy seems like a great tool to use to evaluate defense since even advanced stats suck at the moment.

I had heard about this, what a deal. Brian, I have a question. Let's say I wanted to look at all of Jrue's plays in the pick and roll all year. Could I find a way to have the video condensed to that.

Yes. It plays those clips sequentially, just the pick and rolls where he was the ballhandler.

Wow, 30 bucks, that's a steal. I'll be purchasing that very soon.

JohnEMagee reply to Rich on Apr 21 at 18:49

Make sure you have the processor power for it - i has some heavy duty specs

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