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Number Two!

The Greek on May 18 at 20:39

I know that I should be happy but drafting Turner only makes sense if we trade Iguodala.

JohnMagee reply to The Greek on May 18 at 20:49

No it doesn't - dear god people

The Greek reply to JohnMagee on May 18 at 20:58

3 guys in Jrue, Iggy, and Turner who excel with the ball in their hands. Only Jrue can drain Three's, that's a problem.

JohnMagee reply to The Greek on May 18 at 20:59

Except one of them would do very well without the ball in his hands and did for a long team before a stupid franchise (and fanbase forced the franchise) iinto making him something he never was.

Did the Sixers coaching job just become more attractive?

The Greek reply to Brian on May 18 at 20:39

Brian what do you think, does this mean that we have to deal Iggy?

We don't have to do anything, not yet. If Turner's the guy, you see what the team looks like w/ those three out there. There's no rush for anything anymore.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on May 18 at 20:42

Abso-FREAKING-lutely, bro.

I wish we had a GM who was slick enough to see if the Nets wanted to give us a little sumthin' sumthin' for the chance to take Turner (Courtney Lee, anyone?).

I think I agree with you, Brian. Favors makes more sense....especially if we can get something from the Nats for the rights to Turner.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on May 18 at 21:00

Cheap ownership, capped out team, apathetic fan base


Wall didn't seem all that excited about going to the Wizards. He knows that roster is a mess.

I don't think drafting Turner means we have to trade Iggy. Lets at least give it time to play out, no need to do it in the off season.

You guys are absolutely insane. Turner is the most special player in this draft. 1-2-3, Jrue, Turner, Iggy - has potential for BIG THINGS!

I'm goin with Favors.Can't trust Turner after Brian's fatal,"omg this could actually be bad for us" kinda post about him :)

Is there a way to get another pick in the top 5? Favors and Johnson sounds good.

Could be. Minny may want to trade the #4 pick. Cousins, Love and Al Jefferson? Sacto is #5, right?

Levent reply to ryano on May 18 at 20:49

Turner - Cousins sounds even better

teddygreen on May 18 at 20:47

How mad is Joe Dumars right now....

coin flip....

JohnMagee reply to teddygreen on May 18 at 20:50

I knew someone would mention it


eddies' heady's on May 18 at 20:48

Can we now say goodbye to the era known as Sam Dalembert please? Favors come on down!

A big guy that actually has some post moves? Say it ain't so...

JohnMagee reply to eddies' heady's on May 18 at 20:51

Sam plays center, Favors isn't a center in the NBA - but good plan

eddies' heady's reply to JohnMagee on May 18 at 20:53

OK, just sit back and watch him play center for his career then. He'll never be a four.

I didn't figure you for a Favors guy.

And depending on measurements, I bet he plays a lot of five in the NBA.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on May 18 at 21:12

You should have. Because I said on here a month or so ago that I place a very high value on size that can play both ways. Size can't be taught and it's become somewhat of a rarity these days to get guys who can excel both ways. I'm guessing you were pigeon-holing me on the age thing, huh?

As for a five, the guy has been and is clearly a center to me.

Coin flip meant ZERO. that was only for if both sixers and pistons didn't reach top 3.

Turner is a runaway so far.

I can honestly say, at this point, I'm not going to be angry in the least if they pick Turner or Favors. I'd love to have either of them in a Sixers uniform for the next decade. My preference right now is Favors, that may change in the coming weeks, but I'm 100% fine with either of them.

How do I know that Favors isn't more of a head-screwed-on-straight version of Tyrus Thomas who plays defense than an Amare Stoudemire who plays defense? I mean, the rookie Amare Stoudemire would have dominated the ACC, and back then all he could do was dunk so you can't tell me Amare just had a higher skill level at the time. Favors didn't dominate college ball.

You don't. There's no way to know that. I said his ceiling was an Amare who plays defense. The floor being a more athletic Al Horford. I think he probably falls somewhere in the middle. And Tyrus Thomas with his head screwed on straight who plays some defense would be a very, very good player.

I can't wait for the combine. What is Favors wing span supposed to be? How athletic is Turner in the drills? Can't wait to find out.

