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Feelings On Andre Iguodala

JohnEMagee on May 4 at 10:37

This ought to be fun :)

Good player, would thrive as the 3rd scoring option on a good team where he could concentrate on locking people down.

Shoot's too many long jumpers.

Great effort in games and in the off season often working out with many of his teammates.

Awesome defender and excellent passer, dribbling gets sloppy at times but still and above average dribbler.

In my opinion he is overpaid as he is no better then the 3rd banana on a good team. Not grossly overpaid but I would feel better if he had a Sammy like contract.

His on court demeanor, well lets just say he isn't anything like Jimmy Rollin's hero Derek Jeter.

Just my opinion.

He's not a good jump shooter, doesn't have good ball-handling skills, and isn't a go-to option when the team needs someone to score.

Nevertheless, He plays great defense, plays the fast break as well anybody in the league and is a good passer.

If I could rank him among other SFs I would put him at #6

1. Lebron James
2. Kevin Durant
3. Carmelo Anthony
4. Gerald Wallace
5. Paul Peirce
6. Andre Igoudala

As a SG I would put him at # 5

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Dwayne Wade
3. Joe Johnson
4. Derrick Rose
5. Andre Igoudala

He is the best player on the team and is payed fairly for what he does. However he is not a franchise player

JohnEMagee reply to Steven on May 4 at 11:14

However he is not a franchise player

And never was and never should have been expected to (and no folks, he isn't paid as a franchise player, rashard lewis makes 20 mil a year, is he a franchise player?)

The problem with Iguodala seems to be that when he got more money some folk thought he should become something he had never been...as opposed to appreciating how very good he is at so many things...

Steven reply to JohnEMagee on May 4 at 11:29

If Igoudala is overpaid, its by 1 or 2 million a year. People in Philly act like he's getting paid Kobe Bryant money.

People say that he would be the 2nd or 3rd best player on a championship team. To them, I tell them to look at how much the 2nd or 3rd best player gets paid and compare it how much Igoudala gets paid.

JohnEMagee reply to Steven on May 4 at 11:38

Whether or not andre iguodala is over paid - it's not his fault. The sixers made an offer, why does Iguodala take all the grief, if you think he's over paid be mad at the guy who paid him. (As I hope phillies fans will remember when ryan howard displays that that 25 million per year extension was stupid)

Rose isn't really a SG, I'd probably have him above Gerald Wallace and Pierce is on his way out, but these are pretty fair rankings.

Steven reply to Brian on May 4 at 11:36

Yea, I was debating that. Gerald Wallace is a good defender and averages more points and rebounds than Iggy. He also has a better post-up game.

Paul Peirce was a hard choice because I dont' think Igoudala will ever have a better career than Peirce. I would probably put Igoudala ahead of him, but a declining Peirce is almost on the same level as Igoudala. I also didn't want to get into arguments with people who haven't watched a Celtics game since 08'.

Would you put Tyreke Evans, Brandon Roy and Danny Granger ahead of Igoudala?

I think most people would put Roy ahead of him, I don't. Evans might get there. Granger, no, not even close IMO.

sfw reply to Brian on May 4 at 11:56

Granger is extremely overrated.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 4 at 16:56

Evans is already putting up 20 5 and 5 as a rookie. I guess you could argue that his numbers are inflated because he's a ball dominant guard on a bad team, but you can make the same case for Iggy.

Tyreke may get there, but he's not there yet.

He's a 2nd wheel on a low level playoff team and a 3rd wheel on a championship contender. Seems to have an over-inflated view of his abilities; Although, that may have been instilled by the organization. Coaches gave him too much responsibility at the end of qtrs/games; however, they have not had many other options. I agree with your trade asessment and that he should alter his offensive game to suit his strengths.

JohnEMagee on May 4 at 11:41

Not for nothing but did anyone see the quotes from mo williams today talking about how since the celtics covered him better he couldn't score and thus couldn't help the cavs win...that's what's wrong with 'point guards' today in my mind

Is he really a point guard?

