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AaronMcKie4MVP on May 3 at 6:43

you are exactly right, an assist 'has varying degrees of usefulness'. as do rebounds. best of luck with this post. i was called an idiot and told that a rebound is a rebound.

I remember that discussion, and I don't think anyone was calling you an idiot for saying all rebounds aren't created equal, at least I wasn't. My point was that you were saying Dalembert grabs a disproportionate number of "useless" rebounds and I didn't think there was really any evidence of that.

Ryan F on May 3 at 9:24

Outstanding work Brian as usual. I don't see how you find the time honestly, but glad you do.

One other negative thing I've noticed with Jrue as well on the defensive end, is he finds himself out of position a lot of times when not directly guarding the ball. When he's on the ball he does a terrific job of pressuring, creating turnovers, stopping penetration, etc. but when he's off of it it seems he tends to sag off of his man, get caught up watching the ball, or show to the strong side too much and leave players open for drives and open shots.

Agree? If so, do you think it was more attributed to EJ's "system" or some of his own decision making and instincts.

It's tough to place blame directly on Jordan's system (for being shit) or Jordan himself (for being a shitty coach) with Jrue, because we don't have a body of work to look back on. Meaning, we can't see what Jrue was like in a better system, with an NBA-level coach. I think it's safe to say the coaching and system certainly didn't help. I will say, though, that he lagged too far off his man for my liking, and that lag led to him getting hit with down screens springing shooters for open looks on several occasions.

The good news is that this is just technique, and it's something a good coach can, and will, absolutely fix.

JohnEMagee on May 3 at 9:45

Sunday nights are awesome for watching the Mets get walloped...

Rich reply to JohnEMagee on May 3 at 12:31

I thought that you don't mess with the Johan...

great analysis

A great reason why Jrue had a good amount of terrible turnovers. The amazing thing is that I didn't think the offense was suited to his game at all and he made the best of it by running simple basketball stuff. There were a good amount of low percentage passes for terrible shots in the beginning of the offense. Did the video show that a few times it was because he was trying to hard to run the offense? I would bet a few of them were, although there were other times he just dribbled it off his foot.

Jrue was so good when attacking the basket in a P and R other situation. Speaking of those "home run" type of assists that he gets TOs on sometimes as well (when trying to make a play), I'd love to see how many times he actually did finish the play with an assist.

Good point about looking at home run assists, it's on my list of things to look into. I'd like to break down his assist-to-turnover ratio on those "Somewhat acceptable" or risky plays.

Meaning, high risk/high reward plays.

I expect a lot of turnovers next year, and am fine with it if he is being aggressive. I'd actually be concerned if his turnovers are cut down by the coaches reigning him in.

I want to see Jrue try and create off of penetration. The risk reward will become more of a net positive after a year or two. But if he becomes more passive then they will lose some of his potential upside down the road. This brings us back to their goals next year. I really don't want to hear much about uptown or playoffs. Just improvement of the players.

Absolutely, take care of the ball in early, pretty much meaningless offense, and continue to try to make plays. That's the direction Jrue should be getting.

By the way, this was probably top-two in the most depressing video sequences you can watch (number one being all of Elton Brands offensive rebounds/series of pump fakes/blocked shot attempts). The truly depressing thing was watching the "offense" the Sixers were running most of the time. So many guys had no clue where they were supposed to be/what they were supposed to do. The floor spacing was pitiful. Jrue and Iguodala were pretty much the only guys who swung the ball from strong to weak side, and the lack of player movement made those passes much more difficult than they should've been.

Jrue would be dribbling at the top of the floor calling for screens that never came, or came late, or came lazy.

All of that, plus every play you watch ending in a turnover, just not very uplifting.

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