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Mark Jackson Is On the Radar?

Not excited at all about Jackson, also I don't think Stefanski is in a situation where he can afford to hire a rookie coach... he needs to think short term also, (unfortunately), just to save his job, and needs an immediate improvement in Ws.
As for Thibodeau, maybe he just wants to finish the season before exploring new possibilites (a plus in my book, it means he's a real, serious pro, he's no Larry Brown...), or his team didn't give him permission to talk to other teams, we should check his contract situation in regard to this.
How is life Brian ? :-)

Agreed about "Action" Jackson, though he's ESPN, not TNT. If I have to hear Jrue call a play named "Mama, There Goes that Man," I will choke a bitch.

Good catch on TNT/ESPN, fixed.

It is easy for me to remember, because I actually like most of TNT's coverage, with the exception of Reggie "He-Cheryl" Miller. ESPN, OTOH...

Might as well bring in Marc "4 letter word" Jackson. At least he's a Philly guy.

That would be fantastic. His voice, when animated, sounds like D12's impersonation of Stan Van Gundy

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on May 3 at 14:52

He does have experience yelling SAM quite loudly - that's like half the job

He also can teach Brand how to adapt to life in the NBA with no vertical.

By the way, Ford has changed his mock draft. He now has the Sixers taking Aldrich over Aminu. Ugh.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on May 3 at 15:37

DraftExpress has aminu gone before 6 and Wesley still available - so keep hope alive

Rob_STC reply to Brian on May 3 at 15:59


For me and I am surprised it hasn't been said more, who is the coach which will change the culture of the team to coin a Larry Brown phrase "play the right way" ? Needs to be that will preach defense first and get the players to buy in but not have them tune out after awhile. Tough job but players need to be buying what the coach is selling. Case and point with Phoenix-basically the same roster as last year minus SHAQ but much more successful under Gentry then Porter. Porter struck me as one of those coaches the players tune out. Maybe a Doug Collins or a Dwane Casey can be that guy. Regardless Stefanski will have to tweak the roster to meet that culture.

I actually think he's a better analyst than some. I guess that I don't get up on the 'Mama, there goes that man again' and such. He usually makes points about unacceptable effort and defense, which I like.

He's played under Jeff Van Gundy, Larry Brown, and Larry Bird (Dick Harter), so he's heard a thing about defense. The guy would help Jrue come along too, there's no doubt about that.

I don't want him though. I want a guy that's been coaching in the league recently or before, not a guy who has just played and broadcasted.

JohnEMagee reply to Rich on May 3 at 15:50

His lack of coaching experience and presumption that he doesn't need any both rub me the wrong way

My pick is Budenholzer...besides being qualified it's just fun to say!

I'm not a fan of Sam Mitchell, and I don't want him coaching this team, but he's the first coach I've seen who gets the whole Sam Dalembert thing:

At that point Mitchell started talking basketball. Samuel Dalembert, who is easy for many to criticize, he likes.

"Just give Sam his defined role," he explained. "Play him 35-38 minutes a night. Tell him to go get every rebound and block shot out there and if he fouls out in the process so be it."

That quote is from this article by Dei Lynam.

That's pretty much the best way to go about handling Sammy, if your primary concern is winning games. Couldn't have said it any better myself.

I also like what he had to say about Dre(especially limiting his 3-point attempts to a Max of 2 per game. Honestly, I think his FT attempts should outnumber his 3-point attempts by at least 3:1.

That said, if he were to come in as an asst to McKie or Snow or whatever, I'd be fine. Not as a head man

Really, I always thought of Sam as the centerpiece of the Princeton offense. the guy you funnel everything through and let him make plays :)

Tom Moore on May 3 at 16:36

Liked Mitchell's quote about Iguodala: "If I saw Iguodala attempt more then two 3s in a game, I would cry."

I just looked back through the teams he coached. Charlie V and Jalen Rose must've left him in tears quite a few times :)

Iguodala isn't in Josh Smith territory, but he does need to limit his three-point attempts.

Any way Iguodala can learn an in between game? Something other than a 3pt shot, fade away or drive all of the way to the basket?

I don't see him shooting tear drops, but there must be some kind of midrange and in shot he can add that helps dial down a notch the degree of difficulty of his 1/2 court game.

I'm sure he could, but I don't think that's really crucial. Iguodala should be limited to the following in the half-court, in this order:

1) drive and kick
2) drive and finish (draw contact)
3) low-post position when he has a height advantage (this is something he should really be excellent at. He's strong enough to get position, he's got the ups to simply elevate and get an easy look)
4) catch-and-shoot threes

I don't want him coming off screens for two-point jumpers, I don't want him shooting J's off the dribble. I really don't even want him running the P&R as the ballhandler all that much either (Jrue should be in that position).

Long story short, I think a post game would be much more effective than a sort of in-between jumper/floater game.

I think he needs a shoot that he can easily finish in the 5-10 foot range. Having to get all of the way to the rim forces him to take (and make) a lot of circus shots.