He's not a PG, and he knows it.

ojr107 reply to JohnEMagee on May 4 at 11:59

Watching Mo try to defend is comical. His defense is the Cav's biggest weakness, It was so annoying to hear the media give him so much credit for a dunk when his defense was the reason they were down in the first place. The Cavs would be so much better off with a decent defender at point guard, even if he can't score like Mo.

sfw reply to ojr107 on May 4 at 12:11

He does nail the open jumper. Must be nice for that to be your only responsibility. Unlike, Iggy who has had to do it all.............

This is my question about Iguodala (and I honestly do not have a definite opinion on this):

When the team gets upgraded offensive talent how will Iguodala adapt his game? Will he still need the ball in his hands in iso settings to be effective or will he become more of a quick slasher? How different would he be now in his prime as opposed to earlier in his career when he was marginalized alongside AI and CWebb?

I believe Iguodala would embrace a complemetary role next to a name player (kobes, Lebron...) but I'm not sure he would be as open to an emerging player. It will be interesting to see how Iguodala and Jrue's roles evolve this next year... let alone if they added another ball dominating SG between them like Turner.

I worry about bringing in a ball dominant player, not because I think Igoudala would have a problem with it, but because I think the team is best served with Jrue and AI9 handling the ball.

I really think he could care less about who gets the shots/who scores the points. He's always been fine in the role of distributor/facilitator.

Personally, I think they need a guy who's a finisher who can score 20ppg+ efficiently. By that, I mean a spot up shooter, a big who can finish on the inside. A guy who doesn't need to handle the ball, just needs to get it in good position to score.

Before last year I though Thad was going to develop into that guy. Maybe he still could if the stopped playing him at PF and let him learn to be a SF.

That's definitely possible. Wes Johnson fits the mold in this year's draft.

I keep picturing Reggie Miller in his prime as a perfect guy to put between Jrue and AI9.

I'd be happy with Mayo or Eric Gordon- but I doubt they are available.

JohnEMagee on May 4 at 12:27

I believe Andre Iguodala can help ANY team win when that team realizes what he can and can't do. He will try and do what is asked of him to the best of his ability and the sixers are asking things of him that aren't in his skill set. Bring in the type of guy who needs the ball and I believe Iguodala will look better (assuming you don't just a guy by his PPG average) because he'll be able to be more naturally and positively used...the team will ask him to do things he can do, he can score in transition, initiate fast breaks, play great defense, rebound for his position quite well...has great court vision.

Just stop asking him to do things he doesn't have the skill set to do

Brian i recently signed up to synergy on the main website it said it offered video of division one players do you know where to access it?

Hmmn. When I signed up they didn't say anything about college players, I haven't seen anything on the back end yet either. Maybe it's something they're planning on rolling out soon, not sure.

Steve reply to Brian on May 4 at 12:35

http://www.synergysportstech.com/ click on that link and it says they offer nba games,nbdl,divison one college, and high level international leagues.

JohnEMagee reply to Steve on May 4 at 12:41

That's not the individual user service - that's the 10s of thousands of dollars per year service i believe

Steve reply to JohnEMagee on May 4 at 12:49

oh wow really? ok thanks for clearing that up.

JohnEMagee reply to Steve on May 4 at 13:02

I could be totally and completley wrong but i'm pretty sure that the 'individual' service is at mysyngerysports.com


Ah, I've been waiting for this one. Andre Iguodala is a slightly unusual player as his skillset is different from much of the NBA. Here is what he brings-

1. Premier and versatile defender. He's also an excellent rebounder.
2. Transition guy who can either run the break by himself or finish it with authority. If that's where the team should go (running direction), he's the key piece.
3. Can manquerade as a PG for a few minutes a game and still run an offense efficiently, although I believe Jrue should be doing that from now on.

Alright you can't trade that. His demeanor is fine as well, what's wrong with somebody who isn't smiling 24/7 even when things go wrong?