JohnMagee on May 18 at 20:53

This is where Tony Dileo proves his wroth I think. Many people have talked about how on pure talent Cousins is the #2 (possibly even #1) pick in the draft if not for his issues (which chad ford called moodiness) - if you believe in dileo - and they take him second - you gotta hope dileo knows what he's doing (sorry brian - but cousins is a legitimate #2 based on some things out there)

More importantly

#2 pick

New coach

The sixers BETTER do a 'real' summer league team this year - mr moore if you're out there - please ask stefanski if the sixers will field a real summer league team this year or go cheap?

I don't argue that Cousins has #2 talent. I can't see the Sixers taking him, with the red flags, over two other guys who have #2 talent and no behavioral red flags, though.

Who do you guys think Collins would want?

And John, agree 100% on the summer league. That was such a clusterfuck last season, get these guys the reps.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on May 18 at 21:04

Collins wants the guy who is most ready to contribute NOW regardless of upside.

If you trust DiLeo then you have to trust that if cousins goes #2 they believe that his issues are going to be dealt with was kind of my point - he has #1 talent

Charlie reply to Brian on May 18 at 22:49

I think Collins wants Turner. He knows the Sixers need a shooter,and a 6'7" shooter is hard to pass up, especially when he can handle and has the brain that Turner has. Who knows, maybe he'll wear #20.

If you listen to Collins' broadcasts, he emphasizes guard play more than most.

teddygreen on May 18 at 20:53

Thats cool, still try to tell that to the angry piston fans who are calling for Dumars head. it aint easy...

JohnMagee reply to teddygreen on May 18 at 20:54

A. Joe Dumars has no influence on a coin flip
B. The coinflip ONLY affected who would pick 6/7 - the sixers and pistons had the exact same chances.

Pistons fans who are angry at Joe Dumars are just stupid people

That's not true. Pistons fans have a ton of reasons to be angry at Joe Dumars.

JohnMagee reply to Brian on May 18 at 20:58

Do any of them have to do with how the lottery or coin toss went?

Only in that he fucked the team up so bad they wound up in the lottery.

what a great problem we have...who are we going to choose for our next superstar (hopefully)...words can't explain how happy i am right now

i have a feeling we are drafting turner because it seems hard to pass on a guy with that much potential but i think i want favors..either way i absolutely cannot wait for the draft

Does trading back to #3 or #4 get you a future unrestricted #1 pick?

I don't think anything gets you an unrestricted #1 from NJ or MIN. But it might get you a #1 with limited protections, like top 10, then top 3, then none.

If we can take Turner and trade Iggy for number 4 or Kevin Love/Gerald Henderson, something like that, I'd be very happy.

Turner just seems like a special talent to me.

We can even take Turner and just see if the Jrue/Turner/Iggy backcourt works out.

There are many possibilities now. I personally would like to take the chance on Cousins if we could trade for the number four.

In Tony DiLeo We Trust.

tk76 reply to Tom on May 18 at 20:59

The GM will make the ultimate call on such a high pick.

I chose Turner simply because he can be the number 1 scoring option on this team right away.

- can create his own shot
- drives and draws fouls, shoots free throws at a 79% clip AND can finish after contact
- active defender
- great handle (important because although we have Jrue and Iggy, we don't have a proper backup point)

No doubt I'd have been thrilled if we were #3 and took Favors but since we're #2 given the choice I'd choose Turner.

Charlie reply to Alvin on May 18 at 22:52

Which makes me want to ask: Why isn't Dileo the GM? He's put enough time in.

If Collins has input, he'll want Turner and try and make him into Grant Hill in his offense.

teddygreen on May 18 at 21:02

A Modern day jordan and pippen. Iggy and Turner could be nasty...

teddygreen on May 18 at 21:04

i'm sorry i had to make the jordan and pippen comparison... i'm too happy...

If we draft Turner, I think that means the end of the Willie Green Playing Time Era. I might sign up on the basis of that notion itself.


Charlie reply to Rich on May 18 at 22:55

You're excused. Besides, making a comparison doesn't mean you think one is as good as the other, just similar.

So in retrospect, was all the weeping and gnashing of teeth over the Sixers' unexpected wins late in the season (Grizzlies, Hawks, Bucks, Spurs, and the 5-game win streak in Jan/Feb) a lot of stress over nothing?

Put me down in favor of Turner. I'd rather have a great wing player than a very good big man.

