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Pressing Questions - 5/14

JohnEMagee on May 14 at 12:46

1. That all depends on the trade now then Brian - if it accelerates a return to contention - then yes - no problem - but really the only two assets that can be moved like that are Andre and Jrue (Unless sam shows a willingness to re-sign for a reasonable contract and a team wants to get the jump on it)

2. I think you saw in the last two games (though I think he was pretty injured) what the cavs will be like next season - however - if lebron leaves - and leaves 'earliy' the cavs do have some cap room to play with afterwards don't that.

An aside, I'm glad fat shq trade didn't work out - maybe people will realize the fat tub of good is done

Goo :)

Not sure what a fat tub of Good is, cheese wiz? Marshmallow Fluff?

As for the trtade... dumping Sam would qualify and set the team back.

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on May 14 at 13:07

But the meme is that sam's contract (and kicker primarily) are untradeable - so is he seen as an asset around the league.

That's what Cooney said yesterday in his chat. That, among other things, convinced me that Cooney doesn't know what the F he's talking about.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on May 14 at 13:37

If one covers basketball for the inquirer or daily news and has a y chromosome - it seems that's the general problem

This question was more about do we, as fans, really have the stomach to take a giant leap backward. I don't think I do.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on May 14 at 13:47

I do if I believe in the plan...if the plan makes sense to me and seems like it'll work long term - then a 2-3 year wait i'm fine with - i said that LAST off season too - and when they wouldn't trade miller.

Right now perpetual mediocrity is what's gonna happen - and that's no good either (and won't bring in the fans)

They're already near the bottom in attendance - it couldn't hurt them any more financially to take that risk...

rchap13 reply to JohnEMagee on May 14 at 16:11

I think u should call shaq old instead of fat. Truthfully he has been fat all of his career

JohnEMagee reply to rchap13 on May 14 at 16:48

I just call him fat shaq

i have a hard time calling him old cause he's a day older than me

Do you think it would be best if the Sixers had another bottom 10 year next year? Is their talent base too weak (assuming they don't win the lottery) for them to climb back to a .500 record and then build from there?

If so, then should they pro-actively act to have a down year... meaning should they unload Sam and start Speights at center? This would not be tanking as much as unmasking a deficit (assuming they are not planning to re-sign Sam.)

Or should they do something more drastic such as trade away Sam and Iguodala- which likely means a bottom 5 record?

I did not even finish reading Brian's article... and ended up writing essentially the same question. I guess I owe Brian a Coke.

My personal feeling, and I'm sure many people will disagree, is that a good pick in this draft + a good coach will probably get this team back to .500 without leaning on older players this season (meaning, no playing Willie a ton of minutes, no signing some veteran to play big minutes). Essentially, with the young core of the team doing the heavy lifting, they can turn things around, and build from there.

Of course, that doesn't really answer your question, or mine.

What I'm saying is that I don't think you need to tear the team down any more. If the young core can carry the team to the playoffs now, they have a lot of room to grow, and the team is sort of set up to augment the core at the right time (2-3 years from now), when we'll be in the enviable position of (a) knowing what we need, knowing how good Jrue & this year's #1 pick are and (b) having both of those guys on their rookie contracts and (c) possibly being able to afford the right guy on a max or near-max contract.

Of course, if we wind up whiffing on this draft pick, all bets are probably off and we're going to be seeing an awful lot of Thad at the four and Willie at the two for another season.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on May 14 at 13:55

The goal isn't 500 (in my opinion) it's contending for an appearance in the eastern conference finals to play for the nba finals - and i'm not sure this roster even with john freaking wall can get that good.

Yeah, I realize that's not the goal. My point is I believe they can reach .500 on the backs of young guys, who should improve, possibly improve greatly. Meaning that's not their ceiling and with some luck you can get to that plateau with a core of Iguodala, Jrue + whoever. It depends on who they get in this draft. If they wind up taking Aldrich, blow the whole fucking thing up.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on May 14 at 14:02

Aside from Jrue Holiday I have no faith in anyone on this roster improving vastly - if at all - anymore.

Draft pick will be nice - but that's still only jrue draft pick and iguodala and the pending giant hole at center

I didn't say it would be easy, just that it might be possible. By the way, if we're talking about trading Sammy for something. Maybe a young piece to the puzzle and a pick, then yeah. That's a step back I could probably live with. Mainly because I don't see him coming back on a reasonable contract.

Financially it makes a lot more sense to trade him at the deadline- but I doubt the Sixers will for the same reason they did not trade miller (money.)

But you'd think some team with cap room would really want Sam?

You'd think any team that needs to face the Lakers or the Magic would really want Sam for the playoffs.