His problems are - 1. He shoots way too many threes, that has to be cut down. 2. He does have a strength advantage against most twos, but when has he showed a propensity to use it? Usually when he posts he's looking to pass or he'll back dribble out of the post up. I don't see that part yet. 3. A little turnover prone, but he does have the ball in his hands a ton for a SG or SF.

I'd simply like to see him start attacking the basket more. I think his shooting and driving would be better if he developed a mid-range game. Like Kobe a few years ago, post-up from 15, and if the guy is in your chest blow right by him. People say his first-step isn't great, but it would be a lot better if he wasn't trying to drive from behind the three-point line when a guy is off you.

Would you be fine with him trying to but up a more efficient:

14/7/6 on 50%+ shooting? I certainly would- and I think he could do that if you cut out a bunch of the jumpers.

Last year he shot:
4.3 shots/g from 16-23ft at 39%
3.7 shots/g from 3pts at 31% (46%eFG%)

That accounts for 8 of 13.7 shots/g. That number should be reduced by 4 and he would be much more efficient.

Instead of just taking the attempts away from him, I'd rather see him going to the hole 2-3 more times/game and increasing his FT attempts. Or 2-3 plays out of the post/game.

Fair enough.

have you "Synergized" Iguodala's post game?

Not yet. I doubt there's much data. I can only remember a handful of times he got the ball down there this past season. I'll take a look when I get home tonight.

Steve reply to tk76 on May 4 at 13:38

if you look at Jrue's post game on synergy its a thing of beauty

Jrue has a bit of Andre Miller in his game. His post game is crafty. Probably because he is only 2 years removed from being a 6'4" H.S. star.

I really hope Jrue really breaks out next year. We've been disappointed by the 2nd seasons of Speights and Thad, but I'm expecting Jrue to really break out- maybe even getting some national attention.

Unlike with Thad and Speights, I think everyone realizes Jrue is a 35+ min/game starter and the PG position is his. There shouldn't be any screwing around with his position or his role, and I think that's going to allow him to continue to develop, rather than take a step back in his second season.

If he isn't the clear starting PG and isn't getting major minutes, something is really, really screwed up in this franchise. Like, worse than our worst nightmares screwed up.

I don't know. Drafting John Wall is far from my worst nightmare.

But otherwise I agree.

Yeah, this was assuming the Sixers don't get the #1 pick. If they do get the #1 pick, I still think Jrue should be starting and playing 35+ minutes/night.

Rich reply to tk76 on May 4 at 14:31

Yes, I would and I think he's capable of giving you something like a 15/7/7. His averages are not too good from midrange (

Statman on May 4 at 14:05

I'm one of Iguodala's biggest supporters around, so I acknowledge there might be some bias in the comments that follow.

I'd grade Iguodala's overall 09-10 season at a B+ (last year, for reference, was an A in my mind). Though he had his worst shooting year, I would argue it was his best year in the non-shooting aspects of the game. He attained per-minute career highs in defensive rebounds and assists (and also came close in blocks), averaged a career-high assist-to-turnover ratio (2.17, excellent for a SF/SG), and played excellent defense in general (only 08-09 and possibly his rookie season were better).

Regarding his shooting, it's worth noting that even in his worst year, Iguodala's TS% was 53.5%, better than Derrick Rose, Joe Johnson, Salmons, Monta Ellis, and Thad among others. Iguodala's excellence in transition makes up for his deficiencies in the halfcourt to make him an above-average offensive player.