So it looks like this team will actually have some talent when the Brand era is over.


tk76 reply to tk76 on May 18 at 21:10

In 2-3 years we can trade Brands fat expiring + a prospect for a star and have a shot at contending.

I see light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in quite a while. Now we need to get rid of Stefanki.

i like turner a little more i think because i see him starting right away and with favors i don't think he would start unless we traded away brand or sammy.

Turner or Favors, this pick is starting from day 1. We aren't talking about Thabeet.

Chad Ford has the Sixers taking Turner. Here's the blurb:

Analysis: Turner wouldn't be a perfect fit in Philadelphia. He would duplicate, to a degree, what Andre Iguodala and starting point guard-to-be Jrue Holiday bring to the table. But I think that the Sixers will take Turner anyway.
He was the best player in college basketball, can play three positions on the floor and is ready to contribute right now. The 76ers will figure out how to get all three players on the floor or finally pull the trigger on an Andre Iguodala trade.
JohnMagee reply to Brian on May 18 at 21:50

Good god, I hope Andre Iguodal reads this shit and gets pissed off and remembers what his game really is and not the onsense the sixers have been asking him to do the past couple years - he'll be fine if he remembers that

If he has a problem and shows an ego I don't think exists - there could be problems

Question: What's the worst pick you would be willing to take back in exchange for Young?

For Speights?

For this hypo, lets just assume you don't get to know in advance who is still available at that spot.

Tough question. I'd say mid-teens, but if you told me Alabi or Avery Bradley slipped to the early 20s, then I'd do that as well.

Problem is, you need to take back equal salary too, so a player needs to be coming our way to make a trade like that work.

Ultimately, I think picks will be for sale, especially with teams trying to get extra room under the cap (Chicago may sell their pick, other teams as well). The Sixers should be looking to buy a pick.

Something I read kinda scares me about Turner :

"If you miss on John Wall, the worst you get is Derrick Rose.” the GM said. “If you miss on Evan Turner, you get Larry Hughes.”

Yeah, I don't buy that at all. Turner's going to be very good.

Mike P reply to Brian on May 18 at 21:24

Yeah me neither, that is silly. Although Larry Hughes actually trying and playing hard wasn't THAT bad.

But taking turner lets you either try the Jrue/Turner/Iggy backcourt or move Iggy for other players.

Iggy and Turner are also BFFs.

We should also really look to move our non Iggy players for a chance to get Cole Aldrich or some young big men.

Number 2 ? 2 ?!?
Awesome just awesome.
I vote for Evan turner all day long. Clutch scorer and a good defender ? Bring it on and let Iggy be your SF where he belongs.

Tom Moore on May 18 at 21:22

Two is perfect because the Sixers get whoever the Wizards don't take -- kind of like Durant with the Blazers taking Oden. They're essentially off the hook (apologize if anybody said this, but I'm quite busy writing/blogging).

Stefanski on Turner: "He's a good basketball player. He's very good. We'll look at everybody."

Levent reply to Tom Moore on May 18 at 21:23

WOW,seriously ? Our GM is a genius !

I don't think we should be moving Iggy.We should be moving Thad.

Mike P reply to Levent on May 18 at 21:28

Yeah first we should see what we can get for our non Iggy losers.

Then see if we can is possible with Iggy.

Tom Moore on May 18 at 21:28

Stefanski: "It's a great night for our fans and the franchise. We needed some good news."

I want Favors and a sign-trade for Morrow, pppplease!!!

Unbelievable night. When that card opened up and it was the warriors I almost hit my head on the ceiling fan. We now have our own Big three in Turner,Jrue,Iguodala. I love favors and all but I think Turner and Wall are the first tier with favors cousins johnson the second tier. Favors has a much higher potential to be a bust than Turner. At worst I see Turner as a better rebounding Brandon Roy. At best, I see a top 5 player in the league. I'm so fucking excited I dont know what to do with myself haha. Question, right now would you trade Iguodala to Minnesota and then draft Cousins?

That back injury also scares me.I mean he BROKE his fucking BACK.That's scary as shit.

Long time lurker....I care about the NBA and Sixers again!

