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SixersBeat Radio Show (Canceled) Tonight

what is your(realistic) ideal situation for this summer like with the draft and coaching search and how long do you think it will take this team to become a contender again

Do any of the big names (WTF-Cuz) have a shot at become franchise leading superstars?

Wall - Yes
Turner - Yes
Favors - Maybe
Cousins - Yes

I say maybe for Favors only because I think people only consider a guy a superstar if he averages 22+ ppg and I'm not sure he has that in him. I think odds are he becomes a better all around player than Cousins, but it's questionable that he scores enough to be considered a superstar, by most people, at least.

Ideal and realistic don't really go hand-in-hand, but I'll give it a shot.

Sixers get the #1 pick, take John Wall. Jeff Van Gundy likes the idea of coaching a team that puts a perimeter defense of Wall, Holiday and Iguodala out there. The team uses Willie, Kapono and Smith to add a couple of young pieces and the slow build accelerates faster than we thought it would, without bringing in vets to kickstart it. Jrue and Wall mature together, we're a legit contender in two or three years (contender meaning at least one playoff series win, with the roster still improving).

Realistically, I'm going to say Favors at #3 and maybe Tyrone Corbin or Mike Budenholzer as the head coach. The team then has three legit building blocks, a clear identity, and a young coach to grow with the team (with a good pedigree). Maybe a few deals are made with the expiring contracts, but probably not. Maybe you make a move to clear Lou's deal and you don't re-sign Thad, giving you enough money to make a run at a guy like Melo in free agency the following summer. Or you bid your time, wait for Brand's contract to come off the books, then you'll have Jrue (22) Favors (21) and Iguoala (29) plus any other pieces you've accumulated in the interim, and a boatload of cap space to add a piece or two in free agency to fill out the roster. If that's the route you take, then maybe 3-5 years before you're a contender, but you do have the flexibility to up that timeframe if the right deal presents itself.

deepsixersuede on Apr 29 at 18:56

Brian, would love both of your thoughts on having our coach hired before the draft. This player may become the main guy for our new coach and if 2 guys are close [Aldrich and Monroe, for ex.] he may have reasons for one or the other.

I think it would be helpful, especially in the case you bring up, but I don't think it's crucial. It's much more important to get the right coach in here, period, than to worry about when you get him in here.

The way I see it, the only potentially franchise-altering decision the Sixers could have to make is Favors or Cousins if they get the number 3 pick. At number six, odds are it's either going to be a big upside guy, like Aminu or maybe Ed Davis, or it's going to be a low upside guy like Aldrich and Monroe (in my opinion). I trust DiLeo to make the right decision at six.

Good questions, guys. We'll try to get to them tonight.

Hey guys, it looks like we're going to have to cancel the show for tonight, so I'll answer your questions in the comment thread here.

deepsixersuede on Apr 29 at 20:31

Does who gets hired as coach tell us the teams direction? Just like A.Reid not using the rebuilding word it seems our g.m. refuses to say it also. A hire of Collins over a young assistant leads me to believe that a playoff push begins right away.

I'd have to see what other moves go with it. That being said, if hiring Collins or Brown is the first move they make, I would assume they're going in a "win now" direction until it's proven otherwise to me.

deepsixersuede on Apr 29 at 20:38

If you are E.S. do you go all in this summer to find your batman to Iggy!s robin if you stay at #6 or worse? Considering you probably will have to overpay to get him.

I don't think he really has any moves to make outside of the draft. If it's possible to move up in the draft without giving up Jrue or Iguodala, I think he absolutely has to do it.

deepsixersuede on Apr 29 at 20:53

I feel after this summer our lottery days are over so unless we have that star here already, doubtful, than this is the year to do it.

JohnMagee on Apr 29 at 23:58

I hope you're both ok and that the reason for cancellation was nothing too serious

Nope. Just work related.

Derek or Brian, what do you guys make of Luke Babbitt? If you don't know he is an ULTRA-skilled 6'9 kid from Nevada who shot 41 percent from three, 50 from the field, and 90 from the line. He pulled down 9 boards a game too.