I agree with the comments above that Iguodala needs to improve his shot selection in the halfcourt. Interestingly enough, he did just that toward the end of the season while everyone else was focused on tanking. In the last 12 games of the season, he shot 75-129 (58.1%) from the field, and the breakdown of his shots from hoopdata.com is revealing. He went 41-51 (80.4%) at the rim, 5-15 (33.3%) on shots out to 15 ft, 11-27 (40.7%) on shots 16-23 ft, and 18-36 (50%) on 3's. He also shot 73 free throws (making 49 for 67.1%). For the season, he was 220-321 (68.5%) at the rim, 44-142 (31.0%) on shots out to 15 ft, 138-353 (39.0%) on shots 16-23 ft, and 94-304 on 3's (30.9%). So in those last 12 games, while he did shoot an unusually high pct. on 3's, his 2-pt pct. on shots out to 15 ft and 16-23 ft (long 2's) was about the same -- but the overall FG pct. was much higher because of the huge change in shot selection. In the last 12 games, his At the Rim attempts went from his season average of 28.7% of overall attempts to 39.5%, while his long 2's attempts (16-23 ft) went from his season average of 31.5% down to 20.9%. Also reflecting the increased aggressiveness, his FTA per FGA went up as well, from a season's average of .384 to .566 in the last 12 games.

Whether or not Iguodala would choose to play to his strengths for a whole season remains to be seen, but if he averaged 18 ppg on 58% shooting, nobody would be complaining about his jump shot. To bring up some names from the past, Sidney Moncrief, Clyde Drexler, and Ron Harper were all good-to-great shooting guards without consistent jump shots who remained offensive threats because they played to their strengths (penetration and transition, plus all of them developed decent post games too).

Finally, it would be nice if Iguodala developed an in-between shot, but there are very few players in the NBA who have that. Getting off a jumper in traffic requires a quick release, and his jump shot form breaks down when he tries to shoot quickly. Beyond that, shooting well in traffic requires being able to score after contact, something he was much worse at this year than last. I do think that is an area where he could improve if he maintained the right mindset all season. (Thad was also much worse at that this year.) Toward the end of the year, I saw him try a jump hook from the post a few times, but that remains a work in progress (he definitely has the physical tools to be effective with that shot).

Great comment, Statman.

Agreed on all points. He needs to focus on attacking the rim at all times. Take the Jordan/Drexler philosophy and move constantly on a North-South axis.

I disagree with Brian on one point; I would still let him play Screen/Roll at times, especially with Speights. I don't like him with Brand as much, but Speights is a better shooter & dive-man who can also catch those driving lobs Dala likes to throw.

I definitely think Dala should master the jump hook with either hand, especially off the drive. The fadeaway should be only a change of pace. I also think that his short-range/mid-range game would be served if he learned to use the glass better. If he could watch videos of Grant Hill & Scottie Pippen on the block, that would be very helpful.

The p&r, or really the pick-and-pop, was something I thought Iguodala ran very, very poorly last season, especially with Brand. If the pick man is open for a 14-footer, he needs to get the ball quickly. Iguodala would routinely ignore Brand off those plays, even when Iguodala drew the double off the screen. Jrue was much better in these situations, IMO. That's why I said I'd keep AI9 out of them.

You are right about the pure pick-and-roll though, especially with Dalembert (or Speights). When the pick man cuts right down the lane, Iguodala is good at keeping his dribble long enough to draw the weakside defender then hitting the big w/ a lob.

Statman, great job w/ those numbers. A smarter coach/better system/upgraded roster should lead to many more games like that last 12, rather than the previous 70, in the future.

Agree with your Dala/Brand points, which is why I prefer Dala running it with Speights. Mo is someone who is a threat from 18-20 while also being a better roller, so there is more time & space to deliver the ball and more of a margin of error for Dala. Jrue doesn't need as much, imo. To borrow an Eagles analogy, its like the difference between throwing to TO or DeSean Jackson versus James Thrash.

Statman reply to rswknight on May 4 at 15:34

If he could watch videos of Grant Hill & Scottie Pippen on the block, that would be very helpful.

Iguodala should watch videos of all aspects of prime Grant Hill. I had forgotten (until I looked it up recently) that Hill averaged a 21-9-7 (on 50% FG, 30% 3-pt, and 71% FT -- do those percentages look familiar?) for the 96-97 Pistons that won 54 games (under a certain Doug Collins).