As much as I dislike player comps as a shorthand, Turner doesn't remind me of BRoy as much as I see a college version of Current-Kobe(whose skill-based game masking the fact that he is not the overwhelming athlete he used to be, even when healthy). Like Current-Kobe, Turner cunningly uses his deceptive athleticism, polished fundamentals and length to attack defenses.

IMO, You put a player like that between Jrue & Dala & the only missing piece is the Sam replacement.

eddies' heady's reply to rswknight on May 18 at 22:13

Don't necessarily disagree, but where is your perimeter shooting or shooting in general coming from? I'm not sure Turner's long range potential pans out.

What makes you say that? From what I can see, there is nothing in his stroke that would indicate any type of mechanical issue. Do I think he will be Joe Johnson this year? No, but I definitely think he will be above average(36%) before the end of his rookie deal. Plus, Jrue is developing a solid 3 pt shot as well

Tom Moore on May 18 at 21:41

The No. 2 picks in the last 20 NBA Drafts:

2009 Hasheem Thabeet
2008 Michael Beasley
2007 Kevin Durant
2006 LaMarcus Aldridge
2005 Marvin Williams
2004 Emeka Okafor
2003 Darko Milicic
2002 Jay Williams
2001 Tyson Chandler
2000 Stromile Swift
1999 Steve Francis
1998 Mike Bibby
1997 Keith Van Horn
1996 Marcus Camby
1995 Antonio McDyess
1994 Jason Kidd
1993 Shawn Bradley
1992 Alonzo Mourning
1991 Kenny Anderson
1990 Gary Payton

Charlie reply to Tom Moore on May 18 at 22:59

So many (relative) busts at 2. Steve Stipanovich and Wayman Tisdale too.

Seems to me that of the busts/disappointments, a rather large percentage are big men. Just sayin'...

Tom Moore on May 18 at 21:52

Stefanski said he recveived congratulatory texts from Snider and Luukko while they were watching the Flyers game. "They can multi-task," he said, referring to the notion he disputed earlier that the Flyers' success had affected the Sixers' coaching search.

JohnMagee reply to Tom Moore on May 18 at 21:55

Mr Moore - I don't know if you saw my request eariler - when next you talk to Mr Stefanski can you ask (more politely I'm sure)_ if the sixers will have a REAL summer league team this year (Jrue, #2, Meeks, Speights and a new coach need to work together) or will they cheap ass it again and waste everyones time?

Tom Moore reply to JohnMagee on May 18 at 22:28

Good question. I will try to ask him ASAP. Sorry -- just seeing it now.

JohnMagee reply to Tom Moore on May 18 at 22:55

It's quite alright - I figured it would have gotten lost so I did ask again...honestly that was my first thought after - ok it's evan turner - was that the sixers HAVE to have a summer league this year - a real team - and if guys like iguodala and sam wanted to play that would be nice

I was worried how Turner fits with Iggy also but he has too much potential not to pick him. They should pick him and see how he fits with Jrue and Iggy. Maybe they'd lack some shooting but it'd be one tough defensive trio.

the shooting concerns can be settled by trading one of the young guys (thad or speights) for a stretch 4 (ryan anderson?).

this trio has too much potential. 2 all around players (one whose jumpshot may not have reached full potential yet in turner) and a point guard who has yet to scratch his potential.

Who would you [Jrue] take with the second overall pick?
Jrue: I kind of need a wing to play with so Evan Turner would be nice. At the same time, John Wall is a great player and athletic. He's real up and down just like our style of game."

Charlie reply to Derek Bodner on May 18 at 23:53

Are we calling Jason Smith a bust at this point? I think he can be as good as Ryan Andersen. Collins will work with him; Jordan didn't know he was on the team.

Smith is worse than a bust. Guy doesn't belong in the league.

I'll catch up on this when I can. But you take Turner #2, see if it works, and deal with it later. No way, no how, do I pass on Turner for Favors.

JohnMagee reply to Derek Bodner on May 18 at 22:18

If the sixers draft cousins - do you have faith in dileo that he believes the warning signs are not as bad as people think - or do you disagree that his talent alone makes him a #2 optoin?

I'll lose faith in dileo

JohnMagee reply to Derek Bodner on May 18 at 22:20

Do you think Demarcus Cousins talent (and only his talent) is #2 talent? If anyone can separate the issues from the talent, you can.

