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All Threes Are Not Created Equal

Awesome job Brian, very interesting stuff.

Definitely interesting. I wonder where Wade would lie amongst this group. I would say the Heat rely on Wade probably more than the sixers rely on Iguodala.

I'm so glad we won't be seeing any stupid dribble handoffs anymore (hopefully). Too many times this year the team dribbled 15 seconds off of the shot clock and looked to him to jack a contested jumper. That's not exactly a formula for efficient shooting.

Tom Moore on Apr 22 at 9:23

Tracy McGrady was/is the same way as Legler. Eric Snow told me about it when he was a Sixer. I watched and, sure enough, McGrady would never shoot from the backcourt at the end of quarters because it would ruin his shooting percentage.

Tom Moore on Apr 22 at 9:24

Nice piece Tom! Great candidate for the job. Again!


Casey's an assistant under Carlisle right now, what other coaches has he served under?

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on Apr 22 at 10:59

Dwane Casey begins his first season on the Mavericks bench after most recently coaching the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Casey was named head coach of the Timberwolves on June 17, 2005. He was relieved of his coaching duties on Jan. 25, 2007 while in playoff contention with a 20-20 record. In his only stint as an NBA head coach, he earned a 43-59 record (.422).
In 2008, Casey traveled through Europe, attending Euroleague games, practices and studying various basketball concepts. Casey began his NBA coaching career as an assistant for the Sonics, where he served for 11 seasons (starting in 1994-95). He joined the Sonics for the 1994-95 season after spending five years as a head coach in Japan.
During his time abroad, Casey coached Japan’s National Team with basketball legend Pete Newell. In the summer of 1998, Casey coached the team to its first World Championship appearance in 31 years.
Prior to coaching in Japan, Casey was an assistant under head coach Eddie Sutton at the University of Kentucky from 1985-90. He also served as an assistant under Clem Haskins at Western Kentucky University from 1980-85.
Casey began his coaching career at Kentucky in 1979 as a graduate assistant. While at UK, he recruited and coached eventual NBA players Winston Bennett, Sam Bowie, Rex Chapman, LeRon Ellis, Shawn Kemp, Chris Mills, Dirk Minnifield, Irving Thomas and Melvin Turpin.
Out of high school, Casey’s decision to play at Kentucky for Coach Joe B. Hall helped the Wildcats register a 30-2 record his junior season and capture the 1978 NCAA Championship. Casey was named team captain his senior year and won UK’s all-academic award.
Born April 17, 1957, in Morganfield, Ky., Dwane earned a degree in business administration from Kentucky in 1979. Off the court, Casey’s enjoys reading, playing racquetball and listening to music. He and his wife, Brenda, have one daughter, Justine. dwane.casey@dallasmavs.com

via nba.com

and look an email address to back him to come coach the sixers :)

Court_visioN reply to Tom Moore on Apr 22 at 11:07

"Jordan tried to fit his system to the personnel, rather than the other way around. Despite having at least three core players ill-suited to the Princeton offense - Samuel Dalembert, Elton Brand and Marreese Speights - he tried to cram a square peg into a round hole."

I think you meant Jordan tried to fit the personnel to his system? Because he sure as he11 didn't adapt his system.

Tom Moore reply to Court_visioN on Apr 22 at 12:42

Yes, you're correct. My bad. Thanks.

Court_visioN reply to Tom Moore on Apr 22 at 13:01

good article nonetheless. if they were to bring in an assistant dwayne casey would be at the top of my list.

not sure that move "makes a splash" though. is stefanski looking in that direction?

Great post, Brian. I must say, though, that the modest increase in 3P% was guaranteed by your limiting it to shots at the end of quarters. I'm wondering if the breakdowns of the Princeton didn't result in Iguadala having to take a much greater than average number of contested desperation threes as the shot clock wound down? It seemed like it to me. And, if so, this would've had a much more significant impact on his percentage.

Yeah, I realized removing these chucks would definitely increase the 3p%, I just wanted to see by how much, and if he took more of them than comparable players.

I thought about end-of-shot-clock looks, but that's a bit more subjective and then you get into the blame game as well. If the offense sputters and he catches with 2 seconds left on the SC, that's not really his fault, but what if he's dribbling the ball for 6 seconds, then realizes the clock is at one and jacks one up? It seemed too subjective.

One thing I'd love to see is how plays ended depending on who brought the ball up the floor. I'm almost certain they ran PO sets 99% of the time when Willie was bringing the ball up the floor, a lower percentage when it was Lou, lower still when it was Jrue. I'd love to see % of shots that were jumpers in all three situations, not sure there's a way to do that, though.

You could avoid all the subjective assessments (save one) by including all the contested 3 attempts Iguadala took after receiving a pass with less time one the shot clock than is realistically needed to create his own shot (conservatively 3 seconds?? less conservatively 5 seconds??). This project would give a much better indication of his true shooting ability and would provide many, many hours of fun with Synergy.

And, yes, it would be great to have sophisticated indicators of point guard effectiveness.

Good post Brian. I think the PO and the dribble handoffs also hurt Andre's three point percentage. He was always on the move. I'd like him to pretty much take the three out of his game, but it would be interesting what he did just out of catch and shoot or just in a flat iso situation off the dribble. All the side to side movement seemed to throw him off his rhythm.

As for Dwayne Casey, he got absolutely jobbed in Minnesota, no question about that. I like the Dallas coaching staff, they always seem well prepared with a lot of solid communication amongst each other. I think terry Stotts is there too. I'm curious if Casey would let the team run though, Carlisle doesn't really care for it. Dallas has run it more this year though.

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