Pippen was another similar player that Iguodala could (and should) aspire to, though even Iguodala couldn't match Pippen defensively. It's an excellent point that both Hill and Pippen weren't great outside shooters but became competent as they reached their primes, helped by good use of the bank shot.

Hill was a much more smooth player. he reminded me more of a tall Roy than Iguodala. Pippen on the other hand, played a similar style to Iguodala. Athletic, explosive and somewhat herky-jerky.

Agreed. Hill would be the ideal, but Pippen is a better fit due to that herky-jerky aspect.

Statman, interesting numbers. My only caveats are that Iguodala always has a run of 15 games where his 3pt shot is on- and his entire game clicks. The previous year in was in January. The fact that it happened during a losing stretch at the end of the year makes me think he was finally able to just relax out there, knowing the season was almost over.

Statman reply to tk76 on May 4 at 15:26

My only caveats are that Iguodala always has a run of 15 games where his 3pt shot is on- and his entire game clicks.

He's had runs like that the last three years, true (in 07-08 it was in March). But is it a causal relationship with 3-point shooting (i.e., does good 3-point shooting make the rest of his game better)? I'd like to think that he can be effective with an "attack the rim" mindset even if he's not hitting (or attempting) 3's. Like you say, the "no pressure" factor probably helped his 3 attempts, but one would think he could employ the attacking philosophy successfully all the time ...

I had thought he turned the corner before this past year. His relative share of inside shots was much higher in 2008/9. Maybe the Princeton (or whatever the heck they were running) was just a temporary setback- and he can return to attack mode next year.

Overall, I think Iguodala does bets when he shapes his game to bring out the best in his teammates. With Sam this is setting him up for dunks. With Lou and Thad it is getting out on the break.

But finally the Sixers have a player where Iguodala can let the reverse happen. He needs to figure out how Jrue can bring out the best in his game. There are several ways Jrue can set up Iguodala- and he needs to pick the ways that maximize his skills.

1. Jrue rebounding and then passing ahead to IOguodala on the break.

-Iguodala needs to figure out when to leak out, because it will take away from his great ability to get d-boards. But the payoff is a high octane break. I suggest of Jrue/Iguodala the weakside player crash the boards while the strongside player slide across the court to receive the outlet.

2. Jrue is great at breaking down his man, drawing help defenders and dishing.

-Iguodala can either spot up, lurk backdoor or slash.

Backdoor might be a problem, since it takes him away from where he normally sets up ion the floor. More of a natural spot for Thad or Carney (guys who stand out at the corners and can creep to the back door.

Spot up is an interesting issue. We all criticize his shot selection, but is he really a bad spot up shooter if he is wide open? I think he can hit these shots, but others might not agree.

Cutting is a natural choice, but that requires great timing and chemistry, and it might crowd the lane and limit Jrue's options. You would need a big to rotate out for a spot up jumper to have good balance (Speights seems like the right fit for this.)

-The otehr possiblity is that Iguodala recieves a pass and then quickly hits an open player- giving Jrue the "hockey assist." This should happen a lot next year.

Jrue as a legit 3pt threat.

Jrue plus a SG who can shoot (I know, these "Shooting" guards are hard to find :) should really allow Iguodala a great outlet for his drives. Drive and kick only works if there is someone who can shoot receiving the pass.

BTW- you can reverse Jrue and Iguodala in this equation. Either way the next coach needs to find a way to bled these two talented, but ball dominant players. And we know that the weave and heave version of the Princeton does not play to their strengths.

Equally, a LB style swing around the perimeter passive style offense is a bad idea. They need an aggressive, attacking style where penetration breaks down the defense (a Mo Cheeks system?) This requires smart rotations of the other teammates to maintain floor balance, or drives gone awry could lead to easy baskets for the opponent.

Statman reply to tk76 on May 4 at 15:44

But finally the Sixers have a player where Iguodala can let the reverse happen. He needs to figure out how Jrue can bring out the best in his game.

