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Inside the Lottery

Huh, Chad Ford must not have a clue on roster personel because i can't see the Clippers, grizzlies, or Twolves drafting a PF/C when all these three teams are loaded in the front court and have glaring holes at SF.

Clippers: Kaman/Griffin/Jordan and there is talk that they'll finally bring over sofoklis schortsanitis

Memphis: Randolph/Gasol/Thabeet/Arthur

Minnesota: Love/Jefferson and there is talk of bringing
over Milicic

When it comes to SF these teams are bare, Well Memphis does have a SF who is a restricted free agent and both the Clippers and Twolves are interested in going after him in the off-season.

i'm actually hoping that either the Clippers or Twolves get that third pick(if we cant get it) because they are most likely to trade down because they are interested in either Wesley Johnson or Aminu who will both be likely available don't in the draft...

Gary that's a very impressive display of knowledge by you, not many people even know who sofoklis schortsanitis is let alone that he might be leaving Greece to come play for the clippers this season. To the big mans credit, he dropped a lot of weight this season and was/is a difference maker for them all season.

Memphis has a need for a PF, Arthur is garbage, Gasol's a center and Thabeet is a project. I don't see them passing on Favors and Cousins, if they jump up to number three.

With the Clips and the T-Wolves, nothing would surprise me. If they got #3 and stayed there, again, I doubt they pass up either of those guys (the T-Wolves especially don't seem to have a problem with drafting multiple guys who play the same position), but I do agree that either of those teams could look to trade down if they get the third pick. And if they want either Johnson or Aminu, one of them will definitely be there at #6, so maybe the Sixers can work a trade w/ them.

So the conditional probabilities say that we should be rooting for the teams below the Sixers to stay where they are, which is what we would have rooted for in any case. Since they don't show the selection process, "wanting" NJ/MIN to finish #1 or #2 (if not the Sixers) is only in theory.

The most dramatic of lotteries was in 2007, when order held for the first 7 spots, but then Portland, Seattle, and Atlanta went into the top 3 right after, leaving the tanking teams (Memphis-Boston-Milwaukee) at 4-5-6. Here's hoping order holds for 8 spots this time ...

Great stuff, Brian. Very appreciative that you took the time to do this.

JohnEMagee on Apr 23 at 10:40

I personally think when you're a top 5 draft team (for reasons that aren't your best player missed the entire season) you draft the best player available...memphis had a 'good' year this year but they're probably losing rudy gay this off season and zach randolph maybe was only on good behavior so he could get out of memphis.

They got Mayo and Gasol and probably want to build around that, but it's not like they're 'this close' to contending.

I think Ford trying to decide what team is oging to take what player before interviews even start is kind of silly....just rank the prospects....trying to suss out what teams are thinking this early (from hawaii no less) seems an iffy proposition for good basketball minds and journalists, let alone chad ford

"Here's what they do have: $9.8 million in expiring contracts (Reggie Evans and Marcus Banks), DeMar DeRozan and the 13th overall pick in the 2010 draft. Is that enough to fetch a quality wing player? I think it could be, and that player is Andre Iguodala."

Taken from http://www.raptorblog.com/100419a.php

That is an interesting offer if it was made that you'd have to consider for just Iggy alone.

JohnEMagee reply to Mike P on Apr 23 at 19:29

Of course the raptos make that - it's an awesome deal for them

it sucks bloody ass for the sixers

More Cap space for 2011 and two nice pieces to add to their young core.

It's more realistic than a suggested Clippers-Sixers trade of Iggy for a 12 million trade exception, Eric Gordon, and Deandre Jordan.

The Clippers would have to be retarded to give all that for a guy who isn't going to make them a championship team...

The Sixers would have to be retarded to give up Iguodala for a marginal SG who can't shoot, the #13 pick and expiring contracts. That's a garbage offer that does nothing to make this team better.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 23 at 23:40

But hold on - do we still get to keep our pick along with the one from them?

In reality, isn't Andre just a tick above a marginal SG who can't shoot too?

If that deal were actually true, well, there's your outlet.

We could maybe get Udoh first and that Anderson guy for a guard with their pick. And have that much more money freeing up with the rest that is soon coming. And Sam as a favorable trade chip.

The possibilties for change are certainly there, no denying that. Meaning, it may be looked at on the surface as not making this team better, but change in general could really do this team some good.

Treat it like dice and shake it up. You never know, sometimes it just turns up better.

JohnMagee reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 24 at 13:33

In reality, isn't Andre just a tick above a marginal SG who can't shoot too?


eddies' heady's on Apr 23 at 23:48

Just think - this is the same organization that could be looking at Fesenko and Kyle instead of Sam and Kapono. And even Wesley Matthews instead of Lou/Willie too.

We drafted that Euro dude didn't we? Gave his ass up for Herbert Hill I think.

And we have had near as many coaches as years the last seven or so. Those damn Sixers, I'm telling you....

I agree. Fans often take defensive ability for granted. Then, when you talk about a guy like Lou Williams, they go nuts because the defense isn't there.

This trade would open up a pandora's box of possibilities for the Sixers. DeMar DeRozan is going to get better as he is only 20 years old. We add two pieces from this draft, plus the ton of cap space for 2011. This team would defenitley headed in the right direction.

I'm sorry, but DeRozen just isn't a piece. He didn't show me anything this year.

This isn't a trade to make the team better, this is a trade to get rid of Iguodala. You're gambling that the #13 pick in this draft + whatever FA you can sign next summer will be better than Iguodala, and that's a losing gamble IMO.

If you're trading for cap space, it only makes sense if you can move Brand, which you can't. The only way I'd do this deal is if Toronto's pick wound up being top three, not #13. Then you're really getting two potential pieces in this draft.

Another positive is that Holiday and DeMar DeRozan have known each other for years since they both come come from southern california area.

JohnMagee reply to Kevin on Apr 24 at 13:35

Yeah, they know each other so it's a better pairing.

Now you're just reaching for things to make this a rational trade when it's just not.

It's unbalanced, proposed by a raptors fan, favors the raptors, and the #9 must go brigade thinks it's awesome - but then again they'd trade #9 for doritos

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