Unless of course, that draft pick is either Cousins or Favors

If you are a good (but not great) young team in 2-3 years then the hope is you can flip a young player and Brand's expiring contract for a superstar to get you to contending level.

"Still, it's unlikely Charlotte owner Michael Jordan would let Brown bolt without some kind of compensation."

Sure, why not just give away our future #1 now, before LB has a chance to trade it for the next Moiso or Kenny Thomas.

JohnEMagee reply to sfw on May 14 at 13:08

Wait you can get compensation when a rat deserts a sinking ship?

When did the rules change?

"Any thoughts"

Are Vescey and Eskin legally related or just separated at birth?

JohnEMagee reply to tk76 on May 14 at 13:12

They're really the same person I think

Ever notice that eskin doesn't really talk basketball? He saves it for his alter ego

JohnEMagee on May 14 at 13:27

SI says Mike Brown is being fired today...

WHo deserved to be fired less, brown or woodson?

I think Woodson took the blame for a team that was just grossly over matched by the magic - the magic and cavs should be heads and shoulders above everyone (i expect the magic to crush the celtics) when healthy...bu I think Brown got fired cause lebron is seriously injured and not telling anyone - ala brad lidge 2009

I don't think LeBron is nearly as injured as you think. He just quit and he's babying himself because he's a Drama Queen(Hence this whole FA debacle). Dude's doing 360 power dunks in practice and emphatically slapping the board for shotblocks as well as constantly leaning on that elbow at every press conference. All that, imo, means he's not that hurt.

JohnEMagee reply to rswknight on May 14 at 13:54

So glad to have the eskin contigent on this board, makes it so less fun to read

If you don't see it, fine. If his elbow was as supremely damaged as you are implying, then he would not be voluntarily doing the things I listed. If your elbow is actually screwed up, why would you be power dunking for fun? Having long-range shooting contests with teammates in practice and joking around saying he had a "handicap" sticker?

Hell, his own coach said there was "nothing wrong" with it during a press conference after game 2. The MRI, according to practically every report, showed no real issues.

So yeah, maybe LBJ just has a low pain threshold.

I think he was somewhat hurt and his teammates are overrated, or at least not accustomed to stepping up.

Rich reply to rswknight on May 14 at 16:30

I don't agree with Magee that much but I gotta say that LeBron did not look right to me last night. It wasn't just his elbow, but did anyone else see that he wasn't very explosive. I never saw him take it to the rim as strong as he usually does, maybe it was medicine type deal or something. He had a dunk in the 4th quarter that was very weak by his standards, he didn't even jump that high. The elbow had to affect his shooting too, it looked terrible. I just can't believe what he did in Game 3 though. Anyway, that's my conspiracy theory.

I kind of hope LeBron never gets a ring. I'd enjoy seeing him as a bitter, broken down superstar who never won the big game. It would make all that dancing and pre-game photo shoots seem somehow worthwhile. And you could show the video to your kids if you ever wanted to teach them a "talent will only get you so far" lesson.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on May 14 at 13:56

So - if for some idiotic reason he said 'i'd like to play for the sixers' - you'd be opposed to it?

Uh, yeah. Thanks, but no thanks, LeBron.

Of course I'd want him, but I'd also immediately create the "LeBron Douche Chill" counter. And I'd chronicle what an epic douche he is from day one.

He needs a closer. I've been saying for years, he is much closer to Shaq then he is to Magic or Jordan. And, among other similarities, Shaq needed to ride shotgun with a Closer in order to win titles.

I'd be really surprised if Lebron never gets a ring.

Yeah, it's probably going to happen. I just hope it doesn't happen until he's old, broken down and bitter, like with KG.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on May 14 at 14:11

I actually hope he signs with miami - cause i think that has the biggest disaster potential

Agreed. I'd make sure the Ballboys were well compensated. I don't know about Miami being the biggest disaster either. NYC with D'Antoni has nuclear level potential.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 14 at 20:58

The reasons you dislike LBJ (superstar attitude, cocky, but no wins to show for it) are the same reasons I dislike Iguodala. Only difference, LBJ has gone to the NBA finals, and is a 2 time MVP. Iguodala has that same attitude but can't get out of the first round.