Of course, in 07-08 and 08-09, Miller was often that player. I didn't mind not bringing Miller back, but Iguodala definitely suffered at the start of this year, prior to Jrue's ascendance to starting PG, because he didn't have anyone to feed him in scoring position for easy baskets in the halfcourt (plus the offense was ill-suited for his game, as you mentioned).

1. If Jrue really can shoot with range (like he did this year) then it is a whole new dynamic. Miller/Iguodala were somewhat limited because of their lack of range. It hurts floor balance.

2. That is the #1 challenge for next year's revolving coach selection. Iguodala/Jrue is you strength. if you can't build towards their strength then you fail. As a point of refence, EJ failed.

Previously coaches cited Iguodala/Brand(/Miller) as the keys.

bdownbear on May 4 at 16:10

From reading this link... http://www.nba.com/sixers/draft/100504_lucky_charm.html
It looks like Holiday will be representing us in the lottery.

I really wouldn't know how he would react if they announced us with the first pick.

HA! That would be hilarious. "The Sixers win the draft. Yay. What fucking position am I going to play now?"

Mike P reply to Brian on May 4 at 18:23

Jrue would flash his dynamite smile and say something like "We are both big guards and we can make this work"

Then they'd go and win 4 titles in a row and it will be the best times in Philly sports history.

Iggy is good, but not great. It's been stated over and over that he isn't a go to scorer. He should just be focused on driving, getting to the line, playing lock down D, and running the break. He needs to be Josh Smith'd where someone says "You gotta stop shooting threes man"

If we can get a great offer for him in the draft I would welcome that trade.

johnrosz on May 4 at 17:01

Iguodala told Tom that he's never been given the opportunity to be the "go to guy". Things like that put me off with Iguodala. I can acknowledge that he's a very good player and that you need someone to do what he does on a winning team. He might be one of the most divisive players in the league in terms of what people think of his overall game.

I think it should raise some red flags out there to the Iggy lovers that during the Sixers interview with Doug Collins they asked him if he'd be okay with changing pieces of the roster. Stefanski had Iggy all but traded, and now that he's got his vote of confidence, I don't see Iggy being part of the future here.

I think your logic is jumping all over the place here. He didn't have Iggy all but traded, he reportedly floated his name and no one made an offer that met his asking price.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 4 at 19:33

We'll see. I think Stefanski is in love with Thad Young despite his regression, and still sees Thad as the future 3 of this team. If they bring in a coach that doesn't see Iggy being a capable 2,I wouldn't be shocked if Iggy is done in Philly.

An indication of how far this franchise has fallen...

1. Brand reportedly chose the Sixers because it was closer to his family- particularly his wife's NJ roots.

2. LB is considering the Sixers because his wife and kids live in Philly.

3. Collins reportedly likes the Sixers job in part because his daughter and his grandkids live in Philly.

Sure the team sucks... but your wife will love it here.

bdownbear reply to tk76 on May 4 at 20:24

Honestly if I were an athlete, I would not want to play/live here unless of course there's a superstar here(Lebron, Howard, Wade). What makes you think a big time free agent would want to come here at 2011(like how ES mentioned on the radio). They WON'T!! So lets hope this is the year where we land our franchise player.

Alot of great points above! Especially JohnEMagee and Statman!

I believe IA9 is our best established player on the roster and only Jrue and AI9 would be untradable to me.

What IA9 needs is a strong coach that keeps himself from hurting himself and playing dumb. He tries at times to press the ball and causes way too many TO and bad shots.

If we got a coach that could coach, AI9 and Jrue's best days are ahead of them. I believe we should consider giving AI9 a mulligan on 2009-10.

Tom Moore reply to DeanH on May 4 at 21:18

On a 27-55 team, no player can/should be untradable.

JohnEMagee reply to Tom Moore on May 4 at 22:27

You're right, but it should cost more to get guys on the roster.

For instanct Iguodala and Holiday should have a rather high trade value

I've never understood this notion that free agents/good coaches wouldn't want to come here. Philadelphia is a great city with a great sports tradition. Last time we had cap space both Brand/Smith, arguably the two top free agents wanted to come here.