Pure, top-end talent? In-shape, not worried about lift, has the mentality to pass, and reaches his peak ?


JohnMagee reply to Derek Bodner on May 18 at 22:27

WOrried about lift? Why are people worried about his lift?

I'm just referring to raw basketball talent/potential/upside

can I buy my Turner jersey now please

Tom Moore on May 18 at 22:41

Derek sat behind me in the press room. Showed me some of the Synergy stuff -- that's ridiculous.

Derek, Ohio State seemed like the anti-sixers [all shooters] can it work here without blowing up the roster, and can he and Jrue work offensively?

We'll need shooters. Iguodala's efficiency off catch and shoot situations gives me some hope. Jrue's surprisingly good form in that capacity does as well.

I'm willing to give Jrue/Turner/Iguodala a year to work, see how Jrue grows, and see how much having the half-court burden taken off of him helps Iguodala.

A 5 with the ability to pull a defender out of the lane wouldn't hurt.

Like a more mature, focused Speights, perhaps?

Spieghts could be that guy if he ever gets it. How will he defend in the n.b.a.?

Can we draft this guy already?

I want him taking the shot when the game is on the line.


The whole Jrue/Turner/Iggy combo got me really excited. Especially with Sam, this has to be potential to be a really good defensive team. (Too bad for the bench)

I had a really rough day w/ my back. I was at the Phillies game and got home and there we were, #2! Loved reading all your excitement on the pick (and such patience!). Anyway, I think this puts us back on a path to winning. I will be very disappointed if they do not pick Turner given we need a shooting guard more than anything else right now. And, I am so relieved the EJ is no longer our coach. And I will be EXTREMELY UPSET if we trade this pick (unless is is 1 or 2 down).

Sixers should trade the #2 and Elton Brand to Minny for Al Jefferson and the #4. They should then use the #4 to draft DeMarcus Cousins. The salaries would match for such a trade and Jefferson is younger and a better fit for Philly. Cousins would be their Center of the future. I think Cousins will be the best player from this draft, and I think a starting 5 of Holiday, Iguodala, Young, Jefferson and Cousins will be elite in a couple years.

teddygreen reply to Shahrod on May 19 at 0:21


Its just a message board, but it sounds that the Twolves and Sixers will at least have discussions...

teddygreen reply to teddygreen on May 19 at 0:24

bear in mind that the twolves still owe the clippers a draft pick, which will be unprotected in 2012. The timberwolves want to improve because they would hate to give the Clippers a high draft pick...


Rodney Buford reply to Shahrod on May 19 at 9:07

Sorry, I know the Wolves are questionably run but that trade is ridiculous. They would never offer up Jefferson to get Brand's contract.

JohnEMagee reply to Rodney Buford on May 19 at 9:38

Because it's all fan created bs that some folk who aren't paying attention will make into 'serious' talks.

Brian, your scenerio panned out, Turner or Favors at #2, I am in the minority wanting the 18 y.o. power forward running mate for our p.g. but I just hope they get it right.

Mike P reply to deepsixersuede on May 19 at 0:36

The weird thing is that we are finally in a win win situation here.

What if the Wizards don't take Wall?

Either way, we get to take Turner or Favors. We could take Favors and trade iggy for Cousins. Or trade Iggy for Morrow and Ellis or something.

THere are tons of options available. This offseason and draft will be very very exciting.

JohnEMagee reply to Mike P on May 19 at 9:39

What if the Wizards don't take Wall?

People keep saying that - why? Because Of Gilbert due to injury and stupidity I've missed most of the past 3 seasons Arenas?

johnrosz on May 19 at 2:04

I'm just glad to see things finally take a turn in the right direction for this franchise and its fans. The Sixers have always tried to be competitive, they've tried to build a winner the right way for the most part. They haven't really tanked in past years when they probably should have(Oden/Durant draft)

I've seen too many athletic big men get drafted on potential and fall flat on their faces (Baby Bulls anyone??) I'm gonna just go ahead and hope they take Turner number 2. Brian had an entry a while back that spoke a little bit about the lack of quality 2 guards in the NBA outside of the few superstars. Turner has a chance to develop into one of those elite 2 guards, I don't want to pass that up for anything.

Also, Danny Grangers reaction to getting the 10th pick was absolutely hysterical.

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