Guys that pull up for those 5-10 foot jumpers don't really get to the line as much as I'd like. I think D. Rose is falling into that category right now. Go the tin or draw the weakside and dish to someone for a dunk. At least in Iguodala's case, that's what I'd prefer.

I agree with both of you. He needs a stronger post game, but he also needs short range driving options. If he mastered a bank-shot runner &/or driving jump hook, that could satisfy both of those scenarios. Nothing that takes him away from the basket though.

smh1980 on May 3 at 17:39


Last week Stefanski met with Doug Collins. Some friends of Collins say he believes that the Sixers have talent. But some of the pieces were misused and they have some bad pieces. If he were to take over he would ask that the bad pieces be removed. Who would you put in the category of misused pieces and who would you put in the category of bad pieces that Collins would like gone?

Hmmn, that's a really good question. I mean, basically the entire roster was misused this season. Thad at the four, Brand at the five, Lou and Willie at the point, Jrue underused and shifted to SGs to make up for Lou and Willie's defensive flaws. Speights never used with Dalembert.

As for bad pieces, I really have no idea who he's talking about. You can make a case for Dalembert, Speights, Thad, Willie, Lou, Kapono, Jason Smith, Speights, Brand...pretty much anyone not named Iguodala or Holiday.

I'd hate to even venture a guess. I don't really even know what he means by bad pieces, if he's talking attitude, it's Sam and Speights I would think. If he's talking talent level, then Kapono and Willie. If he's talking just a bad fit because of position/skills, maybe Thad or EB, depending.

Not always used correctly:

Sam, Brand, Lou, Jrue, Kapono

I'd add to Collin's assessment that there are some pieces that have to be developed, and its unclear whether they will pan out as being good pieces or not.

Thad (at SF), Speights and Meeks fit that category.

While Jrue definitely has a future, but to maximize it he might cost you some wins next year learning how and when to be assertive.

JohnEMagee on May 3 at 18:03

Sam Mitchell jumps to the front of my list, maybe it's coincidental, but he seemed to be taking a look at the sixers roster and seeing how best to use the pieces on the roster to build a good basketball team as opposed to having a preconceived system and notion of what players should and shouldnt do and what system the team should run no matter what.

Could be all talk, but Mitchell at least talks the talk I want from the next sixers coach

Yeah. Hearing a guy talk player development instead of W/L is music to my ears.

Mike P reply to tk76 on May 3 at 18:22

Agreed. Reading the Udala quote just gave me tons of confidence in him. He is playing me like a fiddle.

Still want that Spurs assistant or Turner.

You hit the nail on the head. He seems to have a grasp of Player Psychology as well as developments

So far I like the talk of Sam Mitchell and Doug Collins. I appreciate also the specifics.

I am not interested in Jackson, I want a coach with a track record or a strong assistant with a winning coach.

Other than the above, I do not have a favorite in the race.

Tom Moore on May 3 at 20:12

Sixers confirmed Stefanski met with Avery Johnson on Monday in Houston.

"We had an informative meeting and open dialogue with Avery today regarding our head coaching position," Stefanski said in a release. "His reputation as a motivator and accomplishments as a head coach in the NBA are well-known and I certainly want to thank him for taking the time to meet with us."

teddy green on May 3 at 20:44

The clowns on 97.5 are ragging on every coaching candidate. According to them, only Larry Brown or Avery Johnson may apply....

tk76 reply to teddy green on May 3 at 21:08

I'm surprised they are even talking Sixers.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on May 3 at 21:49

I'm unsurprised they're attitude is silly :)

Tom Moore on May 3 at 21:32

Am told the Sixers are working on more interviews, but "nothing is set in stone."

ZachAttack on May 3 at 21:37

Sam Mitchell for head coach. Look what he did with a team of Calderon, Bosh, and Bargs. I think he can improve this team.

Ryan F on May 4 at 7:13

They better just be going through the motions with MJ, no experience, no personality, nothing to make him stand out or even warrant an interview IMO.

Sam Mitchell....too dapper. I want a blue collar type. If JVG is out of the equation, which he says he is, it should be TT and then everyone else. Seeing him last night screaming out defensive assignments half way out on the court in a 20 point game gets me excited.

I heard them mention the Avery Johnson meeting this morning. All I could think about was how last year he talked about what a great player Willie Green was & how he wanted to coach him... (shudder)...

johnrosz on May 4 at 16:18


The unfortunate thing is, I actually do know what kind of coach Mark Jackson would be. The reason he annoys me as an analyst is that he prefaces every statement with "If i were coaching this team, I would..." It bothers me that a guy who was nothing more than an above average point guard for several years seems to think the coaching throne should just be bestowed upon him without paying any dues.

I think its safe to assume hes a disciplinarian, a defense first coach,and a guy that values the shit out of guard play. If you don't defend, you wont play for MJ, and I assume his rotation would be heavy with veterans.

Could do worse, but could do a whole lot better.

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