JohnEMagee reply to ojr107 on May 4 at 22:29

Free agents want the most money - who else had cap room?

Philadlephia has crappy weather (Miami has south beach)
it has income tax (texas doesn't and i'm not sure florida does either)
It has a lackadasical uninterested fanbase...its' not a strong NBA city - they only show up when they contend for a title

In general, free agents go where the most money is (in general ) all things being equal things like night life or income tax matter

ojr107 reply to JohnEMagee on May 4 at 22:49

IMO Philly has the 4th best night life of any NBA city, especially considering the Demographics of NBA Players.

I think Philadelphia being such a historical city and such a big market makes this a desirable location. You get a lot of national spotlight and it makes a player more marketable. Its not New York City, but its not Oklahoma city either.

Pennsylvania actually has pretty low state taxes(But the Philly tax rate at 4% is pretty high). When talking about taxes , its also important to consider real estate sales taxes, and other fees. I don't know the answer to this(Although I'm sure Texas/Florida have lower taxes), but it be interesting to see how the overall tax burden of playing in Philly is compared to other NBA cities.

JohnEMagee reply to ojr107 on May 4 at 22:51

Los Angeles (which you could count twice)
San Francisco (Golden State)
Austin (which ever texas team is near there)
New York

You can argue for Philadelphia - I'm telling you what the perception is (and the weather matters too)

I was arguing the team is a lousy destination (no star, unstable, new coach every year, etc.) I don't think the city or fans holds anybody back. Philly is a reasonably appealing city, has a good nightlife and is close to NYC. During the season you are always traveling anyway.

NYC and LA have particular appeal for marketing reasons (some players think this will give them a chance to make more money off the court.)

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to tk76 on May 5 at 18:21

25 yr old millionaires want to live where they can go out and bang model-quality chicks nightly and the party scene runs all night-

tier 1(far above any others until vegas gets a franchise)
new york

tier 2
golden state
toronto (dont laugh)
Austin, phoenix (maybe)

tier 3
95% of the rest including philly

tier 4
charlotte, minnesota

This is only true if the guys are single. If they're married, they don't care where they play, it's the road beaver they're interested in anyway, if they're interested at all.

AaronMcKie4MVP reply to Brian on May 5 at 23:00

lol, good point. but look what miami did to dwade. went from an upstanding gentleman married to his high school gf to VHI reality fodder( his wife is on some nba wife show )

Tom Moore on May 4 at 21:18

Where would Igoudala fit it on the teams left standing in the playoffs? Would he be the 2nd or 3rd best player? Would his skills fit in with these successful teams?

Cleveland- 2nd or 3rd best player depending on how you feel about Jamison. Would actually fit in pretty well becuase of his defensive abilities.

Orlando- On talent alone he is probably the 2nd or 3rd best player but would be a terrible fit for them with the style they play becuase of his lack of outside shooting.

Atlanta- Probably 3rd best player. Would be a very good fit for them.

Boston- Would be a good fit but would he really start over Pierce or Allen?

Los Angeles- Would be a really good fit and probably do alot of the things they have Artest do but with a better offensive game. Only would be the 3rd best player though at best.

Phoenix- Thinking of him running in their uptempo system is scary. He would be a fast break nightmare with Nash and Amare. Also would add a defensive element that isn't there. Would probably be the 2nd or 3rd best player.

Utah- Probably the 3rd best player, Sloan would love him for his defense but I don't think he would make them much better than they already are.

San Antonio- 4th best player but would add much needed athleticism(sp). Would probably put them over the top in the West.

Overall it seems that among the teams left standing Igoudala would never be the best player and at best would be the 2nd/3rd best player. Where does this mean in regards to reality and the Sixers? I'm not sure but it would be tough to imagine a team with Igoudala as the best player getting to the 2nd round unless the surrounding talent level is increased greatly. By that I mean the rest of the starting lineup is very close to his talent level.

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