I don't like LBJ because he cares more about his Q rating than winning. You don't like Iguodala because he's not LBJ, so you make up reasons to rip him and hold him to a ridiculous standard while ignoring things like how every player in the league complains about calls, but for some reason when Iguodala does it, it reveals some character flaw.

also, despite not liking the guy for whatever reason, I'll still admit LBJ is the best player in the league, by a tremendous margin. you'll never give Iguodala the credit he's due.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 14 at 22:36

Didn't mean to stir up anything. I don't think I've placed unrealistic expectations on Iggy(more aggressive getting to the hoop,shoot a little better than 31 percent from 3...) Just saying that feeling you get about LBJ is the one I get with Iguodala. I'm not ignoring the fact that some other players are just as demonstrative as Iguodala if not more, those guys rub me the wrong way as well. Just saying that Lebron has a little more leeway with that kind of thing for me considering the laundry list of achievements at just 25 years old.

If/When Lebron leaves that is going to be a coaching vacancy that is about as unfavorable as the Sixers job.

Since the 76ers seem to be taking their time picking a new coach... Do the 76ers call Mike Brown and bring him in for an interview? What about Woodson?

My guess is yes and yes. It's funny, I thought both of those guys were going to be fired well before their teams started tasting some success, but they hung on until it became clear they were over matched on the big stage.

When it comes right down to it, neither of these guys could figure out how to create and/or take advantages of mismatches, or negate mismatches on the defensive end. Both did a horrible job of making adjustments, both within a game and within a series. I put more weight on those qualities than I do on a regular season record with a very talented team. I don't want either as the head guy for the Sixers.

To answer Brian's questions:
1) You make the trade. If you can make a surge that only requires a short step back, you do it, w/o hesitation.

2) Cavs will suck, for sure. That franchise bent over backwards to build a team that enabled LeBron to be all-everything, got practically every talent he requested(with the exception of JKidd) and he decides to bail? I feel bad for their fanbase

JohnEMagee reply to rswknight on May 14 at 13:59

Letting a player build your franchise is stupid - the cavs built a bad roster and got fat shaq for the wrong reasons - they deserve to suck if they let lebron build their roster...

I wouldn't interview woodson or brown - i don't think they are good (or bad) coaches - I don't think either deserved really to be fired but I can see reasons not to hire them as well...

As I said before, I've no qualms with the next HC picking Brown to be the "DC", especially if we hire one of those assistants, but that is the only capacity I'd have Mike Brown here.

You think the Cavs are regretting not getting Iguodala now? Danny Ferry should have been fired today also, he put together a horrible team around Lebron. The Celtics had 5 of the 6 best players on the court in the series, Lebron can only do so much.

JohnEMagee reply to RockP on May 14 at 14:11

I don't believe that getting Iguodala was ever possible for any team, I think the sixers listened to offers but the deals that were made by dallas and cleveland were never enough for iguodala - and the sixers rightly should have demanded more.

Iguodala wouldn't make mike browns rotations between shaq and ilgauskis make any more sense

Having Iguodala would've given them a defender to put on Rondo, though. Brown still would've fucked up the front court rotation, though.

Iguodala at least could have slowed down Rondo, Cavs never had an answer for him all series. Cavs could have got Iguodala if they ate Brand's contract. hahahaha

Mo Williams is overrated and would be a loser on most teams because he is a variation on the Lou Williams mold.

Jamison is overrated and getting old. he was brutal last night. Shaq is really old. He was barely getting the ball above the rim last night.

Varejo is hugely overrated. Really just an average energy guy.

Lebron struggled, but without him that team is as bad as the Sixers (worse?)

Worse, much worse.

JohnEMagee reply to RockP on May 14 at 14:32

No one is going to eat brands contract

I will say this. Jamison looked much better next to Arenas than he did with LBJ

Jamison is 34 next month. That could be part of it. He is well past his sell by date.

Possibly, but he was at nearly 20 per game before CLE, and played better last year. Shaq was an All-Star out west. I think there could be an argument that LBJ might not make the players around him better. I mean, that very ball-dominant offense forces the other players to be spectators.

JohnEMagee reply to rswknight on May 14 at 14:51

20 points per game doesn't mean he's 'good' and if we're only talking the last two seasons - than how good did jamison look next to arenas is irrelevant because arenas missed most of those games

Considering that he has been an effective scorer when surrounded by much less talent, I'd actually think that a playmaker of James' Talent could've done more for him.

Rodney Buford on May 14 at 14:29

If the goal is to win, Mike Brown or Woodson are not options. I'd rather take a chance on an assistant than either of those two. Brown has showed two years in a row that he is overmatched in the playoffs from a coaching perspective. Woodson's team quit on him and were openly defiant to him. I'd rather have Tony DiLeo.

A sheriff sighting.

Rodney Buford reply to tk76 on May 14 at 14:37

I was inspired after watching one of the segments on the 76ers Dynasty Series DVD. He was ahead of his time for 12th men celebrating on the bench since he got to do the chest (or back) bump with AI before every game.