Is he someone who would fit the Sixers? He's projected around 20-30 from what I can see, but is he worth trading someone to get a shot at him later in the 1st Round. I think his skills are great, but could he be a little Michael Beasleyish in that regard? Just curious about what you think about him even if he probably isn't on their radar.

I've never seen him play, so I'm going to have more questions than answers.

- Is he athletic enough to play the three in the NBA?
- Can he defend?
- Will he rebound at the NBA level?

Right now, if the Sixers are going to acquire a pick later in the first round (which I think is doubtful, but we can hope) I'd like them to grab either Alabi or Avery Bradley. Bradley I see as the anti-Lou (defensive perimeter play off the bench w/ a jump shot). Alabi you groom to be Sam's replacement down the road.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 30 at 1:02

I think that he is very athletic, but guarding threes might be the stretch though. He's a 6'9 white dude that played at Nevada, that may be a stretch. He seems to be a very smart defender in college though (knows when to contest, etc.) which could help. As far as running the break though, he could fit right in off the bench. Plus, he's got NBA range from three which could really help.

As far as Bradley goes, would you rather have Henry if he drops in Bradley's vicinity? I would, he might just go a little high to realistically trade for his spot in the draft.

I'd rather have Bradley. The pressure defense he applied was unbelievable. I love having a guy like that coming off the bench, especially against backup PGs for the other team. I'm not sold on Henry.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 30 at 1:15

I hear that, but aren't we pretty set with pressure defense with Jrue playing the amount of time he should? Bradley is an undersized 2 (he can't really handle a team) so we'd need to pair a backup point to kind of help him play. His jumper really is only as a mid-range guy right now too. I think Henry will be able to defend more positions (off the bench) with his strong frame. I feel he fits a position of need better. If we trade Lou, then things can change.

Yeah, I mean when I'm talking about this draft, and this summer really, the only guys currently on the roster I'm even taking into consideration are Iguodala and Jrue. I'm looking for pieces that work with them. Bradley and Lou probably couldn't play together, and I don't really care. Lou's expendable as far as I'm concerned. Bradley could play the two with either Jrue or Iguodala handling the PG duties.

Bradley shot 37.5% from three in college this year. I do want to see what his measurements look like. 6'3" with a big wingspan probably means he can guard most SGs, 6'3" with Meeks arms is another story.

There's something about Henry I just don't like, can't really put my finger on it. Probably either the stupid pronunciation of his first name or the fact that he's a lefty. I never trust lefties :)

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 30 at 1:27

I'm a lefty :)

See, you're biased. That's why you love Thad. All you lefties stick together.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 30 at 1:33

Haha Thad's done a lot to wane my trust though. I'm looking at Babbitt (another lefty), but I'd also say righties are biased against us.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 30 at 1:17

ESPN has his comparison being Monta Ellis too, that's an insult to Bradley's defense.

Heh, I was just looking at the same page :)

It's also an insult to Monta's offense.

(I'm not even a Monta fan, but skill-wise, the two don't compare. If Monta could reign in his game and play in a controlled structure, he has much more driving and midrange game than Bradley ever will).

Bradley is very raw offensively from what I saw. Still, his defense could be a great asset with Jrue like Brian is saying. I do think he can guard twos just because of his desire. That is a question though. If he could, Jrue and him would be interchangeable and those two can switch a lot with very versatile skills.

This is how I look at it.

Jrue can guard 1-3
Iguodala can guard 1-4
Bradley can probably guard 1-2

And when I say guard, I mean really guard, and guard anywhere on the floor, and trap, and switch and pressure, and force turnovers, and ignite the break. Exciting defense. A good defensive mind can have a field day with that. Ultimately, Bradley would have to stretch his range to the pro three, just be able to catch and shoot from out there, and he could be a very valuable asset.

Court_visioN reply to Derek Bodner on Apr 30 at 2:11

we're basically saying Bradley is a (slightly) bigger Lindsay Hunter?

A young, slightly longer Hunter's not a bad comparison.

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