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9/9: John Wall

Ha, Jrue and Wall, and Thad and Iguodala - accumulating guys that play the same position. But I guess it doesn't really matter these days what position players project as. As you pointed out in a previous post, most guys are expected to, and do play multiple positions.

Everybody says D.Rose for the Wall comparison, I see more D.Wade in his game and feel Jrue and he can mesh and be a great backcourt. Jrue showed a spot up and shoot game last year and seems to be able to play with and without it. Wall should mean sellouts and excitement back quickly, something we all should look forward to.

That is exactly who I see. A more natural playmaking DWade

I think there's a good chance they can play well off each other, but even if they can't, Jrue is either a great (cheap) backup, or an excellent trade piece. Possibly the type of trade piece that can get Elton Brand off your books this year.

Interesting perspective on Wall possible impact. Sixers not included..........................


Kobe like athleticism from the point guard position. Let's get lucky tonight, Jrue!

I'm really looking forward to see a Wall/Holiday back court next year. Overly optimistic.

If we don't get Wall, Turner, Favors, or W. Johnson from this draft, it'll be a failure. Crossing my fingers all day today.

Tom Moore on May 18 at 9:25

Am told Sixers are figuring out if they'll hold second interviews or offer the job to one of the former head coaches they've interviewed (Collins, Johnson, Mitchell), with Collins seeming to be the front-runner.


teddygreen on May 18 at 9:32

Pies for everyone courtesy of a Golden State of Mind...


If we get 1-5 in the lottery I will be excited in the reverse order of whatever number we get.

1=5 levels of excitement, getting John Wall and pairing him with Jrue to see if they can form the Ultimate AI/Snow backcourt that I think they can.

2=4 levels, with Turner/Favors and the possibility of moving Iggy to get another pick.

3=3 levels, Favors who would be great to put next to Jrue for the next decade.

and 4 and 5 are Cousins/Johnson, whoever falls to us.

If we can get into the top 5, I will be happy.


JohnEMagee reply to Mike P on May 18 at 14:34

If the sixers get 4 or 5 in the lottery there will be a thorough investigation since those are impossibilities.

1,2,3,6,7,8,9 are the only places the sixers can pick

Mike P reply to JohnEMagee on May 18 at 14:39

I am happy you are always here to correct me typing stupid shit.

(that isn't sarcastic either)

Well, go 1-3 then. WEEEEEEEEEEE. If we get 6-9 I will be very sad.

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