On Buford's NBA bio his career highlights are:

"Made his NBA debut, scoring 2 points, against the Detroit Pistons on 11/2/99"

I guess it was all sort of downhill from there.


Anyone else think it's funny that the Cavs got Shaq specifically to go against Howard in the playoffs, then they didn't last long enough to meet up w/ Howard, at least partially because they got Shaq? I do.

Rodney Buford reply to Brian on May 14 at 14:35

I think the Cavs may be kicking themselves for passing on Stoudamire as well at the deadline. The Jamison trade was still a heist, but man did he suck.

JohnEMagee reply to Rodney Buford on May 14 at 14:52

Wasn't really a heist...the wiz had three really shitty contracts and they got rid of two of them - and now the cavs are on the hook for over paying jamison until his contract ends

I knew the shaq move was a bad idea...fat tub

Actually, what I find even more hilarious that that is that the Cavs' three biggest moves(Shaq, Parker & Jamison) were targeted specifically for matching up w/Orlando & it was those moves that made them especially vulnerable to Boston.

That's a good question, what's the worst possible landing spot for LBJ?

Personally, I'd love to see the Knicks get LBJ and Joe Johnson and wind up with this starting lineup:

Toney Douglas
Joe Johnson
Danilo Gallinari
Eddy Curry.

I would LOVE to see that.

Is curry any worse than Shaq at this point?

Shaq + Curry :)
Douglas can become Mo Williams

I meant Shaq = Curry

I'm sure Shaq + Curry has a good punchline, but I'm not sure what.

I'd love to see that lineup. They'd have Chandler coming off the bench and that's it. The rest of their roster would be minimum guys.

Is anyone else a little bit afraid we're going to be the 2009 Wizards at this draft?

If they hadn't traded the #5 pick, they could have Curry, Rubio or Jennings right now. Instead, they thought they were a couple pieces away so they made that ridiculous trade. Tell me you couldn't see Stefanski making a similar move if we wind up at #6.

JohnEMagee reply to Brian on May 14 at 15:27

Um - i pretty much thik it's a lock that if it ain't top 3 (or 2) the sixers will move the pick

I think the top of last years draft was deeper than this one. As you have pointed out, the 76ers are on target for the 6th pick in a 5 player draft. If the odds hold true, I have no problem moving the pick to fill some holes on the roster. Although after the Eddie Jordan era in Philly, I don't have much faith in Stefanski to make a good deal, I can only hope to turns it around.

It would just further convince me that Stefanski needs to go. It would do some more long term harm, but I doubt it preserves Stefanski' job long enough to change the big picture... at least I hope not.

I don't think I can bear watching the Sixers turned into a Collins version of the LB led Bobcats.

JohnEMagee reply to sfw on May 14 at 15:46

Thanks chuck, i value your opoinion less than vesceys

Tom Moore on May 14 at 15:36

Sixers' release following Turner's interview:

Philadelphia 76ers President and General Manager Ed Stefanski met with Houston Rockets Assistant Coach Elston Turner in Philadelphia today regarding the Sixers vacant head coaching position.

Joining Stefanski at the meeting with Turner was Sixers Sr. Vice President and Assistant General Manager Tony DiLeo and Sixers consultant Gene Shue.

"Elston has almost 15 years of experience as a assistant coach – most of which came under Rick Adelman, who trusted him with major responsibilities on both ends of the court, with a focus on defense – and he has experienced success at every stop during his NBA career," Stefanski said. "I want to thank Elston for taking the time to speak with us today.

"We will continue to evaluate the candidates and proceed with our due diligence in order to make an informed and objective decision regarding our next head coach."

Mike P reply to Tom Moore on May 14 at 18:33

Was Budenholzer interviewed yet?

Lets scoop up Turner, Budenholzer, or Mitchell before one of these other coachless crappy teams does.

I mean how many other people are they going to interview? Are they seriously going to hold this up to interview the potato head twins? One whose team got bent over during the playoffs and the other who couldn't win with the best basketball player on earth?

If we hire Collins color me unexcited.

Here's a question. Is it better for the Sixers to have the Flyers win and keep playing, or lose so Snider can pay attention to them? I'm thinking keeping Snider distracted is probably a good thing.

The 76ers will always play second fiddle to the Flyers in Snider's eyes. The Flyers are Snider's heart, Croce convinced him to buy the 76ers and that he would run them and Croce did a great job breathing life back into the 76ers. Croce made everyone believe everything would be alright, Stefanski is the opposite.

Rich reply to Brian on May 14 at 16:26

I know not everyone here is a Flyers or hockey fan (I really don't jump on the bandwagon until the playoffs), but this would be a HUGE accomplishment and to do it over Boston would make it even better. This has only been done three times in any sport before, and to do it with throwing a cold goalie in Game 5 (because Boucher is out for the playoffs) would be so embarrassing for them.

I have a ton of friends who are Massholes and I had to listen all week about the Celtics. I would love to shove this back in their face. I don't like Snider's love of the Flyers over the Sixers as much as anyone, but that's no reason to hate the Flyers. They ALWAYS play with the type of passion that I hope the Sixers will consistently bring.

JohnEMagee reply to Rich on May 14 at 16:49

not a huge hockey fan - but yes i understand the significance of coming back from 3-0 to win

What's interesting is that there seems to some parity in the eatern conference of the NHL

Who hates the Flyers?

We hate that the owner of the Sixers cares less about the team than we do. And point out that in contrast he is passionate about his hockey team.

Here's my question: would you rather be a fan of a team that (a) excels in the regular season, advances far in the playoffs, and always ends the season short of a title, in gut-wrenching fashion; (b) does decently in the regular season, usually makes the playoffs, and always exits quickly when they do; or (c) loses consistently in the regular season and always has high draft picks?

I ask because right now it would be pretty painful to be a Cavs fan (a). It was also pretty painful to be a Sixer fan this past year, when they fell into (c) after being (b) for a couple years, but I got over this season a lot more easily than, say, 80-81 (when they fell 2 points short of the Finals). Or, taking an example from the NFL, would you rather have been an Eagles fan or Lions fan in the 00's? Both fanbases suffered, but the type of suffering was very different.

All I know is that I'm annoyed the Celtics have advanced ...

I've long said it's easier for me to take a bad team than a good team who underperforms in the playoffs. I'd be near suicidal right now if I was a Cavs fan, they've probably blown the gift the NBA gods gave them in LeBron and now they're basically back to hoping for another draft miracle to start the whole cycle all over again.

I thoroughly enjoyed the two seasons prior to this one for the Sixers, mainly because they were a young team on the rise. I love following teams like that who overachieve, and seem to be on their way to something (even if it was somewhat of a mirage). We had that w/ the Eagles too, they just never got over the hump. And watching them lose once they reached the rung below the ultimate goal was agonizing, but the journey to get to that level is great. Really great. Maybe even better than suddenly having a championship (like Celts fans, who basically got theirs overnight).

Statman reply to Brian on May 14 at 17:22

And there's a peculiar way in which expectations change the way fans interpret their team's season. Most Eagles fans were happy with 2000 and 2001, but 2002 and 2003 had to be regarded as disappointments. Eventually, there comes a "time is ripe" season when fans expect a team to win. I'm thinking this was that season for the Cavs.

Another parallel to this timing/expectations curve is baseball prospects. Expectations for a player at 24/25 (when the "time is ripe") are different than those for a player at 21.

Back to the Sixers, I'm with you on enjoying the 07-08 and 08-09 seasons, and I'm hoping they weren't entirely mirages.

If I had to point to one reason why the Cavaliers lost in the playoffs the last two seasons, I would blame it on Mo Williams(and the coach for playing him so much). His terrible defense is hard to hide against well balanced teams. Cavs were better with an aging Eric Snow then Mo Williams. The Cavs team that made it to the finals didn't have big name role players but they could at least stop dribble penetration.

Other than that, too much roster turnover, probably dictated by an immature superstar demanding constant roster changes.

Tom Moore on May 14 at 17:56

Was told Sixers possibly talking to Woodson would be "something to discuss."

ojr107 reply to Tom Moore on May 14 at 20:42

Discuss internally or Discuss with Mr. Woodson?

Ikeepnotmakinganaccount on May 14 at 22:50

1) Yes. I'm a big believer in the 1 step backwards, 2 steps forward philosophy.

2) They will suck and poor Cleveland will go back to its irrelevance

Do you think that Marreese Speights can "come back" and play up to his expectations? And what are some pros and cons?

Old School SixerFan on May 14 at 23:12

Mike Brown would be the worst possible choice. He is a retread coach who has demonstrated already that he cannot coach at the highest levels. He has LaBron James and hasn't been able to win it all.

By comparison, Woodson did reasonably well without a "Star" and has not already disqualified himself as a championship capable coach.

I'd rather have Laimbeir because he has shown himself to be both a championship-level player and coach. He deserves a chance on the big stage.

Mike Brown seems to coach defense well. Offensively he's pretty uncreative, but, you know, if you're one of those "the Sixers are built to defend" guys, maybe it's not such a bad idea. Honestly, as great as LeBron is, I think that team's gone pretty far for the most part given the crappy supporting casts he's had.

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